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  1. The coach debate

    I bet your fire was said at least a 100 times 
  2. The coach debate

  3. The coach debate

    With being said, how is that trash down 87  coach crap should be fire crouch but nobody else probably doesn't want that terrible job but him go 46 and 46, making almost 20k more than 84 and 19 4 time state championship coach because hooks didn't doing anything, than coach Thompson explain plz why is he under paid.
  4. Silsbee vs Hardin Jefferson

    I see silsbee is 12 and 7 but I bet those 7 lost came by playing top tough opponents teams that lcm would run from 
  5. 10 4a D1 Stepps 2018 season

    It's always a long year for that crap down 87. Yea u guys can have the kids from wos that don't want to work 
  6. Silsbee vs Hardin Jefferson

    Good bring it all home
  7. Silsbee vs Hardin Jefferson

    Who is the other 
  8. Silsbee vs Hardin Jefferson

    I hate the north and east Texas I use to live there in Marshall all they do is run their mouth.They think every school and every sport up is there  better than everything we have down here i was really wos and Newton could have pulled it off but we didn't get our part done in football. So silsbee ur probably all we got in hoops so bring home again baby!!!!
  9. Silsbee vs Hardin Jefferson

    Hope u guys win it all again 
  10. Silsbee vs Hardin Jefferson

    Cool so the starters from last year are still there, what day is the state championship 
  11. Silsbee vs Hardin Jefferson

    Is this most of the squad silsbee had last year 
  12. Who will be the QB for PN-G next year?

    Is the youngman a senior or not
  13. Class of 2019: Southeast Texas' top 40 recruits

    Some of them r not seniors 
  14. Superbowl

  15. If the UIL were to Realign FBS Football