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  1. Yes, it was the Gatson Kid. Newton has another man that may play QB (Seastrunk) and he can run and throw. He is a very accurate passer and can run the offense. We also have a big running back moving up.
  2. I understand Newton's outstanding running back has moved. Talking about the running back that will be a sophomore next year.
  3. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    Thanks Putin, It would have never passed without your collusion. Gladimer, is our fishing trip still on?
  4. Why do you not post where you are from?. I thought you were from BC, but after posting my comment I got several e-mails asking me not to associate you with BC. Wondering were you get your info on BISD. 

  5. Burkeville is open

    The gov. housing in Newton was built years ago. The people left during the hurricane and found jobs and stayed in other towns. Dr. Graham left on his own. Dr. Graham has been at BISD for several years and the school has an high rating. There is not enough kids in school to have a successful football team. Newton is one of the most, if not the most, poorist counties in Texas. Just because a school does not have a good football team does not make it a bad school or a bad community.. If that were the case where would BC stand?
  6. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    Wow, just read the article put out by setpolitical. They are obviously a subsidiary of CNN.
  7. Burkeville is open

    There numbers have already been at 6 man level. School Board does not want to go 6 man evidently. Don't see the future of Burkeville getting any better. No jobs except logging in the Burkeville area. I don't see that Burkeville on your resume would do anything for a coach looking to climb the ladder. Newton is a dying county. They should write on their highway sign, "Nothing to see here, move on". Don't mean any disrespect to the Burkeville people, they are good people and the school is academically good. 
  8. There is also a running back that will be outstanding. If Newton can develop a middle linebacker and QB, they will make a run. Will not have the dept. that we had last year so Newton's run will depend on staying healthy. I look to see a new QB that will be pretty good.
  9. There is a required time for posting, etc...
  10. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    I say pass the bond. You are falling behind PN-G. SO PASS THAT POND. So It costs you a few dollars more, you probably throw away money on foolish things and think nothing about it. You are a blessed community with good high paying jobs . Let's pass that on to the kids.
  11. I think the Newton ISD site shows the closing on the job to be May 31.

    Don't think Zach Bass is coaching at Newton as shown in the above listing. Maybe he is at Tarkington.

    Who is Zach Bass? Is this an assistant coach?
  14. Newton job has been posted. I think it has to be posted 10 days. W.T's. retirement farewell was today. Rings were presented. A lot of hugs and tears. This Christian man has not given up yet on a miracle recovery, neither have I given up. Keep your prayers coming. 
  15. If Newton gets the right head coach( Local coach which is already coaching at Newton) then Newton will make a run. If they get someone from outside, then the Newton coaching program will probably be destroyed. I do not think the SB will allow this to happen. The Newton players have bought into a program and that program needs to continue on. That's what the kids want and will accept.