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  1. Jasper

    It's all about defense this year. The offense should be good enough to beat everybody we play. I'll be listening on the stream from here in New Mexico. Let's go Dawgs!
  2. Their record is 41-305 in the last 35 seasons.That's essentially 1-9 every year on average. That town would go nuts if they made the playoffs....
  3. I wish it was us, but I get it. Have a good season other than our game!
  4. For Jasper, it's always Silsbee until WOS is back on the schedule. I know a lot of Jasper fans think it should be the Tigers all the time, but when I was at JHS, WOS was always the biggest rival and those games were unreal. 
  5. Predict Your Teams Record For 2017

    Jasper's tough to figure out. Will the pressure on Barbay get more results or will the Bulldogs go three rounds deep again? I'm guessing 8-2 and finishing at 10-3. One of these years, they'll exceed expectations and contend in the playoffs. I just don't know if this is that year...
  6. Schedule changes for 2017 season.

    I just want Jasper to get back to being one of the top programs in the area. I know you do too...
  7. Schedule changes for 2017 season.

    I get what you're saying, but when I was in Jasper as a kid, we had a long-running tendency to schedule up and the Bulldogs probably won 70% of those games for a 15-20 year period. If a coach is scheduling easy games to enhance job security, maybe he isn't the right coach. 
  8. Schedule changes for 2017 season.

    There are four teams that Jasper should find a way to get on the schedule every single year: WOS, Newton, Kirbyville and Silsbee. I like that they added BC and this is no slight to the Cardinals because that one could go either way. I just think it's better for our school and our fans to avoid playing these random schools that are essentially guaranteed wins. 
  9. Hudson probably knew that he was gonna get run out of Jasper at the first opportunity (and he probably still will), so he's doing the right thing by working out an extension with Barbay. Personally, I think Darrell should tell them to kick rocks, but he truly wants to be in Jasper and that's good for everyone involved.  Mr. Huddleston - I tried to get rid of your box, but the site wouldn't do it....
  10. I hope they find a way to fix this. Barbay might be the best fit for Jasper since Coach Walkoviak was there....
  11. Yeah. It's been that way ever since Barbay got there. He's the kind of guy that didn't see Jasper as a stepping-stone job and he would have been there a while. I can't cite a source, but I'm hearing that they want to split the AD and head coaching duties. It's disheartening to have to go through this again...
  12. I just heard about this and JISD is making a huge mistake...