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  1. Next Year

    Bridge City could possibly play for 3rd place in district next year.  Hampshire Fannent had a solid freshman class this year from what I could tell. They may start to put a more competitive team on the count real soon.
  2. TABC All Star Teams

    All Star Red wins 105 - 102. Devin McCain scored 25 points. Jordyn Adams had 31
  3. Next Year

    Silsbee kids better be sure to get them grades right next year. Way too many FR and JV players missed half the season. I would expect Raymond Baltrip to make a big impact on varsity next year.
  4. PA Lincoln is the main reason Silsbee didn't get a ring back in the day. They were the better team more often than not. Silsbee could have been the second best team in the state and not made it out of region because the Bumblebees were doing their thing back then. They finally started getting the best of Lincoln towards the end of that schools lifespan. I was a little too young to have seen Darrel MacArthur play. I started going to games shortly after that and remember his brother Andrew playing. I think I may have been 10 years old back then.  
  5. Argyle Sports Question

    It's apples and oranges comparing what public and private schools can get away with. Calvin Tyler came from Ozen and helped Silsbee with depth at the point guard position during their first title run.  That, however, is a far cry from some teams trying to emulate the Golden State Warriors in high school.   
  6. Faith Family vs Yates

    As has been mentioned before in this thread, the entire Cedar Hill coaching staff moved to FF. The coaches themselves stated the goal was to win a championship. You can bet another FF will pop up if/when they win. I guess buying state titles will be the new way to do things in the future.
  7. Good luck, Liberty Hill!
  8. What a horrible way to lose for Decatur. I'd be sick. Know what. Maybe Yates is a better team than any of us initially thought. Hope I didn't jinx them for the second half lol.
  9. Faith Family vs Yates

    Cedar Hill Trinity Christian is Deion's school. They had a kid all the way from Massachusetts playing on their football team. Faith Family should have to play in 6A, just like Strake Jesuit does.
  10. Not sure where Braylon would play unless he left the area and went to an academy type school. People seem to forget Silsbee was a game away from going to state before Braylon, Jordyn or Devon were on the team. Lost to a loaded Sterling squad. Whatever happens, Tiger basketball will be fine in the long run.
  11. Cartwright will be playing football. Bush will be the only one.
  12. Silsbee can push region next year. Got one kid with mad skills that should be on varsity next year. If he can keep improving, he can be a very good player on varsity. Also had a couple of really athletic kids on JV that were done in by grades. We'll see how they turn out. Silsbee will have two very good freshman classes coming up the next two years They might can push state again in 2021.
  13. Yates had the better overall team. Much as I hate to say it. Funny thing is, a lot of those Yates guys were on the team last year to go with their two superstar players and lost by 17 points. They really were more of a complete squad this year. I hope next year Silsbee will be that way. Can't rely on one or two guys always scoring 35 points a game to win. I'd rather see 7 or 8 kids going for about 12 points a piece or something like that. One thing that really bothered me this game was how many easy baskets/dunks Yates had. Silsbee takes a lot of chances on defense, and when it goes wrong, it leads to easy baskets.  I know 32 minutes of hell may scare lesser teams into submission before the first quarter is over, but it usually doesn't work when your opponent is as good as you are. That's one reason we almost always lose to good 6A teams. Get some kids back on defense, learn to take a charge. Clog that paint up. If the other team beats you cause they made 25 3-pointers, then so be it. I know that may sound like blasphemy to suggest something other than press and run, but sometimes you got to mix it up and do something different.        
  14. Faith Family vs Yates

    Should be an interesting game. Really can't say I'm a big fan of Faith Family. Hope some other team wins besides them in 4A this year.
  15. Really wanted that match up as well.  Not sure if Silsbee would have matched up with Faith Family very well, if I'm being honest. They look look like one of those big 6a schools playing in 4a.