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  1. Cleveland 63 Hardin-Jefferson 73/FINAL OT

    I think HJ maybe having issues with the floor. 
  2. What’s Kelly looking like this year?
  3. Probably leaving someone out but:  Wheeler- PG Houston Christian Murphy/Hellums at Concordia Cryer/Lampkin at Morton Ranch Redus twins at Eisenhower Mark PG at Dickinson   
  4. Basketball net question

    Go with the old school chain-style nets like at the park.  They’ll hold up well and sound nice too. 
  5. 21-6A

    Looks like it’ll come down to next week unless somehow Channelview already has all the tiebreakers with DP, United and LaPorte.
  6. 21-6A

    Channelview will end up 3-4 when they lose to North Shore next week.  The winner of Deer Park/United will also finish 3-4.  Not sure how the tiebreaker will work that out.  LaPorte could also end of 3-4 by beating CEK.
  7. 21-6A

    Channelview 52 Laporte 14
  8. Tournaments

    I think it is canceled.  I know West Brook isn't playing it.
  9. I guess he wants to play for a winner!
  10. They also have a guard committed to Texas A&M. 
  11. Fall Ball in Nederland

    How is the new kid at Orangefield looking?
  12. And the rich just keep getting richer

    I get your argument Mamba, but I think essentially having almost free agency in high school sports opens up a world of potential problems. 
  13. But if you figure half of West Brook is girls, then WB has 1200-1300 boys, pretty close to Jesuit. 

    I guess I missed that episode.  Sorry to interrupt.

    Who is Zod?