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  1. Silsbee 118 Splendora 57/FINAL

    Still staying with 95 65 silsbee 
  2. Silsbee 118 Splendora 57/FINAL

    Mmmm I'm thinking 95 65 silsbee in round 2. Wheatley will be better but no match for the tigers
  3. Silsbee 118 Splendora 57/FINAL

    Anything on the bay city game yet
  4. Silsbee 118 Splendora 57/FINAL

    Man 3 more points and I would have been dead on  I had it 118 to 60 
  5. Silsbee 118 Splendora 57/FINAL

    See 118 points coming up
  6. Silsbee vs Splendora Monday

    I have full confidence in the tigers. Like I said 112%
  7. Silsbee vs Splendora Monday

    118 to 60 silsbee.
  8. Silsbee vs Splendora Monday

    It doesn't need to be broadcast, after the first quarter no one would be listening anyway.
  9. Signings

    I heard that as well. But I'm tired of people of putting the heat on t about what happened to him at wos when he quit 
  10. Silsbee vs Splendora Monday

    Where they playing at
  11. Silsbee vs Splendora Monday

    Lol my friend silsbee will win state. I wont need that big rock u speak of.

    Ok so they will win by 20 instead of 40 and the starters will have to play longer that's all
  13. Signings

    Here's the information on brown TCU did pull the scholarship because his grades an poor school attendance plus he was removed from the team. 

    Ur welcome I'm tired of all this nice nice crap. I want silsbee to put their foot on everybody's neck and smashed til it breaks and do it again. I want 20 alleys and 15 3s a game run the opponent and their fans out of the BUILDING!! Silsbee will every game by alot more than one point everybody is play for state runner up. I give credit where credit is due. They are a BASKETBALL JUGGERNAUT and not afraid to play anybody that what I love about teams that aren't afraid to play tougher competition. Makes u better and beat the crap out of you're level. Im behind u guys 112%.

    Whatever!! I want straight punishment, TIGER'S r not kittens. I been all over this country and I have never seen a nice tiger. Go ahead silsbee shoot the lights beat them by 10,000 if u can. A tiger always go for the kill.