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  1. Lil Tex rides off into the sunset while all area HS teams look great in their first scrimmage......more to come at 10pm.....
  2. WO-S Mustangs

    When Coach T talks about "blue collar", he's speaking the truth and nothing but the truth! Lol
  3. WO-S Mustangs

    I haven't heard that. However, most "transfers" can't make it with the grueling demands of the "Mustang Way". No homerism here , seriously, but there is no other HS football team in the area or maybe even the state that can compare to the physical and mental demands of WOS practice. Yeah, just practices. Honestly, my first college practice had me confused. I was so used to a certain way that I honestly thought it was a joke. Trust me, any former Mustang that was lucky enough to keep playing beyond HS will tell you the same thing. The only way I can describe playing for WOS is military. That's the honest truth. Put it this way, we could beat a team 73-0(yes it happened) but if we made even a peep on the buss ride home, we were running stands. Either that night or the next morning if the game was on a Friday. Trust me, I lived it!!
  4. WO-S vs PNG scrimmage

    Could quite possibly be the best two teams to represent SETX and Reg3 this year in both their divisions. We shall see.
  5. WO-S Mustangs

    Yeah, the D line was part of my question mark, just forgot to say that. Of course the "bell cow" would help with our D line. Bad thing that is almost impossible to replace Mandel, big Moe, and TeRon. Let's face it, we dang near had a college defense up front the past few years.  We return 2 or 3 on the O line correct? Like we always say down Newton ST. In the city of West Orange, man up!!! Remember, we returned 3 starters for the 2015 season and everyone wrote us off as a "rebuilding year" The results??? Well, we all know....
  6. Deweyville Scrimmage Friday

    Good deal. Was just confused(which doesn't take much for me as you know, lol) because of what he said.
  7. PN-G Indians

    Going to be a great scrimmage Friday. This is the type of competition both PNG and WOS need so they can expose each other's weaknesses. WOS will have a very young team but don't let the "returning starters" fool you. Most of them had dang near as much or more PT last season because of the lopsided scores. As you PNG people say, your D is going to be the question mark. WOS question marks will be at QB and defense, mostly linebacker. We need to find another "bell cow" like Justin Brown at the second level of defense and see what CW can do at QB. However, like previously stated, CW has had a crap load of PT behind Jack Dallas the past couple of years. Heard he was very intelligent kid and learned a lot about reading the defense from JD3. Also wish I could be there so I can watch Roshaun(sp?) in person. Heard he's a helluva QB. Either way, it's great for both teams.
  8. My stepson just said they scrimmage Kelly at 6pm in Deweyville Friday. The scrimmage thread shows BC vs Kelly. Was that a mistake 'grad? 

    Hey Grad, it's Dillon Fears, not Dylan. Just letting you know. He's my stepson FYI. Lol