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  1. West Orange-Stark turf

    I was attempting to be humorous  with my previous posts (though the last one is very true). For real though you Blue&Silver fans should be proud! It really does look nice.  I bet in person that it even "pops" a lot more than what it does in pictures. 
  2. West Orange-Stark turf

    I have endured some long cold tortuous nights behind that woodshed that is just out of the frame of the pic.
  3. West Orange-Stark turf

    If/when the DAWGS visit and get a win! (*Smiling*)
  4. West Orange-Stark turf

    Personally I think it will/could look better.
  5. RIP Coach W.T. Johnston

    Prayers for his family and the entire newton eagle nation. RIP coach.
  6. Jasper 2019

    Btw, how has #42 (hubbard) been ? I know I know damn shame on me for not already knowing. Personally, as much of an impact on the game vs the silver&blue in the playoffs that we missed not having Montavien I think 42's not playing on the d-line was missed just as much. 
  7. Jasper 2019

    That's what's up eh fishcat?!?
  8. Jasper 2019

    Just one of many examples proving trouble and Silsbee are synonymous.
  9. Without reading the link it's gotta be about boling. He signed with Georgia to run track. Lol u gotta know the football coaches would like to see if he can catch a ball or at least knock one away from someone. 
  10. Jasper 2019

    I thought I said I stand corrected.   Crying?? .... ...anywho.   I would be willing to bet that everyone (but you ) completely understood my point. 
  11. Jasper 2019

    Ok, a half century ago I stand corrected on the scores, so let me rephrase that. Silsbee during a more relevant time has not.   The emphasis being "a clean game played".  
  12. Jasper 2019

    Other than that Silsbee has never and won't ever do to the DAWGS what WOS did to them on the very dark side of the woodshed a few years ago (53-0) and they are on the schedule again. So by no means is it a matter of what the results of a clean game played for the not scheduling Silsbee.
  13. Jasper 2019

    Scared another player will get one of the cheapest dirty hits you will ever see.  
  14. Burkeville is open

    The top 5 poorest counties in Texas are all in the Rio Grande valley.
  15. Jasper 2019

    WO-S 89 You BOOGER BEAR you!