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  1. The Poo Has Hit the Fan I'm just curious where it's all going to land.
  2. The "Tolerant" Left!

    I'm not sure why, with all the BS going on, but that link sure ain't sitting right with me.  Got my redneck feeling blue.
  3. Always great competition.  
  4. The "Tolerant" Left!

    I would call this a hate crime.  To me, it fits all the criteria.  But that will never happen.
  5. Sounds good to me.  Never thought Chiefs & Sheriffs in Tx would pick and choose what laws to uphold and what laws to ignore.  But to be honest, I'm seeing a lot of things I never thought I would see.
  6. The Result of Democratic Policies/Laws

    Accomplished?  Terrible assessment.   Way to go democrats, look at your newest release from Pandora's Box, is much more accurate.
  7. I'll admit that neither political party is mentioned in this article.  I'll also admit that after reading it, I thought, Way to go democrats, look what you've accomplished.
  8. Global Warming Update! Talking about a "no lose scenario".  The global warning whacko's (and this is whacko doublespeak) have got all the bases covered.  This is a win-win.  A fine a display of liberal logic as you'll ever find.  Once again the English language is inadequate to describe how asinine this assertion is.  And if you don't see that as a conundrum, try to explain how these same whacko's want to denigrate global warming deniers.  Best analogy I can think of is a extremely mentally ill man in a straitjacket, in a padded cell telling me how insane I am.  Smdh  
  9. This Board Needs....

    An older man in his 50's was pulled over by the Police around 2AM.  After checking his license, the officer ask him where he was going this time of the night. The man relied, "I'm on my way to a lecture about alcohol abuse and the negative effects it has on the human body, as well as smoking and staying out late". The Officer ask, "Really?  And who is giving a lecture at this ungodly time?" The man replied, "That would be my wife".
  10. The Walking Dead

    We didn't have HBO so I never watched Game of Thrones.  It was about season 4 when we got season 1 box set as a gift.  We've gotten everyone of them after.  I hate to see it end, but I'd rather see an end than for the writers to run out of good ideas.  That's what I thought happened to the X-Files, and I'm beginning to think TWD.
  12. Tillerson Fired!

    Both strong, powerful men.  Probably inevitable.  Worst part, the MSM and the Dems will have a field day.  Could jeopardize the mid-term elections, and possibly control of the Senate (and SCOTUS nominations).  Just thinking out loud.  Hope I'm wrong.
  13. Tillerson Fired!

    Until now Trump had exceeded my expectations.  This move, and other recent ones, has me concerned.  Will reserve judgement until we hear all the details.
  14. UFO's - The Truth is Out There

    Senior moment - didn't post the link..  Love the F-18 pilots talking about this thing. i am surprised our Military is letting this stuff out.  All this time - hush hush.  AND, as I posted above, many Govt's declassifying UFO info, AND it started with the Washington Press Club Discussion in 2010.  So after 60 years of denials, I have to wonder what's up?  I suspect in the coming years, a stunning revelation will be revealed.  What's happening now is like a trailer for a big movie.  I may not be around when it happens, but all you skeptics, you raise a glass high and say, You were right REBgp!