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  1. Week 8 Pee Wee playoffs

    Hahaha this is good. So now coaching youth football equates to living unsuccessful football careers out through kids. Sounds like you got your feelings hurt. By gone to war, I assume your not talking about actual war, you're talking about football(a game). And I do know who you are even though you try to hide behind anonymity. 
  2. Week 8 Pee Wee playoffs

    I've coached his son before. Tried to get him on my team this year.  I know who you both are. Funny how some people on hete go to great lengths to stay anonymous. 
  3. Week 8 Pee Wee playoffs

    Ned-W scored 15 points on Black in the 2nd half. Back field for black has 3 eight year olds and 1 seven year. Backfield for white has 3 eight year olds and 1 seven year old who just turned 7 after the season started. Both only have 4-5 kids that played tackle football before so the young argument isn't really a deal when comparing the white and black Nederland teams. Both good teams though!
  4. Week 8 Pee Wee playoffs

    Well that escalated quickly!
  5. Week 8 Pee Wee playoffs

    Don't know why this is quoting you Mistro.  We got some bad blood developing between olddog and BMF. Y'all should hang out after the Black vs Gold game. 
  6. Week 8 Pee Wee playoffs

    Ned-B over Ned-G  PA over PNG-P - Close game WBB-G over WBB-W WBB-B over Vid-G Lum-R over PNG- G Lum-W over Vid-B  
  7. Week 8 Pee Wee playoffs

    WBB-W is 4-1 WBB-G Is 4-0 PA is 3-1 PNG-G is 0-5 WBB-B is 3-2 I believe Not sure on the rest All 3 Nederland teams are very young this year with only 4-5 kids on each team ever playing tackle football before.
  8. Week 8 Pee Wee playoffs

    They didn't go off record. They did a hat pick style pull for seeding. Then pulled up a 14 team playoff bracket and just filled it in according to the seed they assigned by hat pick. I knew it was going to happen. Some teams that are undefeated have to play 1 loss teams in the first round while winless teams are playing 1-2 win teams in 1st round.
  9. PeeWee All Star Game

  10. PeeWee All Star Game

    Would anyone that is a head coach on here or coach in general be interested in doing an all-star game against Ned the week following the Superbowl? Or Flag-Jr?
  11. Last week of the season

    I agree completely! Going off overall record still gives a general picture where teams are. It would be much closer to a legitimate bracket than blindly placing teams. Nederland and WOS are the only 2 cities that voted against that in the STJFL meeting. Dumb....
  12. Week 7 PeeWee Division Predictions

    I agree with most of your picks. I'l take Ned-B over Jasper if Ned-B Qb plays.
  13. Last week of the season

    Yup, SB caliber teams could play round 1......
  14. Peewee Week 6 Scores

    Anybody know the scores for the Peewee division games? Please post. Ned White - 27 Ned Black -19   Ned Gold - 32 PNG Grey - 0
  15. Week 6 Peewee Division Predictions