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  1. Dallas Lincoln lost 15 games and won state year before last. Records aren't everything. Silsbee can't hang with the top dogs in 6A this year. I'll admit to that, even if they were missing a lot of players for that first Wagner game. They played like crap against Duncanville and deserved that butt kicking. They've played better defense ever since that game. Center is the only loss Silsbee has this year that I'm actually a little concerned about. That's another 4A team that could potentially take us down.          
  2. Yates can go ahead and try to press against Bush and Adams if they want if the game happens. We'll see how that works out for them. Their schedule has been pretty weak this year from the looks of things. I guess they didn't like getting embarrassed by Sam Houston last year. How'd pressing Kendrick Davis work out for y`all lol. Two things Silsbee would have in their favor is they're battle tested, and Yates didn't see McCain last year. It'd say it's a toss up. If Silsbee is ice cold from the three, Yates wins. If they're making their shots and slashing through that press, I'll take Silsbee by 10.
  3. Silsbee v EC ?

    Not a big fan of daisy chains. For example: Brazosport beat Clear Lake last year. Clear Lake beat Cy Falls, the eventual 6a state champion, As we all know Silsbee beat Brazospot. Does that mean Silsbee could have beat Cy Falls last year? Of course not. That's silly. There's only one way to find out who's better. Maybe EC should hit coach Sigler up for a game next year. It shouldn't matter where they play if EC is so big and bad. Silsbee should be better next year. They've got another Elam coming up along with a few others looking to make a bigger impact from JV.
  4. I have a feeling everyone of those players will play tonight.
  5. WOS played Silsbee tough at home last year. Adams and McCain didn't play that game, but Silsbee had more depth to make up for it last year too. That this was a game shouldn't have been a big surprise.
  6. I'm sure Coach Sigler would do it. Not sure it'll be much of a rivalry if it gets too one sided for a few years. Don't remember what Silsbee's record was against Central before Ozen existed. Would have to look that up somewhere.
  7. Where are all the kids who don't make the team gonna play? I'm assuming they're not gonna have a 30 man roster.  
  8. Tuesday Night Games ?

    Sure we'd adjust and learn to how to deal with this weather if it was the norm for us. It isn't. Lots of people getting out on the roads who aren't used to driving in ice and snow is a recipe for disaster. I believe central Texas has already had 145 car accidents. Some of those accidents were serious. Be safe and be smart. We can go back to wearing shorts in January by the end of the week.  
  9. Some of these teams in district just roll over and die when they play Silsbee. Orangefield, while certainly not a powerhouse, isn't that horrible. Certainly not terrible enough to have lost by 100 + if Coach Sigler had let it happen. They played East Chambers tough a while back. So who can we expect to put up a fight in district? LC-M or WO-S maybe? Most of these games will be over before they start.
  10. I haven't got to see a lot of Tiger play this year. Part of me can't help but wonder if Tuesday's game wasn't them just playing lesser competition, no offense to HJ. I'm certainly hoping it's a sign of them getting their act together.
  11. A down year for Silsbee is possibly only making it to region finals. A lot of teams would like to have such problems. They don't lose much this year. Barnes is the only starter gone. They should actually improve next year if this year wasn't meant to be. If they can find some people to step it up on defense, I still like our odds of making some noise. I know it may sound like blasphemy, but maybe sometimes don't always press. This goes doubly true if the other team has good guards and a big or two.  
  12. Duncanville should have some athletes on their squad, I'd imagine. Not much of a surprise beating a helpless team I've never heard of.
  13. Not having Bruce Newton, Michael Mccain and Calvin Tyler hurts. They may not have lit up the scoreboard on most nights, but their play is sorely missed. We need some lockdown defenders. Boggles my mind how we can't get at least one decent sized kid to play the post this year, Anyhow, there's no reason for them not to be motivated now. They know they can lose to another 4A team. A few of our players have talked the talk about how they know they're winning another state title this year. Time to make it happen. I expect a solid showing in Dallas.  
  14.   Midlothian Heritage was one missed basket away from beating Denton Guyer this year. Silsbee is gonna have some work to do if they make it past Yates and get to state.