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  1. Newton Eagles aka purple beast

    Lmao! And I hear there is yet another Foster coming up! Talk about bloodlines.
  2. West Orange Stark Mustangs vs Sweeny Bulldogs

    Good luck to the silver&blue.
  3. Newton Eagles aka purple beast

    Tamazia (spelling may be wrong) Brown a 4 star recruit committed to TCU. He plays cornerback and wide receiver.
  4. We had running clock the whole second half.
  5. Jasper vs. Hamshire-Fannett

    BullDAWGS make great cattle herding dogs!
  6. Jasper @ Center for 9-4AII District Title

    Crawford you are a butt hurt joke!  Sorry u can't "warn" me here on this site cause the Roughriders got the brakes beat off of them by the DAWGS! 
  7. Jasper 54 Center 25/FINAL

    Silsbee lost to huffman that year and we beat huffman hence the co title
  8. Jasper 54 Center 25/FINAL

    2015.  Silsbee 59 DAWGS 48.  Co district championship.
  9. Jasper 54 Center 25/FINAL

  10. Newon 47 Anderson-Shiro 0/FINAL

    I see the "Purple Beast" squeaked by once again.
  11. Jasper 54 Center 25/FINAL

    Cameron busts a 53 yard run for td. DAWGS up 33-19
  12. Jasper 54 Center 25/FINAL

    DAWGS score a td but the xp is mishandled and center returns it for 2 pts. 26-19 DAWGS.
  13. Jasper 54 Center 25/FINAL

    Not our game, but WOW the "Purple Beast" (newton) their kicker nailed a 48 yarder. Lol. When you are loaded that how it goes.
  14. Jasper 54 Center 25/FINAL

    No word yet on Montavien.