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  1. Cruz Whacks Beto!

    Gonna be bad for ol' Beto!
  3. Cruz Whacks Beto!

    Go Beto, Go Beto! And then you have this!
  4. Ford Wants to Move On!

    WHY??!!  If this was a dramatic experience for her and she is 1,000% sure it was Kavanaugh, then it is her duty to make sure this serial rapist and sexual assaulter is brought to justice!  If he was 1,000% guilty before his confirmation, he's 1,000% guilty after.  What about the other two women that accused him??  Got quite all of a sudden.  If Kavanaugh was/is a sexual predator, there should be more women coming out and accusing him.  Because, really, if he was a predator, then I'm sure he would have been involved with more than 3 women.  And, even back then, since he was a conservatuive, I guess he felt sorry for the conservative women.  He left them alone.  Because like I've stated before -- it was only radical liberal women that he supposedly assaulted.  Sneaky little rascal!
  5. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh
  6. Used Ford For Sale!   On a side note:  Did Christine Balsey Ford play Garth on Wayne's World?
  7. True!  People keep taking about abortion being law.  Can anyone tell me when this law was created by the legislature? 
  8. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh

    Paid outrage!