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  1. Going to bottom of the 7th all tied up
  2.  Kirbyville just tied it up with a 2 run hr  6-6 top 7  Kirbyville still batting 
  3. OF scores 2 on a HR 7-10 Danbury going to B4
  4. 8 run inning for Danbury  10-5 Top 4 Danbury 
  5. 9-5 Danbury B3 Danbury still batting no outs. 
  6. All tired up 5-5 B3 Danbury runners on 1st and 2nd no outs. 
  7. Congrats to all of them, the ones  I know:  Justin Smith-Hardin-Jefferson COSTAL BEND  Cole McConnell-West Brook LOUISIANA TECH Johnny Armstrong-Orangefield. Not playing going to A&M for school  Peyton Havard-Bridge City UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA   Mitchell Breaux-Kelly  ANGELINA  James Burchett- Kirbyville   MCNEESE  
  8. HJ 5 Livingston 2 Final HJ wins series 2-0