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  1. Cutoff Numbers

    I hope that Jasper doesn't go north again. I love the idea of being in the SETX district again with WOS and Silsbee. No disrespect to the other three teams, of course. That would be a great district. 
  2. Coaching vacancies

    I doubt that Bill Moos leaked this. I'd guess it was a booster. Moos just had to start calling recruits to get the wheels in motion to keep them...
  3. Jasper 56 Atlanta 28/FINAL

    You're a class act. Good luck to your Rabbits next year and beyond. 
  4. Jasper 56 Atlanta 28/FINAL

    There may be less people in Athens since it's in the middle of the afternoon and a farther drive. Should be a great game though.   
  5. Jasper 56 Atlanta 28/FINAL

    They do such a good job with adjustments. Being down 21-7 and winning 56-28 is proof of that. 
  6. Jasper VS Atlanta predictions

    Jasper has several really good tailbacks, so as disappointing as this is, I don't see it slowing down the running game much. We'll be fine...
  7. Coaching vacancies

    Predictions Florida - Dan Mullen Tennessee - Greg Schiano Ole Miss - Les Miles Nebraska - Scott Frost (Sumlin might be a fit due to ties with new AD) Oregon State - Mike Riley (again) UTEP - Mike Price (interim, but stays on 3 year deal)  
  8. Jasper 32 Diboll 29/FINAL

    Agreed. Both teams should go at least a couple of rounds deep... 
  9. Jasper @ Diboll Predictions

    That kid is only a sophomore! Imagine him 2 years from now with more strength and conditioning. He's gonna be tough for anyone to deal with...
  10. Newton 47 Frankston 0/FINAL

    Keep it rolling, fellas. Love to see Newton dominating...
  11. Jasper 32 Diboll 29/FINAL

    Jasper 32, Diboll 29  FINAL
  12. Jasper 32 Diboll 29/FINAL

    Jasper takes the lead with 2.5 seconds left on the made field goal. 32-29 Jasper. 
  13. Jasper 32 Diboll 29/FINAL

    Jasper will attempt a 29 yard field goal with 6.3 seconds remaining. Score still tied at 29.   
  14. Jasper 32 Diboll 29/FINAL

    Touchdown Diboll. Tied at 29 with a little over 2 minutes left. 
  15. Jasper 32 Diboll 29/FINAL

    Two point conversion is good. 29-22 Jasper with 9 minutes to go...