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  1. Silsbee 79 Hardin-Jefferson 76/FINAL

    Seriously?  It’s. a. basketball. game!  Keep it clean, but c’mon.  The kids have fun, it makes for a good atmosphere.  You want them to sit on their hands?  Maybe fans should not be allowed to cheer at all, certainly not when an opposing players miss a shot.  That would be demeaning and might really hurt someone’s self esteem.  High school athletes can handle a little good natured heckling without the fun police having to step in.  Good grief. 
  2. WB 33 Laporte 8 end of 1
  3. Final West Brook 68 Channelview 64
  4. Barbers Hill Tourney

    Play Thursday 9:00 am and 1:30 pm 
  5. West Brook 57 United 54 final 
  6. The game will be at Ford Park. 
  7. West Brook 102 Kelly 66 Final 
  8. Silsbee 76 Beaumont United 73/FINAL

    In theory you are correct, the larger school should usually beat the smaller school, but I wouldn't say Silsbee should NEVER beat a BISD team, certainly not this Silsbee team.  The team that has the 3 best players even if its the smaller school will often win and usually should win.  Unlike maybe in football, 3 guys can flat out take over a basketball game regardless of how deep they are compared to the bigger school or even how talented the teams are from top to bottom.
  9. And how many years ago was this?
  10. Cleveland 63 Hardin-Jefferson 73/FINAL OT

    I think HJ maybe having issues with the floor. 
  11. What’s Kelly looking like this year?
  12. Probably leaving someone out but:  Wheeler- PG Houston Christian Murphy/Hellums at Concordia Cryer/Lampkin at Morton Ranch Redus twins at Eisenhower Mark PG at Dickinson