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  1. Send my way and I'll update. You've got my email address.
  2. You really gotta stop waking up on the wrong side of the bed.
  3. Who are Southeast Texas' best returning linebackers?

    Had him on DL returners since he split time at DL and LB. Probably should have just put him on LB.
  4. Hey y'all. Putting together our big SETX football preview magazine (out on Aug. 26) and I'm in the midst of writing a couple stories. I'm looking for fans who wouldn't mind being quoted about these subjects: - Beaumont United - Lasting impact of Harvey, one year later - SETX football history (how recent SETX football success compares to other ages)   If interested, shoot me a PM on here, Twitter (@DannyShapiro13) or through text (602)-577-1472 Thanks!
  5. Looking for SETX football fans

    That Beaumont United one is right up your alley. PM me and I'll tell you what I'm doing with it.
  6. Comprehensive list here: http://bit.ly/2KrfskJ
  7. Who are SETX's best returning wide receivers?

    Yeah, West Brook's real deep at receiver. That offense is going to be humming this season.
  8. Week By Week Schedule

    Here's the week by week schedule for our local high school teams. http://bit.ly/2Mr0Lio
  9. RIP Blain Padgett

    Still not over that? Lol.
  10. Dave Campbell’s Texas Football

    Came back from vacation today and it was at my desk...great present!
  11. RIP Blain Padgett

    Purposefully only put the link just for that reason.
  12. Dave Campbell’s Texas Football

    Already have one in case anyone has specific questions they want answered before Thursday.
  13. Which SETX school had the best athletic season in 2017-18? My vote's for Silsbee. (Going to leave this here since it seems to be the most relevant board at the moment) http://bit.ly/2l9XSXB
  14. How are y'all feeling about this? http://bit.ly/2xQH8Ob
  15. RIP Blain Padgett

  16. Updated list here: http://bit.ly/2I1ApWg