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  1. Oak Ridge coaching change

    I’m sure Grand Oaks took all his players 
  2. Soooooo many at WO-S! Anyone that doesn’t know that doesn’t know Texas high school football very well. IMO, WO-S gets the best players in the state, and they are ALWAYS super aggressive and very well coached. I’m beyond pumped about them getting the new turf and Jumbotron; very much deserved 
  3. Silsbee Football 2019

    Yessir Silsbee damn sure should’ve won that game 
  4. DCTF 2019

    Absolutely! What’s the damage on it now? $12? Gosh I remember not too terribly long ago it was like $4.95. 
  5. DCTF 2019

    Yessir they do 
  6. No kidding! It’s hard to watch that video 
  7. Colmesneil hires new coach

    That’s right; had a pretty dang good year for West Hardin standards huh? Not dogging the Oilers just saying..
  8. Colmesneil hires new coach

    Where was Coach Day last year?
  9. Colmesneil hires new coach

    Fancy Dan Johnson 
  10. Absolutely the athletes showed up when he was at Stephenville. I mean Briles is obviously a great coach, but you’re not winning without players....period! Jason Bragg, Brandon Stewart, Glenn Odell, and a few years later Kendall Briles(he finished HS at Wolforth Freindship) just to name a few of the D1 players off of those squads. Stewart split time with one Peyton Manning his first year at Tennessee.    P.S. Buddy Garrity will back me up ok this           
  11. Easy there big dog. I’m certainly not taking anything away from Coach Briles, as he’s obviously a great coach, but so is Coach Finney. I’m simply saying that Briles is not starting from scratch and is going into a pretty good situation. Coach Finney did an incredible job there at MV, as he’s done at every place he’s been. I think we can both agree that there are plenty of great coaches out there that don’t have a state title on their resume. All this being said I’m glad to see Coach Briles get a second chance and I don’t think there’s any doubt he will be successful.
  12. Let’s not kid ourselves, Coach Finney didn’t exactly leave Briles a crappy squad. 
  13. LCM coaching openings

    The coaching shortage is for real fellas
  14. https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/mac-engel/article230958903.html
  15. Why does West Brook dominate BISD football?