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  1. Jasper Scouting Report?

    Head Coach is good!!! Will have the Jasper girls ready to play and will mix it up on defense I am sure!!
  2. Buna 70 Hardin 14/FINAL

    Doesn't haynes have like over 160 wins?? 
  3. Hardin at Buna

    Hardin isn’t beating Buna I just don’t see it, Hardin rb is pretty good that will be a big loss for them with him graduating. 
  4. Hardin 18 Anahuac 14/FINAL

    Hardin wins 
  5. Hardin 18 Anahuac 14/FINAL

    18-14 Hardin, 4 mins left 
  6. Lumberton 38 Huffman Hargrave 31/FINAL-OT

    Coach babin and staff making adjustments!!!! That’s what a great coach does!!! 
  7. Hardin 42 Kirbyville 28/FINAL

    Hardin qb isn’t playing again tonight, big loss
  8. Hardin 7 East Chambers 57/FINAL

    Hardin vs Kirby should be a pretty good game. Hardin moved the ball well in the 1st half but you can tell the young QB had some jitters, he missed 2  deep balls that would have gone for six but over threw the WR and then on the other he under threw the WR. Hardin's rb is pretty good!!! 3 tds in the the first half that EC scored were off of a bad snap on a punt, Qb ran option but got confused and pitch the ball with no pitch man there and I can't remember the other one. I would go on a limb and say if Hardin had their starting qb this game it would have been prob 42-21 or a 42-28 score. They will give Kirby and Anahuac a very good game wouldn't surprise me one bit that they beat those 2 teams.  I don't see them beating Buna or OField
  9. Fall Ball in Nederland

    I know lumberton has 4 guys from football coming, 3 of 4 will prob be starters.
  10. Hardin Jefferson Basketball 2018/19

      yeah they had 2 beat silsbee twice that year to get in, so they only  1 playoff appearance in 51 years 
  11. Hardin Jefferson Basketball 2018/19

    Lumberton made the playoffs in 2000
  12. Legacy @ Hardin

    Hardin's head coach seems to alway develop a descent QB. 
  13. Lumberton - Coach

    Josh Porter, Silsbee assistant, 2001 alum from lumberton. 
  14. Bi-District Predictions? 21/22-5a

    Png pitching is deep !!