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  1. Splendora 55 Livingston 61/FINAL

    No he's not...  Stay tuned.
  2. Splendora 55 Livingston 61/FINAL

    When Livingston decides to play, they're hard to beat. I hope this was the game that got them in the right track.
  3. 75-39 Shepherd.  Good game Pirates.
  4. Me too. With Livingston its a crapshoot with which team will show up. Haven't won many games in a long time so they don't understand the amount of concentration it takes to win a game. Next year will be better. I really don't want to see silsbee in bi district but if that's what it is then it was still a good season.
  5. Shepherd 54-Livingston 29 Q3.  
  6. 34-15 Shepherd Q2. The bad Lions showed up.
  7. 17-8 Shepherd Q1. Pirates cleaning up the boards
  8. Huffman/Splendora

    We blew them out twice in summer ball.  Most of the same kids are playing. It's no gimme but Livingston ought to win. If the good Lions show up.
  9. Huffman/Splendora

    I think Huffman is the better team. But I'm hoping for a Splendora win to make for a possible 3-way tie for first on Saturday with the second half of district to go. That would be fun.
  10. It was a good three quarters. I have no complaints.
  11. The good Lions showed up. I was wondering... This will probably go down to the wire 
  12. Correction 48-39 Livingston.
  13. Livingston 47, Tarkington 39
  14. Livingston 50 Liberty 48/FINAL

    They should have won this game easily. Livingston played bad in the first 2 quarters.  I was shocked when they lost to them at East Chambers. The Lions have at least 6 losses that are just unexplainable. And only about three times have I went to a game and thought they were outgunned.  There's still some work to do in building a winning culture here but they're on the right track. They'll win 20 games, make the playoffs and have a chance to go to area depending on their approach. It's been so much better than the past three years.
  15. 79-31 Livingston. It was over after Q1.