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    I want to cry but I wish him all the best and thank him for the outstanding job he did at Newton.  No state championships without him.  He is an offensive genius.
  2. New Jersey limits full contact to 15 min a week

    I had an exwife who believed in the same thing as NJ
  3. I believe that hully gully was called East Bernard's front 7.
  4. Newton vs. E. Bernard

    I believe the difference in this game will be Newton's team speed. This is one of the fastest defenses I'll ever see in my lifetime.  I don't think East Bernard has seen this type of speed on both sides of the ball and as long as Newton has their head on straight we'll be ok. Keep the magic going !
  5. Newton vs. E. Bernard

    East Bernard only scored 34 points 6 times out of 14 games.  That kind of means 8 of the teams they played must have better defenses than Newton. Hope the Bull comes back on here after the game.  Must be a kid.
  6. Newton 79 Daingerfield 12/FINAL

    In my opinion Dangerfield fans almost got what they deserved.  I believe we may have had a couple TD's called back that I sure would like to see on the board.  I'm not hard to please I just can't take the ignorance of a lot of their fans.  Great game guys.  Let's keep this magical year going.
  7. Newton (11-0) vs Troup (10- 2)

    And we support the mighty mustangs. Really hope they prove a lot of people wrong and go to Dallas
  8. Thanful for the Prayers

    So sorry for your horrible loss.  I too believe you will see him again.  Until then I pray God will wrap his arms around your family and give you peace and strength.
  9. Newton 59 Grand Saline 5/FINAL

    Grand Saline 21 total yards of offense
  10. Jasper vs. Bellville - Area Round

    I was there when they played in 1959.  Belleville had UT running back Ernie Koy and was favored.  Think Jasper put a pretty good whooping on them that night.
  11. Newton 69 Omaha Paul Pewitt 0/FINAL

    66 to 0 at half
  12. Question for Newton fans

    Coach Johnston treats his players like his sons. Whatervever happens in this situation, Brown will come out a better man having been mentored by Coach Johnston
  13. Lil Tex's Saturday Morning Headlines 11/3/1018

    Newton makes playoffs for 26th straight year but it's ignored because everyone takes them for granted.  Great job guys.
  14. Newton 61 New Waverly 0/FINAL

    New Waverly had one first down that wasn't by penalty.
  15. Best Game of the Year

    51 years ago Huntington kept me from going undefeated in 8th grade basketball.  Guess maybe it's time to let it go.  Good luck Red Devils, hope you make history