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  1. Jasper 2018

    I always love reading WOSgrad's comments. You give out really good information that us young guys, sometimes the older gentlemen don't even know. Very thankful to have you as an admin sir. 
  2. I had no idea about that. Dang that sucks, I know how that feels. Well good luck Kville!
  3. I just didn't know who else they have to pitch. Didn't get to see them a lot this year. Every time I saw them play, they pitched Hendrix. 
  4. Is it raining bad up there? Or is lightning causing the delay?
  5. Does anybody know who BS is pitching in game 2?
  6. Brenham vs. PN-G

    Doesn't PNG's second baseman pitch? I can't remember his name. I don't think Morse is who I'm thinking about. 
  7. Good job Kirbyville! 
  8. Dang that's a good win right there. Congrats Wildcats! Keep it going
  9. Good season Mustangs, tough loss. But y'all had a great season. At least y'all have it all y'all could. Keep them heads up high!
  10. Tough loss, but I know the Bridge City team is tough and can pull it out. Good luck!
  11. Crosby sounds like the real deal this year. Congrats! Keep it going!
  12. Stubblefield is looking really good so far
  13. Finally made it out here, weather is great for some baseball!