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  1. FYI from ol Soulja....

    Paul Wall couldn’t pee a drop with all the FBS talent at Central; how in the world would he have done anything at Woodville? I can promise you Woodville is more than happy with their coach 
  2. Grapeland 26 Lovelady 20/FINAL

    I just have a hard time seeing Grapeland or Lovelady as setx teams  
  3. Associated Press State Rankings - Week 8

    I can certainly respect that Soulja 
  4. Associated Press State Rankings - Week 8

    I mean let’s be honest; outside of WOS and Newton, what setx team has been relevant here over the past few years...and I’m talking at least regional final appearance relevant 

    This district is not relevant; however  they will look like world beaters playing the HISD schools in the first round 
  6. The Hispanic takeover has finally doomed LP. 
  7. Crosby V. PNG

    My apologies 
  8. Crosby V. PNG

    Anyway I heard that Crosby has come upon hard times financially and had to borrow 2 million to make payroll this last go round, so it’s yet to be seen if they’ll be able to field a team. I know their head coach is the second coming of Tom Landry, but I bet he wouldn’t continue to do the job for free
  9. Crosby V. PNG

    This guy is just trying to hide the fact that his grandad is also his biological dad. Of course there’s nothing wrong with that kinda stuff going on in Bridge City...part of the reason their football team is so awful. 
  10. Harris poll says San Augustine by 35. That’s bout right 
  11. Jeez that’s not good!
  12. Lovelady 66 Colmeseil 0/FINAL

    Colmesneil must have em a Jim dandy little squad
  13. I wonder why they hired him to begin with? Surely there were some solid young coaches that applied.