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  1. Tentative Non-District Schedules

    Madisonville 1. Bellville 2. Woodville 3. Caldwell 4. Navasota 5. Mexia 6. Fairfield 7. Connally 8. Robinson 9. Salado 10. Lorena 11. Bye
  2. 4a div 2

    Madisonville always has the chance to go North, South, East, West.  That's a big reason for the 3A D1 schools on their schedule as it is at least a guarantee of a game within reasonable travel for fans.  Not many schools our size inside of 100 miles that we might not align with and only 6A's south down I45 outside of Huntsville and Willis.  
  3. West Orange Stark vs Madisonville

    My thoughts are to be the best,  you have to beat the best!  Tradition, class, physical football, expecting to win are all things we strive for each day.  We are in the second year of our new mindset and new expectations and strive to become a perennial contender like WOS. Average has become the enemy here!   We have the utmost respect for your team, coaches, and community.  We will show up and play with the expectations  to win and give our best and see where we are at versus the best!  What a great opportunity and gauge for where we are and where we wanna be in the near future.  God Bless WOS and Madisonville and lets do Friday night football proud with a great hard fought game!  
  4. The young qb at HJ throws ball very well!  Classy bunch of young men!  Prayers for continued recovery from Harvey.  God Bless those in Sour Lake and surrounding communities!    
  5. Madisonville vs. Hardin Jefferson

    Oh I understand well.  Been there before.  Known Coach Thompson for about 25 years and know what its like to have difficulty scheduling.  Just made a point that the record doesnt always indicate weakness as some schools dont get to play many ginme games outside of district aligned games.  Did not mention KIPP as a shot at WOS but as a referral to you don’t always get to pick your schedule.  You spoke of several teams I figure you dont know much about other than their record and used term weak.  Just disagreed w that word describing those teams. Best of luck to your team!
  6. Madisonville vs. Hardin Jefferson

    We will try harder to get Houston KIPP on our schedule to increase our RPI.
  7. Madisonville vs. Hardin Jefferson

    Weak schedule?    Teague, Lorena, Rusk, Bellville, Shepherd, Crockett, Caldwell, Woodville     lol     weak= royal,tarkington  We will give you that much.  
  8. Thursday night  7:30 in Splendora.  
  9. Kirbyville

    The problem these days is we have all become critics.  I believe it happens because we watch all the sports channels and the commentaries that constantly second guess and bash coaching and it becomes second nature. .   I find it so interesting that Rex Ryan, Neuheisel, etc.  all have positions now where they are paid to look at a situation and tell you what the coach SHOULD have done.   If Kirbyville were 6-0 this post would not exist without a single change in any methods or philosophies of coaching taking place.  
  10. Shepherd 12 Liberty 35/FINAL

    First decent team shepherd has played.  cake schedule in pre-season
  11. Madisonville 30 Woodville 22/FINAL

    There will not be many teams that Woodville will not have more athletes than.  Incredible looking physical, fast skill players behind that double wing offense.  Aggressive on D.  Best of Luck to the Eagles......they will be in the mix!
  12. Coaching openings

    When you think of Texas football, isn't Silsbee the first place that pops into your mind?  
  13. Liberty vs. Madisonville

    Athletes are one thing. Toughness is another!  Will need to get tough if they ever wanna improve or compete!
  14. Bellville gets the edge as the game is at the Pasture...... should be a good one though!