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  1. I guess when you (BC) get beat by teams like WO-S and Newton, you develop a real dislike for these teams. Especially if you are a larger school (4A-1) and you think your team has turned things around only to find out your team is back to where it was several years ago. Especially when you schedule WO-S and Newton back to back. The bad news is that things are not going to change next year. WO-S and Newton will be loaded again next year.
  2. Cutoff Numbers

    I can see W. Hardin having a big year, after coming off a 1-9 season, their expectations are very high. Maybe they can schedule that Acadian Christian school 8 times next year.
  3. "Tenaha, Timpson, Bobo and Blair"   People like me that remember that old saying are telling our age.
  4. Cutoff Numbers

    So Kountze goes down to 3A-2. 10-3A-2 loses Crockett (Crockett up to 3A-1) and maybe Garrison. Garrison was on the bubble and if they loses 2 kids, which I think they will, they will go down to 2A-1 Kountze will probable be in 10-3A-2  
  5. Newton 21 West Rusk 7/FINAL

    Yes, Mr. Rodent, We (Newton) have only won 24 of the last 25 games that we have played. The only other team in this area that can boost about that is WO-S. WR was ranked no. 8 in the state, give them a little credit.  
  6. Should Roschon Transfer?

    Leave the kid alone. He don't need some hog farmer telling him what to do.
  7. West Orange Stark vs Salado

    UIL schedule (Maxprep) shows Newton playing Thursday at 5 pm. That is wrong also, they play Friday at 7:30. pulling for the mustangs, no matter where they play.
  8. Newton 21 West Rusk 7/FINAL

    WR offense not so good. They were averaging 42 points a game. Give credit to the Newton defense. I think Newton will roll over Waskom and then catch a good Lexington team. I think it is good that Newton got tested.
  9. Newton 21 West Rusk 7/FINAL

    Newton vs. Waskom    Lufkin 7:30
  10. Newton vs West Rusk @Tatum fri 730

    Is Newton Home or Visitors?
  11. Temple vs PAM... the revenge

    I understand they will have the same refs that called the PN-G game.
  12. Garrison 40 Clifton 21/FINAL

    Way to go Garrison. You are a worthy representative for our district. Probably your last year in our district as you will probably go down to 2A-1 next year. You can just keep building on to this next year. Good luck next week.
  13. Newton vs West Rusk @Tatum fri 730

    Coaches met in Center this morning to decide the date and location. Newton won the toss to play Friday night. WR wanted to play Thursday. There is a story behind Thursday verses Friday. Grades come out next Friday.
  14. Area round playoff Predictions scores

    3A-2  region 3 Newton over Rice West Rusk over Buffalo Lexington over Odem Tidehaven over Skidmore Tynon E.Benard over London Boling over Dilley if this is correct then next week Newton would be playing W.Rusk       Lexington vs. Tidehaven        E.Benard vs. Boling
  15. Area round playoff Predictions scores

    Newton is a thriller, Newton 52   Rice 6