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  1. Jasper 56 Atlanta 28/FINAL

    I know I'm late on this, but yea Jasper had almost as many players on the field as football players.  Thanks for the props guys. Atlanta had a good game plan, and did what they needed to do early, but couldn't hang on. Jasper's huge o-line just beat the defense down all night. Even when Atlanta was able to get through, they were too spent to hang on to make tackles behind the line.  Jasper has a great team, and my gosh are they big. Size hasn't usually been a big factor against Atlanta, for the fact they can usually get up early and hang on to a lead, but Jasper came back way too quickly.  Good luck to you guys! We probably won't be in 4A competition next year, with the numbers looking like they do. We made a good last ditch effort though! Even though the score got out of hand, I'd like to think we made it a game for the majority!
  2. Jasper VS Atlanta predictions

  3. This could be a better game than most think. I picked Center out of good faith. Go Riders!
  4. Jasper VS Atlanta predictions

    Well, this thread is dead on both forums. 
  5. Jasper VS Atlanta predictions

    Come on now. 
  6. Jasper VS Atlanta predictions

    First round is going to be tougher than the 2nd, I assure you.

    Jasper vs Atlanta Carthage Friday night Not sure if time yet.
  8. Jasper @ Diboll Predictions

    and strong. 
  9. Jasper @ Diboll Predictions

    Rather large country boys from what I hear.
  10. Jasper @ Diboll Predictions

    While that's true, I've come to find out, it matters WHAT exactly is strapping up against you lol. 
  11. I've only seen CS once though. Not this season but, we may be seeing them again real soon if Atlanta drops to 3A. 
  12. Jasper @ Diboll Predictions

    I wouldn't mind meeting Jasper, but I'd rather see this be a close game so I can at least assume they're human. 
  13. West Orange Stark vs Orangefield

    Haha now that's dirty.  If we do... watch out