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  1. Nebraska

    I agree with GCM. NU needs to find someone that will build a physical, bruising team on both sides of the ball. Wisconsin is a perfect template for that. I remember Paul Johnson being mentioned during the last couple of coaching searches. He's run the triple-option forever and has always had competitive teams, but he would need to rebuild the whole team to make it work. I'm not saying that he should be the guy, but there are a lot of Nebraska fans that would like to see someone bring an offense like that to Lincoln...
  2. Nebraska

    Bill Moos has been hired away from Washington State and will start a week from tomorrow. All of the sudden, Mike Leach becomes a very real possibility...
  3. Nebraska

    I would like to see that. It would seem like a no-brainer, but there's another guy out there that I like just as much: Matt Campbell at Iowa State. Both of those guys are really good young coaches...
  4. Nebraska

    So as I'm writing this, the Huskers are getting drilled by Ohio State. The AD was fired a few weeks ago and it seemed at the time that Mike Riley's future was in doubt. I think tonight might be his last game in Lincoln, but recruiting will take a huge hit if he goes. Any thoughts on who might be in line for that job?
  5. Jasper 35 Rusk 28/FINAL

    I listened to the first half of the game and had to leave to hang out with some friends that are visiting for Balloon Fiesta, but at that point Rusk was in complete control and leading 22-6. Coach Barbay and his staff must have done a heck of a job with their adjustments!
  6. Week 7

    i saw Cal get blown out by Washington last weekend. I wonder what got into them!
  7. Bridge City 14 Jasper 46/Final

    It was good to have our QB back after the concussion in the Silsbee. He's good enough throwing the football that it really opens up the running game that was so good tonight. I'm encouraged by the play of the defense, too. I hope you Cards can pick it up and have a good season. 
  8. Jasper 36 Bryan Rudder 7/FINAL

    That whole thing wasn't something we did when I was growing up in Jasper in the 80s and I think it's uncalled for, but the kids these days must like it. We played a bunch of kids tonight to get them reps, including alternating out three quarterbacks.
  9. Jasper 36 Bryan Rudder 7/FINAL

    Coach didn't say, but they're going to take their time with him...  
  10. Jasper 36 Bryan Rudder 7/FINAL

    Jasper has looked sloppy. Tons of penalties, but Rudder is completely overmatched. We need to pick it up in the second half...
  11. Silsbee 30 Jasper 23/FINAL

    I agree. I'm disappointed in the behavior of our guy as well as Silsbee's. You don't take pride in injuring another player. There's no place in sports for this stuff. 
  12. Silsbee 30 Jasper 23/FINAL

    Both schools don't look good after this. The bitterness of this rivalry just got ramped up a notch, but I'm wondering if the series between the two will be suspended for a while. 
  13. Silsbee 30 Jasper 23/FINAL

    Good half for Jasper. Silsbee's gonna play better in the second half, so we need to come out ready to play...  
  14. Top High School Football teams of all time

    I think some of those Hebert teams of the late 70s and early 80s should at least be mentioned. They manhandled some otherwise dominant Jasper teams in the old 9-4A before the school closed.