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  1. Silsbee 61 Port Arthur Memorial 80/FINAL

    PA ain't no joke.  Good win Titans.
  2. How Liberals See Things!

    So now you don't believe the president's FBI? I thought you loved the president.  Do you dispute that it is disproportionally white men who commit mass shootings? Do you dispute that it's your people ramping up the hate crime.  The topic was white men being dangerous. Why every time there's a topic, you shift? I'm aware of what you throw out. Yes, y'all can't say the word but I can.  Just like women can call each other the b word but we can't. When I say can't understand that I mean shouldn't. Should you do so in the presence of black folks, be prepared to suffer the consequences Yes, planes are safer than cars. Yes, the justice department has worked to dismantle civil rights along with the supreme Court. And have you ever considered that every time that a minority has gotten a job over you, that they were just better than you? And just because there's crime in the black community doesn't mean we don't care about it. We do. We'd just like the cops to stop killing us too. We can multitask.,amp.html You are as usual insufferable. I pray for those who have to live with you.
  3. How Liberals See Things!

    Y'all the ones shooting up schools, clubs, churches, work places, etc. Y'all also are committing a bunch of hate crime. Apparently, race has a lot to do with it.  
  4. LCM VS Navasota Ratttlers

    It's been 21 years since a playoff win.  May that ignominious streak end tonight.
  5. New Caney 23 Huffman 66/FINAL

    New Caney is typically solid. Football, maybe? Anyway, Huffman is my pick to win it's district.  They are a disciplined team.
  6. Memorial vs Silsbee @ PA

    This is going to be a good game. Port Arthur's jv was good enough to probably finish second in it's district last year. Losing all the seniors and coaching experience hurts, but it wouldn't be surprising if they at least run it back to Delmar Field House. Nuetral site would be Silsbee by 9, in PA it's a a 3 point game, pick 'em.
  7. Invasion of America

    That's why experts would break it down for us.  That's not an excuse for him to break norms that every other candidate has done.
  8. Invasion of America

    Cruz is Cuban, aka Latino. And if it's so easy to find his legislation, then why didn't you post it for us.  Every time I write and talk to him, he tells me if only Congress would pass his gun reform bill, then mass shootings would stop. Only problem is they won't pass it.  See, big bad Congress won't take up his bills because he's too busy running for president. 
  9. Invasion of America

    We ought to fix immigration. The problem is the person you want to re elect to the Senate has done absolutely nothing to get a resolution to the issue.  If you were serious about immigration you would vote for Beto.   You're so concerned about owing the "dims" you keep electing incompetent people. Dan Patrick is more worried about who goes into what bathroom instead of fixing school funding. Ken Paxton is under indictment. How can you enforcement the law when you could face up to life in prison. Sid Miller has abused his position by going to rodeo competitions on our dime and has had to reimburse us for the Jesus shot. Teddy Cruz has spent 6 years running for president and just reafirmed his support for racist rep Steve king of Iowa. The reason we have bad government in Texas is that idiots like you, who have probably never left the county, will vote for a dead body as long as there's a R behind the name. So excuse me if im not willing to take you political takes seriously  And before you ask, I did not vote for Lupe for governor. As much as I disagree with Abbott he understands the job and I believe he will work for us if he puts Patrick in time out. That's what adults do, they vote for the qualified person not for the party.
  10. Invasion of America

    I admit I'm bigoted toward racists and dummies.  
  11. Livingston 3 Bay City 0/FINAL

    Monday 7 pm vs. Tarkington. At Splendora HS.
  12. Invasion of America

    I am looking forward to accountability.  And hearing you cry about witch hunts.  If you recall, the GOP investigated Bengahzi and fast and furious. Who got idicted and went to jail?  Meanwhile, Mueller had all of anchor baby's buddies singing to get reduced sentencing. For chrissakes, the president was named as an unindicted co-conspiritor.  That's why the president been pulling out all his racist tricks this week, because he's scareed. There's an army of poor brown people ready to invade the country. I'm sending the army to the border, even though it's against the law for them to perform law enforcement on US soil. And if people throw rocks, we'll  shoot them, even  though that against our rules of engagement and the Geneva convention. I'm going to change the Constitution to stop brown babies from becoming citizens, even though I don't have the power to do so. Running an ad so racist that even the GOP leaders say makes the Willie Horton ad look like kumbaya. BTW,  there's no such thing as a race card. That a term racist use when they get called out for being racist. But because it's me, y'all keep missing my point. 95-99 percent of the migrants will be sent home as they should because they have no standing. Let's send judges so this can be done as quickly and humane as possible. And let's vote for people who will fix the immigration problr.em that mean not Ted Cruz. And quit being so scared of brown people.  And you wonder why I don't respect you.
  13. Invasion of America

    When has the tax returns been made public?   I'm looking forward to accountability being en vogue after Tuesday. Things will be properly investigated.  The president will be held accountable for his words and deeds. All good things.
  14. Invasion of America

    Obama showed his birth certificate.  Besides, whether he was born in Hawaii or not, which he was, his mother was an American citizen, which makes him an American citizen. The whole birther movement, which Fart is the ring leader, is just another example of racist use to try to make people who look different as if they don't belong and unAmerican. I actually would like to see Fred Trump's papers. I'd like to see the tax returns.
  15. I think Huffman was gonna win this one, but coach is a little to conservative. He plays not to lose at times and doesn't trust the guys to fight. Just like last year, he was playing to keep the score down, which kinda made it worse. He's gonna have to relax if he wants to go past bi-district.