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  1. 22-5A standings

    You are doing work keeping up with the girls. Great job. Lets hope we get a few teams out of bidistrict this year.
  2. Ozen In 4A DI?

    This would help Ozen tremendously as long as the powers that be don't make them play up in 5A. There's advantages of being a big fish in a small pond.  Ozen Silsbee Lumberton LCM Bridge City is a good district.
  3. You will not have double the playoff teams in 5a it will still be 128 teams. Each division will have 16 districts like 4A.  
  4. Livingston vs PAM

    I started to really vent on this and thought better of it.  I'm not from Livingston but my children go to school and play here and its really frustrating for me. I didn't expect to beat PNG Port Arthur Nederland and Vidor but I expected competitive play and if the ball bounces a certain way you never know... I don't think those are unreasonable expectations. Port Arthur should score 70, just like Ned and PNG should have. 
  5. Realignment

    That's the first I heard of Nac. You also have Dayton and Barbers Hill which will be D2 5A. They they could go to beaumont or to I69. I think i69 is closer.
  6. Lamar at Incarnate Word

    They're not even competitive. I don't know if I want to see them against Sam Houston State. The Kats are going to hang 70 on the Cards.  Why didn't we hire an experienced coach. Why are we doing things cheaply.  I'm tried of sending my money there for such a less than mediocre product. 
  7. Realignment

    It ain't that west brook is getting smaller its that Houston Dallas and San Antonio add only 6a and 5a schools. Eventually 2500 will be the 5a cutoff. It might be 2200 this year. So unless Beaumont starts growing or all the schools merge into one its only a matter of time before West Brook plays in what we currently call 5A. Honestly there needs to be a 7A where schools above 3500 play each other and then start the 6a/5a splits.
  8. Silsbee @ LC-M

    Yup I unfortunately went to school there. 
  9. Realignment

    I wouldn't call beaumont land locked its the fourth biggest port in the country and the second largest military port in the world! The only reason I left 15 years ago was there just weren't many opportunities if you didn't work in the plants. Area needs diversity in industry.  The area isn't shrinking. Thank goodness but it ain't growing either.  There won't be any 6A schools in the area in less than 10 years because of the rapid growth everywhere else. 
  10. Realignment

    Call me crazy but I love Big Money Texas.  Its just not growing and do well as other areas of the state. Places like sugar land sugarland pearland conroe. Frisco Denton and the like were all smaller than BMT less than 20 years ago. Had BMT kept up it would be twice the size it is now. In any case I wouldn't be shocked if in three realignment that west brook finds itself in 5A even with 2500 students while Splendora and Cleveland are in 6A. The growth up here is crazy.
  11. Realignment

    They're a bunch of new schools coming in Houston and Dallas, the cutoff number for 5A is going up not down. Cleveland is making the jump. The only way Ozen stays up is if BISD keeps them there. Lumberton will be interesting do they have an alternative school? If so they stay up. All these schools we used to think of as small that are northeast of Houston (Cleveland Splendora etc) are going to be 6A in a few years because everyone is moving to be near I69 since its so convenient to downtown. Even Livingston will become a big 5A in the next few years. Beaumont seem like its the only place in Texas not growing. It's so sad.  
  12. Silsbee @ LC-M

    If you read between the lines you know where my heart lies and why I said what I said. I've been fooled too many times over the years. Good job tonight.
  13. I'm starting to think that...

    I don't think UT best quarterback is on the 40 Arces right now. He's still in Mid County. As for Elia vs RJ its really splitting hairs. They're both great and as long as they keep winning on Fridays we'll be able to watch both on Saturdays. 
  14. Silsbee @ LC-M

    LCM has the talent but they haven't shown they can win this type of game. Sadly they're going to get down early and come up short. Silsbee is winning this district and this game by at least two touchdowns.
  15. Nederland @ Beaumont Central

    I would like to see a little chaos in the playoff picture but it really looks like Nederland is back. Its gonna be close though. 24-20 Nederland. Good luck Jags!