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  1. First game matchups ?

    Shelbyville won all 3 quarters. Will be fun to watch this year.
  2. First game matchups ?

    Cleveland will play @ Shelbyville in a scrimmage today 
  3. Tournaments

    I'm sure your right counting the girls too. Was told 24 on boys side.
  4. Tournaments

    I know there is 24 teams in the tournament. I have list but not with me but pretty much same. ALOT OF RANKED TEAMS.
  5. Tournaments

    HJ Tournament is Dec. 6-8
  6. Don't even know where to spot the ball on missed fg 
  7. Seen worse refs but I can't remember when
  8. LCM wins 3-1 
  9. LCM

    It'  on the internet so it has to be true. Jk its on Facebook and KOGT 

    Congratulations Cole Ferguson of the Shelbyville Dragons. Well deserved. Proud of you. 
  11. Great game to watch. Both teams played their hearts out. Proud of our Dragons.
  12. Cold Spring, Big Sandy, and Shelbyville on one side of Bracket and the other side, well you know.