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  2. Black, Gay actor faked the MAGA attack
  3. Crosby is open

  5. Nederland Bond

    Curious:  Has this hindered any student from getting a quality education?  I believe the SAT scores are usually pretty good. 
  6. Nederland Bond

    So, let's keep this amount in front of everyone:  155,600,000 Million Dollars!  So, let me understand something -- the last bond was used to make upgrades to certain schools.  Now, this bond is wanted to tear down these schools that bond money was used for the last time around.  Hummm!  Isn't the previous bond still being paid for?  
  7. Black, Gay actor faked the MAGA attack

    The wolf who cried MAGA!
  8. Nederland Bond

    Why would they want to go anywhere else -- to lose?!  I think not!
  10. Amazon scraps NY plans

    Socialist policies caused this, pure and simple!
  11. Nederland Bond

    What's the total amount of the bond?
  12. The Green Deal

    The difference between us and the socialist mind-set is:  We say, put the stuff like electric cars and electric lawnmowers on the market and see if anyone wants them.  If there is a market, then great.  This is Capitalism.  But, on the other hand, the liberal/socialist view is, we know better.  We'll "force" the making of all this green stuff and then we'll "force" the stoppage of everything else that we deem not green.  Which philosophy has more freedom in it?!
  13. Immigrants (especially Muslims) ????

    I'll repeat again -- In Christianity, Jesus talks about HIS blood.  In the muslim arena. they talk about YOUR blood!  Nuff said!
  14.   Can't stop laughing at this one!