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  1. Coach Roecker is looking for 3 more teams for Anahuac's 2nd weekend varsity tournament and 3rd weekend JV tournament.  Anahuac will be opening a brand new turf field facility this year.  If anyone has any questions they can contact Coach Roecker at or 409 267 3600 he said.  Looking forward to a great season.
  2. Week 2 Games That WILL be played

    Anahuac will be playing Danbury but the game will take place in Liberty Friday night at 7:30pm.  Lets go AP, start off 1-0.

    Anahuac made the decision this afternoon, they will be closed till Sept. 5
  4. How did this one play out for each team
  5. Im confused is he gone or did he chose to stay at HF?
  6. Baytown Baseball

    Will graduation hurt GCM bad, do they have a lot of seniors? How are the under squads doing? should compete next year too?
  7. Baytown Baseball

    so it will all come down to the Patriots beating Channelview for a playoff spot?
  8. Baytown Baseball

    So they should for sure be making the playoffs with the talent they have vs the schools they have to beat to get in.
  9. Baytown Baseball

    is it the move to 6a, i know atascocita and kingwood are very tough.  north shore has a solid program.  
  10. Anahuac 8 Warren 3/FINAL

    Atta boy AP, way to compete boys!
  11. Baytown Baseball

    What's the situation over at GCM right now, thought they were loaded and had played really well through non district.  Can they recover?  Knew Sterling graduated a lot last year and might have been down a little.
  12. Anahuac 6 Kountze 5/FINAL

    Anahuac wins this one 6-5 in Kountze.
  13. GCM at Baytown Sterling

    So how many starters is sterling missing for tonight's game
  14. GCM at Baytown Sterling

    inning was the fight in?  if the made it past the 5th would the results hold?
  15. 2017 Homeruns....... Varsity Only!!!!

    March 3 Caleb Edmonds   Sr  Anahuac 1st of the season March 4 Caleb Edmonds  Sr  Anahuac 2nd of the season