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  1. Fonight!? Fosure!! Lol
  2. I thought I saw a while back that this coming football season (or maybe 2019 season)will be the last on the current contract between the UIL and Jerry Jones(ATT Stadium). Will the UIL change and do a rotation between Dallas, Houston and San Antonio? A co worker asked me at work if they will still play at ATT.
  3. Any of the old timers on here remember what the vote choices were back in ‘76 with the impending merger of WO and Stark? I know y’all voted on it as my bro in law was one, but he can’t remeber the other choices. He did say our school colors were because of the success of the Dallas Cowboys at that time. Yes, we are actually supposed to be Dallas Blue(royal bluish)  and Silver. Not Navy blue. 
  4. I think it works because it’s two words first then one word. Rolls better. Stark-West Orange doesn’t sound good. What if Stark would have still been Orange HS? West Orange-Orange? Lol! Also believe the full name was Orange Lutcher Stark HS. Could be wrong though. 
  5. Ex-Ozen star Tony Brown invited to NFL Combine

    Come on now!! Same excuse i hear ov t and over again!! It was lightening!!! Bad!! Hooks was with us in the locker room, not talking or trying to sway the refs! The refs made the call because it wasn’t going to get better for a couple of hours and didn’t want us playing past midnight, even if the storms moved through! Trust me, I was there!! 
  6. No dog in the fight but I also like United Knights. Has a good sound to it. Also like Beaumont Central-Ozen. Then you could say BCO. Sounds like the old days when you would say BCP. Lol. And no Blue and Gray Stallions. There is already a team around here with a horse mascot! Lol. They just happen to be Navy blue, not Royal. 
  7. Former Mustang (WOS)

    Awesome post Terrell! Told you nothing to worry about brother! Lol. It was an honor to have you as my teammate and friend. You also made another great decision...your a Cougar now...go Coogs!!! I remeber how coach T had a soft spot for you, not because you had a hearing impairment, but were a monster at football!! No one was upset you left bud. I bet the infrastructure at the new school helped you get where you are now. Nothing against WOS, but I don’t believe we had the resources you needed with your situation. Notice I don’t call it a “disability”, it’s not. With your story and where you are now, I don’t see anything that held you back! Was it a harder road? Probably. Does that make you better for how hard you worked? Absolutely!! Just like another poster said, God doesn’t make mistakes, he put you where you are for a reason and that reason is to teach and mentor others that have the same daily situations you did! Anyways, keep posting brother!! And thanks for reminding me about the ‘97 LaMarque game!!! I remeber I pinned them deep on the play, Goynes was past the secondary before we knew he had the damn ball!!! I just got over that loss about 2 weeks ago, now It will take another 20, just kidding!!
  8. Good lord Grant, might as well go make out with every Kennedale player!!! Lmao!! 
  9. Did i just hear y’all say no team in 4A can stop Kennedale???? Ummmm....maybe y’all should research that -1 after the 14.
  10. I can admit I was wrong

    It started with Mcardy in 1977, turned over to Hooks and Thompson a few years later then ultimately completely turned over to Thompson. I don’t care what other teams may say. West Orange Stark is the winningest and most successful HS football team in the history of Texas. Just look at the records, stats, etc. Once they get to the 500 game mark(early next year) no one will be even close. Does anyone outside that doesn’t understand in 40 years they have an 81% winning percentage?? That’s averaging 1-2 losses a year!! That is beyond insane!! 
  11. I can admit I was wrong

    One step further, there are some that are so focused on just the sheer fact that Coach T was chosen as the next AD/HC and wasn’t “the color skin they wanted”, took their kids out of WOS and put them in other local schools. That’s the “little Johnny syndrome” that I am referring to. How ironic is it that the “other school/schools can’t even make the playoffs much less go to 4 straight SC’s. I pray to God that one day the color of our skin or where we live, come from a different social status goes away. There is no room for racism anymore but yet it’s still here. And it’s on BOTH sides....not just one. I was lucky to be raised by awesome parents that taught me there is no such thing as a color difference.....the same I taught/teach my children...i will just keep praying that others follow suit.....
  12. I can admit I was wrong

    If and when Coach T retires (which won’t be anytime soon) the program will be handed to A. An alumni or B. A coach that has been in the program long enough to understand the dynamics of the “Mustang Way” i.e. an Eddie Dyer, Mike Pierce, etc. Neither of those two are WOS alumn but have been there long enough to understand the mindset and program! Hell, they both coached me and I graduated in ‘99. 
  13. I can admit I was wrong

    I believe it’s in the mid 30’s on players. But here is the kicker, we only had the same amount when I played and teams even before me and we were 2.5 times the size school they are now. WOS always carries a small roster on varsity for 2 reasons. 1. Only the best get to wear the Silver helmet unless you are a Senior(no little johnnie syndrome at WOS, parents stay out of it) 2. Many, and I mean Many players can’t take the grueling practices and off season and quit or transfer. WOS demands mental toughness just as much or more than physical toughness. Going back to #1....we were all groomed from when we were even 4 or 5 years old of what it would take to wear the flying WOS on our helmets. It was accepted by the parents and also the kids that understood the fraternity of being a Mustang football player.A.K.A., you knew what to expect 10 years before you even showed up in the stands for that first two a day practice as a Freshman. There is a sign in the fieldhouse that is there for a reason and the EXACT example of this....”Those who remain, will be champions” not just on the field, but in life also......From my personal experience, how many high schools make kickers actually practice with the defense and are thought the same way as a linebacker or DB? I only was able to practice my craft during the offensive period. That is why I had no issues tackling and loved to lay people out when I had the chance, and I did it multiple times in my 4 years there. I wore #18 because I was also a strong safety(even though I didn’t play that position, but could if needed) we were all coached the same no matter our “regular” position. WOS football is a mind set, a way of life, not just a slogan.....
  14. West Orange Stark vs Wimberley

    Oh, and did yall do tonight.....oh, that’s bad