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  1. Jasper wins game 2...9-3 Sweeps Bridge City to advance
  2. BC on #4 for the night.  Jeansonne for Jasper 8-2 Jasper bottom of 6th
  3. Top of 6th...Jasper leads BC 5-2
  4. Final 2-1 Jasper Jasper wins series to advance 
  5. Final 5-1 Jasper
  6. May have grabbed wrong quote but Jones has missed the majority of the season due to an early knee injury that required surgery. Most likely will be Burchet (sp)
  7. Great season Silsbee Tigers. Best of luck to the players graduating and continuing their baseball career on the next level. 
  8. West Orange Stark vs Robinson

    27-2 overall record. 18 game winning streak. Have been on a cruise through district and playoffs thus far. Best of luck to WOS. Rooting for the 409 to keep a team alive. 
  9. Pressure, or wrath, from the battle sticks the Tigers are bringing...in my best Kevin Hart, "It's about to go down"!!!
  10. Game 1 had it all...great pitching from Sundgren, as expected...The error monster plagued Jasper early and was very costly for runs crossing for Sislbee; no excuses provided...heck of a rally in the 7th for Jasper to take lead from an 8-2 deficit...and then Uribe owned the moment. Know young men on both sides of the diamond and it has been an absolute pleasure to have watched them all of these years. Let's finish this series leaving it between the lines. Good luck