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  1. Another interesting article I saw today.  I attribute the rise in sightings to the fact that aliens have a good sense of humor, and get close to watch The Big Bang Theory.
  2. I heard a rumor that the three habitable planets will be named Nederland, Vidor, and Evadale, since you and I are at the forefront of this alien business.  
  4. BISD Forensic Audit results

    Yep, a lot of smart folks get convicted.  But in this case, there's always a bunch of fish in the barrel.  The smarter fish are tougher to shoot.  They camouflage themselves under the not so smart fish.  I'm not saying he's guilty.  All anyone has is suspicions and a news story.  But even if he is, all the other folks will obfuscate his investigation.  Time will tell.
  5. Deweyville VS San Augustine

    Btw, do you know time & loc for game?
  6. Deweyville VS San Augustine

    As I stated in the SA vs Neches thread, it all depends on which SA team shows up.  Lasts nights win very impressive for SA, but their record indicates they're erratic.  Imo, it's a toss up.  I'm going with our District team, Go Pirates.
  7. Evadale - Alto

    Per Maxpreps, they have a 6'8" Post #4, who averages almost 10 rebounds a game, and 10 points, and 3 blocks per game.  Their PG #10, is their high scorer, with @ 18 points a game, and leads team with 3 steals per game.
  8. BISD Forensic Audit results

    Thomas has a doctorate, which implies he's of above average intelligence.  If he's guilty, which it sounds like he could be, I'd think it'll be very difficult to convict him.  That would account for him not being charged thus far, if he is guilty.  And if he goes to trial, I wouldn't want to bet on conviction.  Jmo.
  9. SETXSPORTS User Names

    All that high tech gobbledygook is over my head.  I pictured you as a kid out at 6 am digging up worms to go fishing (which I did lol).  With an archaic tool known as a shovel.  Now you're implying a Harley shovelhead is archaic, and I don't have a clue.  Only hi tech word I knew was cobalt, but I think it went the way of the buggy whip.  
  10. Social Security Going Broke? Why?

    Craig, you got me eating Rolaids and drinking Alka Seltzer, and veins throbbing in my neck and temples.  TMI     
  11. Jasper is open

    Supt's fault?  School Board's fault?  Both?  I live in Evadale, and we know smell.  This incident in Jasper smells like a 10 on the 0-10 Stink Meter.
  12. I think it's a toss up.  Dependent on which SA team shows up.  Last nights win was very impressive, but their record shows a terrible lack of consistency.  But with one player back from grades, and the new guy, it's difficult to tell.
  14. Not exactly the decorum you'd expect from someone in Congress.   I see this video as a preview of future democrats.  Anyone agree?