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  1. It was a good three quarters. I have no complaints.
  2. The good Lions showed up. I was wondering... This will probably go down to the wire 
  3. Correction 48-39 Livingston.
  4. Livingston 47, Tarkington 39
  5. Livingston 50 Liberty 48/FINAL

    They should have won this game easily. Livingston played bad in the first 2 quarters.  I was shocked when they lost to them at East Chambers. The Lions have at least 6 losses that are just unexplainable. And only about three times have I went to a game and thought they were outgunned.  There's still some work to do in building a winning culture here but they're on the right track. They'll win 20 games, make the playoffs and have a chance to go to area depending on their approach. It's been so much better than the past three years.
  6. 79-31 Livingston. It was over after Q1.
  7. Livingston 50 Liberty 48/FINAL

    Shouldn't have been this close. Livingston was down 16-3 at Q1 and 25-13 at the half. They spotted Liberty a huge advantage. I'm glad they fought back and won.
  8. Grapeland 65 Livingston 27/FINAL

    You're talking about the orangefield game? That was fun but sad. I wouldn't say they live/die by the three. It sort of just flows in the game. Livingston has been bad for a while and this year they finally have the athletes to compete.  This year, they're winning games by outmuscling people. Basketball smart teams are a problem for them because they can't stay focused for all 32 minutes. The good thing is the core of the team is sophomores, two are starting now and maybe the third will be back by district. They'll be scary the next two years if they trust the offense.
  9. Grapeland 65 Livingston 27/FINAL

    Grapeland is good, but not that good. That was the worst I've seen Livingston play this year; the body language was terrible. They didn't try at all after halftime. They just didn't show up. Very disappointing.
  10. Grapeland 65 Livingston 27/FINAL

    65-27 Grapeland Final.  
  11. Grapeland 65 Livingston 27/FINAL

    48-20 Grapeland Q3
  12. Grapeland 65 Livingston 27/FINAL

    26-10 Q2 Grapeland
  13. Grapeland 65 Livingston 27/FINAL

    11-6 Grapeland Q1
  14. What laws should politicians enact to deal with immigration?

    Thats not true, Democrats have voted to provide money for border security for years. Last year, they appropriated nearly 5 billion for it and the deal that the president just vetoed and shut down the government, they agreed to nearly 2 billion.  There was talk of 25 billion for a wall for a deal on dreamers at one time during this administration that got scuttled when tax reform came up. At a local level, police are trying to clear cases and if someone is scared they'll be deported, they won't cooperate. The cops would rather get criminals off the street than someone who isn't bothering anyone by working In a kitchen or cutting grass. It's picking the lessor of two evils. Immigration is complicated. Both parties have shirked their responsibility on this issue. Bush Jr, Obama and Trump each had  control  of all branches of government at one point and each punted on this issue. When everyone just ignores they laws on the books, then they aren't meeting the needs of all involved. We need to hold our officials accountable to fix this mess.
  15. What laws should politicians enact to deal with immigration?

    There already here. This is tough. I don't think they can be citizens.  I'd fine and deport their parents and no more dreamers after immigration reform is passed. As long as they're being productive, working, college, military, etc. give them a green card. As for their parents, they can only get a travel Visa to visit the grown children after they paid the fine and three years have passed. Family is important. And I don't think there's a good way to deport what estimates could be up to 10 million people. If the parents want what's best for their kids, they gotta come forward, they are the ones who broke the law, not the kids. Without parents coming forward then no green card for the kids and they're deported too.