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  1. 2018 DEER PARK DEER

    That’d be tough considering NS is in their district 
  2. Renaming the Butch?

  3. Renaming the Butch?

    Big Baller Alpha Wolf Stadium...anyone that pulls into the stadium parking lot jammin UGK gets in for free.
  4. Why you think Nederland has yet to get turf?
  5. I'M HOME!

  6. Teacher/coach shortage in Texas is reaching crisis mode
  7. Coldspring open

    Agreed 100%
  8. Coldspring open

  9. Saratoga West Hardin

    Colmesneil pays $2,500 stipend for asst football coach. I thought that had to have been a misprint when I first saw it. 
  10. Baytown Sterling is Open

    Hence the reason all 3 football teams in Baytown are so terrible 
  11. Baytown Sterling is Open

    Muchos hombres muy chiquita y bajo no te gusta futbol Americana es la problema en Baytown 
  12. Baytown Sterling is Open

  13. Saratoga West Hardin

    Ha!! Early to mid 2000’s I think they were somewhat relevant 
  14. Lumberton beat PNG

    Did I mention anything in my post(s) about majority black schools?  My post was something to the extent of all white schools struggling in east/southeast Texas and my post is a fact. Wonder if all the schools you mentioned put more kids in the FBS football ranks than the schools I mentioned?