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  1. **AREA ROUND PLAYOFF INFO**/Post here

    Deweyville vs. San Augustine Friday at 7 pm  at Woodville
  2. Evadale - Alto

    Im going to go with Evadale. Just gotta watch the turnovers and execute the first half.  Go Rebs!
  3. ☆#1 Silsbee vs HJ☆

    Silsbee by 20+ if HJ plays hard
  4. Deweyville VS San Augustine

    7 pm Friday Night in Woodville
  5. Okay guys. I haven't seen San Augustine play in years, but Deweyville was on fire last night. Who y'all got?
  6. that was amazing 
  7. San Augustine 67 Neches 63/FINAL

    Don't doubt us just yet. We played as a unit real well last night. It'll be a close game, but I think we might take this one. Good luck to both teams though. 
  8. Deweyville 83 West Sabine 64/FINAL

    Yes it would have been. We couldn't tell what players had how many fouls. It honestly looked like a middle school gym. Was it a middle school gym?
  9. San Augustine 67 Neches 63/FINAL

    So does San Augustine look good?
  10. I agree with all of y'all. We played them twice and I've noticed that his attitude wasn't where it should be. Yes he's a fairly well basketball player, but if he would improve his attitude he would be much better. Great shooter and I was impressed with his ball handling skills in between the tough Piney Woods half court press.   
  11. Deweyville 83 West Sabine 64/FINAL

    I thought the same thing. But I didn't want to say anything lol
  12. Deweyville 83 West Sabine 64/FINAL

    40 total points for Caleb Winkle. Good job Pirates!
  13. Deweyville 83 West Sabine 64/FINAL

    Deweyville - 83 West Sabine - 64 final