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  1. RIP Coach W.T. Johnston

    RIP, Coach. I never had the pleasure of meeting you, but you definitely touched my life. Prayers to his family and to the Newton community. 
  2. Jasper 2019

    If we can just keep everybody out of the training room, we've got as good a shot at a title as anybody. This season is gonna be fun, friends!
  3. Jasper 2019

    Ben also punted and would kick 40 yd field goals just messing around at practice. He had a cannon for an arm, too. 
  4. Jasper 2019

    I remember all of those guys very well. Just a ridiculous amount of talent for one class. Zack Bronson and Clyde Williams were on that team as well and both of those guys spent time in the NFL.
  5. John William King to Be Executed Today

    Yep. It's unfair. I can't tell anyone of color where I'm from without getting a double-take. It was that way when I was in Denver right after it happened, in my 12 years in Seattle and the entire time I've lived in Albuquerque. Everyone knows about it.
  6. John William King to Be Executed Today

    Hopefully, this will give the good people of Jasper some closure. It's been a day of mixed emotions for me for sure.
  7. John William King to Be Executed Today

    KJAS reported about a half-hour ago that the witnesses were called in. It's either done or very close to being done. Just waiting for them to come back on and confirm it. 
  8. Jasper 2019

    If the defense plays like it did last year, we have a shot to go a long way. Scoring points should come pretty easily for the offense. 
  9. I remember when Reggie ran roughshod over everybody and I was shocked that a struggling TCU program made him a receiver. 
  10. People aren't talking about Carl Limbrick, who was a pretty good tailback for us last season that will be going into his junior year. He was explosive at times also. 
  11. JASPER

    I didn't single out anyone  because we all know what's going on and there is blame on both sides. I just want it fixed. 
  12. West Orange Stark Next Year

    It's entirely possible that WOS, Silsbee and Jasper will be in the top 5 in the 4A DII preseason poll next summer. WOS overcame a tough start and should be outstanding as usual next season.   
  13. JASPER

    I just want everybody that can to stop being petty and get Jasper vs. Silsbee on the schedule. These teams have a long history of shenanigans on both sides before, during and after games in multiple sports. Everybody knows that crap needs to stop, so fix it and let's move forward with this great rivalry. Good luck in your quest for the championship, Tigers. Hope to see you on the field soon...
  14. West Orange-Stark 21 Jasper 14/FINAL

    WOS did a good job clogging the runs between the tackles too. The Mustangs coaching staff has done a whale of a job with their kids. I got the impression early in the season that the normal fire was missing from that group and they had it in spades tonight. That's not meant to take anything away from the Jasper staff and players. We were right there and just couldn't get it done...
  15. West Orange-Stark 21 Jasper 14/FINAL

    It was everything I hoped it would be other than not getting the win. Congrats, WOS. Go win the whole damn thing!