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  1. Carthage Henderson scuffle

    Was thinking the exact same thing 
  2. Statewide Score updates

    No kidding?? Was it a late hit or something?
  3. West Orange-Stark 14 Salado 0/FINAL

    Man what a ballgame!
  4. What happened to D-FW this year?

    How can you argue with the fact that DFW has indeed had more state title appearances and state titles than the rest of the state many years before AT&T was even built? I'm no Rhodes scholar, but that seems to make your argument beside the point. I mean I see and agree with your home field advantage argument; it does however seem that the DFW area has been and will continue to be successful regardless of where the title games are played.
  5. Unleashing devastation on their opponents?? Cmon man; any win at this stage of the playoffs is a helluva win....period!!
  6. West Orange-Stark 14 Salado 0/FINAL

    Stangs can stop the slot T in their sleep. Don't know anything about Salado, but I just don't see them having much of a chance. Coach T and the Stangs live for December football.  WOS 42 Salado 10
  7. What if Central and Ozen combine?

    Don't know bout the mascot, but there will be some straight running ballers in that mix!
  8. What happened to D-FW this year?

  9. What happened to D-FW this year?

    I think it's safe to say that people across the state are somewhat jealous of the fact that DFW/East Texas teams are willing to pour tons of $ into their football programs. I've talked about this on here before, but how is it that there is 2-3 schools in setx area(Houston included) that have indoor facilities? We get so much wetter weather in this area of the state, but schools in the DFW/East Texas area regard football as a religion in that they have build indoor facilities like crazy. I have yet to figure out why we are so far behind the times down here. Maybe someone on here can explain it to me. 
  10. What happened to D-FW this year?

    Just look at the attendance at state championship games when they're at AT&T compared to other venues....it's not even close! Bottom line is the games need to be and will continue to be played at Jerry world. It's the nicest stadium in the world and the DFW area is hands down where the best football in the state is played.    P.S.  It's so dang great to see 89Falcon back in the mix!!! We've missed you brother!!
  11. I know nothing about the '89 Indians, but the 2017 Indians would destroy them. Players are better these days. Coaches are better these days. That's just the way it is my man 
  12. Cutoff Numbers