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  1. Kingwood Park 26 Dayton 7/FINAL

    Did Bronco94 go into hiding?  I really miss his Broncos going all the way talk
  2. Dayton @ New Caney predictions

    Dayton loses by 14  
  3. Central has been deemed unfit.

    But then it wouldn't be a good click bait title..........
  4. Titan's Schedule for this Weekend

    Freshman/JV 830am Varsity 930am
  5. For Friday... Dayton/Channelview cancelled
  6. Change in Scrimmage Times/Venues

    Freshman and JV have been cancelled.  Varsity will play @ 10am.
  7. SETX Scrimmage Schedule

    Channelview vs B. Central freshman and JV games have been cancelled for Friday.  Varsity will play @ 10am.
  8. Change in Scrimmage Times/Venues

    Channelview vs B. Central scrimmage times have been moved up for Friday.  Fresh/JV will start @ 10am.  Varsity @ 11:15am

    Guess Bronco94 is still trying to get his foot out of his mouth................
  10. Friendswood up 14 - 0 after 3 possessions each
  11. Friendswood up 7 - 0 after 1 possession each