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  1. Rams @ Saints

    1st and goal from the 3. I think it's safe to say they get some sort of points. Just for odds though, the refs cost the Saints a 99.9% chance of playing in the Super Bowl
  2. I don't disagree aboit falling from the sky. Reagan gets on here constantly bashing coaches. Was against Barrow, and probably still is. My point was, the elite of the elite coaches aren't coming to Nederland with poor facilities and a pay cut
  3. Small schools are different. Newton had some really good teams the last few years and that class or two had some studs. Don't act like that running to State every year. WOS fits your argument better. There is an exception to every rule, WOS is probably that exception.  You must be from Nederland, and my comment struck a nerve. If you don't have the facilities and you don't pay worth a darn, you better be able to out athlete everybody (WOS & Newton). I'll stick by my weak argument.
  4. Democratic Nominee 2020

    We will see.
  5. Warren 78 Kountze 59/FINAL

    He must not have played basketball at Kountze. I seen both Kountze middle School teams before he moved to Silsbee. 
  6. Rams @ Saints

    I refuse to engage in another Cowboy argument lol
  7. Rams @ Saints

    No dog in the fight here, I'm a Dolphins fan. I'm not a huge fan of Peyton either, but that hurts for a guy like Brees. You can say one call don't decide a game, but that one does. That's tough to be denied a Super Bowl on a call like that.
  8. Rams @ Saints

    If the Saints lose, every ref on that crew should be fired. That was embarrassing. That's the worse no call I've ever seen
  9. Warren 78 Kountze 59/FINAL

    They may be better. I'm sure they will, and I hope they are. But returning everybody from an 3-20 team doesn't bode well for Kountze. Kountze being "back" is them pushing the Region. 
  10. Warren 78 Kountze 59/FINAL

    Without move ins, they won't. 
  11. Warren 78 Kountze 59/FINAL

    Kountze picked up a moral victory playing Warren within 20
  12. Cowboys Fire.....

    Yup, and Dallas may beat the Eagles this weekend.
  13. Democratic Nominee 2020

    It'll be interesting to watch them rip each other apart.
  14. Mature Stoners

    I believe Buna passed an alcohol deal and should be selling soon, if not already.