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  1. Black Unemployment Lowest in 17 Years

    According to the article it was Feb 8.1 - March 8.0 - April 7.9 - May 7.5  So the longer Trump's been in, the better it's getting.  The numbers speak for themselves.  Hopefully, the people benefitting from Trumps presidency will remember next Election Day.
  2. Wow, could Trump actually be doing a good job?  And helping everyone?  Naw, can't be.
  3. They ought to change the name from 9th Circuit to West Coast Politburo.  
  4. Trump admits that he lied

    I'm beginning to believe it.  I'd give it 50-50 on my credibility gauge.
  5. NP, I was on that like a ribeye steak lol. Side bar:  We lost Champ game Sat vs Ned.  No disgrace.  Ned awesome.  Have a 6'3" Soph, with springs in his legs, who has offer from UofH already.
  6. Oh, and they're starting a spinoff news site called CNN Real.   Surely this is fake news, but it does emphasize how Fake CNN is.
  7. Wonder why?  Perhaps they need to look at why 93% of their coverage on Trump is negative.  
  8. Trump admits Russia interfered

    Jmo, the "alleged meddling" by Russia is based on the Russians supposedly accessing voter registration list.  Not what I'd consider "meddling in the election", but the TDS has them literally, out of their minds.  Imo, whoever hacked into those list was to get personal info for financial gain, not the actual vote.
  10. Trump admits that he lied

    Wow, I'm 0 for 2, so I'm going with this.  I agree his mouth is in gear & his brains in neutral a lot.  Even heard a Dem say they need to get off the collusion.  While we're looking at collusion, Trump is doing yada yada and no one is calling him on it (lol, just turned on Fox, & first thing - collusion).  I've wondered if Trump keeps throwing stuff out to create a smoke screen. If that's true, the media is taking it hook, line and sinker.
  11. Trump admits that he lied

    Wrong quote.  Dadgum old people anyway.
  12. The Face Of The Democratic Party...

    She'll never know, because of media bias.  I doubt the Huffapuff Post said anything about it.
  13. More Democratic Collusion?!

    Good read. 
  14. More From The Hateful Left!

    Don't be a bufoon.  When Nugent witnessed the potential result of such rhetoric, he apologized and said he'd refrain from such inflammatory comments in the future.  Now, name a liberal who made inflammatory comments about Trump or Republicans, who has apologized.  You won't, because they're the party of hate.  Unfortunately, you fit right in.  You & Big girl.  Don't remember either of you, saying one derogatory think about a democrat, or the party.  Right off, I can only think of two other political parties that didn't either - The Nazi party, and the Communist party.  You see a trend?
  15. You know EC, I agree.  They have enough sunshine.  I'd like for them to get a little rain.