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  1. Player for BC texted player from Jasper and asked about bats.  Jasper played explained that we had bats for the season and we got two new bats for playoffs.  One is a 33" and the other 32".  The bats are the hottest on the market and come out the package with pop.  These two players play together in the Summer and have the highest respect for each other on and off the field.  The player from BC said okay and it was over.  Same thing this topic of loaded bats needs to do.  Two really good teams that unfortunately had to face each other early, but as a parent and fan its the most exciting baseball with jam packed stands, great ball players and two great games.  I'm sure there will be many more BC vs Jasper games in the future.  
  2. Leo Escalante, Sr. 1 homerun against Bridge city
  3. Jasper vs Bridge City

    If these games are like those of the past they will be exciting to watch.  Teams match up well and both teams have some very talented athletes. 
  4. Three game series. Wednesday @ Jasper Friday @ Nederland If Necessary Saturday @ Lamar University Should be a great series between two traditional playoff teams.  
  5. Listening on the radio it sounded as if the umpires weren't sure if the player crossed home before the out in the 6th?  Did anyone see the play?
  6. 4th home run of the year - Jasper now has 9 total
  7. Reese Durand, Sr.,    Jasper  3/20/18 opponent Huffman 3rd HR of season  
  8. Playing good teams should build confidence heading into district.  Coach Westbrook has set up a tough schedule with quality teams.  
  9. The Jasper tournament year after year brings in good teams to compete against each other.  Lots of good players and crowds to watch their favorite teams.  Jasper goes 4-0 and gets off to a good start with beating 4 quality teams.  I hope this is a good indicator of the upcoming season for the Bulldogs.  Coach Westbrook has put together a tough non-district schedule for his team which will provide good experience entering district.  
  10. Reese Durand     Sr.     Jasper    1
  11. Silsbee 30 Jasper 23/FINAL

    Carrying put the fake in the middle of the field.  The out of bounds hit was not the one that gave him a concussion.
  12. Crosby 42 Jasper 36/FINAL

    The RB for Crosby is the real deal and the receivers made some really good catches.  I was surprised at the very small crowd that Crosby brought.  Watching the golden Triangle teams that we have played in the past PNG, Vidor, Nederland to name a few and I know it's been several years since we played them but they packed the stands. What about the sideline interference call before half that would have given us first and goal at the one and the pass interference call yall got in the end zone.  Just admit the boys from the piney woods gave you more than you wanted and at the end you wasn't sipping no tea but sitting on the edge of yoir seat scared death that you was fixing to eat crow.