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  1. GCM

    How are the Patriots doing in district so far?  Saw stuff posted earlier in the season but hadn’t seen any in awhile.
  2. Anahuac 15 Port Arthur Bob Hope 0/FINAL

    Anahuac wins 15-0 after 4 innings.
  3. 2018 Homeruns....... Varsity Only!!

    Anahuac last night vs Kountze Sr. Kyle Kreuzer Grand Slam Fr. Alex Vallejo 1 run home run  
  4. Kountze at Anahuac/Post updates here!

    Anahuac wins 19-18 last night in Anahuac
  5. Anahuac Tournament

    Beautiful day 3 out here at the Reservation.  Currently we have @PNG_baseball JV leading Hardin 4-1 in the bottom of the 3rd.  This mornings games went: HD 11 West Hardin 7 Kountze 16 PNG JV 5 PNG JV 11 Hardin 1 Games left this evening: 5:00 - Sabine Pass vs Newton 7:30 - Anahuac vs Beaumont Ozen
  6. Anahuac Tournament

    Mid day update from today’s tournament: Kountze 13 Beaumont Ozen 2 Newton 9 PNG JV 7 Hardin 11 Hitchcock 4 Last two on the schedule today: 5:00 - Sabine Pass vs West Hardin 7:30 - Anahuac vs Hull Daisetta  Come out and support your Panthers tonight!!!
  7. Anahuac Tournament

    Day 2 of the Anahuac Varsity Tournament starts off with Kountze & Ozen taking the field.   Yesterday’s recap: HD 8 Sabine Pass 2 Hardin 14 Beaumont Ozen 3 Newton 18 Kountze 2 PNG JV 12 Hitchcock 2 Anahuac 9 West Hardin 3 Going to be a beautiful day out here at the park! per Anahuac Baseball Twitter
  8. La Marque at Anahuac/Post updates here!

    Still under construction, weather has slowed things down drastically.
  9. La Marque at Anahuac/Post updates here!

    Unfortunately had to cancel the game due to field conditions at both schools.
  10. 1st Weekend Tournaments

    So whats the rain going to do to all the tournaments in the area?  Has anyone seen a bracket for the tournament Kountze is hosting?
  11. Anahuac 9 Deweyville 1/FINAL

    Anahuac won 9-1
  12. King pretty good for anyone that was there?
  13. Hardin 20 Port Neches-Groves JV 6/FINAL

    Im happy for Hardin being 4-1, not trying to rain on their parade at all but just because they held a JV to 6 pts, a charter school to 0 & Warren to 12, do i think their defense will give anyone fits.  Not sure if their defense can do the same to Hitchcock, La Marque, Anahuac & EC.  Little different caliber.  Congrats to Hardin on being 4-1 and on their win last night.
  14. Kingwood 46 Goose Creek Memorial 13/FINAL

    any insight from the GCM faithful on a recap of the game for us that weren't there.  Kingwood just better?  Still the struggle of playing 6A?
  15. Coach Roecker is looking for 3 more teams for Anahuac's 2nd weekend varsity tournament and 3rd weekend JV tournament.  Anahuac will be opening a brand new turf field facility this year.  If anyone has any questions they can contact Coach Roecker at or 409 267 3600 he said.  Looking forward to a great season.