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  1. State Final Schedule

    Sweet - Thanks!
  2. State Final Schedule

    In the past few years, Direct TV has most of the games live on one of the FOX SW channels.  Do you, or anyone else know if they're available again this year?
  3. Global Warming Update!

    Dear me, scientist who discovered the sun affects our climate.  Heretics.
  4. UFO's - The Truth is Out There

    And you thought there weren't UFO's. And an observation from a Navy pilot over the Pacific.
  5. FYI, they have a poll on the "other" site.  PG is picked 26-6.  Go Stangs!
  6. What do You Know About Scientology ?

    I can't in no way understand how you get relatively intelligent people to buy into his made up religion?  How does it happen?  Are so many people missing the "logic gene"?  You know, I never gave much thought to what Abe said, but part of his quote speaks of a similar scenario, "You can fool some of the people all the time".  Guess I'm not the only one befuddled about stuff like this.
  7.   After that, you may need this.    
  8. Way to go Eagles.  Seems like we always have the Stangs, but after your convincing win over Silsbee, I started thinking we might have two great teams.  For a change, I was right, and so glad.  How impressive to spot Boling 14, then get another convincing win.  This Gunter team is very impressive, but they haven't play anyone like Newton.  You can win this game.  All it'll take is the same effort and execution you exhibited last night.  All of SE Tex is behind you.  I'm Eagle proud down here in Evadale.  One more win!
  9. Last year most thought the SC was a lock (including me).  This year?  Well we all knew you'd be good - that's a minimum at WOS, but to have so many new starters step up and play Mustang football has made this years team even more special.  So in the SC game, step it up one more time.  Man, everyone in the area should be proud of y'all.  Here in Evadale, I'm Mustang Proud!  You CAN do it.  One more win!
  10. Opportunity For a Fortune

    Polls reveal interesting information.  I questioned 100,000 adults in SE Tex and here's the results.  Question was:  Does you car/truck have a Turn Signal lever/indicator? 50%  Yes 25%  No 25%  Don't know Of the 50% that said yes, I ask:. Do you know how to use it? 10%  Yes 40%  No 40%  Not sure Me, I'm not surprised.
  11. And I thot that would be close & this would be a blowout.  No wonder I didn't get that job at Ceasars Palace to pick point spreads.
  12. I feel bad for Boling.  Getting beat is one thing, but repeated fumbles will leave you with a big "what if" gnawing at you.
  13. Durn good effort by the Bobcats.