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  1. That's a classic.  What a great day for that young lady.
  2. Who has clinched???

    I opened it.  It was terrible.  Vidor had to change the school colors to black and blue.  
  3. Picture

    He can be a pain, but basically he's a nice guy.  He's knowledgeable, appears well educated, and is extremely disciplined     Forgive me Soulja, the devil made me do it. Lol
  4. Great pitching and some great defense.  
  5. Maybe trying to save Morton for WS?  Only logical thing I can think of.  But in my feeble mind, I'd want to make sure I won this game. Luckily for coach, McCullers doing a good job.
  6. That would rank up there as a super dumb stunt, unless Morton has a sore arm.
  7. Bridge City player update

    Prayers from The Dale.  Hate to see these young men get hurt.
  8. Honor Killing!

  9. Wise Words by the President

    Lmbo.  That got you back on track.
  10. If you're a conservative and this surprises you, you're a little naive.  If you're a liberal and it doesn't surprise you, the far left would label you a conservative.  
  11. Honor Killing!

    It's jmo that having peace and Isam in the same sentence is an oxymoron.  
  12. Wise Words by the President

    I've been working with him to increase his understanding of how things work politically.  He's come a long way.  Dropped out of the ACLU.  Learned to say conservative with only a moderate increase in bp, and now has a "What, me worry?" sticker on his car.   All joking aside, one of the very few liberals I can sit and discuss politics with in normal discourse.  We don't agree a lot, but respect each other's views.  I have family (in-laws) that I can't do that with.  How we all should be, but very few are.
  13. Wise Words by the President

    I will now wait with bated breath for you to post a video and apology of/to Ted Cruz  
  14. Saw him play a little summer ball.  Very impressive (already).
  15. Ah, C'mon man.  If you can't trust REBgp, who can you trust?   Joking aside, I remember the days (a long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away) when we could, most of the time, trust our media.  And back then, most of us were naive enough to trust our Govt.  Yep, as for trust, we've come a long way, the wrong way.