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  1. Tentative Non-District Schedules

    You're right. It's a good move...
  2. Tentative Non-District Schedules

    Agreed. I usually can get behind most of what Jasper ISD decides to do, but this issue with us not scheduling Silsbee or WOS really is disturbing. Jasper needs to step up and work this out. 
  3. Tentative Non-District Schedules

    Who's on Jasper's schedule? It sucks that Silsbee isn't. 

    Okay. One of the Jasper Facebook pages added them in. 

    Isn't Cleveland in 9-4A II? I don't see them listed...

    This is really underwhelming for Jasper. Center's usually pretty good and Shepherd can be at times, but Tarkington and Huntington aren't competitive at all. I hope the pre-district schedule is beefed up some. 
  7. I can't get the broadcast to work. What am I doing wrong?  
  8. Cutoff Numbers

    I hope that Jasper doesn't go north again. I love the idea of being in the SETX district again with WOS and Silsbee. No disrespect to the other three teams, of course. That would be a great district. 
  9. Coaching vacancies

    I doubt that Bill Moos leaked this. I'd guess it was a booster. Moos just had to start calling recruits to get the wheels in motion to keep them...
  10. Jasper 56 Atlanta 28/FINAL

    You're a class act. Good luck to your Rabbits next year and beyond. 
  11. Jasper 56 Atlanta 28/FINAL

    There may be less people in Athens since it's in the middle of the afternoon and a farther drive. Should be a great game though.   
  12. Jasper 56 Atlanta 28/FINAL

    They do such a good job with adjustments. Being down 21-7 and winning 56-28 is proof of that. 
  13. Jasper VS Atlanta predictions

    Jasper has several really good tailbacks, so as disappointing as this is, I don't see it slowing down the running game much. We'll be fine...
  14. Coaching vacancies

    Predictions Florida - Dan Mullen Tennessee - Greg Schiano Ole Miss - Les Miles Nebraska - Scott Frost (Sumlin might be a fit due to ties with new AD) Oregon State - Mike Riley (again) UTEP - Mike Price (interim, but stays on 3 year deal)