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  1. Transrace?

    Lol, texanabroad is in China.  I ate a big meal to late, so my stomach woke me up.  Time I found the Alka-seltzer, my eyes are wide open.  About 3 hrs from now I'll be urinated at myself for not being able to go back to sleep  
  2. Transrace?

    Not a psychological disorder?  I'm reminded of around1960 & they'd play comedy routines on the radio.  Brother Dave Gardner had one "The Haunted House".  A guy takes the challenge to spend the night.  Early on, an "avg monster" comes in & ask, You gonna be here when John gets here?  Man was shook up but said yes?  Monsters got worse & about the 3rd one to come was so ugly, when the monster ask the question about John, the trembling man said, if you ain't John I'm gone (condensed version lol).  And that's how I see this cutting limbs off - If that isn't a psychological disorder, I don't wanna see what you call one.
  3. A real discussion about visitor logs at the WH?  Wow, that's a zinger.  Obama had them released daily so everyone could see all the celebrities he had visiting.  Besides, according to many on the left, Trumps spends most of his time in Florida golfing, so he could have his clandestine visitors there. Honestly we1, I hope after he's through being President we look back and are able to say, "He'd been a great President if he'd just released those WH visitor logs".
  4. Wonder if the power has just gone to his head?
  5. Transrace?

    Being stupid ain't got no end.
  6. How Leftist Use Fraud And Deciet!

    CBS News didn't mention the Consumer Confidence numbers, but they did mention Trump putting the axe on O's Environmental decrees.  And they interviewed one of the initial GW scientist.  His main concern, imo, was he was going to lose his grant money.  Guess if the science had proven no GW, he'd lost his grant money also.   Anyway, here's a good question.
  7. Yes, you're right.  And I was told @ 45 yrs ago by a man that had my utmost respect, the biggest problem is, there's no end to it.  No goal.  No finish line.  I can now confirm that he was correct.  If anything, it appears to be getting worse.
  8. Democrat is Latin for hypocrisy.     PS:. You don't get as old as me without learning one Latin word.
  9. I'm sure y'all will be flabbergasted to learn I watched CBS Evening News this afternoon and they simply forgot to mention this.
  11. The Left Follows This?

    Ironic you posted that today.  I was looking up something earlier, and happened to see some black "expert" said Boston was the most racist city in America.  If I happen across it again, I'll post it.
  12. I'm no economist but this sounds like good news.  Especially since the "experts" were predicting a drop and it shot up like a Saturn Rocket.   stevnash, maybe you can explain the significance of this to our liberal friends.
  13. Okay..  Well thought out answer time bcred: Old people with grown kids - Exempt (IR1- we spend all our meager income on food & A/C) Couple w/no kids - Double  (no kids, plenty of money) Single w/no kids - Triple  (no spouse, no kid, Tons of money). Lol, I'm gonna get called out on this  
  14. Well done response.  Personally, I couldn't have home schooled my kids.  With the exception being I'd trust myself through the 6th.  But I know my limitations in advanced math and English.   As for as athletics go, it's pretty much out of our hands anyway.
  15. Heck Tiger, I tried that at Evadale (I'm younger, 72) but when I found out they timed you in the 40, I quit.  I thought it was 4.