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  1. Looking ahead...EC @ Woodville

    E.  Chambers usual weak schedule catches up with them. There wins were over Kountze (0-3), H. Jeff.(1-2)who's only win was over a 0-3 team, and H. Fannett (1-2) who's only win was over a 0-3 team. Woodville's schedule has not been much stronger. Woodville wins this one by two scores.
  2. Looking ahead...EC @ Woodville

    The computer rating (calprep) has Woodville 34    E.Chambers 22.
  3. Sabine Pass cancels the rest of the season?

    Sabine Pass has the numbers to compete in 2A-2. (138).Kids lose interest with a losing program. They cannot go 6 man. Numbers to high. Burkeville could and should go 6 man (74) kids in high school.
  4. Calprep's projected scores

    Interesting, Calprep computer rated scores for some local games.   Jasper 16   WO-S 17,    Gilmer 21  Newton 48,       PN-G 28  Nederland 31,    Silsbee 7    WO-S 27,          E.Chambers 22   Woodville 34,           Crosby 35    WO-S 19   
  5. Newton 21 West Orange-Stark 7/FINAL

    Right, I believe they (Carthage) finished 3rd in their district and won state that year.
  6. Because of the competition they played 
  7. My top 5 are Newton - WO-S - Woodville- Jasper - Silsbee
  8. WOS @ Crosby predictions

    Don't count the Mustangs out. The heart of a Mustang is very big.
  9. Newton 21 West Orange-Stark 7/FINAL

    WO-S fans should move on from this game. WO-S is going through growing pains. Newton will lose a  ton of people next year and will have to go through the same growing pains. WO-S will be all right as long as Cornell it there. Just in case WO-S want's to get rid of him, there is a long list of school that would love to have him, including Newton. WO-S will be all right. Regardless of what happens in pre district games, WO-S will walk through their district and you might just see them and Newton at AT&T stadium.
  10. Newton 21 West Orange-Stark 7/FINAL

    WO-S did not hold the score down. The field held the score down for both teams. I walked across the field before the start of the game and it was like walking in the marsh. I walked across the field after the game and it was debits everywhere. Neither team could cut without slipping. Worst condition I have ever seen. Both teams were exhausted after the game. Each step you would take had your feet sinking into the turf  about 2 inches. Hope WO-S gets that bond passed for new turf. The conditions were very bad for both teams.
  11. Newton 21 West Orange-Stark 7/FINAL

    After playing both Silsbee and WO-S, I see no way Silsbee will beat WO-S.
  12. Newton 21 West Orange-Stark 7/FINAL

    Nothing but respect for both teams. Two great teams with tradition. Best of luck for both teams throughout the playoffs.
  13. any potential cancellations this week?

    Remember, It was WO-S who did not want to play Newton.