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  1. Urban Meyer on paid administrative leave

    From everything I have read and heard, Smith seems like a real P.O.S. Dude keeps trying to make it seem like he was a bit justified in being a woman abusing douche.
  2. 2018 Houston Astros

    Looked like a lot of orange there.
  3. NCAA Super Regionals

    How bout the Italian Stallion, Matteo Bocchi? Dude deserves a ton of credit for a great 5 innings of work in the biggest game of his life half the world away from home. Ready to see them compete in Omaha! Augie said it best, "The world treats winners a lot different than it treats losers".
  4. NCAA Super Regionals

    Omaha, UT baseball's home away from home!
  5. NCAA Super Regionals

    Kody Clemens is insane. What a postseason he's having thus far!
  6. NCAA Super Regionals

    Having Tommy John surgery and now being healthy probably had nothing to do with it...
  7. NCAA Super Regionals

    That kid that won it for Miss. St. last night is on quite a tear. This Auburn-Florida game should be good with Mize and Singer throwing. 
  8. MLB Draft

    Wouldn't surprise me at all. Keep him away from other teams via the draft and guarantee a supplemental pick in next years draft.
  9. MLB Draft

    I was wondering the exact same thing. A $4.8m payday would be tough to pass up on and if they are paying him 1st round money, odds are they want his sole focus to be on baseball and the A's organization if he signs.
  10. NCAA Baseball Regionals

    Hope they can continue to get quality starts from their horses. Game should've been over by the catch in LF but i digress.
  11. NCAA Baseball Regionals

    Kody Clemens RBI double that drives in Hamilton puts UT up 3-2 top of 7th
  12. NCAA Baseball Regionals

    Zubia solo HR ties it up at 2 all with IU through 6, UT needs to win 1, IU needs to win 2.
  13. NCAA Baseball Regionals

    Horns win 8-3. A&M plays Indiana tomorrow at 2pm. Glad to see them playing well at the right time.
  14. NCAA Baseball Regionals

    Clemens with another bomb, this one solo. Horns up 8-1 top 6.
  15. 2018 Houston Astros

    This Astros team is built to last a grueling season via their depth but the Red Sox and Yankees are really good ball clubs as well. I hope they sure up the bullpen by the trade deadline. Come on, Brad Hand!