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  1. College World Series- 2018

    If Arkansas beats Texas, will that prove how good Aggie is?
  2. Dallas Cowboys 2018

    David Irving will be suspended the first four games of the regular season.... For the second straight year..
  3. As a casual fan, with no dog in the fight, I am not too interested in the Finals this year. Maybe it is just me. I've seen this show before. Now, no Kyrie. GS is 10-1 favorites. LeBron may find a way to win 1 maybe 2 games.  I think he will be a Rocket or 6er next year.
  4. If all this is true, the school district is about to be hit hard by this law suit. It will be interesting to see how it plays out in court.
  5. Nobody is advocating for getting rid of the football team. That's ridiculous.  However, anybody involved in the act or the cover up, should be gone. Coach, player, administrator, or student. 
  6. Any update on the law suit?
  7. Players and coaches are sharing nude videos of high school girls, but please leave football out of this lol
  8. I agree that was a deflating series. But, Houston was up 17 in Game 6 and again had a double digit lead in Game 7. Houston had every chance to close the series out and couldn't do it.
  9. Nobody should be shocked by the outcome of either games. Golden State has the best team. Chris Paul was out. Cleveland has the best player in the World. Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward were out. Houston did surprise me. I didn't think they would make it that close. Cleveland did surprise me. I thought the King would have put the Celtics away earlier, they are led by a 19 year old rookie.
  10. Cavs/Celtics

    Game 7 My heart. Celtics continue their home dominance. As fate would have it, this would be ten years ago that LeBron lost his last Game 7 to Boston..in Boston. My head. LeBron don't lose Game 7's. Boston is too young to close out this Cavs team.   
  11. Up 17 after 1....SMH
  12. No CP3 for Game 6. Hopefully he will be available for Game 7
  13. Coldspring open

      Just because HP had a bunch of white dudes, does not mean they were "the least athletic State Champion." That is one of the dumbest things I have read on here. How you could watch that game and come away thinking HP was not athletic is ridiculous. 
  14. Lumberton beat PNG

    There were no replies in 6 days. It was all but dead. 
  15. Both series are tied. Both higher seeded teams have home court advantage in a best two out of three series. Both higher seeds expected to lose. Crazy