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  1. Dayton

    Dayton scares me no matter what year it is. I guess last year is the only year we could say there were weak. They'll be dangerous next year. 
  2. Apologies. Much love to all. 
  3. This comment (in bold) should not be allowed to pass without some comment. I'm not a moderator, but how many times has blood gotten boiling about race on this site? (Remember a few months ago when two guys were banned permanently for spouting racial and racist rhetoric?) -- It has no place on a sports thread -- We aren't going to solve the country's problems (and yes, I agree that there are serious problems) on this site, so let's focus on what brings us together. We all love football, and I am going to assume that all of us are basically good, decent people who want the best for these kids and coaches. The accusation made here, that anyone who is white probably hates anyone who isn't white, is simply wrong, and represents the very bigotry we are trying to move forward from in this country. It's frankly shocking to read such an ignorant, bigoted, and irresponsible statement.  You destroy your credibility, particularly the credibility you want to have in critiquing a white coach, when you reveal so brazenly your disdain for white people. Further, it is silly to suggest that people of one race should not be concerned or have opinions about thing that concern people of another race; what you are proposing is a bizarre form of "intellectual segregation" that would make Martin Luther King Jr roll over in his grave. Maybe, just maybe, people have opinions about the coaching hire because they genuinely care for, know, are friends with, etc., kids in Port Arthur? And it isn't that novel of an idea to understand that many of the people so interested are white. We can all be better than this. 
  4. Silsbee 2018 Schedule

    Why isn't Silsbee playing Jasper? 
  5. pakronos can take the job 
  6. Tentative Non-District Schedules

    I wish PNG would play PAM and WOS in nondistrict. We have a way tougher district now, have to get ready. 

    Nederland/Vidor is not a rivalry. Vidor thinks it is a rivalry. 

    Manvel and Marshall got a soft district. I'm not excited that Manvel went D2. 
  9. West Orange-Stark 14 Salado 0/FINAL

    West Orange is getting lucky on these turnovers the refs keep calling back in their favor. I'm not saying they unambiguously should have gone in Salado's favor, but if I was from Salado I would feel robbed. In any case, WOS better get better in the next seven days. Worst offense we've seen out of them in years (this week, not the rest of the season).  Both of these defenses are a pleasure to watch. Old school.  If I was the Salado coach I would have already been ejected. 
  10. Not to beat a dead horse, but he cheered AGAINST PAM when PNG played them in 2016. I don't understand it. Constant loyalty change. It's like reading Donald Trump's Twitter feed. 
  11. Congrats to Titans on a good season. Sorry about the loss.
  12. For anyone watching on Texan Live, if I hear the announcer say "clickety clack" one more time...
  13. Temple seems to be running precisely the kind of offense PAM is best at defending.