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  1. I was hoping I wasn't the only one who thought that lol
  2. I loved seeing Patrick Beverley get in Lonzo Ball's head in game 1. Hate that he's not a rocket anymore but wish him all the best when he's not playing Houston. I will say, Lonzo's stat line in his 2nd game was impressive. He's gonna be pretty good, but it's hard to like him because of his dad. 
  3. ALCS- Astros vs Yankees

    Glad they got going offensively last night. Game 7's are always fun to watch, albeit I'll be watching on my phone at work. I hope MMP is rocking tonight!
  4. ALCS- Astros vs Yankees

    Tough loss after McCullers and Yuli stepped up, but it's nice knowing Keuchel & Verlander are going in the next 2. Offense is due for a big game!
  5. ALCS- Astros vs Yankees

    Great playoff baseball wins in both games. Keuchel & Verlander were outstanding as well as Altuve & Correa. Hope some other guys can get going offensively. It's nice knowing we have a well rested bullpen if needed but hope Morton and whoever goes in game 4 can give us 5-6 innings each. Nice having guys like Beltran and McCann who have played in NY to get the team ready for the atmosphere there. 
  6. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    Judging from his twitter I would say not. He's not afraid to say what's on his mind, that's for sure.  
  7. 2017 Houston Texans

    Hope the defense gets a few stops down the stretch, looks like Watson is getting a little rythym going.
  8. Tom Petty dead at 66

    Glad I got to see him in April. He has always been one of my favorite rock and roll guys. After reading about him and watching a couple of documentaries on him, there may have been better singers, songwriters, and guitarists, but I can't think of anyone who purely loved rock and roll music the way he did. RIP!
  9. Mass shooting in Vegas

    Prayers up to those affected. That is terrible. I will never understand how people get to that level of pure evil. 
  10. Black AMERICAN's Perspective on National Athem

    One thing I learned a long time ago, if you constantly have to reassure people of something, or if you constantly are passive aggressively demeaning others by making yourself look superior to others (i.e. "I'm an RN, you probably don't even have a high school diploma, so therefore I am right and you are wrong, na na na na boo boo stick your head in doo doo."), then odds are what you are saying to people is completely made up. It's either that or there are some deep rooted self esteem issues that are trying to be compensated for. I personally don't care if someone has multiple doctorate degrees or an 8th grade education and a job as a port a can tester, either you can hold a meaningful debate or conversation or you cannot.
  11. ALDS- Astros vs Red Sox

    I hope they stay hot! Astros in 4!
  12. Didn't see the Texans dropping 57 today... I'm so glad they traded up for Watson!
  13. South Carolina at Texas A&M

    Haven't watched much aTm football this year, but from the little I have watched Watts is a special player.
  14. Week 5

    I picture him with a scotch on the rocks in hand, cigar in mouth, and a grin on his face after that disaster.
  15. The tailgate that I go to when I go to games is good natured towards opposing teams fans as are most I've seen. There are idiots in every fan base but there are a lot of friendly people out there as well.