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  1. Port Neches-Groves 2019.

    Two things killed us against FBM: 1) Speed. They had it on both sides of the ball. Made the Indians look they were moving in slow motion.  2) A dominant FBM defensive line. PNG was barely able to get plays off all night -- Roschon was running for his life, there was no time get anything set up on offense, and our OL was manhandled from start to finish.  I do agree that defense is a big thing that we need to improve, and it is usually THE big thing we need to improve, but a better defense wouldn't have brought us the win against FBM, not without a better O-Line and more overall speed on both sides of the ball. 
  2. Westbrook will play the winner of Longview and Amarillo Tascosa (game at 8pm tonight) 
  3. Westlake looks disoriented. I think they expected to have their way tonight. 
  4. That hit to cause the fumble was insane. The poor Westlake runner looked like we went unconscious. 
  5. Cuero 29 Silsbee 24/FINAL

    It's not like they got blown out. At this point, with so many teams watching from the basketball court, they are among the best in the state. No semifinal team has to eat crow. And they clawed back from a two-score deficit to bring the game to the final seconds. Nothing but respect for that. 
  6. Cuero 29 Silsbee 24/FINAL

    Whittington is the real deal. That fumble was a heart breaker. Silsbee had so many chances to win this game. Congratulations on a great season Silsbee! Ya'll will be back with a vengeance next season. This is a young team. I hope Silsbee schedules a tough pre-season again like they did this year. 
  7. Cuero 29 Silsbee 24/FINAL

    Thank you very much!
  8. Cuero 29 Silsbee 24/FINAL

    Sislbee can't buy themselves any extra points. They'd be tied if not for the special teams issues. 
  9. Cuero 29 Silsbee 24/FINAL

    Does anyone know where I can find all-time game-by-game results for Silsbee? 
  10. Congratulations Silsbee!
  11. Silsbee runs a strict " RB up the middle every single play" offense. It's frustrating to watch. 
  12. FB Marshall has got to be one of the fastest teams in Texas. Making Huntsville's defense look downright normal. 
  13. Shug

    Is anyone making an all-time Shug highlights video?