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  1. When Michael Cohen Flips

    I'm hoping the Mueller investigation keeps going. The longer it goes, the more corruption we find out about. Mueller's investigation has done wonders in exposing the hate-filled Liberals embedded in our top government positions. How many FBI/DOJ agents have been fired, demoted, or forced to resign? https://themarketswork.com/2018/02/18/resignations-demotions-some-details-complicity-at-the-fbi-doj/ https://themarketswork.com/2018/05/01/a-listing-of-participants/ And I'm highly confident there are more that haven't been exposed yet. And how many people have been indicted due to "collusion" with the Russians? Well that would be a big fat zero.
  2. US and North Korea meet.

    Wow, the Liberal wing-nut media has sure did a number on you.
  3. US and North Korea meet.

    And the one that clears the path for Iran to eventually possess nuclear weapons? I hope you realize there are other (and much better) sources of information besides the loony Left wing-nut outlets. I'm fairly confident that you don't frequent any other sources due to your incessant parroting of those propaganda machines.
  4. US and North Korea meet.

    Again, please give your rationale for making this asinine statement. I bet you won't...because when you start typing the response you will realize how pathetic your statement really was. Do you really enjoy trying to pigeonhole (stereotype) everyone? I thought you people (Liberals...clarification for Dove since I know his head was about to explode) hated stereotyping people. I can't remember who originally made this statement so I can't give them credit, but I'll use it anyway. When a Liberal starts screaming about some bad action, you can bet he is the one guilty of it.
  5. US and North Korea meet.

    Is this another example of your blinding, debilitating hate or can you enlighten us on the rationale of your expert diagnosis? I'm very anxious to diagnose your diagnosis. Sorry that the sarcasm is so obvious, but I'm tired and don't feel like sugar-coating the bait.
  6. US and North Korea meet.

    The military capabilities of each is something we know absolutely nothing about. But they know, which is probably why Kim cowered.
  7. Trump is such a racist

    Can't answer what? What question do you think I can't or won't answer? Delirious much? And you still won't answer the question I posed (and double dogged dared you to answer). I swear, it's almost like "debating" a six year old.
  8. US and North Korea meet.

    My opinion is that we got here because Trump bowed up to a wanna-be bully and Kim cowered. More clearly, Kim is convinced that Trump is someone serious that will back up his talk. I'm in total agreement with you about being cautiously optimistic. I'm very cautious, but very hopeful. I would not be surprised at all if talks fall through. I'm still not convinced that Kim is not playing the historical worn out game, but I'm fairly confident Trump will not get played like all of the others. (And I mean "fairly" in the weakest way possible.) Trump is a businessman and is used to games like this, but the allure of notoriety can corrupt the best of them. I think Kim's decision will be predicated on how he perceives the strength and conviction of his allies/protectors, mainly China.
  9. Trump is such a racist

    Plagiarize much? Do you find it thrilling to copy a lunatic ate up with TDS? What debate are you starting? Cut and paste is not a debate. Please pick any part of that rant to debate. I'll see you when you post it.
  10. NCAA Super Regionals

    ESPN has just corrected themselves...shocking for a Liberal station. (My apologies, been on the Political forum and forgot to change modes.) Texas will play Arkansas and Texas Tech will play the winner of Florida/Auburn.
  11. NCAA Super Regionals

    Just saw where ESPN is showing Texas versus Texas Tech on Sunday at 1:00 in the opening round of the CWS. I've seen on multiple previous matchups that Texas would play Arkansas and Texas Tech would play the winner of Fla/Aub. Do you have any other info?
  12. Trump is such a racist

    You are going to do what you do best...run like a frightened schoolgirl. I laid down the challenge, but somehow you "ain't got time for that". Do you actually think you are being attacked by a gang of "trolls" when it is just me? Who are my accomplices? And please inform me of the next meeting. I've seemed to have missed the last...well, all of them. Do you actually think anyone can understand that rant? Who brought up money? Oh wait, that was you. And apparently a troll is anyone that questions the spaceball fruity-loops attacks that you throw out. Serious question, how are you not embarrassed right now? Did the high dollar cigars fry your brain? Was it the cognac? Was it the waves lapping against your deck? Was it the skunkweed? (It's easy following the immature rants of a baiter. It's almost like "I know you are but what am I"). Do you want to elevate this conversation or stay in the gutter? I'm fine either way, but I'm not sure you have the capacity for escalation. Even though I'm fully confident this will be in vein, I'll try again. Why do you feel Trump is a racist POS? If you fail to answer you are a yellow belly chicken liver lover. You've been served. I hear John Denver playing in the background.  
  13. Trump is such a racist

    I'll even expand on the bet. Folks on here like baddog, REBgp, stevenash, LumRaiderFan, BS Wildcats, 77, bullets13, TxHoops, PhatMack19, WOSGrad, AggiesAreWe, Reagan, jv_coach (forgive me...top of my head list...and yes, Txhoops is included along with Westend1 imo) and plenty of others would love nothing more than to have rationale debates on this forum. But somehow we always have to endure the trash, gutter snipe from Liberal (not Democrat) sycophants like you who see the world in black and white (skin color) and resort to deflection/personal attacks versus any serious debate. I don't know if you and your ilks have an inferiority complex or just follow the engrained Socialist handbook. But unlike the above mentioned posters, I have no qualms about going in the gutter...if only to expose the bile oozing from your pours. Can you feel the thunder of laughter all around you? Can you? I'll make a deal with you. I'll refrain from personal attacks in an attempt to get you to debate the propositions you have expounded on this thread. It would be easy to insult your intelligence, but history has shown this will only make you run. So let's agree on a rationale, civil debate on your contentions. What do you say? Please, please, please agree to a civil discussion. I really don't like embarrassing you, and it must get really frustrating for you considering you can't match wits with someone you consider your inferior. (And I'm an amateur, which makes you...) I'll start with a simple one. Why do you feel Trump is a racist POS?
  14. Trump is such a racist

    And running. I'm continuingly laughing. Run, run, run. Anything to avoid a debate. Embarrassed much?  
  15. Trump is such a racist

    Stereotype much? I though you Liberals hated that. Would you care to guess how much I make? Do you think it is as much as Nancy Pelosi? And if the best revenge is living well, how do you feel about Trump's wealth? Hypocrite much? And how did I know that you would pull the ol' "I ain't got time for that" routine. I could buy all of your cigars if I would have made that bet. Problem is, I couldn't have gotten any takers. Do you actually feel confident or even competent in this "discussion". I'm not even good at it, but have a grin from ear to ear anticipating an attempt at a retort. Let's make another prediction...you will run like a frightened schoolgirl from an amateur debater. Anyone care to make that bet?