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  1. Post here if you are a member of the NRA

    Proud member.
  2. This is not the same one I remember seeing years ago, but is the same sentiment.  
  3. Some NBA Teams Play Negro Natl Anthem

    Seems relevant here: http://unhyphenatedamerica.org/2014/05/05/teddy-roosevelt-unhyphenated-america-speech/
  4. Gun Control

    I'm outraged about it. So are a lot of other people. And if the President of every citizen of the United States continues on this path, he will probably be beat by a Republican challenger in a primary. If you think there is no outcry then you probably need to expand your news sources and not rely solely on the surfeit of bias Liberal coverage.
  5. Top 10 Sports Movies

    What, no BASEketball on this list. LOL. (I can't judge...I've never seen the movie. But from what I've heard, I'm guessing the omission is justifiable.)
  6. Climate Change- todays Wall St. Journal

    Thanks for the post Nash. I've read many articles like this over the past 30 years, but they all seem to get buried in short order...because, like the article stated, it does not fit the "narrative". This one will also never see the light of day in the MSM, and will be buried just like all of the others, and the "leaders" of Liberalism will continue to spout their unproven narrative, simultaneously deriding and ridiculing skeptics (i.e. normal people) as heretics. 
  7. Does Rosie know she is a snowflake?

    The comic relief has returned to the forum...and is still the tired old "everyone on the Right is a racist. No facts, no evidence, just playing the obedient sheeple part of parroting what my Liberal masters tell me to believe." Is it politically correct to laugh at such incoherent, regurgitated non-sense, or should we show empathy with the golden standard "bless his little heart"?
  8. Does Rosie know she is a snowflake?

    I don't recall anyone on the Right needing safe spaces replete with Play-Doh and puppies. Nor do I recall anyone on the Right needing to gather for a "scream at the sky" cathartic production. There is absolutely no equivalency no matter how loud Rosie O'Donnell and the Left scream it. Even the mere suggestion of a phantom equivalency is just downright laughable. I use this often, but it is especially relevant here. Saying the Right acted how the Left is acting now is like witnessing a ballgame in which the final score was 126-7 and saying "well, both teams scored". 
  9. Gun Control

    After witnessing the blatant hypocrisy from the Left these past few years, you actually think the Right are the biggest hypocrites? Really? That deserves the obligatory (and capitalized) LOL. Even Rosie O'Donnell has to laugh at that one.
  10. Gun Control

    My opinion is that restrictions on gun ownership should equally apply to the right to vote. If you are not qualified to own a gun, you are not qualified to vote. If you are so mentally unstable that the 2nd amendment right of self protection must be stripped from you, then you are too mentally unstable to choose our representatives. If you are deemed not intelligent enough to safely operated a gun, you are not intelligent enough to choose our representatives. If you are deemed too immature to own a firearm until you are 25 years old, you are too immature to choose our representatives until you are 25 years old. If you are required to show an ID to purchase a gun, you should be required to show an ID to vote.
  11.   I'm not a gun control advocate, but I would love to get my hands on the list of people that actually purchased one of these shirts. This list is an example of mentally disturbed people not fit to own a firearm...or vote...or even be a part of a civilized society: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2018/02/23/rosie-odonnell-selling-anti-trump-t-shirt-that-calls-president-rapist-racist-liar.html This will take very, very little imagination, but imagine how the media would react if a GOP supporter was propagating things like this about Obama. No wonder the Left has disappeared from this site. How can anyone defend the actions of their fellow cohorts? But somehow, somewhere, many Liberals are still out there in their safe space spouting that Obama was treated badly as president, while simply ignoring the mountains of contradictory evidence piled right in front of their face. Would anyone care to buy one of these?
  12. Do As I Say -- Not As I Do!

    So are his judges..."obliviously".
  13. Gun Control

    That's why I keep asking for solutions. My responses to you are really meant to be generalized to the Left (especially the Liberal politicians) who passionately advocate for gun confiscation in the form of gun control. I realize you are not part of that particular group, but I respond to your posts because you seem to be the only one from the Left that has the guts to post on this topic. I apologize if you are anyone interpret my responses as an attack on you. I'm really just trying to provoke the Left into revealing their true agenda. If only they would respond. 
  14. Gun Control

    Guns are made for the purpose that the owner wants it to be. My guns are made for self-protection. Some guns are made to kill animals for food. Some guns are made for sport. Some guns are made to kill. It all depends on the person operating the gun. If a person drives a vehicle to work, is that vehicle made to kill? If a person drives a vehicle into a crowd of people, is that car made to kill? Is the purpose of a tool defined by the tool or the person using the tool?
  15. Florida Shootings

    There is a whole topic on this issue for you to elaborate your ideas for tighter regulation. Why don't you venture over there and articulate some of these solutions. If you don't have any, then you fit right in with the rest of them. Is all talk and no solutions the new normal. (Sorry PamFam, I had to steal that line.)