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  1. Not against Pineland...
  2. San Augustine 43 Tenaha 17/FINAL

    With the addition of QB Hicks we should be ok
  3. Tenaha lost tonight and you still pick em lol
  4. Area Round Dates, Places and Times

    Leon vs San Augustine - Friday at 1 in Crockett
  5. 2018 SETX 2A Scrapbook

    Those dudes in HD smh lol
  6. SETXsports Pick 'em - Bi-District

    It's a gimme anyway
  7. San Augustine 28 Shelbyville 14/FINAL

    SA had a bad 1st quarter.  Fumble on the 1...also a td called back with a block in the back.
  8. Shelbyville at San Augustine

    Former Shelbyville rb died yesterday.  He lived in SA but went to school in sville...
  9. Shelbyville at San Augustine

    Octavians death will make it sad and emotions will run high for both sides I believe!
  10. Shelbyville at San Augustine

    Shelbyville has gotten lucky against these mediocre teams in district.  Sa by 20
  11. Ok for moderators I guess

    I had one put "idiot" under my avatar one time.  Petty as they come over here.  Lol