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  1. Livingston @ Jasper

    I'll play. The Lions have no offensive and defensive lines and most of the talent are sophomores and freshmen. It's a full on rebuild. I think in a few years it'll be a winning culture but when you been bad for this long you just gotta stop digging. Fortunately the district is bad. Two wins might be enough to get in the playoffs. I think the way to things are developing, the Houston cross district is going to win at least 3 games in bidistrict, if not sweep. I look forward to learning more about Livingston this Friday. Maybe this week we can keep the score under 50 points.  46-13 Jasper.
  2. An early goodbye

    Hopefully on to bigger and better things. I enjoyed your writing. Good luck in your future endeavors!
  3. If polls are so credible, why hang your hat on that poll brietbart quotes.  I acknowledge that fart is president. Hillary is old news. He's going to be president for two more years unless there's a change management this November and Mueller brings down the hammer. Remember election day is Nov 7 for the GOP. As for 2020 who knows. Maybe he'll have the widow Maker by then.  And I'm condescending because you have done nothing worthy of respect.
  4. No you're the fool. Look at my first in this thread. As I told you the first time.  Good grief.
  5. Didn't say I hated anyone but racists and Trump. If you ain't neither why be offended.
  6. Ugh y'all hopeless.  For whatever reason you really want to prove that black folk like the idiot in the oval office and he's not a racist. This is a non starter. Even his staffers are appalled by how Trump speaks about people of color if the woodruff book is to be believed.
  7. You dummy. Fart is the president. He won the electoral college. What does Hillary have to do with this discussion?
  8. I posted the article from the Washington Post with throughly disputed this. Keep up.
  9. No. That's easy to comprehend. But when the poll they quote is the only one that says 33 percent of African Americans support Fart and all the other show its less than 15 percent, then that discredits the whole argument. 
  10. You refuse to accept Fart's history of racism when it's been pointed out to you. That's an Englebert problem, not mine.
  11. Self hate. One of my brothers is a maga wearing fool.  
  12. I read the article. I'm not like some people who refuse to look at sources other people post.  But let's be honest. Brietbart is a terrible source.   Didn't y'all miss me?
  13. They are an outlier. Anyone who has studied basic statistics knows you throw out the high and the low . They are the only poll that shows this result. It's not credible.
  14. He's a racist I've said this ad nauseum.