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  1. The "Tolerant" Left!

    I think there are a few left...but they keep their mouth shut. Otherwise, their own (former Democrat, now Socialist) party would ostracize and demonize them. It's almost to the point though, that the only place you can find a sensible Democrat is riding on the back of a unicorn.
  2. The "Tolerant" Left!

    I believe that is called "stereotyping", something the Left claims to abhor. Why the few sensible Democrats remaining don't call out this crap is beyond me.
  3. Pocahontas

    Does the DNA test prove she is a 1%er?
  4. Week 7 Pick'ems

    Baytown Sterling/La Porte Beaumont West Brook/Channelview Deer Park/Galena Park North Shore Sheldon C.E King/Beaumont United Port Arthur Memorial/New Caney Dayton/Nederland PNG/Crosby Santa Fe/Vidor Huffman Hargrave/Lumberton LCM/Bridge City Splendora/Livingston Center/Tarkington Hamshire-Fannet/Hardin-Jefferson Silsbee/West Orange-Stark Diboll/Coldspring Anahuac/Warren Buna/Woodville Kirbyville/Hardin Orangefield/East Chambers Deweyville/Shelbyville San Augustine/Hull-Daisetta Burkeville/West Hardin Evadale/Sabine Pass Beaumont Legacy Christian/The Woodlands Legacy Prep New Waverly/Corrigan-Camden
  5. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh

    I guess "screaming at the sky" was not working.
  6. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh

    I will have to disagree with your use of "excellent" in describing her speech. The speech, in all common practically, should be labeled as "well duh", even by Captain Obvious. I have no problem, within this climate, that you labeled the speech as excellent, and I somewhat concur. But the fact that common sense would be considered "excellent" is just staggering to the core. This issue is 100% political, and Collins' resorting to making this a moral issue is so ingenious to me. Luckily her faux consternation ended up in the right direction. I have perhaps even less respect for Collins than I did before this fiasco. She had to shine the spotlight on herself to state she would uphold morality, indicative of slimy politics. These people have no moral compass...unless the morality is beneficial to their political ends. I'm almost to the point of wishing that every one of these people will have a last minute "credible" charge of sexual misconduct right before their re-election bid. Maybe the taste of medicine will elicit a common sense reality. My faith in our system of government remains strong. My faith in our leaders elected to maintain our system of government has been shaken considerably.
  7. So very amazing

    Sounds like the description of Trump. You would think that the owner of the Washington Post would change the internal culture to a fair-minded and unbiased organization. Has that happened? Does the Washington Post reflect the ideology of the owner? Would a fair minded individual allow his own company to spew biased propaganda if that ideology conflicts with his own? Do you think Bezos bought the Washington Post in an effort to spew his own ideology through a surrogate so as to avoid any direct personal criticism? Before you accuse me of accusing him of being a Left wing nut job, I'm not. I don't know much of anything about the man. I'm just asking a few questions that probably should be taken into consideration when analyzing his political profile. I find it very difficult to label a man who owns a Left wing President bashing propaganda machine as unbiased.
  8. Week 6 Pick'ems Schedule

    1. Beaumont United/Beaumont West Brook 2.Houston Austin/Porter 3. Nederland/Barbers Hill 4. Baytown Lee/Santa Fe 5. Dayton/Crosby 6. Vidor/PNG 7. La Porte/Deer Park 8. Kingwood Park/Houston Wisdom (Butler) 9. New Caney/Galena Park 10. Cleveland/Huntsville 11. Brownsboro/Center 12. West Orange-Stark/Jasper 13. Hamshire-Fannet/Shepherd 14. Tarkington/Hardin-Jefferson 15. Silsbee/Longview Spring Hill 16. Coldspring/Trinity 17. Crockett/Diboll 18. Elkhart/Franklin 19. Buna/Anahuac 20. Kirbyville/Orangefield 21. Deweyville/ Beaumont Kelly 22. Centerville/San Augustine 23. West Hardin/Evadale 24. Carrollton Prince of Peace/Legacy Christian 25. Huntington/Liberty
  9. New trade deals with Mexico and Canada

    Wait, how can this happen? According to CNN and all of the other Liberal rag media outlets, the U.S. has lost all standing in the world. Other countries don't respect us, and if fact, hate us. Trump has damaged our reputation beyond recognition, to the point of being irreparable. War is imminent. Why would any country negotiate with us while that buffoon is in office? How dumb are the rest of heads of state who cannot trample over our dimwitted President? Something is not making sense. Maybe we should send John Kerry to investigate. After all, his experience negotiating the Iran deal gives him the credibility to be labeled a master negotiator.
  10. If the FBI investigates for 1 week only

    When anyone asks for a delay in voting for an FBI investigation, the immediate answer should be "ask Diane Feinstein why the FBI investigation hasn't already been completed". She sat on the information for months, and only sprung it at the last hour. She bears all blame for not having an FBI investigation, irregardless of unsubstantiated claims with no corroboration. It is sickening to hear so-called "adults" masquerading as intellectuals and leaders of this nation try to misplace blame and suggest the burden is on the accused to call for an investigation. Again...ASK FEINSTEIN why the FBI investigation was not completed weeks ago.
  11. Big Girl and "associates"

    I bet the Democrats will be screaming for an FBI investigation on the contents of that envelope. Oh wait, Sheila Jackson Lee is a Democrat. Never mind.
  12. SETXsports Pick'em Schedule - Week 5

    1.    Crosby/Vidor 2.    East Chambers/Woodville 3.    Evadale/Grapeland 4.   Baytown Sterling/Beaumont United 5.   Beaumont West Brook/C.E. King 6.   Galena Park/Port Arthur Memorial 7.   Barbers Hill/Dayton 8.   Port Neches-Groves/Baytown Lee 9.   Santa Fe/Nederland 10.  Orangefield/Buna 11.  Anahuac/Kirbyville 12.  Warren/Hardin 13.  Bridge City/West Orange-Stark 14.  Hamshire-Fannett/Tarkington 15.  Liberty/Splendora 16.  Little Cypress-Mauriceville/Hardin-Jefferson 17.  Lumberton/Silsbee 18.  Gilmer/Newton 19.  Hemphill/San Augustine 20.  Hull-Daisetta/Kountze 21.  West Sabine/Beaumont Legacy 22.  Chester/High Island 23.  Calvert/Gilmer Union Hill 24.   Beaumont Kelly/Cypress Christian 25.   Baytown Christian/Austin Veritas  
  13. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh

    The source of Ford's accusation was from Diane Feinstein. I'm surprised, no shocked, that you didn't say a peep about the blatant biased and political nature of that source, but now want to scrutinize subsequent sources. What the heck is that about? LOL.
  14. I'm not going to comment on Breitbart, considering I have no clue. I don't think I've ever been on that site. But I have been on Huffington Post, Mother Jones, Politico/Politifact, Southern Law Poverty Center, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, New York Times, Washington Post, Bloomberg, Google News, and many others that are blatantly biased. Do you frequent any of those sites? If so, do you also consider yourself as "believing anything"? And if you are a good source of unbiased analyzation, how would you rate Breitbart compared to any of the listed nutwing Liberal rags mentioned? Is Breitbart more Right than they are Left, about the same, or more moderate? I would love to hear the breakdown from such an unbiased source. (Man it is hard to type while laughing.)
  15. SETXsports Pick 'ems - Week 4

    1.    West Orange-Stark/Crosby 2.    Diboll/Liberty 3.    Evadale/Deweyville 4.    Vidor/Little Cypress-Mauriceville 5.    Splendora/Shepherd 6.    Hardin-Jefferson/Huffman Hargrave 7.    Livingston/Jasper 8.    Lumberton/Concordia Lutheran 9.    Huntington/Hamshire-Fannett 10.  Silsbee/Bridge City 11.  Tarkington/Danbury 12.  Beckville/Hemphill 13.  Coldspring-Oakhurst/Mexia 14.  Corrigan-Camden/Joaquin 15.  Beaumont Kelly/Kountze 16.  Burkeville/Mt. Enterprise 17.  Hull-Daisetta/Cushing 18.  KIPP Houston/Colmesneil 19.  Lovelady/Jewett Leon 20.  San Augustine/Tenaha 21.  West Sabine/Timpson 22.  Oakwood/High Island 23.  Chester/Orange Community Christian 24.  Beaumont Legacy Christian/Houston Lutheran North 25.  Victoria Faith/Baytown Christian