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  1. Jalen Hurts Transferring

    Tx fans panicking!!!!!! As they should be 
  2. Big win PNG, especially with the 2 girls that are injured!!!
  3. BC ties game up on two free throws with 0.02 seconds left. Then a tech was called on a BC player leaving the bench.   
  4. Actually closer than I expected 
  5. Bridge City 26 at LCM 55

    Lcm 55 Bc 26
  6. Bowl Games

    Actually SEC is now 6-4
  7. East Chambers Tourney

    Tomball defeated BC in semifinals and then Tomball defeated EC in championship 
  8. What was girls championship score?
  9. BC vs liberty at EC tourney

    BC 31 Tomball 39 Aspen Daniels 8  Reesie Ryder 6
  10. Bowl Games

    Someone please keep up with this. It usually becomes crickets as the SEC SECond to nones the rest of em 
  11. BC vs liberty at EC tourney

    Kyndall Harrison 18 points  Madison Fischer 12 Hannah Wiegreffe 10
  12. BC vs liberty at EC tourney

    BC 63 Tarkington 30
  13. BC vs liberty at EC tourney

    East chambers can be very good.  And we (BC) can struggle to score at times  EC did a good job of making us struggle to score. Hats off to them 
  14. BC vs liberty at EC tourney

    BC 36 East chambers  55 Hannah Wiegreffe 8 Kyndall Harrison 8  BC is now 17-6
  15. BC vs liberty at EC tourney

    BC 54 Broddus 32  Rylee Oceguera 10 Reesie Ryder 10 Aspen Daniels 9 BC is now 17-5