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  1. ALCS- Astros vs Red Sox

    Negative. Tomorrow we are heading to Crystal Beach for the week for my daughter's birthday and I will be watching the games on the patio. Deer chili on the menu for tomorrow's game.
  2. Week 8 Polls

    I don't think ND will have an easy time getting out of LA with a win next month.
  3. ALCS- Astros vs Red Sox

    Ready to see MMP rocking for the next 3!
  4. Notre Dame

    I hope USC can knock them off in LA. 
  5. UT vs. bye

    Thanks to it falling perfectly this year, we planned my daughters birthday party for Saturday. It's tough planning an October birthday party most years but this year it worked out. Can't wait til it falls on UT/ou week so we can have it in Dallas. 
  6. UT vs. bye

    Bye week comes at a good time for the Horns. Hope Ehlinger is ok and everyone heals up for Okie Lite in Stoolwater. 
  7. Rape aggy vs #9 TEXAS

    Ugly win but a win nonetheless. With 3 top 10 teams losing, UT should move up a spot or 2.
  8. Texans @ Patriots

    It comes down to DW's history and being a high draft pick vs. TS or BO personally. DW is a likable guy with a history of having a clutch/it factor and playing well in big games. He started pretty well last year before he got hurt and has had flashes this year, but has showed his youth and looked pretty bad at times too. With them trading picks to trade up and get him and with a below average offensive line, I think the fanbase knows he is the guy for atleast his rookie contract and gives him a longer leash than any other qb the franchise has ever had.
  9. #19 Texas vs #7 Oklahoma

    Horns respond! 7-7. 
  10. ALDS is only 5 games, Boston is not playing very good baseball going into the playoffs. Call it dumb or whatever you like, but teams that go into October hot have success. 
  11. #19 Texas vs #7 Oklahoma

    Let hate week commence! I know Murray is a damn good qb and has looked good thus far this season, but this will be the most athletic defense he has seen this year by far. 27-23 UT... ou still sucks!
  12. I agree 100%. I think the winner of the AL wild card game beats Boston.
  13. Gonna have to hit when ducks are on the pond and make the most of RISP, Cleveland has some nasty pitching. Should be a great series! Astros in 4!
  14. Texas as Kansas St

    Jamison houses it. What a return!!!
  15. 2018 Houston Astros

    Playoff tickets sold out in 5 minutes... Looks like the Stros got hot at the right time going into the playoffs but the AL playoffs will be a gauntlet. I'm ready to sit back, watch, and enjoy!