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  1. Ask MrUmp1 your rules question.

    ART. 2 . . . If a pitcher is replaced while his team is on defense, the substitute pitcher shall pitch to the batter then at bat, or any substitute for that batter, until such batter is put out or reaches first base, or until a third out has been made. To ensure that the requirements of this article be fulfilled, the umpire will deny any coach-defensive player conference that will violate the rule. If a pitcher is incapacitated or guilty of flagrant unsportsmanlike conduct, this rule is ignored. A player may be removed as pitcher and returned as pitcher only once per inning, provided the return as pitcher does not violate either the pitching, substitution or charged conference rule. If the pitcher, because of an injury or being incapacitated, is replaced as pitcher and the above rule is not satisfied, or if his replacement requires more warm-up throws than permitted in 6-2-2 exception, he cannot return to the game as a pitcher. Article 2 of the handbook makes no reference to starter or reliever. IDK. 
  2. 21-5a District Standings

    Splendora 6-3
  3. Ask MrUmp1 your rules question.

    Unless it has been changed recently, a starting pitcher can return to the mound.
  4. GCM

    I would say it is his fault if he is allowing players to be selfishly bad teammates. Cancers, they are called. 
  5. GCM

    Right on.
  6. GCM

    Coach must be a meany. I bet he used a "bad" word and hurt a kids feelings.
  7. Changes at KP

    Did he get a Head job? Some of the assistants leaving with him seems like it.
  8. Segregation Now

    I hate to hear that something like that would take place. It makes no sense to prepay for a meal. I have never heard of something like that or overheard something like that happening to someone. That is legit crazy. I agree people in power are required for changes that need to take place. But, just because they are required doesn't mean they are the only ones that matter. How I treat you matters and how you treat me matters. It starts with people like us and others on this board. We could all communicate with each other better. It's all a matter of treating each other with more respect. There will always be whites and blacks alike that pull us apart but if the vast majority continues to pull together progress will be made. Maybe I'm thinking too simplistic, but if people just treated each other better and stop letting isolated instances or the small fraction of people with flawed views divide us, we will be alot better off.
  9. A Question About Medicine Warnings

    Most of those warnings are put on there to cover their arse if something goes wrong. If a side effect is reported during any of the studies or trials they have to put them in there. One of the people using the medicine in a trial could just have bad day and decide they have a severe headache, then "severe headaches may occur when using this medicine".
  10. Segregation Now

    I think the manager will be fired. Starbucks has already come out with several statements. Most of the statements made it seem like the manager is going to be canned. The police should have never been called. I would probably fire the worker and the manager. I get policies on people not being able to be there unless they are buying. However, some discretion should be used.  As for the bold, I hate that generalist statement. Not all people are the same. Some get grouped unfairly, both white and black. Isn't changing that what we are all looking do to?
  11. 2018 Houston Astros

    The bull pen is a much bigger issue than it appears. They have no identity. Hinch has no faith in Giles, rightfully so. Peacock looked like the man to take over the closer role until his last two outings. Harris blows it. Devo blows one. Just an absolute mess. They have no idea who their closer is, or set up man for that matter. Mark it down now, they will add two big arms to the bull pen at the dead line. Offensively they are who they always have been. Live by the bomb, die by the bomb, The problem is they are not hitting bombs right now. On top if that their strike out right is through the roof. Good offense starts with putting it in play, they are not. It is early. I wouldn't think too much into it unless these are still issues in mid-May.
  12. "You mess with the bull, you get the horn." Frank Barone
  13. 2018 Houston Astros

    He pitched 5 innings and gave up 3 runs and walked 4. I love your optimism, but he was less than spectacular in the WS. Brad Peacock came in and pitched 4 innings of scoreless ball to save the day. 
  14. 2018 Houston Astros

    Houston drops 2 straight. Pitching, early on has kept this team in W column, but McCullers looked terrible, Dallas K has not been very good either. All in all, no worries, they will be fine.