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  1. Beaumont United Applicant List

    Botkin graduated from Baytown Lee, played college ball at Arkansas, played in the NFL for a few years, coached under Spurrier at SC, coached at South Carolina State University. He would be an interesting hire IMO.
  2. Coming off their first World Series title, the Stros look to be even stronger than last year. Gonna be a fun season to watch. First spring training game is this Friday vs. Washington. Forrest Whitley starts the season on a 50 game suspension. 
  3. Gun Control

    It's hard for me to believe any gun law will change anything. People that choose to commit mass murder are not going to follow laws or regulations, it's just that simple. Drugs are illegal, but there are plenty of ways to get them if you choose to do so, weapons are the same in the sense of availability in a black market setting. I want to see anyone that commits mass murder tried and convicted of domestic terrorism and shipped to GTMO, I think stricter punishment would probably have more of a positive effect than stricter gun laws that criminals will ignore no matter what.
  4. l.5 game lead going into the break. Deep bench and a ton of talent, but I am cautiously optimistic. Gonna be fun to watch the rest of the way. 
  5. Boston Celtics

    Revenge for '86!
  6. All I Can Say Is -- Lawd Have Mercy!

    If the chick wins it, it's racist, if the dude wins it, it's sexist. Just be happy to represent your country!
  7. The Rockets are on an absolute tear right now. They were up 35 on Denver tonight before they pulled their starters and this is a Denver team that has been on a roll and won 6 out of 8 with one of those wins being vs. GS. Capela had 23 pts and 25 boards, I really enjoy watching this group of guys playing together. What a time to be a Houston sports fan!
  8. National Signing Day

    When you land 11 of the top 15 commits in the state you're doing something right. Stay salty in aggieland though, maybe you'll have another sec team win it all so you can get that weird sense of pride from it based off of nothing your team actually accomplished themselves. 
  9. 2018 recruiting

    Another recruit signed! D-Lineman Moro Ojomo from Katy!
  10. Superbowl

    Didn't have a rooting interest in the game, but I will say that the true loser of this game is the city of Philly... They may burn that place to the ground!
  11. CBB Longhorns

    UT continues to play well at home, Coleman hit some huge shots down the stretch. Being out of position on defense and lack of rotation/weak side help needs to get better to compete in the dance come March. Anytime the horns take down ou, it is a good day though!
  12. From the little I have read and heard, it looks like we have just seen the tip of the iceberg in this Michigan State scandal. I have no idea if any of the sexual assault accusations are true or not, but it sure seems bad with the way it was supposedly handled. Just wanted to get some different opinions on how deep y'all think this thing may go?
  13. CBB Longhorns

    Bamba has started asserting his dominance more, I hope he can do it against the top of the big 12 and not just the middle and bottom teams of the conference.
  14. Superbowl

    Knew he played 3 years at UH but didn't know he was from PA. Good for him, hell of a talent for a 6th rounder. 
  15. Andrew Landry

    Gutsy putt on 18 but just wasn't his time to make one to win it. Going 4 playoff holes with one of the best young golfers on tour and earning 650k for a weeks work should help him bounce back. Hope to see him win one this year.