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  1. Lumberton vs Henderson

    Wishing you good luck Lumberton. Henderson usually has enough good players to wear their opponent down and win in the 4th quarter.
  2. Fairclothe Going off at someone in stands

    Go and get Security and have them remove him from the stadium.
  3. Newton Eagles aka purple beast

    Gunter may have their hands full this weekend when they play Lexington. I don't think Lexington is as good as they were last year but I don't think Gunter is as good as last year either. I was told Friday night by an x Waskom coach that the talk from Waskom was that they were healthy this year and ready to kick Newton's rear end.  I hear some of the C Camden fans, just before the start of the game with Newton, saying they would be district champs after they beat Newton. I think they left at half time.  
  4. Lumberton vs Henderson

    Hoping and pulling for Lumberton but Henderson will win this one by three TD's.
  5. Fairclothe Going off at someone in stands

    Yes, he was wishing him a happy thanksgiving. Move on, nothing to see here. 
  6. Area Round Dates, Places and Times

    3A,11  Newton/Grand Saline, Friday in Henderson, 3 pm
  7. Newton Eagles aka purple beast

    He (no.8) has always been eligible. He is back and could have played this week but was held out. He will be suiting up next week. Can't wait to see him back in action. He runs like a thoroughbred. Newton plays Grand Saline next Friday at 3 pm in Henderson.
  8. My predictions of 3rd playoffs

    First three rounds prediction for Newton  Round one Newton over Pewitt by 36. Round two Newton over Grand Saline by 45 Round three Newton over Waskom by 20
  9. Bi-District Dates, Places and Times

    Newton (9-0_vs  Paul Pewitt (8-2)  Friday  Carthage 7:30
  10. Should Temple try to lose?

    Yes, losing is the thing to do. You should always play to lose. It makes your opponent feel good. A team that is scared to play another team is not going very far in the playoffs anyhow.
  11. Interesting question I heard

    I  would want a real good team . Sure would not be Newton. They have only won 23 games in a row and 35 out of the last 36 games.
  12. Newton 61 New Waverly 0/FINAL

    Looks like you Bulldog fans are doing pretty good to. Keep it going.
  13. Toilet Bowl

    If I was from Dayton or Lee, I would take offense to this post....(players ).Kids deserve better then this.
  14. Newton 65 Hemphill 21/FINAL

    All the Newton players got to play. The field was soggy and hard to run and cut on. Hard to get up for a team that you beat year in and year out with ease.  As for Gunter , I think we will see them at AT&T. We will probably see Paul Prewitt in the first round, hopefully at Carthage (just a wild guess).
  15. Freshman and JV scores

    Newton Jr. High  60  Kountze 0    (48 to 0 at half) Newton JV  16  Kountze 0 (early 2nd quarter)