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  1. Just like the Commies have been doing with global warming.  Went from global cooling to global warming to climate change.  It's amazing, though, how the sycophant media plays right along with the name changes. 
  2. I'll be eating at this place as often as I can!
  3. They still don't get it.  That's good for us! 
  4. A Ship Of Fools!

    And then...    
  5. In Chicago During obama Day...

    More!  One must remember that this is the area where obama and  jesse jackson did their community agitating!
  6. NFL tells players to STAND

    Only 2 things one needs to know about this:  The thugocracy of the NFL continues along with the decline in viewership!!
  7. Fact Checking The New Socialist Darling!

    Scared lil' Socialist Missy!
  8. More From The "Tolerant" Left!

    And still more!
  9. The is now anytime a Dimocrat loses, or probably will lose, it'll all be because of the Russians!  The favorite media go-to for intellectual political insight, Alyssa Milano, said the reason the the Dims lost in Tuesday election is because of Russian interference!  LOL!
  10. Di Fi's Driver Was A Chinese Spy!