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  1. Deweyville @ West Hardin

    49-39 Deweyville takes it for the W
  2. West Hardin is always good. They always have some good talent. Deweyville is going to come off strong after losing to Evadale. I think this is going to be a good game.
  3. Evadale @ Deweyville

  4. Evadale @ Deweyville

    You never know. Anything can happen when it comes to sports. Is that Mackey kid playing??
  5. Evadale @ Deweyville

    Haven't see Evadale this year. It will be a very tight and intense game. Evadale boys are always rough and execute the game well. But Deweyville has been strong this year and they're getting stronger throughout the season. It's going to be a nail bitter, but I say Deweyville takes this one.
  6. Is TexanLive playing a live video like last week? or are they just playing it as a regular radio broadcast?