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  1. Buna 73 Woodville 71/FINAL

    Woodville had the possession in their favor.  They tried to cause a jump ball.  Connell took a shot that Woodville rebounded.  Fast break down the court and a Buna kid knocked it out of bounds with 8 seconds left.  Woodville had a chance to tie the game and turned the ball over, when the ball was dribbled off a kids foot setting up an offense set.  Had nothing to do with coaching.  Woodville had 2 chances to tie the game in the final seconds and didn't.
  2. Don't count out those Eagles just yet... They have 2 kids that can shoot it and a big boy.  If they get hot this could get really interesting.  Seen E.C. and I think they will beat Newton.  All I am saying is don't overlook Newton.
  3. Monday Games

    Woodville Boys beat Heights 52-50 tonight.
  4. Hardin RB - Darius White

    They offered 2 Woodville kids also. #2 Da'Michael Brooks - RB.  #13 Kobe Adams - LB
  5. Jasper beat Woodville 58-57
  6. Grandview 42 Woodville 14/FINAL

    Sounds like you need to get out there and coach them to a state championship since you know everyone and everything... 
  7. Buna vs Woodville

    May be the fastest game in TX.  Should know the final by 8:30.
  8. hardin at EC - thur 10/4

    I agree... Sources are DELUSIONAL.... I said it last week not talking about 1 individual person but as a whole... toothless. Buna and OF are solid football teams. I do not see those games going very well for Hardin.  I don't know anything about Kirbyville or Anahuac this year.
  9. Woodville 42 East Chambers 31/FINAL

    You must be from the back woods of Hillister... Take it to Warren. 
  10. Warren at Hardin 9/28

    They see me trolling. They hating. 
  11. Warren at Hardin 9/28

    Is a Spade a Spade? Then let us call a Spade a Spade.
  12. Warren at Hardin 9/28

    Dogs fighting without teeth = Not much fight, Not much talent....
  13. Warren at Hardin 9/28

    Toothless dog fight!!!
  14. Looking ahead...EC @ Woodville

    I remember when I drank my first beer.
  15. Woodville 34 Madisonville 13/FINAL

    Longball what is the game plan since you know so much and see so much film?