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  1. What happened to D-FW this year?

    That's the truth. 
  2. The Left Uses Race To Control Black People!

    That's classic misdirection. You pick a fight then when you're backed in a corner claim to be the victim.  Idgaf if I'm on this forum or not. You on the the other hand would probably kill yourself if the internet didn't exist so you can spout inane conspiracy theories and spread hate and lies.  Just because you don't want to believe a comment is racist doesn't mean it's not racist. The three men I gave as examples are racists and are leaders of the party. Their words and deeds reveal them. Not me. I was ready to discuss the failures of the Democratic party. I gave you an opening and instead you go down the route every talking head on fox and brietbart go down.   I'm pretty sure you wouldn't dare insult my intelligence or call me a pedophile in my face.  If you ain't willing to do it in person don't say it on a keyboard. That's a chicken s@$# move.  So again good luck with your miserable life.
  3. The Left Uses Race To Control Black People!

    Where I'm from calling people out their names is a perfect excuse to beat some one down.  You've done it twice. My comprehension is good. Yours need work. I'm leaving this post now because nothing I say or show will convince you of the racism of GOP party leaders. Good luck with your sad little life.
  4. The Left Uses Race To Control Black People!

     My reply to englebert. I don't have a high opinion of the democrats either but the leader of the party and current leader of the country started his campaign with a racist rant.  And the party elders have yet to stand up to him because they think they need him. Pence can sign the bills into law . he's much more acceptable than trump.  Words matter. The rhetoric has attracted white nationalist and the KKK into the main stream they have co opted the GOP. This is not to say that my local reps are racist. I know them and they are nice people if they are racist then they are doing a good job of it and I appreciate that effort. And I don't think everyone who votes republican is racist but most racists vote GOP. I cannot in good conscience vote for a party courts people who think this country would be better without people who look like me.
  5. The Left Uses Race To Control Black People!

    Who said all white people are racist? You did.  Ok since you have selective hearing when it comes to trump. Mexico sends us their worst they're murderers they're rapists they're drug dealers.... There were good people on both sides Calling for the execution of the Central Park 5 even though they were innocent. Being sued by the federal government for housing discrimination numerous times.  Roy Moore Moore was at a rally in Florence, Ala. One of the few blacks in attendance asked Moore when he thought America was last “great.” In response, Moore said, “I think it was great at the time when families were united—even though we had slavery—they cared for one another. ... Our families were strong, our country had a direction.” He also refers to Asians as yellows and native Americans as reds. Steve King Elders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can't restore our civilization with other peoples babies.  Gert Wilders is a known European racist. Diversity is not our strength. Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban, ‘Mixing cultures will not lead to a higher quality of life but a lower one,’” King wrote orban is another well know European racist. But you knew these men said these things. Now you're gonna tell me I'm taking it the wrong way. To that I say you're a racist . and no calling out racism is not the same as being racist. I'm going to leave this post now before I call you everything but a child of God. May we never cross paths in life will be a day you regret.
  6. Katy 31 Galena Park North Shore 3/FINAL

    They are a juggernaut. Last time I saw them play they had enough kids to go from end zone to end zone. Its impressive what they do out there
  7. The Left Uses Race To Control Black People!

    No. 1 I said I think the democrats aren't saints No. 2. The men I mentioned have said plenty of racist stuff in the past few months. But their bigotry goes back further than that.  You're right about the dog whistle though. These men come out and say racist things with no pretext. I didn't name call. Why are you? Did I hit a sensitive spot? You you know what they say a hit dog hollars! Once the GOP quits openly embracing racism ill give them a shot. Until then I keep writing my elected officials and demand they do the right thing. When was the last time you wrote or called your representative? I do that about once a month.  So don't assume I don't know what up. 
  8. The Left Uses Race To Control Black People!

    Donald John Trump. Roy Moore. Peter King. Make America Great Again. I have answered you question.  When these people and others stop blowing the dog whistle or outright remenising for the good ole days of slavery I might consider letting them have a chance to earn my vote.
  9. The Left Uses Race To Control Black People!

    Both parties are racist.  And african-Americans are not some monolithic group. The difference is the democrats have been more welcoming to POC and at least trys to condemn the racist elements in their party. GOP doesn't even try to hide the racism. They embrace it. Ill say this, if Roy Moore wins it will be because the democrats helped him out with the despicable racist flyer they thought would help drive up the black vote. 
  10. 4A DI

    I'm from Orange. I could say some things about the Bridge City communtity but I'm gonna keep my peace.  Except for the football field we have some of the best facilities around.  And the school academics aren't too shabby. The whole point of school is to make good grades and move on to the next phase if life and the kids do that. Next time you got something slick to say why not reply to my post instead of pussyfooting around?  I'm all for debating which team is going to win but throwing slugs at communities is out of line. Especially since I live in the community that is growing and you are in the one that's in decline.  When the vote comes up vote for the hospital district. It will be an asset for Orange County.
  11. Because we all know everyone was dying to know the score. Huntsville 97, Livingston 50.   Not looking forward to games at PA, Ozen and Central. 
  12. 4A DI

    I look forward to the Lions thumping Bridge City.  Our Jr highs have played the past few years. Y'all ain't look too good when my son was running all over you. BC is in for a rough few years. I'm off to basketball season. Try to stay within 40 when you play LCM.
  13. 4A DI

    I don't know why you have such a hard on for Livingston but as far as I'm concerned the seats on the home side are fine with me.  I'm really gonna enjoy the drubbing coming your way.  Clip the Cards (except the Lamar variety, they're good people)!
  14. *10-4A All District*

    Damn can't wait to see the fight about Super Gold.  Glad I'm not Danny.   
  15. West Orange Stark vs Salado

    Good luck WOS.