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  1. I'm not sure losing to North Shore is an upset. They kicked PA Memorial's butts also, and they're the best team in SET, at least if you ask them about it. I just don't get doing 5 in and 5 out this year. I'd rather have good support around the big 4 and make sure at least two of them are on the court at all times. Also, where are all the new players at? This is mostly the same bunch from last year with guys who didn't play as much getting more time. Silsbee usually has a factory to churn out as many players as needed, even if it's mainly just two neighborhoods that make up these teams. We used to could at least get a few 6`5 or 6`6 players on our teams. I'm a little under 6`2 and I see kids taller than me all the time. I saw a kid yesterday who was, I think, 15 and 6`6. Problem is he ain't the basketball playing type, and neither are most the other tall kids i see when I'm out and abut in town. I more interested in the upcoming Center game in a few weeks. If we struggle or lose to another 4a team, it's time for Coach Sig to light a fire under some butts.      
  2. I take it Waxahachie must have returned a lot of starters from last years team. They must have been shooting lights out. Hopefully a better playing Silsbee will get a shot at them. Last years game was crazy. I think Silsbee won 103 - 101 in OT or something like that.
  3. Nice win be Silsbee. It's crazy how many good teams are in this tournament. North Shore is still playing football. Not sure if they're like Silsbee when it comes to football/basketball or not.
  4. Silsbee v SA Wagner

    Not that I expected us to win, but what happened? We were losing by 2 points at the end of 1, and it was still respectable at halftime. Was it the bench? Did we really try 5 in 5 out vs Wagner? Sounds like a recipe for disaster against a team like that if we did. They need to learn to take it to the rim if they're bricking 3s. That and build around the big 4 instead of this 5 in 5 out stuff. This isn't last years team.
  5. Silsbee vs Klein Collins

    Hopefully the Wagner game is competitive this time around. If not we just need to accept the fact that this years team can't hang with the tog dogs in 6A. Not that it's Silsbee's job to beat schools that dwarf them in student population anyways.
  6. 2017 Texas High School Jamboree

    I'm glad coach Sigler isn't afraid to take on big teams regardless of what players he has. If we lose we lose. Respect everyone but fear nobody is his mantra. I hope whoever proceeds him in coaching continues this after he retires. They'll probably have their full roster after this week anyways. They just need a little time to gel after that. All that really matters is how Silsbee is playing come playoff time.  
  7. Should go either 7 - 2 or 6 - 3 against that bunch.
  8. Losing to Clear Lake and Sam Houston is nothing to be worried about. These games don't matter, although I can understand always wanting to win. Tough competition is good for these kids. They need to know that, no matter how good you think you are, you can be beaten. There's always work to be done. It's better than them beating up on cream puffs to feel better about themselves.
  9. A 39 - 39 score in double OT? Good God. Silsbee needs to play it smart this year. Don't let other teams in district provoke them into doing anything stupid.
  10. Didn't Miller Kopp and Braylon play together for the Houston Defenders? That may have something to do with it, as I'm sure Braylon and him play very well together. He might want to make a run for a state title before his high school days are over. He'd get plenty of playing time here. Silsbee ain't gonna be as deep next year, I don't think. He'd also likely be the only true big we have. I wouldn't get my hopes up for this happening, but if it does, that's very bad news for every other 4A team in the state.  
  11. I'm not saying Silsbee would win, but I don't think it would be a blowout. They gave Wagner (6A state runner ups) all they wanted last year. Terribly over matched is a bit of an overstatement. They only lost to one team by double digits last year, and that was mainly because they couldn't make a 3 to save their lives in the second half. They actually outplayed Skyline in the first half. No idea why they stopped taking it to the hoop against them. and Silsbee has beaten top ranked teams in higher classifications in the past. They be a really good North Shore team one year. Unfortunately that was the Chapel Hill year.
  12. Doesn't Cy Falls return all of their starters? I was really impressed with how they handled Wagner after the first quarter last year. Silsbee would need to shoot lights out from the 3 point line to have a good chance.They went ice cold against Skyline in the second half last year and lost by double digits. I think they could put up a good fight and make them sweat a little, but then come up short of a win, especially with them probably not being as deep next year. One thing I love about coach Sigler is he ain't afraid to play anyone. ,  
  13. UIl ruling on fights

    Any screw ups next season and all the hard work these kids are putting in right now will be for nothing. Coach Sigler needs to get that message drilled into everyone's heads. Even when these kids are provoked (and they will be) they have to to let it go. Let the coach step in and deal with things. They're gonna have a bigger target than ever on their backs next year. A social media black out would be nice. This is really a local district issue. Next to no teams in the Tigers district are saints. You hardly (if ever) hear any of the teams from the Houston, Dallas or non-local areas having an issue with Silsbee. They spend nearly their entire pre-district schedule playing those teams, and then mainly play them come playoff time. 
  14. Wiley Webster was probably on the power lifting teams that won state. Maybe his brother as well.
  15. Teams to watch for in '17-'18

    Jones bloodline usually tops out at about 6'5". Most kids don't finish growing till their sophomore year. Willie Jones III looks taller than 6'4" to me. It could be the haircut, I guess.