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  1. If your disappointed after reading this then you are highly susceptible to fake news and fear mongering.
  2. Trump and job creation

    That's an expected answer when you can't deal with the truth. How's that fetal position working out for you?
  3. Trump admits that he lied

    That's a whole lot of blathering with nothing to say. I feel you are full of hate because you find the silliest things to vilify someone. When asked to back up the reason for your outlandish accusations, all the evidence you can provide is just petulance. That is just hate. You say one thing then lay out evidence that's contrary to your claims. That would be like Obama claiming he is not a Liberal, when all of his actions show he is a flaming Liberal. Deny all you want, your posts provide the evidence. And your talking points are loony because you can't back them up. If you believe a Conservative point is loony, ask for evidence. 99% of the time we will back up our statements. Why won't Liberals ever backup their statements? Having different viewpoints is not the problem. The problem is when one side continually throws out baseless accusations then runs and hides when asked to backup these statements.
  4. Trump admits that he lied

    I'm pretty sure she is following the Liberal handbook. Throw out a lie, ignore the evidence, then accuse the other side of being habitual liars. I actually look forward to her posts, just to get insight on how delusional a person can be while running from the truth, only to return repeating the same old lies with no shame. Let's see if she shocks us and gives an answer. Big Girl, how about answering PhatMack's question. In case you are too lazy or want to claim you didn't see it, the question is: "Any reason that you ignored my post, besides the fact that it proves you wrong?" And I would like an answer to my question you conveniently ignored:  "Show me where Tump said he had tapes. I bet you can't. I know you can't. So who can't admit the truth?"
  5. That's typical. Someone who deems themselves as superior with no supporting evidence, agreeing about a meme that is clearly just an illusion of how Liberals think of themselves, with no supporting evidence. In fact, overwhelming evidence says exactly the opposite. I guess when you are delusional and in your safe space you can take on any persona you want. Is it hard to see us laughing when you are curled up in the fetal position?
  6. Trump and job creation

    Are they re-opening the Hillary email investigation? What about the Hillary Benghazi debacle. Maybe it's the Lois Lerner/I.R.S. targeting scandal. Maybe it's the illegal spying by Obama on various reporters and their families. Perhaps it's the Fast & Furious scandal. What about the Obamacare lies and pay for votes scandal. Perhaps the Pigford scandal. Then again, maybe an investigation into the Israeli election interference. What about the NSA spying scandal. Or perhaps an investigation into the Veterans Administration debacle. Maybe an investigation into the EPAs polluting of the Colorado river. How about an investigation into the Solyndra deal. Or perhaps the shutting down of government parks due to a hissy fit by Obama. Maybe it could be an investigation into the Secret Service prostitution ring. Maybe it could be an investigation into the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner swap. Could be an investigation into the wire-tapping of foreign leaders, including our allies. Yep, there sure should be a big need for criminal defense lawyers. Oh that's right, Liberals don't prosecute other Liberals. The party of inclusiveness just goes after people that don't think like them, regardless of evidence.
  7. Trump admits that he lied

    I believe Obama wants America to fail and become a third world country. It's easy to throw out nutty hypothesis that can't be verified. And when you ask me my basis for that line of thinking, I'll just respond by questioning your basis. You've already shown you have a hatred of Trump with zero basis, other than believing the looney Liberal talking points that are void of facts. Until you can find some valid reasons for your hatred, I'll respond with nutty and baseless accusations of Obama, just to try and equalize the playing field. After all, your party is all about equality. Oops, I mean your party says they are all about equality.
  8. Trump admits that he lied

    I read the first paragraph and had to stop. A hit piece from a hateful and spiteful author is not something I want to waste my time on. If there is a particular part of this garbage that you think passes for news, then outline it so we can debate. Keep in mind that there's a good chance I might refer to your analysis as a little nutty.
  9. Trump admits that he lied

    It does say it all. It proves you are an incredibly bad judge of behavior and should not be indulging in analysis beyond your comprehension level.
  10. Trump admits that he lied

    Why do you thing he is paranoid? Look up the definition of paranoid then provide some examples of Trump's so-called paranoid behavior. That fact that Big Girl agrees is not a good sign that you will be able to accomplish this task. I believe something is wrong with your ability to diagnose. If you want to explore that, look up "TDS". It is a current disease spreading across the country like wildfire. The most susceptible to catching this disease are Liberals.
  11. Trump admits that he lied

    Not when you lie. Show me where Tump said he had tapes. I bet you can't. I know you can't. So who can't admit the truth? You lied and you can't admit it. It must be embarrassing when you realize you are just a sheeple.
  12. Senate Health Care Bill

    I agree with you and am fed up with the so called Conservatives (RINOs), but I don't think they are being lazy. They are trying to come up with a plan that won't piss off Conservatives and at the same time won't be construed by the Left and mainstream media as "under the Conservative healthcare plan millions will be kicked off insurance and die". The problem is that such a plan will never exist. I think most Conservatives want the government out of the healthcare business, but the congressmen are too afraid of the negative coverage from the press, negative coverage that they know the sheeple are sure to believe. Thank God for Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and a couple of others. The rest need to get out or be defeated.
  13. Trump admits that he lied

    Trump never said he had taped conversations between he and Comey. So that makes you the liar. If you would educate yourself and quit being the good little sheeple blindly following your Liberal gods then you might save yourself from more of these embarrassments.
  14. Trump admits that he lied

    Wow, such a condescending attitude from a Liberal snowflake. What a surprise.
  15. Good Country Song that Never Made it

    Marty Robbin's album "Gunfighters Ballads and Trail Songs" is one of the best albums ever made. I used to have an original pressing, but lost it in Hurricane Ike. I do have the remastered CD, with bonus tracks.