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  1. Why take it down?  Oh, that’s right.  Only liberals can be “in your face” when referring to opinions.  
  2. Trump-Putin meeting

    Lmbo, a prime example of your comprehension skills.  Merely pointing out the meddling in elections is done by both countries, so why is it such an issue?  And why didn’t  Obama do more about it?
  3. Trump-Putin meeting

    I read an article this morning that the US interfered in foreign elections 81 times between 1946 and 2000, and Russia has done it 31 times (that we know of).  That’s not even counting Obama interfering in the election in Israel.  Everyone knows it.  No doubt whatsoever that they done it in our elections before, and will again.  Bottom line Dems, get over it, Trump won. 
  4. Trump

    This seems like an appropriate place to repeat one of my old post.  If those immigrants were going to vote Republican, them Dems would have a Wall put up immediately that’d make the one in China look like a 4’ cyclone fence.  
  5. Trump-Putin meeting

    This post exemplifies what I’ve been thinking.  Should he went out in that press conference and called Putin out?  Hail no.  Not diplomatic, and he has thousands of nukes aimed at us.  Trump was in a no-win situation.  Presidents don’t put their serious business on the street.  Take Obama for instance, in Russia, when he thought the mikes were off.
  6. Trump-Putin meeting

    So a question.  All this Bru-ha-ha over the Trump, Putin Meeting is the result of: A - The sky is falling? B - Someone hollered wolf? C - Trump Derangement Syndrome? D - The Media? E - The FBI? F - The Dems spent 8 years grooming a candidate, with the best known political name in the last 30 years, and She was beaten by a rude, brash candidate with absolutely no political experience.  A historic defeat, and a year & a half later, still can’t get over it.   And now, all they can do is hate Trump.   Btw, there will be a $10,000 giveaway.  Whoever picks all the correct answers, will give me $10,000.  
  7. Trump-Putin meeting

    Only one I’ve personally heard call Trump treasonous, was John Brennan, Obama’s CIA Chief who voted for the Communist Party candidate in 1976.  Democrat. Socialist, Communist, what a strange transformation the Left has undertaken.  
  8. Walk Away

    I’d love to see him beat the Dem candidate.  With his background as a Marine, accepting Jesus Christ as his Savior, and a businessman, him becoming a Republican makes perfect sense.  At any rate, better than a full fledged democrat.
  9. Trump-Putin meeting

    Third paragraph under, Early Life an Education.   FYI, I found out about it when my son in law sent me a link to a tweet by Rand Paul denouncing Brennan for his political views, after Brennan’s tweet that Trump’s actions were treasonous.
  10. I'M HOME!

    I can’t imagine what you’ve been through.  Glad you’re home.  Home has some healing qualities.  Take care of you.
  11. Trump-Putin meeting

    Btw, it should be pointed out that John Brennan voted for the Communist USA Party in 1976 - and Obama had him as head of the CIA.  Much bigger scandal that this meeting.
  12. This Reminds Me.....

    It crashed and burned at the box office - Good.  Great.
  13. Trump-Putin meeting

    I realize I’m just an old man with a lot of opinions, but I have no freaking idea what all the outrage is about.  Did they expect him to B-Slap Putin for the cameras?  You don’t admonish another leader in public at a meeting.  What kind of bonehead logic is that?  He’s suppose to be indignant because our intelligence community claims Russia interfered in the election?  Part of that same community used a fake dossier to investigate Trump.  And if the CIA is all knowing, why doesn’t Mueller just ask the CIA Director if Trump colluded with the Russians - END OF STORY.   I’m pi$$ed off to the highest point of pi$$tivity.  Someone will have to enlighten me WHY everyone is so bent out of shape.  Freaking Putin has thousands of Nukes aimed at us, and Trump is suppose to throw him into a tantrum?  Lord, give me strength.
  14. Hmmmmmm, interview about a month before he hanged himself?  Bloody hail.  Has the Clinton machinery struck again?  Should Anthony be added to the long & distinguished list of victims?  Appears so.   Could my name be added for posting this?  Absolutely.  
  15. Feinstein to Conservative ?

    Probably not.  Most Dems are so brainwashed, they can’t vote any other way.   Which makes me think, we’ll have to quit calling them “yellow dog democrats” and go to “Red dog democrats”.  Heck, there’s a lot to do.  Dictionaries & sites for synonyms will have to reflect the fact that democrat is a synonym for Marxist.  Actually, I feel sorry for liberals.  They find themselves in the same situation with conservatives.  Their party has abandoned them, like the Repubs have done us.