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  1. March Madness

    Ready to watch the Ja Morant show. The kid is special!
  2. College Baseball 2019

    Gotta play the games before we know whether the tune will be sung or not. Sweeping the #1 team in the land is a reason for confidence, and I do believe with UT being so young they will continue to improve although I also believe there will be bumps in the road with the difficulty of the schedule leading up to conference play.
  3. College Baseball 2019

    Great early season sweep of LSU! Big time youngsters on offense and big time young arms out of the pen (Fields, Quintanilla, and Madden). Cobb will continue to get better as the #3 starter I believe. I am pumped and ready to get up to Austin to catch the Saturday and Sunday games of the Xavier series and then the Tuesday contest with A&M. It'll be my wife and daughter's first trip to the Disch!
  4. College Baseball 2019

    He coached my step brother when he was at SHSU and he has told me since his hiring that he would get the program where it needed to be. He was an excellent hire and from everything I’ve heard is just as good of a guy as he is a coach. I loved Augie but I do thing as he aged, he just wasn’t willing to change his style of coaching to what fit his team or adapt to how the game was changing in certain ways. 
  5. College Baseball 2019

    Elder looks excellent early on and Fields tossing 2.1 innings for the save was huge. I really enjoy watching this team. The freshman presidents (Kennedy, Reagan, and Ford) will continue to get better. Hope they find a solid 2nd and 3rd starter, Henley has been shaky at best early on this year. 
  6. NCAA Basketball- ‘18-‘19

    I’m not only mad that I’m a UT fan, but I had UT on the money line and them blowing a 17 pt. lead with under 10 mins. left it made it much worse. Also Cincy not covering -4 at SMU ticked me off. Thankfully my parlay hit to put me even. I think Shaka is a good guy but it’s time for him to go imo. 
  7. Good night of sports betting. Patriots -2.5 and the under made me a happy guy!
  8. College Baseball 2019

    That was brutal to watch.
  9. It's only a matter of time...

    This was I was referring to. I don't see how it could be portrayed as anything but pedophilia or sexual exploitation of a child. It truly sickens me. 
  10. It's only a matter of time...

    I'm not a fan of any radical group and although I lean right, I have good friends who lean left but we are able to converse and respectfully disagree on certain subjects although we tend to agree on 80-85% of subjects. What particularly scares me about the radical left is that they label anyone who disagrees with them as a racist, bigot, homophobe, transphobe, etc. and as a society people are getting more and more scared to disagree with the fear of what they will be labeled by the public without the opportunity to present their side of the argument. It is a slippery slope. 
  11. It's only a matter of time...

    I'm not demonizing the left. Notice I said radical left. Time will tell what will happen. 
  12. I typically don't post much in the political forum, but I truly believe it is only a matter of time before the radical left starts pushing that pedophiles deserve rights and it's a "fetish", not a crime. I sure hope I'm wrong but I have thought this for some time now and after seeing the story of adults throwing money at that little boy dressed as a little girl while provocatively dancing, it furthers my fears. At some point morality and common sense have to take over, but I'm slowly losing faith that it will. 
  13. UFO's - The Truth is Out There

    Project Blue Book is pretty dang good. I’ve always thought it was a bit selfish and shallow minded to not believe there are other forms of life that exist in the universe but that’s just my opinion. There’s a reason Area 51 exists and our government is so tight lipped and paranoid about people finding certain things out. 
  14. Sad to hear about the passing of Rick Smith's wife. One of my worst fears in life is my wife or child passing before I do. I pray the good Lord gives him and his family peace and comfort in this horrible situation.
  15. I watched it as well and he was all about Deion but on the other hand, the stats and tape don't lie and he was electric at both. I wish the Braves would've won the series in '92 and they would've had to give him the MVP award.