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  1. Coaching Carousel

    I’m glad you see. Now get back to work at your plant
  2. Under Armour Game

    And lots of good athletes stay at the position that they were recruited to play. A lot of the foolish nonsense you’re saying about RJ was also said about Lamar Jackson when he was going to Louisville. We all see how that turned out. Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past few years, the NFL is quickly trending to QB’s like RJ who can run!
  3. Coaching Carousel

  4. Coaching Carousel

    That statement in itself tells me all I need to know about your complete and utter lack of any kind of football knowledge. So you’re blaming the coaches for a kid getting a concussion? Never mind the fact that the kid was more than likely hit and could’ve just as easily gotten a concussion while running the ball, throwing passes, etc. Him getting a concussion on kickoff return is the stupid ole B Hill coaches fault?? That’s one of the most asinine statements I’ve heard in a while. You ever stop to think that maybe the coaches had him returning kicks because special teams is a very important part of the game and having one of their better players with the ball in his hands at any point in the game is a good thing.
  5. Coaching Carousel

    Unbelievable! I saw B Hill play Manvel in first round and they were so much less talented than Manvel, but they were able to keep the game close because they were COACHED ten times better than Manvel. This clown is clueless!
  6. Coaching Carousel

  7. I saw 11 for Longview have a great night against zone coverage against Westbrook. I also saw 11 have great nights against man coverage throughout the year. Slice it anyway you want bro, but 11 was going to get his against man or zone coverage, and if you know the slightest thing about coverages, then you should know that man coverage against a player like 11 is a disaster waiting to happen. 
  8. You gotta be kidding bro! Play press coverage and the WR has 350 yards receiving! 
  9. Aledo Does It Again!

    If I heard right they’ve lost 10 games in past 11 years. I’m having a hard time coming to grips with that one...having lost 10 games in past 11 years is freakin insane fellas!
  10. Silsbee Football 2019

    They were one of the best looking, most athletic teams I’ve ever seen; should’ve beaten Cuero!
  11. I promise you college coaches know all about Beaumont; tons of pro athletes(NFL players in particular) from in and around big Beaumont area!
  12. Bro I never said you implicated you were going to bash anyone, and you’re certainly right in the fact that there were holes in their defensive scheme; Longview had numerous holes in their defensive scheme as well. That being said, Longview won the coin toss so it was a given they were going to win the game...all 12 teams that won the coin toss won their respective state championship game. Is that not the craziest stat ever!! Crazy ass stats for hands down the greatest weekend of championship games ever played! IMO. Man what a weekend of football!
  13. Answer me this; with the problems you saw in the preseason did you think that at any point the Bruins had a chance to win(and very well could’ve won) the state title?? You and I both know the answer to that question. Bro I think you can agree in that the Bruins had one helluva run and were a play away from being state champs. You’re ignorant statements regarding the WB defensive staff are just that...ignorant. Be proud of them and pat them on the back when you see them. They sure as hell gave the greater golden triangle one helluva a ride. I know I’m damn sure proud of Coach Peevey, his staff, and all of his players. Those guys busted their asses and deserve ALL of our respect and praises. JMO
  14. Well you obviously know absolutely nothing about the work and time that each and every coach at Westbrook has put in to get the Bruins to this point. The only way the WB defensive coordinator is leaving is if he gets a head coaching job, and seeing what WB has accomplished this season I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he gets some offers to be a head coach somewhere