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  1. Evadale 106 Deweyville 57/FINAL

    Looks like I finally made it out to a game this year, good luck to both teams. But Go Pirates!
  2. West Orange-Stark 28 Madisonville 26/FINAL

    Interception by #18 Robinson
  3. West Orange-Stark 28 Madisonville 26/FINAL

    Finally made it out here and up at the top. first WOS game to watch this year. Go Stangs!
  4. Texan Live Line Up this week

    So they are actually going to live video stream it this time? Or are they just going to radio broadcast it? I'm having to go to Arkansas for Thanksgiving and have been wondering if I was going to be able to watch it somehow. 
  5. San Augustine 55 Deweyville 6/FINAL

    41-0 Wolves halftime Pirates didn't show up to play at all. Getting beat on every play and they're scared. Let's hope Deweyville can score in the second half. 

    Most likely so, but thank you!  

    I haven't heard anything about Kilgore, hopefully LCM makes it out alive lol

    I was informed that LCM will be playing in Lufkin next Friday night, but who do they play?
  9. SETXsport Liltex Cup Pick 'ems - Week 11

    1. Porter 2. Kingwood Park 3. Crosby 4. PNG 5. PAM 6. Silsbee 7. Huffman Hargrave 8. LCM 9. Jasper 10. Bellville  11. HJ 12. WOS 13. Buna 14. Woodville 15. Anahuac 16. Hempstead 17. Garrison 18. Crockett 19. Newton 20. San Augustine 21. Centerville 22. Colmesneil 23. Evadale 24. Beaumont Central  25. West Hardin
  10. Deweyville Pirates @ West Sabine Tigers

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't WS have two twins that were the running backs? They also played baseball. I think they might've switched schools or graduated, I can't remember. 
  11. Anahuac @ Hardin

    Anahuac by 8
  12. SETXsports Liltex Cup Pick 'em - Week 10

    1. Beaumont West Brook 2. Dayton 3. Kingwood Park 4. New Caney 5. Vidor 6. Beaumont Central 7. PNG 8. Nederland 9. Navasota 10. LCM 11. Huffman Hargrave 12. Jasper 13. Madisonville  14. HJ 15. WOS 16. Coldspring-Oakhurst 17. Kirbyville 18. Buna 19. Anahuac 20. EC 21. Newton  22. San Augustine 23. Deweyville 24. Evadale  25. High Island
  13. Iola vs Evadale

    I'm feeling Evadale is going to make an upset and end up winning by 2
  14. Deweyville Pirates @ West Sabine Tigers

    I dont know much about West Sabine this year, but I haven't had the chance to see my boys play this year.. but give me Pirates by 12
  15. Hull-Daisetta 16 Deweyville 22/FINAL 2 OT

    I believe it, new coach why not try something new? I mean we have a young QB who can put it in the air that's actually pretty good. Yeah it's hard to fathom it, because they barely threw it when I was in highschool and we had guys that could throw bombs. But this is a different coach, and maybe he sees something in our offense that's good enough to pass.