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  1. Livingston hires new Head Coach/AD

    There's no high school sports without youth sports. Show me a school with a strong program and you can bet they have a strong youth program.   That's because of parents who spent countless hours of their free time teaching the kids in their community how to play the game so you can one day go sit in the stands on Friday night and cheer. We won. The coaches we played. We sent our sons to camps to get better. As for the different grades and the changes that occur - duh, kids mature at different rates. I'm familiar with who Livingston plays this fall. With good coaching they're going to be competitive and win some games. It's gonna be better. I have realistic expectations. A decent coach would have won 3-4 games last year and been competitive in the rest with the kids they had and the schedule they played. They weren't competitive at all. They were undisciplined. And that's unacceptable. And that's on the coaching staff. We gave them kids that had good habits and were disciplined. We gave them kids that won and knew how to win.
  2. Livingston hires new Head Coach/AD

    What was occurring in Livingston was hardly professional. In a former life I was paid to observe and report on children's games played at the highest levels. NFL NBA MLB. BCS title games. So I have a good idea of what good coaching looks like.  I'm glad the change was made. I look forward to fall.  
  3. Changes at KP

    Losing good coaches sucks but can't knock someone for improving himself. Congrats on your kid's graduation.
  4. Proven Loser

    Life is politics. Sounds like someone or somebody's buddy didn't get the job they thought they deserved. Better luck next time? Maybe? You can always run for the school board.  It doest take many votes cause no one votes. At the very least go vote for someone who fits your style. I'm gonna see my self out now. The only sour grapes I like are in cognac and wine bottles.
  5. Livingston hires new Head Coach/AD

    I wouldn't take the word of a coach of a failed coaching staff. Our kids beat the other kids when we coached them. When we handed them to the so called pros, suddenly they can't play. I don't buy it. I think coaching malpractice has ended in Livingston. It will be interesting to see who else applied for the job.   That will be released next week.
  6. Softball team scandal

    It's so sad to see what has happened to the softball program. Just a few years ago it was an up and coming team that should have won a national tournament title. If they violated the players rights by not allowing her to eat according to her religion, that's wrong and the head coach should have tried to make amends rsther than kick her off the team. The administration seems to have handled this poorly and has doubled down since lawyers have got involved. I know it doesn't attract tons of fan, but it's an embarrassment and probably makes it harder to hire a decent coach.  And it doesn't inspire confidence in would be recruits to see how coaches and admins handled one of their players. I wish the team the best in sorting this out.
  7. Livingston hires new Head Coach/AD

    Go look at the schedule.  They should be at or above 500 this year.
  8. Livingston hires new Head Coach/AD

    Only three more years of defending Livingston and I can go back down bear path on a full time basis.  I think the lions are going to surprise outside observers. 
  9. Livingston hires new Head Coach/AD

      The board asked parents what they wanted and experience and success were high on the list.  I dont like that they didn't buy out the former coach after the season ended but on paper this hire looks good. He's had success at various levels. The fact he took a new high school and made the playoffs at the highest level shows he can build a program. I think the kids will turn out. They're excited to play schools their size and smaller. And they're ready to start winning.
  10. Bi-District Predictions? 21/22-5a

    I think 21-5a will make it interesting. What sad is next year very good teams will be stuck at home because its going to be one of the toughest districts in state.   Glad to be moving down. But sad we never got to compete in 21 5a. Your schools are much closer than Beaumont.   Good luck.
  11. Bi-District Predictions? 21/22-5a

    22-5a takes 3 of the four series. If Lumberton can get good pitching and some timely offense it's a sweep
  12. Livingston is Open

    The community supports the team. It's always a full house.  And never an empty seat. They tailgate before the games. So unless you're definion of support is different than mine they are supported. Now if we're talking about success in boys sports that's been non existent for the last few years.  That's gotta change. I wish they made the move in November but here we are having to fight it out with Bc for whatever left  of football coaches. Sorry y'all lost your coach. He seemed to be a guy that could be there for the long haul.
  13. Livingston is Open

    Nope. School owns it. 
  14. Livingston is Open

    Old rv people will shoot it down.  Trust me it's been tried.  They vote to fix the schools but won't raise taxes for sports. Hence the run around on building new facility out of petty cash.
  15. Livingston is Open

    I've been by. It looks great! I'm so proud for LCM. May it stand another 40 years. But the Grove isn't better than our gym. I say this as an LCM alum. Geaux Bears.