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  1. Gun Control

    Can someone explain why there's no outcry about the dude pretending to be president said he would take away guns without due process? Maybe you need to vote him out of office in 2020. So you can keep your guns.
  2. Lamar defeats SFA 76-54!!!

    Yes Nome residents are zoned to HJ. I enjoyed every minute of that beat down. The tears in the crowd nourished me.   That said. SFA is the best chance to get a good tournament seed.
  3. Silsbee 98 Huntington 63/FINAL

    Few close calls no dice Huntington has played well.
  4. 25-5 PA Q1 I must be suffering from Stockholm syndrome.  Sr. Night in Port Arthur.
  5. Barbers Hill 79 Livingston 49/FINAL

    79-49 Barbers Hill final
  6. Barbers Hill 79 Livingston 49/FINAL

    62-30 Barbers Hill q3
  7. Barbers Hill 79 Livingston 49/FINAL

    45-19 Barbers Hill Q2
  8. Vidor at Nederland Tuesday scenarios.

    Vidor is a much improved team this year. No matter how this shakes out the Pirates should be proud. They have a good foundation to add on to next season.    
  9. Nederland 73 Livingston 31/FINAL

    73-31 Nederland final.
  10. Nederland 73 Livingston 31/FINAL

    58-22 Q3 Nederland
  11. Nederland 73 Livingston 31/FINAL

    34-13 Q2 Nederland.
  12. Nederland 73 Livingston 31/FINAL

    17-9 Q1. Nederland.
  13. Nederland 73 Livingston 31/FINAL

    Senior Night on Lake Livingston...
  14. I know memorial is very good. What happened?   Maybe I need to skip next Tuesday finale if the Titans are pounding the bulldogs into the ground.
  15. Beaumont Ozen 106 Livingston 43/FINAL

    That's a shame. I would have thought the decision would bring out people for nostalgia sake. I wish both schools the best and hope they get the support they need next season.