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  1. I would probably go to EC and Buna. I picked EC to win district prior to the season. Now I'm not sure they can  beat Buna and they've already lost to Woodville. Besides..... I like to eat at Al T's. 
  2. I don't mean to correct you but I moved here in 1991 and Coach Green was an assistant for Coach Sigler for at least half of the 90's. Then he took a head coaching job in Kountze. He later went to Beaumont Central and then on to Memorial. He also coached in some places in the Houston area before taking the job at Northshore. He is and has been an outstanding person and an outstanding coach. 
  3. I don't disagree with the fact that kids are the biggest recruiters but before you jump into open enrollment why don't you just go to a single class like in the days of Hoosiers. It works..... My high school played the University of Arkansas for four years starting in 1896. The high school which also happens to be the same school Tom Halliburten graduated from beat Arkansas football  team two times which was either right before or right after Arkansas played the University of Texas. Chances are some of the high school players were 30 years old.  In 1912 Bayard Nebraska, a town of about 4,000 played all the way to a mythical state football championship in football where they travelled on a train 500 miles to Omaha to play Omaha High School for the state championship. Bayard had 12 or 13 players and one of them was 12 years old.  In the 1920's Joes Colorado decided to form a basketball team. They had seven players and a coach who had never played basketball. In 1926 they beat everyone in Northeastern Colorado and ventured to such places as Colorado Springs, Greeley and yes the best high schools in Denver to play. After beating everyone in Colorado they took a train to Chicago where they played in a national tournament. As I remember reading they beat some teams from Texas and others and eventually finished third in the tournament. They were pretty good. One of the players went on to play for a Phillips 66 AAU squad that was considered to be the best team in America.  Let anyone play where they want to... don't have any classes. Folks that is two bad ideas. 
  4. Jasper 45 Bridge City 7/FINAL

    I'm just glad to see Cardinal Backer get on the football team and off my Silsbee Tiger basketball team. He used to hurt feelings around here ever now and then. I did not take it that CB was knocking the football coaches at Bridge City.  He probably would in the right circumstance though. 
  5. Newton 56 Silsbee 14/FINAL

    Speaking of DI and D2. I believe Silsbee was the largest D2 school with Carthage being the Smallest D1 School. I believe there was about ten kids separating the two schools. Silsbee just reported an enrollment increase of about 50 to 60 kids. They also have four classes in a row that will be coming into the high school with more than 200 kids in each class. What are the chances that Silsbee jumps back up to D1. Maybe Carthage could go to DII at the same time. We will have to wait 1 1/2 years to find out. 
  6. That was my thinking exactly. I even talked with Coach Green about it. He said it would not happen. I don't like transfers unless the parents move. Over the years we have had too many transfers from Silsbee to Kountze and from Kountze to Silsbee. A large portion of the athletes at Evadale actually live in Silsbee. I would prefer that the kids play sports in the district where they reside. Of course we know that never happens (meaning no transfers without moving) at places like Yates.
  7. Fall Sports Preview in Jasper Newsboy

    We've been doing that for years at The Silsbee Bee. It is a lot of fun but it is a lot of work because you have to go take most of those pictures and interview all those people. 
  8. The Silsbee Tigers were actually invited to two national tournaments. One was in Florida and the other was the Sugar Bowl Classic. This year district play starts before Christmas and the Sugar Bowl Classic was the only one that they could work into the schedule. This year Silsbee will have a much improved schedule over previous years. They have been really short on home games for several years but this year the promise is that they will have several good home games in the preseason. 

    I've known coach Joubert ever since he has been in Kountze. I guess I never thought about him being black. Not that it matters. I've always found him to be courteous, very responsive to my questions and a heck of a good guy. I would hate to see him leave Kountze but if he did I would certainly wish him the best. By the way as I understand it after playing football and graduating from Hardin Jefferson he played football at West Texas A&M and then in the Canadian Football League for several years. Even after he returned to Southeast Texas he played for the Beaumont Drillers.  I think he likes coaching football but I can tell you this.... if coach Sigler decided to retire from SHS I would be calling the Superintendent asking them to consider Joubert as the next coach.  He is a fine man and a great person to have around kids. If he were to leave Kountze and go to HJ it would be HJ's gain and Kountze's loss. 
  10. Super Gold Selections

    I like the idea of only having five on the first team and a different five on the second. When you do that someone is going to be left out. That's the way it is in real life. Jordyn is a great player. However Bush and McCain were stronger this year during tournament time. Next year could well be different. I have no complaints about the people who received first team honors and I doubt he does either. 
  11. Possible QB for Silsbee next year

    I look for Draelyn Taylor to play quarterback until one of the younger players is ready to fill the role.   
  12. I am and will be praying for you. I certainly appreciate your comments and your objective opinions. I don't know who you are and don't know what is afflicting you but I do know that God has the power to meet any challenge. 
  13. Silsbee vs Somerset

    I believe that Silsbee will win back to backs but they better play the games one at a time. I think this is the 17th time I've had a team to cover at a state tournament. I think that in basketball size does matter. To me in most instances it is a much bigger factor than depth. LaMarque almost beat Lincoln two years ago with size. They had a big lead and if Lincoln had not mounted a huge come-back Silsbee would have probably already had its back to back state championships. Depth becomes a factor when people get in foul trouble. At this point in the season most of these kids can play a whole game with little or no relief. They are in shape. Fouls are a bigger factor than being tired.  I think the team most likely to pull off an upset is Seminole. They appear to have outside shooters, bulk and height. If things fall right for them they could give someone trouble.  I haven't seen any film on Carter but the coaches tell me that they are a team to be feared. 
  14. I 've always been very impressed with Coach Louis and hope he has a long and successful career at the new school. He has always seemed to be a very fine man to me.     
  15. I've seen them play about three times this year. I suspect the coach has tried hard to get the player to play on the blocks. Sometimes doing what you want to do is more important than winning.