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  1. Stubblefield is looking really good so far
  2. Finally made it out here, weather is great for some baseball!
  3. Evadale vs Thorndale

    Good luck Rebs, bring them H.E. double hockey sticks!! whos pitching for Evadale?
  4. West Orange Stark vs Orangefield

    Got some news that OF is pitching Stubblefield tomorrow night. Should be a good game, having both teams #1's pitching against each other. I'll be out there tomorrow night. I'll take WOS winning this one 4-3
  5. Sports injuries

    I injured my knee in a basketball game in highschool really bad but I kept on playing on it because I loved the sport, played on it during baseball as well. This was 4 years ago. It hasn't stopped hurting in these past 4 years. It has made it hard to walk, run, do anything active. I finally went to the doctor last month and found out I have a torn meniscus and a torn ACL.   
  6. Evadale vs Thorndale

    Rooting for the Rebs! one step closer!
  7. Silsbee vs Bridge City

    Well that escalated quickly! ill take Silsbee in 3 games. I've missed a lot of ball this season, so I think I might be out at the Beck to watch. Win or lose, at least they've made it further than a lot of teams this year.
  8. Come on Rebs, pull it out!!
  9. Is he pitching good?
  10. Who's pitching for Evadale?
  11. Wow. Newton must be really good this year if they beat Danbury. Good job Eagles!
  12. Silsbee vs.Huffman

    Huffman wins first game, Silsbee comes back and wins the next two games to win the series. 
  13. Evadale vs Shiner

    Update as soon as you can. I'd love to come watch this game. Sounds like a good one!
  14. Iola - 4 Deweyville - 3 game two is about to start