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  1. 9/6/2019 Jasper @ bridge city

    Don't stand at the main gate at halftime. You will get trampled by those dedicated BC fans leaving out. The BC white leg- ernes will be headed for the  roost.
  2. 9/6/2019 Jasper @ bridge city

    I think Jasper will go undefeated this year if they stay healthy.  Go Dogs. These dogs don't just bark, they will bite.
  3. Newton Football 2019

    Newton will be able to play with any 3A2 school. I think the fourth round of the playoffs will be very competitive. Will depend on injuries, we will not have the dept. as we did last year. East Bernard and Daingerfield will be very good.  I think Canadian will be waiting for the winner of one of these teams. However, you have to be good and have a little luck to win state. (like N. Shore over Duncanville)  
  4. Scrimmage Schedule

    Newton's first scrimmage is 3 way with Lumberton, Nederland and Newton. Scheduled for Aug. 16 . Schedule shows at Nederland but may be moved to Lumberton. Time is somewhere around 6pm Second scrimmage is with LCM. Schedule shows at LCM. Un sure of the date but probable the 22 Aug. I will post definite times when I find out.
  5. For grins and giggles

    and everyone is arguing on who will first beat poor o little 3A2 Newton. Thanks, that is respect for Newton. But, Newton is going to play those big bad teams anyway. Silsbee better worry about little o WO-S.
  6. Scrimmage Schedule

    Newton's first scrimmage       3 way   Newton, Nederland, Lumberton   at Lumberton Second scrimmage is with LCM
  7. Scrimmage Schedule

    Newton Scrimmage schedule
  8. Coaching has everything to do with winning. Good coaches put in programs and bring these kids alone from jr. high on up. Some years they have better athletes then other years. The coaches have to get the kids to buy into the program. Kids who don't work in the summer with weights and conditioning do not fit into programs like Newton, WO-S, etc. Look what happen to Navasota, coach left, team went down hill. The new coach is having to rebuild the program. Kirbyville is another school that has hit the bottom, they have plenty of good kids but the leadership has left. Cornell could take that  team over and have them winning in a few years. Anahuac has a new coach but it will take a few years for Neece to build that program up.  
  9. Good Athletes are developed from early age, starts with pee wee football and goes up. Of course we all know that coaching has nothing to do with developing these kid.. They are self taught through sand lot football. Coaches like Cornell or W.T. and Barrow have nothing to do with their success. They are just lucky enough to have these self taught kids come their way.
  10. This is a Orange County Post, please do not bring up that Newton has 5 state championships and WO-S only has 4.
  11. Looks like Monte has done pretty good to me. Co=Champions in a competitive district. They should put a sign at the city limits of Nederland saying, "Don't mess with the Barrow Bulldogs, you just might get bit'.  Keep up the good work Monte.
  12. I haven't looked up the stats ,but Orange County with Vidor and WO-S , seems like they have about 4 state Championships ( I don' think Vidor has any) . Now for Newton Co. Burkeville has 2 and Newton has 5. Hummmmm....Nothing like patting yourself on the back.... 
  13. For grins and giggles

    This area is full of WO-S and Newton haters. When a team keeps kicking your rear end year after year those teams develop a hate for them. I have a friend from BC that hates Cornell and WO-S because they just can't beat them. Cornell is one of the best persons I have ever met. So, line up and get your kicks this year because Newton will be down this year. That don't mean Newton will be a push over. Newton will have a good bunch of kids coming up. But, nothing can erase the last 43 games in which Newton won 42 of them and added their 4th and 5th state championship. How many championships has your team got CardinalBacker?.  
  14. For grins and giggles

    As for losing Newton's defensive coordinator, that did not happen. Our defensive coordinator is still there. He has been the back bone of the team. We will not be as good as last year but we want be a push over either. As for a team that has 296 kids compared to 784 for Silsbee I think we do pretty good. As for crying, that want happen, we will take it and move on. When we get to 3A-2, we will be alright. We will not meet anyone in the playoffs any better that Silsbee, WO-S, or Gilmer.