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  1. PNG @ Vidor prediction

    Definitely -- I appreciate the frank back and forth. Go Pirates!
  2. PNG @ Vidor prediction

    This forum confuses me sometimes: I see people get ridiculed on this site when they use poor grammar or spelling. Now you're making fun of me for using proper grammar and spelling. So...thanks for the compliment? I'm sorry my writing style and use of examples from recent history to support my opinions seems to have offended you. Blame my teachers at PNG if it bothers you.   
  3. PNG @ Vidor prediction

    This is too long, so I apologize in advance. Going to make a bold, probably-not-true (but I'm sticking to it), stir-the-pot prediction: PNG (at least) 45-Vidor 14.  This isn't at all to take something away from Vidor. I know they are going to make a game of it and this is one of their better teams in a while.  I don't think it matters for one second that Vidor has "another Quirante". The Quirante boys are great players, but it's not like PNG hasn't played some great players before. When they had two Quirante's last year, we still won. In the years (either two or three) Vidor had Montana Quirante, Vidor won ONCE, in 2012 when PNG had one of its worst teams ever. It's got to drive the other players from Vidor nuts to hear people talk about how "We've got a Quirante" as if there aren't a bunch of other good players on the field, as if having another kid from the same gene pool as your last good star is somehow a magic spell. I understand that having a good player is huge (I'm certainly grateful to have Roschon Johnson wearing purple and white), but Roschon isn't the only player on the team and he is the first, from what I've seen, to point the finger at his supporting cast as the people who make it all possible.  Here's where I'll sound a little disrespectful: Vidor's offense is a garbage system. I know everyone in Vidor talks about it like its the greatest thing ever (and they definitely catch people off guard with it -- Gave PNG all we could handle last year and pulled the upset off at PAM), but it is an intentionally self-limiting playbook, which is infuriating when you consider the great athletes in Vidor. Why not throw the ball? Don't tell me "It works for them" -- If running works so well, imagine what a competent passing game would do for them? I honestly think Coach Matthews acts like his players are stupid or something, as if he, or the players, are incapable of learning a skill that 99% of other teams learn pretty well. It's a disservice to the players to not teach them a huge portion of the game. And just because it works sometimes doesn't mean there isn't a more efficient way of doing things. An upset over PAM last year does not validate a system that usually moves too slowly and inefficiently to match pace with speedy, balanced teams, especially in the playoffs. (Imagine if Vidor had a slightly better passing game against Crosby last year).  So on Friday, PNG is going to walk into Vidor and the Vidor players are going to run right into a buzzsaw. They'll get their points, certainly, but they won't be able to keep PNG out of the end zone.  If the starting QB has almost no experience passing, how can they simulate a passing offense in practice -- How do you simulate Preston Riggs and Preston Hughes if even your best receivers have (by the choice of the coach) almost no experience catching the ball under game pressure (at least very little experience compared to most starting receivers in Texas)? Look at the interception Vidor threw in the last play against Nederland this season. Maybe if Vidor threw more in games, they would be a little more able to throw when it matters? (Not to take anything away from Nederland for making a play, but I do blame Coach Matthews for not having his team ready to make a big pass when it mattered). My point is, Vidor's stubborn insistence on running a 1950's offense makes a difference in their ability to have success. If you compare Vidor and PNG, they have practically the same size schools, practically the same demographics, just as many athletes, etc., but look at the results over the years. Even when PNG is not that good, we beat Vidor most of the time. Results that consistent are not on the players, they are on the coaches. Given the comparable size and athleticism, you would think Vidor would win more than 4 times in the past 25 years (heck, maybe more than twice in the last decade at least?).  I think the PNG defense will be more than up to the task of stopping Vidor. After Elijah Hines and Keitha Jones, we'll be ready for Vidor.  Reading over this, I know this sounds cocky. I'll be the first to come on here and eat a big spoonful of crow if Vidor comes out and surprises PNG. Heck, I'll admit I underestimated Vidor if PNG wins by one point. I support ya'll in every game, for the most part (I think Vidor was the better team against Nederland). But for the sake of predictions, I'll go ahead and say it won't even be close.   
  4. 21-5A vs 22-5A

    I wouldn't be so quick to put PNG and PAM above anyone in another district. I think we can safely say that PNG and PAM are good, but we haven't really played anyone yet. PAM had a close game with Nederland, and Nederland seems to be quite good (at least not measurably worse than PNG, PAM, or Vidor, and they did lay down a beating on Dayton). I think we'll know a lot more about Nederland on Saturday, for sure. I would expect PNG and PAM to beat anyone in 21-5a right now, but that is just a gut feeling. Nederland and Vidor would give Crosby all it can handle for four quarters. 
  5. Ah...right, I had forgotten that. 
  6. Central has a new coach, hurricane aftermath, displacement. I know all of the schools are dealing with hurricane issues (and PAM certainly is), but starting with a brand new (to Central) coach AND with that other stuff is just plain unfair. I think they will be better as the season goes on. 
  7. I agree. They are caught in an unfortunate spot right on the wrong side of the border between classifications. They would fit in perfectly in 4A Division 1. I know they aren't the only ones that have to deal with this kind of thing, but it's stupid for them to have to play schools with 500-1000 kids more than them. I'm not saying Lumberton would win state in 4A, but the games would be much more interesting and the matchups would be exciting. I'm hoping the redistricting and the application of the division system to 5A will lead to Lumberton being in a district with the bigger 4As. Silsbee, LCM, Bridge City, and Lumberton belong in the same district. 
  8. Will there be radio broadcast of PNG-Lumberton? 
  9. I wish they would just put the games on TV every Friday -- people would still go to the games, and it would be awesome for those of us who are out of town. I'd pay for that. 
  10. They've been broadcast in the past. I know they did it in 2010 once for a Saturday game, in 2013 once for a Thursday game against Summer Creek, and twice last year on Texan Live. 
  11. Has there been any discussion of streaming the non-Friday 22-5a games live this season? It's my understanding that we are only forbidden (for some reason) from streaming Friday night games live. So, will the Wednesday night games be streamed?     
  12. 22-5A vs 21-5A

    I get the sense that no one plays defense anymore. West Orange is obviously the exception. I think a lot of that has to do with how offenses have changed over the years. The spread and its variants have enabled teams to put up points really efficiently, but I don't know that there is a widespread answer to the spread on the defensive side of the ball. I also think this carries into the college level -- Texas schools don't play defense very well, the Big 12 is full of Texas players, the Big 12 stinks at defense. Of course, as I write this I am remembering that Oklahoma played lock-down D last night against Ohio State. It's not a perfect theory.  As far as which district looks better this year, I think Crosby is at least weaker than they have been the past few years. I think Nederland is stronger than we've all been suspecting. I think their games against Vidor and PAM will show us a lot. Barbers Hill is going to be solid. We'll have to see how much the storm affects the teams mentally. 
  13. Liltex CupPick' Ems - Week 3

    1.     Crosby/Barbers Hill 2.     East Chambers/Hamshire-Fannett 3.     San Augustine/Groveton 4.     Dayton/Splendora 5.     Kingwood Park/New Caney 6.     Beaumont Legacy Christian/Sugar Land Logos Prep 7.     Beaumont West Brook/Sheldon C.E. King 8.     Galena Park North Shore/Spring Westfield 9.     Diboll/Newton 10.   Cleveland/Brazosport 11.    Huffman Hargrave/Willis 12.    Liberty/Coldspring-Oakhurst 13.    Silsbee/Jasper 14.    Warren/Tarkington 15.    Woodville/Little Cypress-Mauriceville 16.    Anahuac/Buna 17.    Hardin/New Waverly 18.    Hemphill/West Sabine 19.    Kountze/Hull-Daisetta 20.    Cushing/Burkeville 21.    Deweyville/Evadale 22.    High Island/Orange Community Christian 23.    The Woodlands/Katy 24.    Goose Creek Memorial/Santa Fe 25.    Humble Summer Creek/Pearland Dawson  
  14. So, is PNG's defense as bad as it sounds, or is Baytown Sterling's offense just really good?