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  1. TXHoops/Shaka

  2. TXHoops/Shaka

    Still waiting on the before and after 
  3. 2018 March Madness

    Loved watching Nevada have more heart  watching history rt now with UMBC 
  4. TXHoops/Shaka

    It’s like all Texas fans just skipped over this comment.  
  5. Beaumont United Basketball Job

    If offered and money is right, English will leave all day.
  6. Congrats to both PA and Silsbee! That makes 3 diff teams in the local 5a dist to advance to state in the last 5 years. Pretty darn good!
  7. Bush-Tompkins final seconds

    If you don't look at the time and consider just the play itself and call that was made, I think it is really kind of easy... one second into the game are .2 left in the game it's a gutsy call. Guy actually needs a pay raise. Foul first of all and shooting foul second of all. Sorry there is not much time left..Cheating is usually used by the Lil dribbler guy in the stands who doesn't have a clue!  Sorry!
  8. Bush-Tompkins final seconds

    This is a real tough call to make!! But from an unbiased point of view, it is the right call. Kid was in shooting motion and plenty of contact. Hate to see a game end like that , but great strategy from an offensive standpoint! If you disagree with the call, you were most likely a Bush fan.
  9. Weekly LSU Games

    10-5 LSU  the band even played neck
  10. Weekly LSU Games

    13-2   These nonconference games are a waste of time
  11. Weekly LSU Games

  12. Weekly LSU Games

    8-2 LSU top of 4th  
  13. It's Boutte's if he wants it. No debate.