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  1. District 22-4A Shame

    The two BC fans you are referring to were still arguing with the ump about the fair call, of the triple. One of the guys also claimed to be an umpire himself. 
  2. LMAO....reading through this thread! ....some of the comments from a few BC fans are ridiculously sad, but not surprising! They just make me more proud to be a Silsbee Tiger! I moved my kids from BCISD in 2008 to Silsbee....One of the best damn decisions I have ever made! No Regrets! Congrats to the Cardinals, and best of luck moving forward in the next round. See ya next year! 
  3. We were just thinking the same thing...believe Silsbee had more than 2 hits.
  4. Lol....Excuse for what? I never said that's why we lost tonight, I just called out disrespect. 
  5. You are absolutely right, the flash didn't affect the outcome of this game. However, my point is made.  As stated above, Dallas stopped and said something bc the flash was bothering him, and it was coming from our stands, so they were asked to stop. Well.....then it also shouldn't have been coming from their dugout  way after the announcement, and obviously by someone who knows better. Now I promise I will drop it!  Again, congrats to Dallas on the win!
  6. WOS vs. Silsbee

    My bad I thought it was the last inning! 
  7. WOS vs. Silsbee

    Lol, like I said... You won fair and square....
  8. Seriously, there is a reason they asked the person to turn of the flash! If you were there I'm sure you heard it. It's a curtesy to the players. No crying here about that game. It was a great pitchers duel! Hats off to both Sundgren and Dallas. And I hope we do see y'all in the playoffs, I would be sure to bring my big daddy flash just for you, but I have more respect than that. And as far as our side doing it, I will apologize for their ignorance. However y'all continued through our last at bat. Game over congrats, hope to see ya again soon. 
  9. The camera in WOS dugout... Flashing all night!!  Uncalled for, especially when we are at bat! Rude and disrespectful! They asked you to stop over the intercom! Thanks
  10. WOS vs. Silsbee

    Obviously WOS won fair and square, who is arguing against that? Silsbee was ahead in the last inning.....had we covered second base, it would have been 3rd out, game over! 
  11. Coaching openings

    Silsbee will be just fine next year, just to mention a few, Adonis Thomas, Kalon Barnes, Tre Lowe. ......and Jacob Collins at QB, who will have studied & practiced a whole season under the new staff/offense.  Also, these boys have played together for a long time, every season since they were at least 8 years old.  
  12. Silsbee 55 Cleveland 9/FINAL

    They refs seem to be doing everything they can to get the Indians to score. Ridiculous! 
  13. Silsbee 55 Cleveland 9/FINAL

    Collins was down and they called a fumble. The refs are horrible 
  14. Probably a mistake,  Kfdm tailgate show had names wrong for Silsbee players as well.