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  1. Playoff home-field for 4A and below

    Newton's stadium is grass and the seating is not large enough for a playoff game. Also, one team has to travel a long distance at times and this is a school night. Smaller schools like Newton like to play in a nice stadium with artifical turf. If it is not broke don't fix it. Meeting half way is still the best solution. 
  2. Playoff home-field for 4A and below

    Not sure, but it seems that Carthage finished third in their district and won state that year.
  3. Playoff home-field for 4A and below

    For every team that host a playoff game, their is their opponent that has an open stadium.
  4. H-F on the rise

    Hughes Spring will be no match for hf. Just hear on CNN that 7 on 7 is the stepping stone to success. According to CNN, hf is on the rise.
  5. Proven Loser

    and the school board can make a difference, and who elects the school board  ''the people like you do", so who is to blame?  It is easy to sit back and blame the school board.  If you don't like the school board's decisions, then step up and run for the board (who have more duties then to just select a football coach).
  6. Delbert Spell Retiring

    Best of luck coach Spell, wishing you a healthy retirement. Wow, 45 years, you obviously have touched many lives. I repeat a saying,' what you do for yourself will pass away but what you do for others will live on'.
  7. I think it would be more modestly said to use the term "one of the best" instead of '' the greatest.''
  8. I love it, it will give me more time to get one of those $7 cokes at AT&T stadium.
  9. This will make the games longer. I have no problem with the replay but the three games a day at AT&T have very little time between games as it is.
  10. Do y'all think WOS going to 4peat in 2018

    "Nothing but trash out there".  Lord, its great to  be humble.
  11. Newton Football Schedule

    You have it correct. I just got that schedule from W.T. and he said we would have only 9 games. He said this is the final schedule. I'm sure if something came up for the 9-21 date that he would welcome a game there but does not  see a change.
  12. Newton Football Schedule

    Scrimmages 8-17 Jasper  Home                      10-12 Kountze  Away                                                                                                 JH Games 8-24 LCM Away                            10-19  Hemphill  Away                                                                                     9-13  WO-S  Away Varsity games                              10-26 New Waverly  Home (homecoming)                                                     9-20  Open 8-31  Kirbyville   Home                11-2 Corrigan  Away                                                                                        9-27  Vidor  Home 9-7  Silsbee   Home                      11-9  Anderson Shiro  Home (senior night)                                                   10-4 Silsbee  Away 9-14 WO-S  Away                                                                                                                                                     10-11  Kountze  Home 9-21 ?                                                                                                                                                                        10-18  Hemphill  Home 9-28 Gilmer  Home                                                                                                                                                   10-15  New Waverly  Away 10-5  open                                                                                                                                                                 11-1  Corrigan  Home                                                                                                                                                                                    11-8  Diboll (tentative) Home JV games 8-30 Kirbyville  Away            10-18 Hemphill  Home 9-6  Silsbee  Away                 10-25  New Waverly  Away 9-13 WO-S  Home                   11-1 Corrigan  Home 9-20  Open                               11-8 Diboll  (tentative)  Home 9-27 Diboll  Home 10-4 Silsbee Home 10-11 Kountze  Home      
  13. Newton Varsity, JV, and JH games
  14. Any more news on the UIL and ATT Stadium?

    In order to draw the crowds (money), the system is set up the way it is. A lot of people will come early to watch the smaller schools but if you put some 5a or 6a schools ahead of a 1a or 2a  schools then most of those 6a fans are going to leave after their games. I don't see Arlington making any changes. What a drive it would have to be for Gunter to drive to Houston or San Antonio. I don't think their is a perfect solution.
  15. Any more news on the UIL and ATT Stadium?

    Well said Matthew 328, also, the kids love to play there. Those that say AT&T is trash have obviously never stood on the field and never looked up at that great stadium.