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  1. South San Tournament Field

    Wagner is 5A now. I hear their best player isn't playing this year to focus on college.
  2. Memorial vs Silsbee @ PA

    Looks like Silsbee will be playing South Garland after this game. That's an awfully tall task right there. Most of their early schedule looks like a suicide run lol. Gonna be a fun season for sure.
  3. Memorial vs Silsbee @ PA

    There's a kid who works out at the local gym here that has to be at least 6`6. Damn shame you probably ain't gonna see him on the basketball court. I see kids taller than me (a little under 6`2) all the time when I'm out and about town. That's what ticks me off about Silsbee lol. It's not like the town has a height problem. It's just that height ain't going to the basketball court. Maybe that'll change one day.
  4. Gonna have to let our best players play most of the time if we want a chance of winning a game. Treat it like the Yates or Carter games. I'd be happy with one win and a respectable showing. Not exactly sure what next seasons roster is gonna look like, but we should be a bit deeper and better than last year. I'm sure McCain and Adams want to do something big for their last year.
  5. Believe it or not, Braylon can dunk.
  6. Calvin Tyler was the only recent player who came to Silsbee and got minutes. Came from Ozen and played last year. That's it. There was talk of a West Brook kid coming, but I don't think that happened. The only time I might have a problem with it is when kids plan ahead and build an entire super team of sorts. A player here or there don't bother me.
  7. Chapel Hill: The wound that almost never healed. These past two years have made up for it now. Silsbee had some good dog fights with Livingston and Cleveland back in the day as well. They've really fallen off over the years. Serious question: Would Yates have beaten Dallas Carter? I know they would have beaten Somerset by 80 points, but I don't know about Carter. Carter was really good.
  8. Most folks are simply responding to one particular poster who used to post here. We know Yates history. All he'd have to do is say "good game" and most would chill out. Honestly, it ain't that serious. As far a team doing what Yates did around here? That would require Beaumont to do like Allen and have one big public school. That hypothetical team with a good coach would make some serious noise. We'll see what happens with United.  
  9. Can't even put into words how proud I am of these kids. That's really all I got to say right now.
  10. Not this year, no. Carter played some close games with Wilmer-Hutchins this year. They lost to them once by 13 points. Silsbee had their way with Wilmer-Hutchins a year ago in the Dallas tournament. WH might be a lot better than they were back then, I don't know. That's about as common as it gets. EDIT: Actually it was last year they played WH. Also forgot about Center.
  11. Certainly hoping for a Silsbee win. Carter is a really good shooting team from what I gather. Silsbee played a really good shooting team the first game of the year and barely lost. I'd like to think we're a lot better now than we were for that game. They don't seem to have any real giants on their team like the two that lost today did. I'll take Silsbee by 10.  
  12. Good showing. Now come out in the second half and bury them.   
  13. Best 8th graders 2018

    Coby Elam is pretty good. Yes, he's from Silsbee. We'll see if he goes straight to varsity or not next year.
  14. UIL State Tournament Brackets

    Allen looking to win a ring in football and basketball. Westlake beat Wagner by 1 point. They're as big as some NBA teams.
  15. Silsbee vs Somerset

    Somerset was pressing in some of highlights I've seen. It may have only been temporary though. Gonna be a LOOOOOOONG night for them if they try to run with us. Surely they won't try it.