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  1. Lumberton 68 Kountze 34/FINAL

    Joubert is a guru!!! Great coach 
  2. Shelby defeated lumberton 57-49. 
  3. Looking for game

    mmmm smh!!!! 
  4. Looking for game

    who's the coach at warren?
  5. No it’s called playing a really good team!!
  6. I hear cleveland got in the Nederland tourney last minute!! should be a good tourney. 
  7. New Caney 23 Huffman 66/FINAL

    Lumberton didn’t have their 2 big guys, they also didn’t have their other good scorer with football going on, it was still a really good game and would have been an excellent one if they had everyone suited up. 
  8. Jasper Scouting Report?

    Head Coach is good!!! Will have the Jasper girls ready to play and will mix it up on defense I am sure!!
  9. Buna 70 Hardin 14/FINAL

    Doesn't haynes have like over 160 wins?? 
  10. Hardin at Buna

    Hardin isn’t beating Buna I just don’t see it, Hardin rb is pretty good that will be a big loss for them with him graduating. 
  11. Hardin 18 Anahuac 14/FINAL

    Hardin wins