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  1. NS 39 WB 26 FINAL (This is a final, not a halftime score)
  2. United 32 WB 31 end of 3rd
  3. Final  West Brook 80 CE King 44
  4. JAN. 18 PICKEMS

    West Brook has had a rough last couple of games, but only giving 7 to Baytown Sterling???  
  5. Silsbee 79 Hardin-Jefferson 76/FINAL

    Seriously?  It’s. a. basketball. game!  Keep it clean, but c’mon.  The kids have fun, it makes for a good atmosphere.  You want them to sit on their hands?  Maybe fans should not be allowed to cheer at all, certainly not when an opposing players miss a shot.  That would be demeaning and might really hurt someone’s self esteem.  High school athletes can handle a little good natured heckling without the fun police having to step in.  Good grief. 
  6. WB 33 Laporte 8 end of 1
  7. Final West Brook 68 Channelview 64
  8. Barbers Hill Tourney

    Play Thursday 9:00 am and 1:30 pm 
  9. West Brook 57 United 54 final 
  10. The game will be at Ford Park. 
  11. West Brook 102 Kelly 66 Final