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  1. Kirbyville

    To you guys who support this new theory of coaching and conditioning please give some reasons why you support it and why you think it will be successful.  I really just want to understand what I'm missing.  I'm not the smartest bale in the barn and I just need some help understanding.  Thanks ahead of time for helping me.
  2. Is West Orange Stark................

    Hey Backer, If Newton sucks what does that say about Bridge City getting their ass stomped by a school 1/3 there size.  You are the one who said Newton had problems playing larger schools because of our smaller numbers.  Seems to me Bridge City has problems playing us because of our smaller numbers. You sir are a horrible sportsman.
  3. Kirbyville

    I am not a critic nor an expert on anything.  But I would hope that after watching high school football since 1958 and playing from 7th through the 12th grade, I learned a little bit about it.  The news story about HF has nothing to do with coaches getting their players into condition to play football.  And yes if K'ville were 6-0 we wouldn't be having this conversation.  But they're not so we are.  Conditioning is the most important aspect of having a winning program.  Ask any winning coach.  The winning programs are also the ones who lift during the season (with supervision) and have facilities open all year round for kids to train.  They are also the ones who run their kids.  The better shape they are in the less likely they are to get hurt.  Maybe I'm too old and set in my ways and I sure might be wrong, but with all the distractions kids have today I don't see a team who is responsible for their own conditioning competing very well against teams whose coaches are responsible for his teams conditioning.  I would like to know what benefits they expect to receive by doing this and whose idea it was because I just don't understand.
  4. Kirbyville

    I've never heard of anything like this. If you want to have a winning program the coaches have to work harder and make sure your team is in the best condition it can be in not only for production sake but for safety sake also.  You are right these are 14 to 18 year olds and unless they have a unique group of senior leaders there is no way this is an improvement in conditioning.  Kids will be lazy and need to be pushed by coaches. I hope I'm wrong but I don't see how this can be an improvement in the safety of these kids.  They need to be supervised while lifting and if they are not in as good condition as their opponents their is a safety risk.
  5. Enterprise Top 10 Rankings

    Newton actually has a winning record against the existing 5A district.  Check the the school histories.  They may not be able to beat WB, PNG, PAM, Or WOS, but in no way are those teams going to "kill" Newton.  Our small enrollment of 275 would not hamper us in competing against any other school in the area.  We consistently beat 4A D1 teams which have three times larger enrollment.  I don't know of any other school that can claim that.
  6. Newton 71 Crockett 8/FINAL

    How much time does a coach spend in practice trying not to be good? How much time does he spend trying not to score? Coach Johnston has NEVER run up the score on anyone. This was one of those games where special teams and defensive scores made it worse than usual.  When you pull your starters midway through the second quarter you've done enough.  The second teamers have worked just as hard as the starters and deserve to show what they can do.  They should not be punished because they are better than the other teams starters.          
  7. Newton 71 Crockett 8/FINAL

    At least Crockett isn't scared to play Newton
  8. ****Newton @ Crockett****

    "Nothing in the world is more dangerous than real ignorance and conscientious stupidity"                 MLK jr
  9. Newton 60 East Chambers 17/FINAL

    Please, please one game at a time.  We don't need these kids looking any farther than  the next game. We've had great teams come up short too many times
  10. Kirbyville and Newton No longer playing

    Hope K'ville can regroup and build a program the area deserves.  Lots of great kids with great tradition. I'm sure it will all work out. Good luck cats.
  11. Nederland VS. West Orange...

    WOS hits too hard !    

    So sad to see a young man lose his life this way.  I pray God will give his family strength and peace in this extremely difficult time.  In 1958 Jasper running back Jimmy Amison broke his neck and died on the field in a game against Newton. That is a scene I'll never forget as long as I live.
  13. Newton @ Bridge City

    Newton playing lots of sophomores and juniors.  Coach Johnston has the program in great shape.
  14. Diboll at Newton

    Larger schools have nothing to win and everything to lose by playing a school one third their size.  We should consider ourselves lucky that some larger schools will play us.  It's sure not for the money. It has to be out of the respect other coaches had for Coach Barbary and now for Coach Johnston. 
  15. Newton 41 Silsbee 17/FINAL

    The difference in this game was Newton was the better team. We always have fewer boys suited up this is nothing new.  It's how Coach Johnstnson prepares them and the culture they grow up in.   We had a lot more kids going both ways than Silsbee did but check out the stats. Take of that 70 yd to pass (which was beautiful) and Newton'D did a great job.  We only have around 300 kids in school.  How about a little credit for consistently beating schools 2 1/2 times bigger. I don't see anyone else doing that.