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  1. Backer I started not to write this but since you think Newton sucks I couldn't resist.  I do appreciate your team getting our reserves some playing time and good experience scoring on a 4a Div 1 school. Maybe you didn't see them because I know you left early. We have allowed 26 points in the last 8 games and scored 447.  How much devastation do you want?  
  2. Newton 21 West Rusk 7/FINAL

    The number of td's Newton has had called back because of penalties this year is worrysom   
  3. My apologies!

    With the job you do anyone who complains should be shot.  Survivors shot again.    
  4. Could it be??

    Beside Kirbyville making a few deep runs in the playoffs what have other teams in that district done to be considered the bread and butter of the area ?  I'm very forgetful but I just don't recall a reason to put that label on this district.  And I could sure be wrong.

    Really proud of my Newton Eagles.  Thought this might be a rebuilding year with 25 sophs and juniors and only 8 seniors but the underclassmen really played well.  Before it's over this could be one of the best teams we've ever had.  No doubt next year will be if we can avoid injuries.
  6. Woodville 52 Hempstead 14/FINAL

    Great job Eagles !  Keep up the hard work and good things will happen.
  7. Football Coach Bill Curry: We choose what we worship

    We should pay attention to every word Bill Curry says.  He is a gift to the whole world who has a special way of speaking and conveying his thoughts in a manner that always leaves his audience moved and motivated.  He is a very special man.
  8. Greatest HS Ever Played? 20th Anniversary

    Plano East coach Scott Phillips coached at High Island in the early 80's
  9. Enterprise Top 10 Rankings: End of Regular Season

    Newton led the area in points scored and points allowed.  Also stomped two teams who are 3 divisions larger.  Allowed 8 points in district play while pulling starters at halftime.  Only losing 8 seniors. Wait until next year.
  10. 2017 Individual Offensive Statistics

    Don't remember the last time Newton had a 1000 yd passer.  Glad he and most of the skill guys will be back next year.  If he wasn't so valuable on defense and could just concentrate on playing qb no telling how good he could be. He has really surprised me with his accuracy over 15-20 yds.
  11. Kirbyville

    You are right.  We all should be very slow to judge.  But some things stick out like a sore thumb and deserve scrutiny.  I have no dog in this fight but if what is being said in this thread is true, it's hard for me not to feel sorry for the kids.  What kind of coach doesn't want to do everything he possibly can to make sure they have the best possible chance of winning ? If you aren't preparing your team to the best of your abilities you are cheating your kids. If kids are already talking about not playing their senior year then the coach has lost his team and they have no confidence in him.  Playing smaller schools is not the answer. If the team is not in condition those smaller schools are going to beat them (San Augustine).  I don't know that I have the answer but with all the upheaval that's gone on in K'ville over the last 9 months it seems politics has taken a front seat ahead of the kids. JMO
  12. Newton 47 Frankston 0/FINAL

    24 straight years in the playoffs.  Proud of you guys for keeping up the tradition.  Only thing is y'all are something special and have the opportunity to do special things.  Stay focused and keep working hard and good things are going to happen to you
  13. Anyone who hasn't experienced MCM could never understand what it means to the people of Mid County. If this isn't the greatest rivalry in the state I would really like to spend a couple weeks where a better rivalry exists.  I am an extremely biased Newton fan but I lived in Mid County for 14 years and love the people and and how they support their kids.  This is so much more than just a football game.  Some of these boys have been dreaming about playing in this game since they were 6 or 7 years old and it's finally here.  After the game they'll be talking about it for the rest of their lives.  Whoever wins it's probably the biggest moment in their young lives so far.  I hope each one plays their heart out and makes memories they'll be proud of for the rest of their lives. Hope everyone stays safe and plays hard.  Good luck guys !
  14. Jasper @ Diboll Predictions

    I hope the Dawgs kick butt, but Dibol played Newton a lot tougher than the score indicated.
  15. Kirbyville Trivia Time

    Sad when politics hurts the kids