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  1. Oh-Oh! 27 More Years Before Yall Are The Minority

    What mood do you think Whites will be in? Your blatant stereotyping is obnoxious but expected.
  2. Trump Supporters will turn violent?

    I don't mind the personal jabs, as I have conceded to mimic them in the name of fair play. What I do find appalling is that he refuses to debate, then accuses us of not wanting to debate, and continually accuses us of not admitting facts that were never deliberated. I've had debates with children that are far more intelligent. The fact is that he has been exposed, and is too proud to concede, which has been demonstrated by his world view of "winning". It is just amazing that he has no concept on intelligent debate and the fact that the hole is getting deeper and deeper. At least his posts that are not full of misspelled words and undecipherable sentence structure. Too bad his thoughts are. And yes, to all of you wondering, yes I did use REBgp's post to mock BearEssentials97. I'm sure REBgp will shoot me a PM if he is offended, and I will have no problem with privately and/or publicly apologizing to him. As far as race mongers, not apology will be forthcoming, only more mocking. Maybe Yeoj will chime in with his pathetic solidarity posts, so we can gain more of an insight to his pathology before he runs like a frightened schoolgirl. I won't classify him with BearEssentails97 just yet, but time will tell.
  3. Trump Supporters will turn violent?

    I'm curious as to what would happen if you, BearEssentials97, ever ran into a true racist. I can see you asking him why he hates Black people, then I can see him asking you why you hate White people. Neither one of y'all will be able to answer other than "I'm an intolerant bigot that hates anyone that doesn't look like me". When y'all see y'all are identical in childish identity foolishness, maybe y'all will both realize that a thoughtful, congenial debate and analysis of misperceived stereotypes can lead to a breakdown of barriers built by race mongers to keep both sides feuding. Again, it's hard to type while laughing. Maybe this could happen, and it has in some cases, but I have a strong feeling that mental midgets will never concede to a debate. And thus, the animosity lives on. Let me know when you want to join a real conversation...otherwise I will just goad you into spewing your hate. So who would you like to start with? I suggested Sessions, but I'll let you pick. And forewarning, evidence is required in an adult debate.
  4. Trump Supporters will turn violent?

    Deflection with outright lies, and throwing in a little personal jab. You stick to the playbook. Do you believe you are a bigot? Do you hate White people? I can back up my claims. Do you think I'm racist as you alluded to? Can you backup your claims. Although I'm not a betting man, I would be willing to bet that you are not having near as much fun as I am. I love letting people express their true colors.
  5. Trump Supporters will turn violent?

    So is this why White Democrats think minorities are too inferior and incompetent to obtain an ID? Have you ever listened to a White Democrat explain why they feel voter IDs negatively impact minorities? Do you think these people are racist? I sure do. And to what party do they belong?
  6. Trump Supporters will turn violent?

    No, you have figments of imagination about racism running wild in your head. Please give your examples of the racists in the GOP so we can discuss and analyze the validity of your conclusions. You called me a racist and can't back it up, so I'm confident your illusions for the GOP are equally mythical. Please put the evidence in my face. (Man, it is hard typing when laughing.) Do you even have an ounce of a clue of how ridiculous you sound? Normally I would feel sorry for you, but I'm highly not found of race mongers who call me a racist. So yeah, I will keep poking you to continually show your ignorance. So again, show me some evidence of the racists that have infiltrated the GOP so we can have a debate (one your are sure to embarrass yourself even more). Is Jeff Sessions one of those people? If so, how about we concentrate on him so you can have a little focus. It's always good to give focus to the mentally challenged to perform menial tasks. Let's see if you can accomplish this simple task. 
  7. Trump Supporters will turn violent?

    What facts have I denied? In pure Liberal fashion, your delusional fantasies steeped in hatred get in the way rational thinking. So again, what facts have I denied? Please show your true colors some more. I smell another deflection coming. Seriously, how can you not see how childish your posts are, when it is obvious to pretty much everyone?
  8. Trump Supporters will turn violent?

    Yes, your desperation to keep your bigotry under wraps is unbecoming, but very, very apparent. This is just too funny. Why do you refuse to debate your own links? After all, shouldn't a debate with a racist, White supremist, childish, idiotic, (I forgot all of the names you called me) person be an easy win? Are you so insecure in your own abilities that you can't debate the most basic tenants of your belief system with an inferior? So where does that place you on the intelligence scale? It's clear you avoid debate by deflecting to childish name calling because you know you can't defend your statements. It's all too typical of the Lefties these days. Them Liberals done gone and planted that playbook into your brain. At least we can get some entertainment value out of the deal. Please continue.
  9. Trump Supporters will turn violent?

    Self-realization of your own exposure is not your strong point is it? (Man, you can't get a more rhetorical question than that.) The laughter continues. It's a shame you can't share in it, since laughter is the best medicine for someone debilitated by hate. We know you have zero evidence to claim I'm a racist? Everyone knows it. It just proves that your motive for labeling someone a racist has nothing to do with their actions, but their color of skin and your feeble minded attitude. Do you feel superior to a White supremist? Do you think you share the same stunted and childish views that they express? Please keep exposing your hatred and bigotry by answering.
  10. Trump Supporters will turn violent?

    That "outright embrace of racism by the GOP" is a delusional fantasy ingrained in only the childish and sheepish of brains. How are you not embarrassed or shameless?
  11. Trump Supporters will turn violent?

    Scared? Yes you are scared. You are scared to defend your true feelings. You get mad because I have the audacity to challenge your insane ideas, and your go-to self-defense mechanism is to call me a racist. Please keep posting. Although you've exposed your blatant bigotry on here, I'm guessing there might be one or two that haven't caught on yet. And do you really adhere to those links you posted earlier? When reading the first one, I was aghast at how bad the "science" was, but what do you expect from a sociologist. Would you like to the discuss the garbage you tried to pass as science?
  12. Trump Supporters will turn violent?

    You keep wallowing in your hate, following race mongers with blind enthusiasm, and we'll keep laughing at you. If there was an alt-Left you would have to break your neck looking to the Right to find it. Your hate is blatant, undeniable, and very shameful, but for some reason I just can't keep from laughing at your posts. I know I shouldn't laugh, and I should feel empathy and sympathy, but I just can't muster those feelings when dealing with a hateful bigot who blindly and willfully displays childish emotions. I'll ask again, as you seem perturbed and willing to share your true feelings...do you think I'm racist?
  13. Trump Supporters will turn violent?

    Your undeniable bigotry and hate has made you a laughingstock of this board. The majority of decent people see that clear as a bell. Why can't you?
  14. Hacker?

    Russians posing as Chinese?
  15. This "professor" thinks that Trump supporters will turn violent: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/08/09/trump-supporters-will-provoke-violence-when-leaves-office-professor-says.html Do universities require a stunted and absolute childish view of the world as a prerequisite for employment? Where do universities find these people? This "professor" needs to realize that it is her, and people like her, that Trump supporters abhor...people that throw out baseless and nonsensical accusations to label people. Her and her ilk are the reason Trump is the current president, and hopefully for another term. I would really like for her, or anyone, to explain the evidence that leads to her conclusion. I'm thinking the rationale for not providing evidence is that offering such means you have to defend it, and she knows she can't. So in good Liberal fashion, she just throws out baseless accusations then runs like a good little sheeple. I hope Carlson Tucker can convince her to appear on his show. I highly doubt he or anyone can bust through her air of superiority and self-attributed grandiose cognitive abilities, but at least he can expose her ridiculous claims on national TV.  Oh yeah (almost forgot)...thoughts?