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  1. Brett Kavanaugh

    What? That's not correct? Thanks, a lot Trump.
  2. Brett Kavanaugh

    And Mack.....should be locking that down. I bet he is googling things about UT. I swear.
  3. Lumberton JV 34 West Hardin 24/FINAL

    Lumberton fields 4 teams as well. They aren't hurting for numbers. Honestly I am not surprised of the outcome. Lumberton ain't bad.
  4. Brett Kavanaugh

    Start at page 3. Make sure to finish. I tried. Like I always do. 
  5. Brett Kavanaugh

  6. Brett Kavanaugh

    You are staff, you should read page 3. Multiple F bombs.
  7. Brett Kavanaugh

    BTW, if ya'll want some real action head over to the Youth Sports hot topic. Page 3. LOL your welcome. Back to the topic.

    Oh wow.

    There are 3 threads and 10+ pages of grown men arguing and boasting about who's 9 year old team is better, who coaches better, and so many more irrelevant side discussions. I would be more concerned at the quality of people "leading" 9 year olds rather than if a kid is playing for the wrong team. That's just me. Thankfully I have no kids in the area. 
  10. Brett Kavanaugh

    Shut up Hoops, stay out of this.

    9-10 year old football.
  12. Kid’s are off Limits

    Been following this for a couple days. I do not have kids in Pee Wee or anything, just a bystander. Kids should play in their zone if possible. If they don't, a waiver should be signed or whatever. That really should be for any youth sport. Hopefully nobody was really driving up to schools to take pictures of little kids to show where they go to school. That's nuts. What has gotten lost in this conversation is that its Pee Wee Football. 9 and 10 year old football. Nobody is getting paid for winning or getting a scholarship or getting an AD job for their tremendous game planning. It should be about the game, kids learning techniques and what not. 
  13. He "assaulted her at a party". She don't recall where it happened, the "witnesses" she named have no idea what she is talking about. She don't even know what year it happened. She just know recalled it while at a therapy session with her husband. 
  14. Just think of how bad society has gotten. Someone can accuse you of something, while admittedly not recalling the where, when, or with who it happened. The lady says she doesn't even know what year, don't know where, it is crazy. It is a shame how political our world is nowadays. Republican, Democrat, don't matter, it's sickening.  
  15. Stories about Texas and other in state schools

    The rent been paid?