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  1. Didn't Miller Kopp and Braylon play together for the Houston Defenders? That may have something to do with it, as I'm sure Braylon and him play very well together. He might want to make a run for a state title before his high school days are over. He'd get plenty of playing time here. Silsbee ain't gonna be as deep next year, I don't think. He'd also likely be the only true big we have. I wouldn't get my hopes up for this happening, but if it does, that's very bad news for every other 4A team in the state.  
  2. I'm not saying Silsbee would win, but I don't think it would be a blowout. They gave Wagner (6A state runner ups) all they wanted last year. Terribly over matched is a bit of an overstatement. They only lost to one team by double digits last year, and that was mainly because they couldn't make a 3 to save their lives in the second half. They actually outplayed Skyline in the first half. No idea why they stopped taking it to the hoop against them. and Silsbee has beaten top ranked teams in higher classifications in the past. They be a really good North Shore team one year. Unfortunately that was the Chapel Hill year.
  3. Doesn't Cy Falls return all of their starters? I was really impressed with how they handled Wagner after the first quarter last year. Silsbee would need to shoot lights out from the 3 point line to have a good chance.They went ice cold against Skyline in the second half last year and lost by double digits. I think they could put up a good fight and make them sweat a little, but then come up short of a win, especially with them probably not being as deep next year. One thing I love about coach Sigler is he ain't afraid to play anyone. ,  
  4. UIl ruling on fights

    Any screw ups next season and all the hard work these kids are putting in right now will be for nothing. Coach Sigler needs to get that message drilled into everyone's heads. Even when these kids are provoked (and they will be) they have to to let it go. Let the coach step in and deal with things. They're gonna have a bigger target than ever on their backs next year. A social media black out would be nice. This is really a local district issue. Next to no teams in the Tigers district are saints. You hardly (if ever) hear any of the teams from the Houston, Dallas or non-local areas having an issue with Silsbee. They spend nearly their entire pre-district schedule playing those teams, and then mainly play them come playoff time. 
  5. Wiley Webster was probably on the power lifting teams that won state. Maybe his brother as well.
  6. Teams to watch for in '17-'18

    Jones bloodline usually tops out at about 6'5". Most kids don't finish growing till their sophomore year. Willie Jones III looks taller than 6'4" to me. It could be the haircut, I guess.
  7. Teams to watch for in '17-'18

    Silsbee supposedly has a kid who was already dunking in game at the 8th grade level. I didn't watch any of those games. I don't know how tall or who the player is. I'd expect a growth spurt for all the freshman on the team, except for maybe Braylon. I don't think he'll shoot up too much more, not that it matters.
  8. Who makes all state?

    Yeah, it's all state for the tournament. The original post on Twitter I read that from had it wrong.
  9. Who makes all state?

    Chris Rossow, Jordyn Adams, Willie Jones, Braylon Bush, and Nathan Priddy are the first team all state.
  10. I expect Chris Martin to play more of a role next year. Having Devin back will make up for losing Jones. Man I wish we'd had him for four years. Losing Newton and Harris is gonna hurt, no doubt about that. Hopefully we get one or two up from next year's freshman class to play a big role like Braylon did this year. Maybe a move in here or there as well. Silsbee has traditionally been more of a medium sized team. Lots of guys in the 6'2" -  6'4" range. They've had one 6'10" player (Eddie Fobbs) which is the tallest they've ever had, I think. They've also had a handful of 6'6" players on their past rosters at the same time. None of that size won them a ring. I'm sure Yates is gonna be looking for some payback next year. Devon was already promising a repeat next year on his Twitter feed before they won the first ring. Silsbee needs to not get too arrogant. Confidence is fine, but don't get too cocky. I think coach Sig will have them ready.
  11. Build a solid team around Bush, Adams, and McCain. They'll be fine. and don't go punching anyone in the head next year either.
  12. Cy Falls win it. 63 - 57
  13. Clark is a beast. Cy Falls up by 11 now though.
  14. 40 - 34 Cy Falls leads
  15. Just watched the Silsbee press conference. Coach Sigler has been coaching for 40 years.