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  1. Saratoga West Hardin

    Ha!! Early to mid 2000’s I think they were somewhat relevant 
  2. Lumberton beat PNG

    Did I mention anything in my post(s) about majority black schools?  My post was something to the extent of all white schools struggling in east/southeast Texas and my post is a fact. Wonder if all the schools you mentioned put more kids in the FBS football ranks than the schools I mentioned?
  3. Lumberton beat PNG

    I’m the furthest thing from racist bro, and offended you would associate me with that term. Name one school in setx that has peed a drop with all white boys? There isn’t one.  Vidor- great coach; gets best out of average players but not much success; Waffle House there is legit West Hardin- haven’t been able to get it going since Dave Westfall left out on Votaw Prairie  Lumberton- Dirk Diggler; the ole tunnel sweep getting tunnelled  Deweyville- be better off in 6 man; still suffering from Hurricane Rita  Colmesneil- lots of players playing while trying to look “under” the bottom of face mask is never good Bridge City- not sure what y’all have done lately, but I’m thinking y’all wish you were playing in Louisiana     
  4. Saratoga West Hardin

    Yessir Anahuac has to have one of the best, if not the best 3A pay scales in the state 
  5. Saratoga West Hardin

    They need to get Dave Westfall back out on Votaw Prairie. He’d certainly get the Oilers back on track 
  6. Lumberton beat PNG

    Lack of coaching. You obviously misread my post; I said nothing about having an “all black team” but in east/setx, if you have an “all white team” you’re toast. If you argue that one with me there my man then you obviously don’t get out much 
  7. Lumberton beat PNG

    I may offend some folks, and for that I apologize, but in east/southeast Texas,  you’re not winning many games without some African Americans on the team.
  8. Saratoga West Hardin

    I don’t know how far Anahuac is from Votaw, but that’s a pretty dang good pay scale there. You will find that an overwhelming majority of people that work at places like WH are hometown folks; hometown folks that more times than not take hometown whippings.  https://1.cdn.edl.io/l2OkF89XdQt01X98sqPEhA8KNSubbTVzHydpku7bY1hD5FT5.pdf
  9. Saratoga West Hardin

    Significantly more!
  10. Proven Loser

    Greatest post in a while! I couldn’t agree more 
  11. How bout freaking Jamal Charles and Earl Thomas!
  12. Livingston is Open

    I can tell you right now that Carthage and WOS get incredible talent on a year in year out basis. If anyone wants to argue that they evidently didn’t watch the state championship games these past 3 or so years. Both Carthage and WOS have some of the best looking, fast, Strong, agile ballers anyone would ever wanna see on the field. Rarely, if ever, are these 2 programs down.
  13. Newton Football Schedule

    Will they ever!
  14. Livingston is Open

    You are so right 2 wedge! And let’s not forget Kyler Murray is not only going to be the QB for OU this year, but is also projected to be a 1st round pick in this June MLB draft; So saying he’s a disappointment is ludicrous.   PS. I do believe Saban just doled out 3 offers to Newton ballers.