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  1. 2017 Homeruns....... Varsity Only!!!!

    Derrick Cherry  Jr  GCM  1 vs North Shore (4-26) 
  2. Baytown Baseball

    Easy to be overly critical from the outside looking in. Easy to blame the coaches when you see a bad record but not have a first hand account of what's really going on on a daily basis.
  3. Baytown Baseball

    Coaching staff does a good job. They work hard. It is hard to get buy in when the "studs" care more about individual glory than team accomplishments. Evident with them showing up late to practice nearly everyday and constantly talking how great they are and they "got theirs" during games. Coaches have coached hard all year, just haven't had some things go the GCM way.
  4. 2017 Homeruns....... Varsity Only!!!!

    Derrick Cherry  Jr  GCM  1 vs CE King (4-21) 
  5. Baytown Baseball

    With Channelview also losing Friday night. There is a 3-way tie for 4th with GCM, Channelview, and Summer Creek.
  6. 2017 Homeruns....... Varsity Only!!!!

    Derrick Cherry,  GCM.  2 vs Summer Creek , 4/7/17
  7. 2017 Homeruns....... Varsity Only!!!!

    Leo Galvan SR GCM 1 vs CE King 3/28 Anthony Rodriguez JR GCM 1(GS) vs CE King 3/28
  8. 2017 Homeruns....... Varsity Only!!!!

    March 10 Derrick Cherry  Jr  GCM  #1 vs Clear Falls March 17 Leo Galvan   Sr   GCM  #1 vs Kingwood
  9. Scrimmage Games Needed

    GCM is in need of two scrimmage games. Two teams recently backed out on them.  Dates needed: February 6th or 7th and February 13th or 14. The Varsity is willing to travel. Please Contact HC Brian Williams at 281-515-6175, or Asst. Coach Ryan Almon at if interested.    
  10. 2016 Homeruns.......... Varsity only!!!!

    Kyle Davis, Sr. - GCM - 1 HR vs. Lumberton 4/1
  11. GCM @ Lumberton Friday

    Game will be moved to GCM if Lumberton's field is not playable
  12. 2016 Homeruns.......... Varsity only!!!!

    Mario Moralez - Sr. GCM - 2 HR vs St. John's (3-30) Also, Kyle Davis has 2 total (1 vs PNG, 1 vs Bellaire Episcopal) GCM - 6 Total HR
  13. Anyone know what happened with Henry? Still just speculation on discipline or injury?
  14. 6-1 F - GCM wins 
  15. 2016 Homeruns.......... Varsity only!!!!

    Kyle Davis, Sr. - GCM - 1 vs PNG  Adam Morse, Sr. - PNG - 1 vs GCM