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  1. Week 12 Games

    Don't think I said anything negative about Bo Jackson. Lol  
  2. Week 12 Games

    Don't disagree that many can play. I think LeBron doesn't have the toughness to be a great NFL player. He don't want to get that physical.
  3. Week 12 Games

    LeBron is too soft to play in the NFL. Yeah, he would be a dream athlete and what not, but he doesn't have the bite to a week in week out NFL player.
  4. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    Bro.....I literally been thinking the exact same thing. 
  5. East Chambers 82, Crockett 54/FINAL

    Ahh, I thought they had two scoop and scores and a KR TD. Those scoop and scores hurt.
  6. East Chambers 82, Crockett 54/FINAL

    I think EC had like 4 defensive/Special Teams TD's
  7. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    The same mod who dropped "Bastards" on another  thread... 
  8. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    Aggie literally deleted an entire thread because the sexual talk and the next day another mod posting trash again. What a loser.
  9. Buna 28 Kirbyville 7/FINAL

    Someone said "Don't sleep on the Cats" Then someone else said "They lost to Hardin by 14 and Hardin will be much better next year."  
  10. Buna 28 Kirbyville 7/FINAL

    Lost the QB back in Week 4 or 5. 
  11. Buna 28 Kirbyville 7/FINAL

    A couple weeks ago I watched the end of the Anahuac/Hardin game.. Hardin was gifted that playoff spot.
  12. Willowridge @ Nederland

    #9 looks like he could lay off the Natty Light.
  13. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    Wins and Losses don't matter, it is the culture. It just "feels" different.
  14. Lumberton vs Houston Wheatley

    There is a difference in "Trying to lose" and "Not putting yourself in the best position to win".