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  1. Lufkin 50 Beaumont West Brook 7/FINAL

    Thank goodness boy wonder didn’t start for WB. No telling how bad Lufkin would have won. 
  2. My view on PAM vs PNG 2017

    Because of the competition? I believe you meant because of the education.
  3. Okie St at Texas

    You are  correct for once, both conferences put their bottom feeders on during brunch  big 12 Texas  sec mizz 
  4. My view on PAM vs PNG 2017

    Fisk? You are really showing how little you know about the qb position now. Fisk was a  below average qb. Sorry I am just telling the truth. 
  5. Oklahoma @ Texas

    It’s 9:11 and OU still won 
  6. Texas A&M vs Florida

    Great job aggies!!!!! in the state of Texas  1 agggies 2 tcu 3 Texas tech  rhe rest who care 
  7. Oklahoma @ Texas

    Don't feel bad horns Maryland only lost to northwestern 37-21 
  8. Oklahoma @ Texas

    Some will question that, I say nice bet!!!
  9. Weekly LSU Games

    LSU beats top ten in Baton Rouge how Texas do?
  10. Oklahoma @ Texas

    Yep just like vidor  lmao 
  11. Weekly LSU Games

    See how dumb you are 
  12. Oklahoma @ Texas

    This game is like vidor Nederland  vidor = Texas  Nederland = okl Okl doesn’t cosider this their big rival.  Tx on the other hand just like vidor okl has won 5 of the last 7 
  13. Weekly LSU Games

    Or Syracuse/Clemson!!!!! still full of that bs 
  14. Tobie, lets try an experiment

    Cmon man that's what you are worried about, the cop checking your vehicle, and not placing things back. You sound miserable. 
  15. Dallas Cowboys 2017

    Zeke suspension upheld, his PI thrown out.