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  1. Butch to be renamed...

    Thoughts? https://www.beaumontenterprise.com/news/article/BISD-board-plans-to-rename-stadium-13152960.php
  2. The people who were trashing Peevey a few weeks ago are awfully quiet now.
  3. West Orange-Cove CISD Bond Passes!

    Good. Maybe Coach T won't retire so soon now (although I know some would love that)
  4. Week 6 Pick'ems Schedule

  5. Associated Press State Rankings - Week 6

    I was voting for AP this year but I've got to say, don't take these rankings too seriously. Most of the voters have not/will not ever see the Golden Triangle teams and defer to the metro area teams. Woodville and Jasper getting votes I can almost guarantee were the Enterprise's doing. I personally shied away from PAM after the BU game but would consider them for the top 10 now (BU's a lot better now than they were a few weeks ago)
  6. Lil Tex's Saturday Morning Headlines 9/29/2018

    Shapiro leaves Beaumont, but not before Vidor upends Crosby on a sloppy field and sets District 12-5A-II into a frenzy
  7. Week 5 power rankings

    Not much changed with so many teams on a bye http://bit.ly/2xC6L2u
  8. Sabine Pass cancels the rest of the season?

    Asked the UIL if they'd permit these Sabine Pass kids to transfer without penalty. UIL said no.
  9. Sabine Pass cancels the rest of the season?

    He's the school's AD and teaches there as well so I'd assume not haha
  10. Crosby 35 West Orange-Stark 24/FINAL

    Yes. 35-24 Crosby.
  11. Crosby 35 West Orange-Stark 24/FINAL

    Crosby second touchdown.      
  12. Kountze 10 Beaumont Kelly Catholic 7/FINAL

    Kountze's Keyshawn Adams was stretchered off the field with a bad left leg injury. Thoughts are with him.
  13. Crosby 35 West Orange-Stark 24/FINAL

    West Orange-Stark's second touchdown.    
  14. Crosby 35 West Orange-Stark 24/FINAL

    Crosby touchdown.    
  15. Vidor 44 Little Cypress-Mauriceville 7/FINAL

    Game's still supposed to go on at 8 but our photographer says the rain is only coming down harder now...
  16. Crosby 35 West Orange-Stark 24/FINAL

    All: Beaumont Enterprise has partnered with Texan Live, so you'll be able to find highlights from select games on our website on Friday nights moving forward. Here's West Orange-Stark's touchdown:    
  17. Beaumont Enterprise week 4 power rankings

    8 of the 10 have byes this week I think. It's crazy.  
  18. An early goodbye

    Some of y'all already know, but my last day at the Enterprise is next Friday. I'm moving back to Phoenix (my hometown) for the time being and will be doing some freelance for high schools/college sports. Just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone on here for reading my stories and interacting, especially over the last year and a half or so I've done mainly high schools. I'll still be active on the site and following along after I leave, but just wanted to let everyone know that the coverage will be different come October.
  19. An early goodbye

    You got it. I'm getting in on pick 'em starting week 6 if that's fine.
  20. Top Jobs in SETX (10 years)

    I'll have our full list out before I leave (hopefully)
  21. An early goodbye

    You're right about that. I'm going to freelance HS games in Phoenix when I get back and I know it ain't gonna compare...
  22. An early goodbye

    I know we had our differences, but was good to have you following along, man.
  23. Top Jobs in SETX (10 years)

    This is the email I received from Bmt ISD when I requested their 2018-19 salaries (stipends included)   From: nmyles@bmtisd.comOn Behalf OfPublic Request Sent: Monday, July 16, 2018 3:20:33 PM (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada) To: Shapiro, Danny Subject: Fwd: Public Information Request #15527 Arthur Louis- $97,350.00 William Peevey- $86,000
  24. Top Jobs in SETX (10 years)

    That is incorrect. Neither makes even 100K per school year.