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  1. Happy........But Not For All

    It's not about this life, brother!   
  2. Happy........But Not For All

    He/she will find out one day!
  3. He is Risen - Happy Easter Everyone

    Happy Easter!!
  4. Nederland Bond

    Yes, if they stay in Nederland.
  5. Nederland Bond

    I wonder if the pro-bond crowd is telling their children that when they become adults that they will also be paying for the debt of this massive bond if/when it passes?
  6. New Congress

    I can't think of anything they've done that would be pro-America!
  7. Nederland Bond

    The pro-bond folks must be in full panic mode.  I have heard that they have been stealing anti-bond signs.  Now I know for a fact they are.  A couple i have seen around the city are "no longer" there.   I think the "disappeared" yesterday.  The pressure is building!  Love it!
  8. And more:
  9. To start with:
  10. Nederland Bond

    If we are growing so much, then why are we still at the 5A level?  PN-G with their bonds hasn't brought any new student increase in students.  They are still sitting at the 5A level.  And what narrative is Klein trying to push?  If you are talking about the student growth, well apparently it's really not there to justify putting us in debt to the tune of $156,000,000!
  11. Can't help but wonder

    I heard that Mueller knew a year and a half ago that there was not any collusion.  So, the question is -- why did he prolong it?  For more money?  To see if he could turn somebody?   I would investigate that!
  12. Nederland Bond

    Facts don't care about your feelings!
  13. Nederland Bond

    Just another talking point.  I'm sure something else Bob Meeks told them to stress.  But, if it's true, it hasn't affected the quality of the educational system in Nederland.  It's excellent now and will continue to be excellent when/if this massive bond fails.