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  1. Lumberton 3 Orangefield 2/FINAL

    Lumberton 3 Orangefield 2 F 
  2. Lumberton 3 Orangefield 2/FINAL

    Top 5 OF 2 Lumberton 3
  3. 10-8 Silsbee  Lumberton Ledger is live on FB if you wanna watch 
  4. Lumberton wins 38-35 at the buzzer 
  5. 27-21 Lumberton Halftime 
  6. Carthage wins in OT.  Carthage went for two to win game. 
  7. 35-21 MH beating Carthage 
  8. 1.    North Shore 2.    Fort Bend Marshall 3.    Giddings 4.   Cameron Yoe 5.    Franklin 6.    Daingerfield 7.    Newton 8.   San Augustine 9.    Mart 10.  Muenster 11. Richland Springs 12.  West Brook 13. Huntsville 14.  West Orange-Stark 15.  Milford 16. Baytown Christian 17. Atascocita 18.  Humble Summer Creek 19.   Alvin Shadow Creek 20.   Hutto 21.   Carthage 22.   Van 23.   Price Carlisle 24.   Euless Trinity 25.   Allen    Like this  
  9. Regional Semi Matchups

    Houston maybe, now way Silsbee   Top 5 worse fields in SETX 1. Silsbee 2. LCM 3. Vidor 4. Nederland  5. BC All grass fields. 
  10. Henderson 41 Lumberton 0/FINAL

     Run, pass or whatever they would have done would not change the fact we will always have people like y’all on this site! True fact!!   Football banquet Is coming up, I ask you and Coach#23 to attend and introduce yourself to the coaches and team and let them know y’all expertise in football. Heck Babin I’m sure would let you guys/girls be a  special speaker at the banquet   Not a single coach or player has said this was a succeful year. So until you hear that from them STHU and set in the stands or behind a keyboard and do what you do. Our we proud of our boys  absolutely nothing wrong with that!!  Maybe you need to read athleticsupporter-jock post..