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  1. North korea tested another missle

    Sanctions are useless in a society that is used to doing without. Take Russia, for example. Those people take pride in being able to handle tough situations. The sanctions do not influence public opinion any at all. If anything, they have made Putin more popular. I don't know what to with NK. I think the solution lies with China. They are the only ones who can squash the regime without sucking us into a big war that we don't want or need. 
  2. Trump and job creation

    BG. This made me laugh. I don't know if it is the only jobs he is creating, but lawyers all across the country have been getting plenty of work during his time in office. 
  3. Can I LOL this?

    Like I said, I would have liked the department heads to have been from their field. But, there is no reason these people can't run the departments even though they aren't from the field. I wouldn't want someone who isn't a nurse/doctor helping me in the hospital, but wouldn't care if a businessman were running the hospital. Same goes for the heads of these departments. 
  4. Can I LOL this?

    These people you mentioned are being hired into admin positions. I would have loved to see someone from the field in these positions, but in all actuality, the most important quality in an admin is the ability to administrate, not write policy. They have an entire department of experts devoted to that. 
  5. Mars is going through climate change

    The article states that the consensus is that the climate change is due to the wobbly axis. It also states that a Russian scientist, Abdussamatov contends that solar irradiance has caused it. If this Russian scientist is correct, it would make a strong argument against man made climate change. 
  6. Trump gonna trump

    I'm of the opinion that all our presidents in my lifetime have been quite intelligent, Trump included. I don't think you can get elected if you aren't pretty smart with the way politics, debates and media are. According to the logic of this article, Obama would be stupid because he said he campaigned in all 58 states. I personally think Obama was very smart, so that logic doesn't fly with me. Trumps problem is and probably always will be that he doesn't think before speaking. That is not a sign of stupidity, but poor self control. 
  7. Is Trump truly the president of all the people?

    I wonder if civil rights laws are necessary today? I don't know of any racist institutions in America. Racist people- definitely. But weren't civil rights laws passed to counteract the racist institutions in the country? Maybe I am wrong. If so, please enlighten me. 
  8. Mars is going through climate change

    The article says that the ice caps are melting on Mars and that scientists disagree on what is causing it. What are we missing?
  9. You Created Us!

    Absolutely the truth!!
  10. I thought everyone could use a good laugh. Check out this quote from Hillary Clinton about the movie "Wonder Woman". "Now I haven't seen Wonder Woman yet, but I'm going to, in part because it's directed by the fabulous Patty Jenkins," screeched Hillary. "But something tells me that a movie about a strong, powerful woman fighting to save the world from a massive international disaster is right up my alley." 
  11. So Tobie, you didn't answer my question. Should Ted Nugent be prosecuted? I gave my thoughts, so what do you think? Don't avoid answering either. I haven't attacked you. I'm just curious as to what your opinion on the matter is.
  12. Is Trump truly the president of all the people?

    It is funny you posted that because that is exactly what jumped out at me from the article.  Another quote “They are key to civil rights enforcement,” he said. “That’s why Sessions and his ilk don’t like them.”  When this is the statements they use from the other side, I tend to disregard them as a credible opinion.
  13. Mars is going through climate change

    I will be following this. I am curious to hear the "experts" explanations. I am guessing it will be discarded because it isn't useful to the narrative. 
  14. Tobie, should he be prosecuted? What do you think? I really don't think prosecution is the answer. I think this as well as the other incidents mentioned above were all in very poor taste. I think comedy or political activism can do fine without crossing these lines with personal threats. The problem goes back to our moral decline in this country. I can't imagine 75 years ago, mainstream comedians and celebrities doing the same thing. I don't think they would have ever worked again. Now, we are debating about which is acceptable and which isn't. None of it is acceptable. I condemn it all. 
  15. DPS Offices cutting hours

    Kountzer, I hope you are one of the lucky ones who keep their jobs. I hate to hear about this kind of stuff. Your profession is already difficult enough with the long wait times. I suspect it will only get worse.