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  1. This report can be completely wrong but still contains more evidence than the Trump/Russia collusion story that the Liberals bought hook, line and sinker. That is what deserves the extended (and condescending) LOL. Why haven't the Liberals insisted and profoundly demanded that the "17" intelligence agencies give one shred of evidence of the Trump/Russia collusion tin foil theory? The Liberals are in full need of the extended LOL slapdown. And I'm sure you understand why I put the "17" in quotes. If not, please do a simple Bing search to understand how the Liberal media pushed the false narrative of 17 intelligence agencies confirming the Trump/Russia narrative.
  2. I'm sure we can expect the "tin foil hats" comments or the "not a reliable source" comments. We might even be treated to the "you have no evidence" comments. And of course any forthcoming comment will be accompanied with the "but Trump lies" deflection. This is assuming that we get any comments at all from the Liberals. This information has been trickling out for the last few months to a year, but the Liberal media will not dare give it any credence, though they might just have to acknowledge it now. And I wouldn't worry about the current absence of Liberals on this site. As soon as the first Republican gets in hot water the Liberals will return in full force.
  3. Tobie, lets try an experiment

    What you are saying is something that Captain Obvious would respond to with "Well Duh!" I don't like speaking for the rest of the board, but I'm fairly highly confident that not one single board member thinks that anothers life experiences are somehow the same as theirs. Not one single person would say all races are treated the same, and not one single person would say that people within a race are treated the same. For you to somehow put yourself on a pedestal and decree that it is so is a little obnoxious, and frankly insulting. Then to top it off, you make an emphatic statement that each should admit the obvious, which can only serve to divide. And you are sounding more and more like a typical racist that thinks Black people are incapable of achieving the moral and intellectual level of a White person. Are you seriously stating that a Black man is incapable of distinguishing between the attitude of Whites 50+ years ago and the attitude of Whites today? Do you feel that White kids today have a moral responsibility of shunning the beliefs of their (great) grandpas, but find no fault with (and even condone) Black youths harboring and emulating beliefs of their (great) grandpas? That sounds highly condescending and insulting to Blacks...strike that...everyone. And one more thing, you have not made a "very reasonable argument" on any level. You basically said that Whites don't understand Blacks and Whites should admit that. That is nowhere near a reasonable argument in any sense of the word. If you did make a reasonable argument, please restate it because I definitely missed it. And I'm still waiting for you to answer the question as to why Blacks feel a distrust towards Black cops. I'm pretty sure I know the reason you avoided answering that question, but am still anxious to hear your wording.
  4. Tobie, lets try an experiment

    So you feel that something that happened in the past can be used as an excuse to inject emotionality into a topic of discussion. Do you really think answers to problems can be discussed rationally and solutions found when you continue to push the division angle? It is painfully clear who is advocating for division. Do you really think a large number of people in the Black community look at Black cops as oppressive due to slavery?
  5. Tobie, lets try an experiment

    I don't think anyone is denying or needs to admit that everybody has different experiences. That's almost like soliciting an admittance that 1+1=2. I can admit that I have personally been negatively impacted by Affirmative Action. Do you think that I need an affirmation from all minorities in order to discuss the topic with an open mind? Does my experiences give credence to any unrealistic or false narratives or different viewpoints I might harbor? Does my experiences excuse any unfounded hypothesis I might argue? And if you say yes to any of these things, are you not setting a lower standard for me than for everyone else?
  6. Tobie, lets try an experiment

    I interpreted your remarks as that I should admit that Blacks have different experiences when dealing with cops, and these differences are stemmed from racism. If that assumption is wrong, please explain what you want me to admit to.
  7. Tobie, lets try an experiment

    Who made the argument that there were no legitimate cases of injustices against Blacks? I must have missed that one. And who made the claim that statistics don't show any significant differences in ticketing and arrest rates for Blacks. There is a huge difference between the races. The point I made was that if stops/tickets/arrests are motivated by racism, then the race of the cop should show significant differences. That is, if a White cop is racist, he would logically stop/ticket/arrest Blacks at a higher rate than a Black cop who is not racially motivated to stop/ticket/arrest Blacks. Let's see if I can give a clearer example. If a White cop has a total of 100 stops in a period, and of these stops 75 of them where to Blacks and 25 of them where to Whites, then a point can be raised that maybe the cop is using skin color as a factor to stop people. If you replace that White cop with a Black cop (all other factors being the same), and that Black cop stops 75 Black people and 25 White people, then evidence of racism no longer exists. And that's what statistics have shown, that Black cops stop Black people at the same rate that White cops stop Black people. So the idea that Black people are stopped at a higher rate than White people because of racism is not supported. But somehow you want me/us to admit that is really the case. Finding common ground is a totally different angle than telling someone to admit something.
  8. Tobie, lets try an experiment

    Like I said in my last sentence, my tone was not meant to be confrontational. Secondly, and this is confrontational, where exactly in my post (or tone) did you imagine that I don't believe there are instances where Black people get treated differently than White people by police. In fact, I pretty much laid out a plethora of (but very few) factors that mitigate a stop. Why won't you admit that you don't know what factors are involved, and that skin color might be a major factor or it might be a very minor factor or not a factor at all. You want me to admit something I do not know to be true, and you want me to admit it because you think it is true. That is why I brought of the statistics of Black cops versus White cops. If skin color of the person is a major factor, you would think that White cops would stop/ticket/arrest Blacks at a higher rate if racism is the underlining issue. But Black cops stop/ticket/arrest Black people at the same rate as White cops. That flies in the face of "White cops stopping Black people just because they are Black" as being racially motivated. Thirdly, in your third paragraph you chose to use a lecturing tone by telling me "if you read closely", then proceeded to describe basically the same thing I said. I'm curious as to why you prefaced that paragraph with "if you read closely" when I clearly outlined the same thing. Is that the confrontational tone you are using to chastise me and the rest of the board. And fourthly, I'm just mesmerized and extremely perplexed that you would have to audacity to somehow pull out of thin air some foreign concept that I'm opposed to stopping acts of injustice. What is this notion rooted in? And it sounds to me that you want everyone to admit that instances of injustice only apply to Black people? Why won't you admit that instances of injustice also happen to people of all colors? And why won't you admit that it is hard, if not impossible, to have a logical debate when you are being lectured to.
  9. NFL tells players to STAND

    I agree with you here. Using an inflammatory or disgusting or shocking method can be the most powerful and effective way to draw attention to a topic, but you must be able to pivot the focus from that initial shock to the real topic. PETA, along with some others, have been very successful over the years of doing just that. If you can't pivot, and the focus of discussion continues to be the shock value, then you've pretty much lost, and in fact, can have the opposite effect, or the Streisand Effect.
  10. Tobie, lets try an experiment

    Your asking both sides to admit what exactly? And why can't progress be made until both admit this unknown point you are trying to make? Why do you feel a Black person will be treated differently than a White person? Studies have shown that the rate of tickets/traffic stops/arrests are basically no different between Black cops and White cops. So what exactly are your trying to say or point to that signifies that Blacks will be treated differently than Whites? And what is this double standard that you allude to? I'm baffled by this statement. Are you saying that a Black person is more prone to harsher treatment than a White person when stopped by a cop? Does this apply when the officer is Black? If so, why? Do you feel that a Black cop will treat a Black person harsher than a White cop will treat a White person? Please explain, and please give supporting evidence. And now let's talk about "driving while Black". Is this "theory" still applicable when the officer is Black? What do the stats say? Do Black people know what it is like to be "driving while White"? Does the officer's skin color make a difference? Does the tone/attitude of the person stopped play a factor? And does this tone/attitude play a factor in regards to the race of the officer? Is the culture of one race a factor? Is time of day a factor? Is the area stopped a factor, especially if the person stopped is of a different race than the race of the majority in the surrounding neighborhood? Is clothing a factor? Is sex a factor? Is age a factor (both of the officer and the person stopped)?  My point is that we know nothing about why Blacks have a higher incarceration/ticketed/stopped rate than Whites. And to say that one side has to admit anything before we know the slightest causation is absolutely the wrong path...and potentially harmful to advancement on the subject. But I would love to hear some answers to the above questions. And I'm not trying to bash you here. I was getting set to unleash these set of questions on 2wedge, but he chose to run. I probably inadvertently used the tone reserved for him.
  11. California pays gang bangers!

    I was just watching a rerun of "Dirty Harry". A line in the movie was the police chief responding to a question of if he will pay a ransom. The response was "The City of San Francisco does not pay criminals not to commit crimes. Instead, we pay a police department." Maybe someone should play that clip to the Sacramento citizens right before the next city council election.
  12. Mass shooting in Vegas

    Name one! And let's hear your backing evidence to support that claim so we can all get a big laugh. Such unmitigated foolishness that's so embarrassing that normal people would have a tough time recovering, but I suspect that you will just keep spouting your same lies without an ounce of moral dignity.
  13. Mass shooting in Vegas

    Name one person that doesn't believe there are wackos from every race. You Liberal leaders are making you look more foolish that you already are.
  14. Mass shooting in Vegas

    You should have quoted 2wedge when making that statement.
  15. NFL tells players to STAND

    But he can fire you. Answer the question. If you went to work naked, does your boss have the right to fire you? You have a second amendment right to bear arms. Does your boss have the right to fire you if you bring a gun to work? Does a company have a right to ban your 2nd amendment right at their facility?