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  1. Next Year

      Lumberton has back 4 starters I think and about 3 guys that came off the bench but can't really remember.
  2. PNG Coach Abel Stepping Down

        I think it's a good job for a great assistant or a head coach that's looking to get a pay raise and play in a tough district and challenge you as a coach....PNG was pretty good this year when I saw them in the HJ tourney. 
  3. PNG Coach Abel Stepping Down

    smaller school is 1a,2a,3a,  4a isn't a smaller school lol
  4. PNG Coach Abel Stepping Down

    Any rumors on who will get this job? 
  5. I think Lumberton returns about 4 key guys back, they should be descent next year. 
  6. Silsbee vs Huffman

    I might would take Huffman over hj right now but they are so dang similar ur right!!! Silsbee by 25-30
  7. Hardin Jefferson vs. Yates

    88-53 yates 
  8. 6ft7, athletic doesn’t have the players around him like the silsbee guys have...he’s pretty dang good
  9. Ahhh it’s close, 11 is pretty dang good 
  10. He’s behind Adams and McCain, he’s that good!!! 
  11. Lumberton beat them twice because they had a great game plan. WOS has 3 guys who are pretty athletic and prob a kid who is top 3 best players in the district. 
  12. Top Coaches

    Todd Sutherland is a great one,  He has coached some of the best  basketball players around this area. 
  13. SIlsbee 102 Lumberton 57/FINAL

    That was a fun game to watch even though it was a blow out. That gym was packed!!! Lumberton played better but still turned the ball over little to much. They have most of that team coming back so could be better next year. Silsbee is just so quick, Adams is a flat out stud!!!! 

    73-56 wos