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  1. Rooting for the Cowboys this week as a Texans fan. Hope to return the favor vs Philly.
  2. AFC South

    It was a grown man run. Where has that been all year though? I thought he would be a 20-25 carry per game back in the league when he came out of college.
  3. Newton vs. E. Bernard

    78-6 Newton rolls
  4. Newton 79 Daingerfield 12/FINAL

    Is there a team in the state in 3A that can play within 20 points of Newton? Normally I wouldn't even ask this but it seems like a legitimate question at this point?
  5. Coaching Carousel

    I've cussed him a lot over the years but that was due to how good of a coach he was. Highly respected coach/man that impacted a lot of young men's lives in a positive way over the decades. 
  6. Texans up early 17-0. Cunningham with a nasty pick 6!
  7. Titans @ Texans MNF

    Hate to hear fans were acting that way towards you, most of us aren't that way. SF fans were rough when the wife and I went to watch the Texans vs. 49ers the last year they played at Candlestick (what a dump!). We did sit by a great older couple who had the same season tickets for 35 years and he told me a few stories of big games/moments over the years which in hindsight was probably the coolest moment of the trip. He and most season ticket holders were not happy with the location of the new stadium. 
  8. It's the playoffs, survive and advance!
  9. Big XII Championship Game

    Sam with another TD. Defense is playing well thus far! 14-6 Horns. 
  10. Silsbee vs WOS - Regional Finals

    No prediction to be made here, the only opinion I have is that whoever wins this game will have earned it. Better play fast and strap those helmets on a little tight!
  11. Championship Week

    Rough night to be at work. Been reading updates on the local HS teams in action and it looks as if there have been some must sees tonight. I am ready for tomorrow at 11am! It's 10:45 and ou still sucks!
  12. NCAA Basketball- ‘18-‘19

    I hope Shaka recruits a couple of shooters. Febres can light it up when he is hot but he is streaky, looked like Roach struggled tonight and early on it seems when he does well the team wins. Admittedly, I haven't been playing as close attention to Texas b-ball as I have in the past so I am no expert on this year's team. 
  13. NCAA Basketball- ‘18-‘19

    Radford beat Texas... Wow, really Radford?
  14. Championship Week

    Under 45 for the Pac 12 Championship is looking safe with the 3rd quarter almost being over.
  15. Titans @ Texans MNF

    Schedule is as easy as it gets the rest of the way. I expect them to drop 1, maybe 2 though. Colts game should be a good one!