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  1. Anahuac Open?

    Brian B does not coach at Newton. Try Jasper.
  2. Signings

    As far as TB form Newton, You need to stay in school to graduate. People who don't graduate seldom get college scholarship offers. You will have to talk to Paul Harvey to get' the rest of the story.' 
  3. W.T. Johnson

    W.T. Johnston - A dedicated Christian.
  4. Grandview 36 East Chambers 35/FINAL

    It is amazing that when you lose you start talking on how your team would have beat another team in the finals. If you would have been good enough you would still be playing. The fact is you were not good enough to get to that game. You had a good season, now build on that next year.
  5. Newton vs. E. Bernard

    Hope you are right.
  6. Newton vs. E. Bernard

    Starting to sound like Daingerfield people. E. Bernard will be a prominent opponent. They have a good defense. Newton will win but not a blow out . Newton 45  E. Bernard 10. 
  7. Newton vs. E. Bernard

    I think their are two teams who play at this stadium. Could it possible be New Caney and Porter.?
  8. Silsbee vs WOS - Regional Finals

    I watched the Jasper/WOS game and I was shocked when I looked over to the WO-S side and the visitors side was about 1/4 full. Three earlier loses and the fan base had left them.
  9. Grandview 36 East Chambers 35/FINAL

    purpleeagle pulling for you EC. Knock those stripes off their helmets.
  10. Silsbee 19 West Orange-Stark 9/FINAL

    Hotrod, Buses can now travel in the rain, they now have windshield wipers on them. You have to overcome adversity.
  11. Newton vs. E. Bernard

    Brahmas 34 Newton 14         Now I am really scared.
  12. Newton 79 Daingerfield 12/FINAL

    Well said AM.Rodent.  Someone always has to go there. "My daddy can beat your daddy". Newton is good but we are not unbeatable.  
  13. Newton vs. E. Bernard

    Friday 7:30 . This is what I was told after the Daingerfield game. This is the same stadium in Porter that we beat Boling last year in the semi-finals.
  14. Newton vs. E. Bernard

    Spelling is Bernard not Benard. My bad.
  15. Newton vs. E. Bernard

    East Bernard                                               48 Ganado  23 16  Altar Rice Con.  0                                  54  Bloomington  0  19  Hitchcock  18                                        44  Danbury  12 20  Boling  0                                                  open 6  Edna  14                                                 57  Johnson City  12 18  Van Vleck 13                                        51  Hebbronville  0 24 Tidehaven 14                                         27  Blanco 7 42 Schulenburg  7                                      17  Tidehaven  0