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  1. West Orange Stark vs Hardin Jefferson

    Lol!! Come on! I've always learned not to make momma mad....bad things happen. You can pick HJ this week so you still have hands to type....well give you a "man pass" on this one! Hahahah
  2. Groveton 22 Deweyville 15/FINAL

    Score? Come on Pirates!!!!
  3. Hey, hey....I used to do the same. Lol!
  4. This game would probably qualify as a push. No crow needed for you. Lol
  5. LOL!!! I actually forgot about that! Really though, Aussie, how've did you get red mixed up with blue?? LMao
  6. Nah, if the snap and hold are good he can hit a 50 plus. Kid has  leg!
  7. Either way, it's going to be a helluva game!!!
  8. West Orange-Stark 34 Silsbee 17/FINAL

    Keep Adonis healthy, run some play action and make the other team fear the run. Then tear them up with Barnes on the deep cross or flag rout!! Silsbee will give teams fits!!!! Shore up the defense on the run game(they seem to be really good at pass protection) and I can easily see Silsbee making a run!!!! Throw some wrinkles in there, read option, buck sweeps, etc.....
  9. West Orange-Stark 34 Silsbee 17/FINAL

    On paper, looks like y'all have an effective QB. Of course Barnes is the real deal and WOS needed to see that potent of a pass game and Silsbee needed to see a potent defense. Win win for both teams.
  10. West Orange-Stark 34 Silsbee 17/FINAL

    Pretty even on penalties. Besides the two pass interference calls on both teams, what were the others? Thought I saw where WOS had many false starts but the box score doesn't really reflect that.
  11. West Orange-Stark 34 Silsbee 17/FINAL

    Coach T, Dyer, Pierce, etc. will have them prepared. It will be up to the young Mustangs to execute the game plan!
  12. Bridge City 14 Jasper 46/Final

    What are y'all up to now 6 main injuries?? Talk about to dumb bad luck. Is Denton done or will he be back?
  13. Hull-Daisetta 16 Deweyville 22/FINAL 2 OT

    If I'm not mistaken, I believe he is more of a defensive player. Deweyville doesn't have much depth so pretty much all have to go both ways with a couple playing one side only like #6 and I believe a lineman. Probably resting 5 as much as possible because HD had a good offense. Just my opinion. But your correct, kid is explosive and very fast!!!
  14. Bridge City 14 Jasper 46/Final

    Ouch. BC can't be this far off from last year. What is going on???
  15. West Orange-Stark 34 Silsbee 17/FINAL

    I'm confused on this one? Who is the average WR playing DB?