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  1. ...Than the Government trying to do it!
  2.   We need more of these types of people that takes care of business.  You know -- doing the right thing!!    
  3. 28 TRILLION In Unfunded Libilities!

    How many jobs have been created by Trump through the years?  How much has he given to charity?  The best for the poor is a pay check NOT a welfare check!
  4. Finances and Taxes

    I thought Mueller's mandate was Russian collusion?  Mueller's looking into Trump's business deals from 10 years ago.  How is that relevant to the 2016 election and Russian collusion?
  5. Finances and Taxes

    Salient point here:  What does this have to do with Russian collusion?
  7. 28 TRILLION In Unfunded Libilities!

    Come on, our friends on the left.  How about an answer?
  8. Medicaid.

    Who's going to pay for this?  There is not a money tree.
  9. Will they ever repeal Obamacare

    Costing more and more!
  10. Were they allowed to take time off to campaign for Hillarious Clintonista?
  11. Medicaid.

    When Medicaid was instituted, there 4 million people on it.  When obama became President,  there were 50 Million people on it.  Because of obamacare, when he left there were 73.5 Million people on it.  obamacare shifted a lot of the Medicaid program to the states.  Illinois is already feeling the drastic effects of this.  Illinois is on the verge of bankruptcy.  So -- AGAIN -- another failed government program.  BTW -- should we talk about the US Postal Service losing billions and billions of dollars each quarter?  I have my on theory what the Postal Service has become.  Why is it still allowed to run losing this massive amount of money?   Especially when private company's can do better!
  12. Donald Trump jr

    The  mere fact that they are going after Trump Jr proves it was all political against Trump Sr.  In other words -- they have/had NOTHING.  They don't even talk about collusion anymore.  Because the lame stream media was exposed for as being nothing more than "fake news!"  They are so stupid they don't even realize people are not falling for their lies!
  13. Will they ever repeal Obamacare

    28 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities.  Any "reasonable person" would say that's unsustainable! 
  14. Three RINOs That Must Be Defeated!

    Add another one.  These just don't get what what this past past election.  And why!