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  1. Hamshire-Fannett HC open

    I wasn’t saying anything bad that he was an assistant, I have heard he is a great coach. I was asking a question, more towards why it was being kept a secret. 
  2. Hamshire-Fannett HC open

    So Lumberton asst will change that district up?  Game changer! 
  3. Chris Smith named new PNG Coach

    Congrats Smith, now geaux beat Ned!!!!!
  4. March Madness

    LSU to the sweet 16! Mays with the huge 3! U-HIgh! 
  5. Png and Cleveland at lumberton at 7pm
  6. BC vs Livingston, 2/11 8pm at kountze 
  7. He saying a 4 seed over a 1 seed.  Not 1 certain player 
  8. Beaumont United vs WB

    Probably one team holding the ball, I would assume 
  9. HF @ BC

    BC 48 HF 21 
  10. NCAA Basketball- ‘18-‘19

  11. BC 44 silsbee 55 madison Fischer 12 Aspen Daniels 10
  12. Beaumont United 49 Deer Park 37/FINAL

    Most would say, “ what great defense to only allow 37pts “ 
  13. WOS at BC

  14. WOS at BC

    Cards win 62-27 all 11 cardinals got in the scoring colum 
  15. Bridge City 56 WO-S 69/FINAL

    48-32 Wos up  I heading to the house 
  16. Bridge City 56 WO-S 69/FINAL

    30-30 at half 
  17. Bridge City 56 WO-S 69/FINAL

    14-14 after 1 
  18. Jalen Hurts Transferring

    Tx fans panicking!!!!!! As they should be 
  19. Big win PNG, especially with the 2 girls that are injured!!!
  20. BC ties game up on two free throws with 0.02 seconds left. Then a tech was called on a BC player leaving the bench.   
  21. Actually closer than I expected 
  22. Bridge City 26 at LCM 55

    Lcm 55 Bc 26
  23. Bowl Games

    Actually SEC is now 6-4
  24. East Chambers Tourney

    Tomball defeated BC in semifinals and then Tomball defeated EC in championship 
  25. BC 47-36 over liberty  Hannah Wiegreffe 14  Rylee  Oceguera 12 Madison Fischer 10