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  1. Silsbee v Bridge City

    Looking forward to this game...  Some of Collins's family is from BC, his dad was a QB there, back in the day... #tigernation 
  2. I'm looking forward to Carthage, both QB's played baseball together back in the day, much respect for each other. 
  3. Silsbee 30 Jasper 23/FINAL

    So a Jasper player takes my photo I posted of Paxton Bryan on the ground... and snap chats and posts on Twitter about his hit on our player and how it's "in his blood!?!?!" You may want to lock this now! 
  4. #8 for Jasper, when Silsbee's #15 was face down. 
  5. I have photos of a Jasper player standing over our injured player laying face down and literally stepping over his head to walk off. He did suffer a concussion and is out for the season. 
  6. Silsbee 30 Jasper 23/FINAL

    Nope it was a forward pass
  7. Newton 41 Silsbee 17/FINAL

    I disagree 
  8. Newton 41 Silsbee 17/FINAL

     I Apologize, didn't mean to insinuate that you degraded any of the players. But after the first game, posters suggesting alternate QB's and saying, "who can actually throw the ball," lit me up a little.....and yes, I'm sure I did read too much into it. 
  9. Newton 41 Silsbee 17/FINAL

    FYI so was Collins! And guess what, he CHOSE to play B team QB in jr high bc he simply wanted to play,   was Freshman QB alternating possessions with Mason Murray, has been back up QB since sophomore year. I won't degrade any players as I know and love them all! They all need to work, on offense, defense, penalties, and running routes etc! So what's your point?