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  1. She's wrong!  Touchy-Feely as a strategy never works.  Where was she when obuma was doing all his evil things?? 
  3. Never said that.  You made a statement about some words, like Sunday, not being in the Bible.  And I said the "word" Bible wasn't in the Bible.  Making your point mute.
  4. Find the word "Bible" in the Bible!  It's not there.
  5. And the hits just keep on rolling in!
  6. BigGirl -- what say you?
  7. Why?!  Because they are not taught the truth in school.  Thank you Dept Of Education!  Thank you Jimma carter!
  8. When Michael Cohen Flips

    Back on a hotter seat?  Again -- there was NO Russia collusion.  Blue, if there was, after, what, 18 months, we would have known about it.  Mueller has NOTHING!  You harass someone long enough, they'll say anything. 
  11. With all these D1 players, Memorial should be a shoe-in for the State Championship!
  12. Trump is such a racist

    What -- nothing from BigGirl on this subject??!!
  14. Chicago continues to shine!

    This is what the Mayor of Chicago thinks about this subject!!