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  1. ANOTHER Strong Conservative Victory!

    I'm guessing this is an example of Westend's plea for intelligent debate. Should we not attempt a response to this garbage or reply and be labeled as childish mud-slingers and hate-mongers. Is this the type of post that anyone, Left or Right, feel is a contribution to the debate forum that many of us would like to have? As long as these type of posts are not condemned, I feel like in-kind responses are the only resort. What say you Westend? Any ideas on how to respond to this senselessness? And feel free to discuss which posts you think are similar that should be condemned by everyone. I would love to discuss the merits of posts from the Right versus posts from the Left.
  2. Left & Right Clash in Virginia

    If REBgp uses my same categories to describe people on the Left, then his quote is absolutely correct. I label the nut-case socialists, exclusionists, hate-mongering, race-baiters as Liberals, and the sane but misguided people that prefer a bigger government as Democrats. I would not put you in my Liberal category. But I'll let REBgp respond.
  3. Obama Knew....

    Do you really feel competent making psychological assessments based on board participation? Really? Do you? At least your posts have entertainment value.
  4. California is No. 1 haven for hate groups, report says

    I can't believe FoxNews would even consider including an article that relies on "stats" from the Southern Poverty Law Center.
  5. Left & Right Clash in Virginia

    I'm with Nash. How did it sound to you?
  6. Left & Right Clash in Virginia

    I noticed these broad strokes...but these were/are being lobbed by the Liberals on this board. I initially tried to debate. Then attempted to just asking for evidence to support these unsubstantiated allegations. Finally, and reluctantly, resorted to using the same despicable tactics in retaliation. You could probably have a debate with anyone on this site from the Right, but try having a debate with the Liberal posters on here. If you think anyone on the Right is using unjust broad strokes, ask them to defend their opinion, and you will get an answer. Ask anyone on the Left, and you will get crickets, only to see the same vile being spewed at a later time. The evidence is abundant and overwhelming. You haven't posted much on this forum so I'm not putting you in their category. In fact, I have no doubt I could have a congenial debate with you. I'll throw Westend in there also because I believe I can (and had a few) adult debates with him. (Although I think he frequently uses the Liberal tactic of diving into the mud at times...as do I.) But try having any debate above a 3rd grade level with anyone else on the Left and it will devolve into childishness in less than two posts. I see absolutely no equivalency, just retaliation using like tactics. If you would like to debate on which side has degraded this forum into childish mudslinging, I will gleefully accept that challenge. I can pick one poster and have enough smut to overwhelm your evidence 10 fold.
  7. Left & Right Clash in Virginia

    Do you think 2 degrees from Texas A&M qualifies as an inferior education?
  8. Left & Right Clash in Virginia

    I'm guessing many don't vote. But for the ones that do, I would guess Trump for the sole reason that the Left's platform (but not practiced) is total inclusion, which is definitely not a selling point for them. They are as exclusionary as the Leftist, but they admit it. Like I said previously, I have no idea what the economic values are for these guys and don't know if that even factors into their decisions. I'm fairly certain they were not happy with either candidate, as was most of the country, but for different reasons.
  9. Left & Right Clash in Virginia

    I think they align with the Left point of view way more than they align with the Right point of view...both want total control. But they differ extremely on who should be the elitists/favored. And I think that was what the post was alluding to. I actually have no idea what the economic values are of the Nazis, KKK, etc (small vs big government).
  10. Left & Right Clash in Virginia

    You don't have to go to the video...we have examples on this board (but from the other side). I'm curious as to who you think is indoctrinating the people on the video. Do you think they are rabid Fox News viewers? Or maybe rabid MSNBC viewers? Do you fault the educational system (K-12, College, College Graduate School)? Do you fault Trump or Obama? And what percentage of people do you think on the Right are indoctrinated versus the the percentage of people on the Left that are indoctrinated?
  11. Left & Right Clash in Virginia

    They sound like Muslim jihadists. And we all know it is absolutely forbidden to equate those extremists with real Muslims. Why is there no crossover equivalency with that line of thinking?
  12. Left & Right Clash in Virginia

    We don't watch CNN.
  13. Left & Right Clash in Virginia

    Please enlightened us as to what you find delusional. And don't forget to include some of Big Girls and new tobies posts. In fact, that's probably your only material.
  14. Left & Right Clash in Virginia

    They only thing I learned from that link is you have a problem discerning truthful, legitimate and/or relevant information from biased propaganda...then again, I already knew that.
  15. Left & Right Clash in Virginia

    Did you hear what sounded like a jumbo jet go straight over your head?