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  1. Think KOGT has LCM/Limberton tonight 
  2. WOS didn’t have a player ejected I don’t believe.
  3. Out of Area Game Tonight

    Wow! That was Poteets second loss, they have been rolling since losing their first game of the season against Denton Ryan. Cujo making some noise I see!! Side note...that’s a good little drive for a district game....Tyler to Mesquite
  4. Mid County Madness Ned v PNG

    Oooohhhh man! Mid County is going to be lit this coming week!!! Annual showdown but this time for all the marbles in district!!!
  5. Way to Go Mustangs for another DC

    I was under the understanding that in order to be actual “district champs” they have to beat HF next Friday. If not, then it would be a split with Silsbee but WOS gets the #1 seed because of head to head tiebreaker....
  6. Bridge City 28 Livingston 7/FINAL

    Heard y’all had a great 8th grade group that will be pretty salty when they get to HS next year.
  7. West Orange-Stark 33 Liberty 24/FINAL

    Maybe I misunderstood KOGT but I thought I heard WOS was close to 200 yards in penalties tonight?? Good lawd!!
  8. West Orange-Stark 33 Liberty 24/FINAL

    I mean we have 100’s of scoop and scores but 100yrds??
  9. West Orange-Stark 33 Liberty 24/FINAL

    100 yard fumble return for TD has to be a school record. I can’t think of anytime that’s happened. 
  10. That was a different kicker
  11. I’ll agree with that, albeit a very small few, but for him to specifically say there will be trouble is moronic.
  12. Very asinine and ignorant comment. WOS peeps are very respectful! Go take that doo doo to another board!
  13. Jasper 34 West Orange-Stark 24/FINAL

    WOS has A LOT of growing up to do before that! Congrats Bulldogs. Y’all are as advertised. It’s good to see Jasper playing like, well....Jasper! WOS has to stop with the mental errors and HAS to get better in the passing game. Listening to KOGT last night it seemed like there were multiple open receivers on every pass play but couldn’t get them the ball. If a team only has to key in on the run....well, we all know what happens....