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  1. Congrats to these outstanding young men.  39.80 is flying   and any time you set a national record that's something you can be proud of for a life time. Really proud of these young men and how they have represented our area.  Hard work is the answer.
  2. Newton to unveil state title rings

    Thanks Tod, but that won't shut him up. His sick ego requires him to intrude where he knows he's not wanted so that he can meet his need for attention.  
  3. Newton Football - 2018 Schedule

    I would bet that jwalker knows more about football than anyone who's not a coach on this site.  If it's September and he tells you it's Easter , you better go dye your eggs
  4. Newton Football - 2018 Schedule

    Halfway through the 3rd quarter there were more people from Newton there.
  5. Newton Football - 2018 Schedule

    In my humble opinion ( which doesn't mean squat )  I think Coach Johnston made a mistake by not playing WOS.  Coach Barbary played them many times knowing we were going to get 40 hung on us.  I have tremendous respect for Coach Hooks for giving us the opportunity to play them.  He had nothing to gain and a lot to lose by playing a smaller school.  Coach Thompson also has my respect and doesn't owe us a damn thing.  I don't blame him for taking the position he's taken however much I would like to see the game played for the fans.  I'd rather have a scheduling problem than be everybody's homecoming game like we were before Coach Lidney Thompson and Curtis Barbary got here.
  6. Willie Ray Smith Award Finalists

    RJ on offense and Corbin on D.  T Brown has a chance to win it next year and Corbin has been a great example of what a student athlete can be.  
  7. It's Sunday morning Todd and I just wanted you to know I'll be sending prayers your way today.  Hope your feeling as well as possible.  Keep your faith cause everything is going to work out.  See my old team mate jimmy sent you a message  yesterday.  We're all praying for ya. Hope you have a great day.
  8. Newton vs. Gunter

    We wouldn't have you in Newton. We don't bad mouth other towns and their kids
  9. 3A AP All State

    Corbin Foster was 1st team MLB last year, had a better year this year and didn't even make honorable mention.  They came up with 17 linebackers supposedly better than him.  What a joke the AP is.  Tam Brown is as good a defensive back or wide receiver as there is in 3A. He got robbed also.  I guess not playing in the 2nd half of most games hurt Barlow.
  10. Hey Tod,  been thinking about ya a lot.  Just wanted to check in let you know your in my prayers every day.  We all really appreciate what you have allowed us to do. (Mostly show our ignorance)  and talk sports.  After your playing days are over,  talking and lying about what you once did is all that's left.  This web site is such a great release for so many people.  We all love Southeast Texas football and talking about it.  For that we are all praying that God will wrap his arms around you and give you the healing you need.  I hope you have a good day Buddy. God Bless.
  11. Stepp's Mock Realignment

    Newton and Hemphill on a yellow dog all the way to Anderson on a school night? About 26 miles from College Station. 165 miles from Hemphill to Anderson.  No way that's right.  
  12. 10 4a D1 Stepps 2018 season

    Dang dang
  13. What is your favorite memory of the 2017 season

    Coach Johnston's interview after winning his 1st state championship
  14. Prayers and best wishes Todd.  Hope things start going your way.  Really appreciate all the kind words and support for Newton this year.  It hasn't gone unnoticed