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  1. Anahuac Open?

  2. Congratulations Coach Wade Phillips

    Yeah the NFL wanted Brady and Goff instead of two Hall of Fame guys in Brady and Brees. 
  3. Congratulations Coach Wade Phillips

    Even if the play was called, the Saints wouldn't have automatically won the game. You can accept/reject any notion you want. The Saints had many many chances to win, and didn't
  4. Congratulations Coach Wade Phillips

    My Rams? I don't care about the Rams. I enjoyed watching Brady getting another ring. My opinion has been stated many times on this. That was an awful call that would have set up the Saints to win. But that is not the only thing that cost the Saints. They had the game all but wrapped. In the final 2 minutes they could have ran the clock down to about 40 seconds. Instead they throw it 3 times. Poor playing calling. They also had a chance to win it in overtime and couldn't. They had a chance to stop LA in OT and didn't.
  5. Congratulations Coach Wade Phillips

    1st and 10 under 2 minutes, when they should have ran the ball. Brees made a terrible throw on a short slant.  The Saints poor clock management with under 2 minutes, and a lead, played just as big, if not bigger role than the "no call"
  6. Rams @ Saints

    It's been declining for years. 100 million views drops it down slightly but is consistent with how it has been declining m the small decline had nothing to do with the New Orleans cry babies boycotting. The NFL made their millions  Lol
  7. Daddy Ball

    The Premier Select Organizations do more positive than negative. Kids who don't play select don't get near the exposure and their are very few high school coaches doing their part in getting their kids scholarships.
  8. Yeah some losses are hard to explain. They did go 4-0 during the season against playoff teams (Colts,Texans,Bears,Chiefs) 
  9. The Rams offense is awful. Something isn't right with Gurley. Luckily their defense is loaded with stars. Brady picks up another ring. Both defenses played really well. In an era where points dictate if it was a good game or bad, I guess it was a bad game. 
  10. This wasn't photo shopped lol the ball was under thrown. Lol Dallas was gifted that game therefore the next week was the "ball don't lie" game
  11. Rams @ Saints

    Of course it did, it ended their playoff run. Ending their chance of playing the ultimate game. Its happened before.  I'm in 100% agreement it is probably one of the worse calls in all post season sports, but the Saints didn't help their situation. It didn't have to come to that. They put themselves in a situation yo get screwed. Sean made some all time poor decisions under two minutes to even be in that situation. That's all I'm saying.
  12. Babies and Borders

      She don't wanna say it aloud lol
  13. Babies and Borders

    I am pro-choice. But, I get it. Abortions as a whole will never be totally illegal. But, come on. After a certain point of time it goes from being immoral, to just plain evil. There is absolutely zero legitimate reason to abort after a certain point. 
  14. Babies and Borders

    I just don't get it. They have refused to get anything done, but yet here we are, back to back days getting these abortion bills done with no issue. Seems like priorities are all outta whack.