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  1. GO CROSBY AND New Caney!!!!!

    Point #1- You do have big numbers. The largest in the "Cupcake District" (Named by PAM fans).  Point #2- PAM fans have been all over this board running their chops, not me. I am stating facts. PAM hasn't been able to handle their own business in a district that has be named "Cupcake" by it's own fans. Point #3- Nobody cares if you played football back when you were in high school. Unless you are playing it today, and getting paid for it, your football career is just as irrelevant as mine. 
  2. GO CROSBY AND New Caney!!!!!

    PAM drops down into a "Cupcake District" and hasn't been able to win the district outright. In fact, if not for an upset by another team having to handle their business, wouldn't even have  share of the Cupcake Title. With those huge 5A numbers and the overflow of talent in PA, how is it they cant walkthrough the district that is so terrible? Like I said PNG may lose Round 1, Crosby is an awful Round 1 draw. But, PAM acting like they are about to run through the region. Neither team is going past the 3rd round, so PAM acting like "Monsters" and "Legit" is funny to me. Newton and WOS are the only "Monsters" and "Legit" team in this area based on chances to win real hardware. Good luck PNG. 
  3. GO CROSBY AND New Caney!!!!!

    The winner of this game more likely than not loses in round 3 to College Station
  4. GO CROSBY AND New Caney!!!!!

    Neither PAM nor PNG are LEGIT contenders to win anything worth getting all this hyped about. 
  5. Makes sense. Orangefield should have a few solid players this year from what little I know of them.
  6. Official PNG Crosby thread

    I would hope a coach would not intentionally throw a high school football game. That is trash.
  7. How did this game end up on the schedule. Thats brutal.
  8. Dallas Cowboys 2017

    Top tier QBs. Brees, Rodgers, Brady, Luck did when healthy. It is not a knock on Dak. He just isn't an elite QB like those who crowned him last year thought he was.  And the team is built about as good as possible for Dak. When healthy a great offensive line, and when not suspended a great RB. The Line is banged up and Zeke is gone for 6. That doesnt mean Dak won't be solid when Zeke is playing and the line gets healthy. Just don't expect him to be that great when he doesn't have Zeke to run 25 times a game for 120 yards and the line to keep him in the pocket and on his feet. 
  9. CFP Play-Off Rankings/Scenarios

    1. Bama 2. Clemson 3. Miami 4. Oklahoma This is what I think it is right now. Though, Miami and Clemson will play later. I think Wisconsin, if they stay undefeated, will get the 4 spot.  
  10. 3 UCLA Basketball Players Arrested in China

    Maybe, but I like it. I can't stand a thief. Idk about China, but 3 years here is really only around 14 months. I would be okay with that. There is no such thing as "a first time thief", just first time to be caught. haha
  11. Dallas Cowboys 2017

    Been saying it all year, film is out on Dak, defenses change looks. He is not a bad QB, but not good enough to win without an outstanding OL and a back like Zeke to carry the load.
  12. 3 UCLA Basketball Players Arrested in China

    Outta likes. And yes, laws over there are a bit tougher than here. But, I don't know if that is an indictment on us or them.
  13. PNG O-lineman question

    This is a forum. I apologize.
  14. Kansas at Texas

    Take the blinders off man. 1 game better with a significantly easier schedule.  Texas has 3 losses by combined 11 points to USC, Oklahoma, Okie State, 2 of those in OT. Texas is clearly much better than Aggie. Can't argue with Aggies though, they got the cult mentality. 
  15. Kansas at Texas

    Nichols State, UL-Lafayette, New Mexico.... impressive. and a 3-5 Florida. and 4-6 Arkansas (OT) whose win came against Florida A&M, Coastal, NM State... impressive. 5 of Aggie wins came against absolute garbage teams. 6-4 record beats a 5-5 record though. Congrats.