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  1. Kountze 35 Hull-Daisetta 6/FINAL

    Thought this one was supposed to be close. Guess the 30+ prediction wasn't too far off...
  2. 2017 Houston Astros

    Hopefully they can roll into October and make something special happen. I love watching this team play!
  3. Texas at USC

    Disappointed in the loss and think moral victories are weak, but definitely proud of the performance. The horns look better than they have in some time but need to win ballgames.
  4. Texas at USC

    Hollywood Hill still making plays!
  5. Texas at USC

    Would love to know the answer to this. I was hoping to see Warren get 20+ touches tonight
  6. Texas at USC

    Thought the offensive line was supposed to be a strength...
  7. Texas at USC

    Hope Williams is ok, losing him would be tough...
  8. 2017 Houston Texans

    Time to see what the rookie LB Cunningham is all about. 
  9. 2017 Houston Texans

    Rough start to the season. Sadly, I didn't see much to be excited about as a fan but it is early in the season, hopefully they can get Duane Brown back to help the o-line, and hopefully they can get healthy. I do think the hangover from the storm and all the stress that came with it played a part in their struggles, but I am a no excuses type person so they just need to be better or it could be a long season. I am excited to see what Watson can do as a starter if he does start on Thursday, but I also think it is unfair to place all of the blame on Savage for his struggles. The guy had no help from the line, the running game was stagnant, and the recieving corps is depleted due to injury. Hate to say it but if I have to make a prediction based on the game, the texans looked like a 4-12 or 5-11 caliber team at best.
  10. And you wonder why people dislike cowboys fans... As a texans fan, I give the cowboys nothing but props for playing well and beating an opponent that has given them trouble for the past few seasons, but you are truly delusional if you think the texans are as bad of a team (especially defensively) as they were today. I'm sure the stress of worrying about their family and loved ones while one of the worst natural disasters in the history of this country hit their city had nothing to do with them looking flat.
  11. Last Chance U

    About halfway through season 1. Very interesting/entertaining show although it's sad how much following up and babysitting they have to do to get those kids to go to class and try.
  12. 2017 Houston Texans

    Nice, I have never been but have heard the Greenbrier is an awesome resort!
  13. He won last week, tied for 9th in a major this week, has made over a million dollars in the past 2 weeks, and is playing the best golf of his professional career I would say. I am happy for the man going into the playoff season on a tear.
  14. He hasn't played his best today, but he has hung tough and put himself in position to make a lot of money for a weeks work.
  15. He has been playing very well this week. Hard to believe he is in contention in his first major tourney played since 2014. Rooting for him to pull it out tomorrow and win his first major.