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  1. Trump-Putin meeting

     I've answered your questions. They're not what you want but I answered them even though I owe you nothing. And I told you why you're wrong several times in this thread.. You choose to gloss over it.   As I have stated your comprehension is terrible.  I feel I'm talking to a brick wall except that the brick wall actually does something important in its existence.   Ughhhh. Good grief.
  2. Trump-Putin meeting

    ANo wonder we're going in circles. You and your brat pack are working with second grader educations.  That's important information. I thought I was dealing with Jr high kids. Your childish because you refuse to concede even when you are dead wrong. That's the old "tell a lie enough times it becomes the truth strategy" and frankly its stupid and indicates the user is an idiot. All your little sycophants think its a sign of intellect. I highly doubt any of you could pass a basic civics course. Even Fox News has shamed the idiot. And He's spent the last several days trying to back track that crappy performance. I heard he bombed a poor country this afternoon, hoping that gets the country off his back. That's your only saving grace.
  3. Trump-Putin meeting

    Admit it. You love it when I come to play. All the rest of your little followers agree with you and that's not any fun.  That hole you keep digging in your support of him doesnt end up in China or Russia, but in the South Pacific. 
  4. Trump-Putin meeting

    Can't you come up with your own witty retort? You're such a beta.
  5. Trump-Putin meeting

    Honestly. If that press conference didnt make you do a double take or even ask yourself if maybe there might be something to this whole Russian meddling thing, you are too far gone. The only people who would lend him money after all his bankruptcies are the Russians. He is beholden to them.  And while president before him have meet with Russian leaders, none have failed to defend America, its values, and institutions. Yet this is what happened in Helsinki.  I'm not surprised he said what he said. He's been saying this for years. What I find funny is how you idiots keep digging to find ways to keep supporting him instead of asking for impeachment and getting Mike Pence in office. That would be the grown up thing to do. Instead y'all just gonna keep on being betas.
  6. Trump-Putin meeting

    I see the gang's all here! Howdy!
  7. Trump-Putin meeting

    I called you that before but you strongly denied it like Putin strongly denied interfering in our elections. You're just mad I'm not like Dolt 45 and take you at your word against all the evidence that points to you having racial resentment. Only cuck betas believe that the current president is strong and powerful because to simps like you,  that is a leader.  He's a bully until he meets another bully, then he turns straight beeyotch.  I really want to see the pee-pee tape. Maybe if it comes out, he can move forward and quit being beholden to our enemy.
  8. Trump-Putin meeting

    What??? I'm not outraged by what Fart said. If you read what I wrote I said I'm only surprised by the outrage because that idiot has been saying this garbage for years. I agree that the shock is stupid. I told you your comprehension was bad.  The picture was just my humble summary of what transpired on the world stage.  And why do you want me to call you a racist so bad? Do you need affirmation? I won't give it to you. Confidence comes from within. You know who you are so be proud.
  9. Trump-Putin meeting

    I didnt know you wanted me to personalize the time magazine cover. Send me your picture and and I'll swap you in for Dolt 45.
  10. Trump-Putin meeting

    Nah. Not interested. Your comprehension is terrible. And it wouldn't be a fair fight. I'd just use your posts and likes against you and you would say it's fake news and there's good people on both sides, just like your hero. I just came by to throw gasoline on the dumpster fire that is the Fart Administration. The thread was looking boring so I thought I'd spice it up a bit. You're welcome.
  11. Trump-Putin meeting

    I needed a good laugh. Thanks!
  12. The season is around the corner as we enter the second year under Mike Shultz. Single game tickets went on sale July 17. Are we excited?  I don't know. Last year was pretty bad and the alums are getting restless. If you missed it, here's a nice article by Danny Shapiro that's sums it up. And Here's a preview I found. Middle of the pack is about the best I can hope for.  Otherwise I'll be spending Saturdays at TDECU and DKR Memorial. Thoughts?  
  13. Lets Talk district 9-5A-1 Football

    I thought Manvel was bigger.  It's a rough region.  I would favor Port Arthur to win district but it's not going to be a cakewalk. If Vidor and PNG can sneak up on you, I think the New Caney schools have a shot. Its hard to go undefeated, especially with a new coach and unfamiliar opponents. Those schools are close by so I'll keep tabs. Good luck PA!
  14. Lets Talk district 9-5A-1 Football

    I think Port Arthur would be the favorite but its not going to be a cake walk. New Candy and Porter will be tough outs. KPark won't be bad forever. Throw in PA new coach and the lack of any close road games and they could find themselves in a tie for first place. Lose the coin toss and you're facing Manvel sooner rather than later. This district will be at least as competitive as their former district. Neither go round was clean and I dont expect anything different here.  If they play any Saturday road games I'll go check them out. I wish PA all the best.
  15. Dave Campbell’s Texas Football

    I learned some interesting things. Apparently Jefferson and Hardin Counties are in the greater houston area when it comes to recruiting while Polk and San Jacinto Counties are in the Golden Triangle. And South Alabama is picked to finish 7th place in the Soulthland Conference. I think South Alabama would do a little better than that! If it were Lamar, I'd say that's being charitable. Jokes aside its hard to get everything right in such a big magazine. I'm sure readers in other areas of the state caught similar things, but overall its a good glimpse of the state.