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  1. I found this interesting article.  Starts off about Rich, then mentions some other dubious demises.  Warning, those on the left may be traumatized by reading this.
  2. Of course, the Private Detective has been fired by the parents.  Imo, they can't accept the fact that the DNC may have had something to do with it.
  3. Based on all the weapons they had, looks like they were ready to start WW-III.
  4. Just a couple of guys from that Religion of peace.  Gag - upchuck - regurgitate 
  5. The thread that prompted Rake to start this one is locked.  What's sad, some attempts at humor are responded to with unnecessary rigidity.  I know one thing in particular that raises my ire, is a poster criticizing a players performance by name, or even a playing position.  Example:  John Smith isn't making the tackles - or - WOS Middle Linebacker isn't making the tackles.  Jmo, but anyone who does that should be suspended.
  6. More Liberal Mental Illness!

    Oh, and a few Dem politicians also.
  7. More Liberal Mental Illness!

    I've been known to place a bet or two.  I'd be comfortable betting the heads of Solyndra have still got plenty of that cash.
  8. You're probably right.  It's virtually impossible to control it.  Georgia is having them set out half of the season.  It's a start, but I doubt Tx will do anything.
  9. All but the opponent.  Got my purple and white on.  Go Wildcats.
  10. Ok historically, you've done your research.  But this year, it's been close.  Wasn't this year the first State Championship for Silsbee, in any sport?   I know BC won State in football in '66.  If that's their only one, in any sport, the schools are tied there.  Anyway, I'd like to see them stay competitive (omitting basketball).  Imo, good for both schools.  For instance, if Silsbee didn't seek out competition in Bball this year, they'd went stagnant in this area.   Hey, football will be starting up in the twinkling of an eye (especially for us old folks - as Andy Rooney said, "life is like a roll of toilet paper.  The closer to the end you get, the faster it goes".  And I can verify that, and I think I've got Hoops believing it.
  11. Lol, you've been reading to many Crosby football post.  Speaking of football BC won 42-41.  That's close.  BC won 2-1 in the baseball game.  That's close.  Yes, Silsbee managed to squeak out a substantial win in basketball, but I understand that BC drupped Silsbee in Chess, so I'd think overall the schools match up pretty evenly..   Btw, BC only beat lil Evadale by 10 (in BC), so with all due respect to BC, basketball is not their forte.  On the other hand, Silsbee is freaking awesome, and got a State Title to prove it.
  12. From an outsider looking in, a typical Bridge City vs Silsbee sporting event.  Hard fought, close game between two good teams.  Congrats to both teams.  Good luck to the Cards as they advance. And Tigers, hold your heads up.  Great season.
  13. Congrats Indians.  See the spirit is alive and well!  Roll on.
  14. Separation of Church and State?

    I see you avoided the question.  So to you, "just grab'em by the p#$$y, is more offensive than boo'ing God?  And remember, only one man said "grab'em", but thousands booed God.  The majority of the Dem Party has no use for God.  As a Christian myself, I can have no use for that Party.