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  1. West Orange Stark vs Wimberley

    Oh, and did yall do tonight.....oh, that’s bad
  2. West Orange-Stark 14 Salado 0/FINAL

    Wish it was at NRG. 
  3. West Orange Stark vs Wimberley

    Actually could of been if you were there. We had 1st and goal at the end of the game and shut it down. 
  4. West Orange Stark vs Salado

    Well, if you had a truck(or maybe you still do) i would say make them ride in the back the whole way!! Lol!! Just kidding! Or just borrow Josh’s truck. Haha
  5. West Orange Stark vs Salado

    Trust me, you will be by far, not the only person without Navy Blue on. WOS fans and players love to see the support from other local teams! I bet there will be a bunch of other purple there but just with an Indian Logo, not an Eagle....WOS fans are beyond hospitibal toward their local friends!!
  6. West Orange Stark vs Salado

    Yep, just have to figure out which was is “less slow” lol!!
  7. West Orange Stark vs Salado

    Lol!! My thoughts exactly!!
  8. West Orange Stark vs Salado

    Well, hate to be a realist here but it’s a game on the complete West side of Houston and on a Friday. Not really a good way to go. More of a “lesser pain” route! Lol!!! I agree though, I10 would probably be the worst choice here....
  9. Round 3 Upset Special!

    Yeah, i forgot to put them in and then it wouldn’t let me edit it. Lol
  10. Round 3 Upset Special!

    Oh, and LaVega and Kennedale. 
  11. Wow!! Am I looking at this wrong, or did all the top 10 lose except for WOS and Carthage? What a crazy night!! Lots of new faces in the Quarter Finals though. 
  12. I called that one! And PG!!
  13. West Orange Stark vs Madisonville

    Quick answer is what happened Friday. CW strength is his speed and elusiveness. It’s worked all year, why expose him to injury if you trust your defense will shut down the other team and all the O has to do is score a couple TD’s to win??
  14. West Orange Stark vs Madisonville

    What coach in the whole State of Texas wouldn’t be spoiled having JD and company?? Come on! Eddie is doing an awesome job. People need to stop trying to compare this team to last years. It’s not fair to the coaches or kids. This is a different team with a different playing style. If anyone has been spoiled the last few years it’s the fans that can’t understand last years graduating class was a once every 20+ year team! There are plays where CW had almost 8 options or Check downs that could probably score every time but CW hasn’t had that much time to read all of them. 
  15. Port Neches-Groves 72 Crosby 69/FINAL

    I’m sorry but! I just spit beer on my phone laughing! Post of the year!