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  1. Shawn Oakman found NOT GUILTY!  Hummmm!!
  2. If Hitler would have had a Nuke, can anyone reasonably doubt that he would have used it?
  3. This came from a poster on the website concerning Art Briles:  " Coach Briles has daughters and granddaughters, he didn’t rape anyone. The man is a scapegoat. You don’t give $18 million to a guilty man. People still can’t get this."  Very telling!
  5. Every bad thing!
  6. From the article:  "Crushing Briles and the school that recently hired him, Mount Vernon ISD, is an easy populist choice; it requires minimal effort, and it will generate rave reviews and big ratings."  It requires minimum effort!  That says it all.  And more from the article:  "People believe whatever they want. Never let the facts get in the way of a good story, or an opinion that makes you feel better about yourself because you were showered with confirmation from uninformed people."  From uninformed people!  Hummm.  And again from the article:  "Feel free to hate Briles and the rest of BU, but try to learn more than 145 characters on the subject.  Calling a guy a bad coach is one thing.  Suggesting a guy condoned or covered up rape is quite another."  One can tell from the rabid hate of Briles, like some here, that they are doing so based on words from people they don't even know.  Again -- let's not let facts get in the way of a good story!  
  7. The Democrat's star witness at reparations hearing Is a wealthy Actor.  They can't help themselves!!
  8. Oh, wait, let me revise that:  Snowflakes and PO'ed Longhorn supporters!   
  9.   Question:  Why is it that the anarchist always wear mask?  There's a longer video of this on YouTube.  Still laughing my butt off about this!
  10. Sounds like only the snowflakes outside the Mount Vernon community are worried about this!  LOL!!
  11. TICK TOCK!
  12. Not sure your point.  But the fact:  Art Briles -- 4 State Championships.   Josh Finney -- 0 State Championships.   Art Briles didn't "need" anyone's athletes when he won 4 State Championships at Stephenville after not winning one the previous 73 years.  And he doesn't need anyone's now.  If he stays long enough, he'll bring Mount Vernon a State Championship.  What in his past would make anyone think otherwise?!