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  1. U.S. Postal Service

    So -- why is it allowed to continue in this losing form?
  2. Is PAM overrated?

    I don't think they are overrated.  But I do feel they may not reach their potential because of coaching.
  4. I'll just leave this here

    Cost BILLIONS for PALTRY results!
  5. The left is always a good source of comical relief!
  6. First Round Outcomes!

    MAN!  I was spot on with my predictions!!
  7. Roy Moore

    Guilt by accusations!
  8. Roy Moore

    Why does the lawyer refuse to release the original copy of the yearbook??  These last minute accusers still do not pass the smell test!
  9. Doug Ethridge

    Yes, he's still living.  Lives south of Fort Worth.  I know him personally.  Good man!
  10. Roy Moore

    At the time this allegedly took place, Moore said he was an ASSISTANT DA.  So --  why would he sign it DA??
  11. Roy Moore

      Everyone needs to watch this.  Hannity will read a response from Roy Moore. One part in particular is interesting:  Back in 1999, one of Moore's accusers came before Moore in a divorce case in which she was involved in.  Moore was NEVER asked to recuse himself.  Plus the lady showed no distress appearing before Moore at that time.  This is opposed to the total distress she shows now.  Watch it and see what you think.    
  12. Viva socialism

    To the liberal brethren:  What say you?!
  13. Are Swastikas ever not offensive

    Is it ever OK?  Sure:  If a transgender said they are now a swastika!  The Dems would be 100% in favor of it!
  14. Roy Moore