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  1. Evadale 17 Deweyville 2/FINAL

    Final Evadale - 17 Deweyville - 2 good game rebs
  2. 03/27 - 25-2A Action

    Games still at 6 in the Big Red Ville.
  3. 03/27 - 25-2A Action

    youre going to be there right?
  4. Orangefield 8 Hamshire-Fannett 4/FINAL

    Who pitched for OF?
  5. Top player(s)/Team(s) to watch this season?

    Im really wanting to go see that Lejune kid from PNG play. I heard he was really good. I have yet to see 5A teams play baseball, so im going to try and make a few of those games. Then im leaning towards watching silsbee play as well.
  6. Ouch.. didn't get to make it out there in time. Anymore updates?
  7. Top player(s)/Team(s) to watch this season?

    I just meant any of the good players in highschool that are on varsity. From freshmen to seniors. But thank you BallBoy96!
  8. Top player(s)/Team(s) to watch this season?

    i got to see miller and the Dallas brothers so far this year. I've been wanting to watch Partain for awhile now. I'm just trying to get a little more info to see who's the best to watch in the area. but thank you sir!
  9. Who are some of the top high school baseball players or teams this year? 
  10. 25-2A 03/20&21st

    Im predicting the Deweyville and Big Sandy game is going to be a nail biter haha. Hopefully ill be able to make it out there to get y'all some updates  
  11. Deweyville Tournament

    Got an update  Hardin Jefferson JV - 14 Evadale Jv - 3 final
  12. Deweyville Tournament

    When I left it was during the 5th and liberty was winning 7-5
  13. Deweyville Tournament

    after 4 Buna - 5 Liberty - 2
  14. Deweyville Tournament

    My apologies.  Middle of the third liberty 2 buna 1
  15. Deweyville Tournament

    I think Buna is up 1-0 right now. But I have a meeting at 4:45. And won't get back until the 7 pm game