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  1. He was talking to me about my LSU tigers. Saying how it's hard to compare different positions, Pistol Pete a guard and Shaquille O'Neal a post. Both great players but hard to say who was the better player. 
  2. I agree  height is everything 
  3. Exactly you can’t make a point who’s better or not due to the fact that every team is different every year is different. Colten may well be the better high school player, but rt now the colleges like Hefner better than they ever liked Colten. 
  4. Obviously he would have to finish his sophomore year to see how they compare  to each other after 2 years of high school ball.  Hefner started as a freshman and Weisbrod didn't, does that make Hefner better? Of course it doesn't. Just like if Hefner doesn't win offensive player of the year this year doesn't make Weisbrod better than Hefner. 
  5. Stories about Texas and other in state schools

    Not no, but hell no, but I will be praying for you.  Have a great day.
  6. Weekly LSU Games

    WW and the tigers with another big win!! 
  7. Stories about Texas and other in state schools

    Says the fairy who try's to monopolize  the board. 
  8. Stories about Texas and other in state schools

    He can’t figure out the difference between a man or women, how the heck is he suppose to add.  
  9. Weekly LSU Games

    In my opinion offensively despite youth and inexperience Brennan and Narcisse bring much more ability to the QB spot vs Etling( even though I liked him a lot). Despite losing our 2 best running backs the OL will better, with them all possible returning. Plus the commintment of the  number one Juco OT Traore. Hopefully that will help our running backs for next year.  The defense I think will be better. The interior line should be as talented as they have been in a long time. Aranda might finally have what he needs to run the 3-4 at its highest level. OLB will be a big question mark. We have 3 NG/DTs at 340 plus, a second year Chaissin should be better.  All that being said are schedule is a lot tougher, especially starting off with Miami who returns 16 i believe.  It definitely will be fun and interesting. I am glad the game is on a Sunday and I should be able to make it. If it was on a Saturday I couldn’t attend.  
  10. College Football Playoff

    That explains it, I feel sorry for you. 
  11. College Football Playoff

    Uh it has way before 2016, duh!!!!! but your not smart enough to know that.  You must have been fetching the chickens that year, or wife wasn’t allowing you to watch back then
  12. College Football Playoff

    I could have googled the year that YOU thought they changed? Can’t fix stupid 
  13. College Football Playoff

    What year do you say they changed?
  14. Coaching vacancies

    Changed to espn u? 0% Obviously you are not very good at this job. Ask the wife she may be able to help you. 
  15. Coaching vacancies

    Don’t just say I lied, prove it.  Mrs. 0%