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  1. Vidor Turf

    Supposed to start sometime after school let out and be finished before they return to school in August.  So, lots of time to work with, but no clue if they've started yet or not.  I was just at the High School earlier but didn't even think about driving back there to see if they are working yet or not. 
  2. Vidor Turf

    While I agree with you, and I have two children in athletics currently attending Vidor schools, the bond has attempted to pass one time I am sure of, and possibly twice now? Both times, voted down.  At what point do the citizens finally pass the bond, that yes, we so badly need.  
  3. Vidor Turf

    In a perfect world I am sure the could happen.  But we know it's not. In talking with a few teachers that I know personally, they'll tell you yes, it stinks to be in portables, but they also know it will break our district to pay for the two schools vs just waiting and letting FEMA foot the bill. Most of the parents of kids in those buildings are not complaining either, as they understand the process too. 
  4. Vidor Turf

    Factor in the fact that the Booster Club is also paying at least half of the cost and it's not the school footing the whole bill.  We need it. The field is bad.  Of course any athlete that steps foot on the field will benefit from it, from Junior High players to High School players.  Those complaining about it probably do not have a child that plays on it, nor do they have a grand kid on that field. All they see is "Vidor to get turf" and start screaming "fix the schools". When the two schools are tied up with FEMA money, and we all know how that goes. 
  5. Nederland 41 Vidor 21/FINAL

    Ah that’s right because it sounded like Broski lol oh I’m sure he’s just fabulous 
  6. Nederland 41 Vidor 21/FINAL

    Yeah I’m curious who #4 is for Ned. Man the cockiness he just displayed to this side was awful. 
  7. Santa Fe 28 Vidor 19/FINAL

    The final was 28-19. Santa Fe
  8. Santa Fe 28 Vidor 19/FINAL

    28-19 with 55 seconds left 
  9. Santa Fe 28 Vidor 19/FINAL

    Our tackling and defense tonight have been awful. Obviously offensively isn’t that good tonight either.  With that said....21-7 SF up with 7:14 left in 3rd. 
  10. Vidor vs Sante Fe predictions thread

    Vidor played Santa Fe a few years ago which resulted in a win for us.  I know, different kids playing today vs then, but regardless, they had issues then trying to figure out the offensive scheme.   Town shuts down Friday, and the day will end with a Pirates win and one helluva halftime show. 
  11. Port Neches-Groves 38 Vidor 32/FINAL

    Interception pirates!!!!
  12. Port Neches-Groves 38 Vidor 32/FINAL

    Not too sure how that ref missed the foul on PNG but whatever. We’re tied 16-16 with 1:47 till half.... and scored the 2 PT conv with a.... PASS! 
  13. Port Neches-Groves 38 Vidor 32/FINAL

    By running it in. 
  14. Port Neches-Groves 38 Vidor 32/FINAL

    Tied game! 8:51 left in 2nd
  15. Port Neches-Groves 38 Vidor 32/FINAL

    End of first 8-0