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  1. Orangefield 42 Vidor 57/FINAL

    Awesome to hear. I can’t wait to see the next one that’s adopted. 
  2. Orangefield 42 Vidor 57/FINAL

    Because I adopted a 6-10 kid??? Or because I disagree with you and always prove you wrong????
  3. Nederland 60 Bridge City 65/FINAL

    I pretty sure you lost a lot more Buddie 
  4. Nederland 60 Bridge City 65/FINAL

    Edit We are not going there.
  5. Nederland 60 Bridge City 65/FINAL

    Want to keep going? You stopped last time we got into a basketball argument 
  6. Nederland 60 Bridge City 65/FINAL

    My favorite was when the ned kid ran through a screen and BC kid called called for an illegal screen 
  7. Orangefield 42 Vidor 57/FINAL

    Would he have been adopted if he was 5-10????  
  8. Nederland 60 Bridge City 65/FINAL

    Haha, clueless 
  9. Nederland 60 Bridge City 65/FINAL

    So BC was getting the calls? 
  10. Ye ole Weedeater

    Big 12 finally has a active coach who has won a national championship  congrats 
  11. Nederland Tourney

    Ned and H-F playing in championship at 6  BC took 3rd beating  vidor 44-33  BC is now 6-2 for the year 
  12. Nederland Tourney

    BC goes 3-1 and vidor goes 3-1 they will be 1 and 2 seed in bracket play form their side of the pool 
  13. BC vs Santa Fe/BC WINS!

    BC beat Tarkington 38-32, and will play again Friday 
  14. Bc 42 SF 35 at the ned tourney