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  1. Gun Control

    Yes -- why is this??  Maybe some of our liberal friends can explain!
  3. They Beat Our A****!!
  4. Gun Control

    Washington Post hides poll results.
  5. Florida Shootings

    All one can say is, "Hummm!"
  6. Florida Shootings

    18 calls warning about this piece of human debris.
  7. Ben Nails it!

      Listen to what happened while he was in high school.  Armed security vs non security!    
  8. Gun Control

    This is to any liberal and any young skull full of mush: "Facts don't care about your feelings!"
  9. Unfortunately these young skulls full of mush are being taught to be victims.   “At some point, we’re going to get fatigued with everybody being the victim. You have to play the hand you’re dealt.” – Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.   One day they'll either learn that they are the Captain of their own destiny or they'll sink into the bottomless pit known as "victim hood!"   And as obama always like to remind everybody, "it's someone else's fault!"
  10. Led by evil snake Soros!  Why?
  11. Florida Shootings

    Good one about God!    About CNN:  This is why we should not make rash decisions after a tragedy.  As  with CNN, and others, at this time it's shamelessly about agendas!
  12. Gun Control

    Figured soros had his slimy tentacles all over this!