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  1. 2018 STJFL

  2. ALL STAR Games

    Yeah because ya'll hand pick y'alls kicks from day 1.
  3. ALL STAR Games

    No predictions yet for the PA vs NED all-star game? 
  4. PeeWee All Star Game

    Port Arthur why can't ya''ll match up with Nederland All-Stars? Just want your take. We begged for a game. I understand why ya'll would opt out. We have 3 teams, and when we combine the talent it is intimidating. I get that. PA - 61k residents. Nederland 17k. 
  5. Stjfl super bowl picks.

    Ned Flag White over Bmt Ned Black over PA Ned Jr Black over Toby....I'm mean PNG Grey. This will be the game of the day.  
  6. Round 3 PeeWee Playoffs

    The Ned-W -PA game was a very good game. In the end our game plan was to grind it out and a turnover inside the PA 15 and self inflicted penalties got us behind the chains. Port Arthur doesnt miss tackles and has great team speed. Boys played great on both side. Port Arthur coaches were respectful and professional. Im sure we will see each other again next year in the playoffs. Of course I'll be pulling for Ned-B, but good luck to both teams! And I just want to add Nederland has a team in every Superbowl besides Sr. Go Bulldogs!!!! 
  7. Round 3 PeeWee Playoffs

    10 player flip....but I like the scouting. Lol
  8. Round 3 PeeWee Playoffs

    Haha. None that I can think of. 
  9. Round 3 PeeWee Playoffs

    No. They haven't played this year. PA played Ned-G this year
  10. Round 3 PeeWee Playoffs

    Ned-W over PA (Good games every time these two teams play) Ned-B over BMT-G (Alot of speed and talent on both teams) Both in close, hard nosed games. 4 very good teams. Best 4 teams advanced to the final four in my opinion. It's going to be fun! Good luck to All! 
  11. PeeWee All Star Game

    Haha.....Just trying to poke the bear. I know they aren't scared. They have just been on the fence about playing us in an all-star game after the season. 
  12. PeeWee All Star Game

    Beaumont has some great players. I can't wait to play. Will be a great game. Port Arthur is terrified to play Nederland! We just want to show Port Arthur what it would be like if Nederland only had one team every year like they did. Wouldnt even be close! #SCAREDOFDEMBOYZ
  13. Round 2 Peewee Playoffs

    Ned W - 14  Bmt-B - 6
  14. Round 2 Peewee Playoffs

    Not gonna happen. Bmt-B doesn't have more speed than Ned-W. 
  15. STJFL Flag All-Stars

    Everyone is scared....