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  1. Superbowl Matchup Predictions

    You thought right! Good job my man. ☺
  2. Superbowl Matchup Predictions

    Your predictions and comments are irrelevant. Why do you continue to comment weeks after your kids season ended. Get a life....
  3. 2nd Round Scores

    You seem like a disgruntled little person. Move on man. It will be okay. Good luck in everything you do. ☺
  4. 2nd Round Scores

  5. 2nd Round Scores

  6. 2nd Round Scores

    I was quiet this week on here. I got too caught up in talking and it got away from being about the kids. Kids from both teams fought hard until the end. Coaches were very respectful. Nothing but respect for PA Jr Black. 
  7. 2nd Round Scores

    PA Black played us hard. Nothing but respect for those players and coaches. Class act.
  8. Round 2 Predictions

    Taking the quiet approach. I was talking too much before round 1. I'm going to let the kids play.
  9. Round 2 Predictions

  10. Post First Round Scores

    Bmt played a great game.
  11. Demboyz is NOT Al Williams

    Like you said I already told everyone who I am.  
  12. Superbowl Matchup Predictions

    Apparently it wasn't "enough said" lol. I'm sure you're responsible for any kid in SETX that has skills. Like you said in your last comment. We will see y'all next Saturday. ☺
  13. Superbowl Matchup Predictions

    Funniest list of excuses I've seen in a while. Pretty sure it's 11 on 11. Can 2 kids make all the tackles? As far as y'all against Ned-W...I saw a tight game between 2 teams. A struggle. PA-R 35 PA-B 8