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  1. Poor Hillary

    Absolutely, On Call 24-7.  About the time Trump is getting sworn in, and Bill & Hillary have had about 3 snorts of nose candy, those guys may get a call. PS:.  Bill says, But I didn't inhale.  Hillary replies, Save that isht for the Repubs Bill, the freakin line is gone.  Lmbo.
  2. I'm 99% sure if this ever happens once or twice, you'll see protester anywhere but the road.  They need this in big cities when you're in a neighborhood where some punks might stand out in the road, and when you stop, they drag you out and beat you to death.  And the mayor says, well, you shouldn't have been driving down there.
  3. Ltown wins. Go Lady Pirates.  
  4. Another news story that to my knowledge, the English language has no appropriate word to describe.  I guess in lieu of that I'll simply say, No Country for Old Men.
  6. I've given my opinion on rankings, but to be fair, they do get some right.  Silsbee has a legitimate #1 rank, in most all folks opinion.  I'll be a Tiger fan all the way, and I hope they bring that SC home.  Go Tigers!
  7. First, I've watched zero NFL This year, primarily because the NFL (Commissioner) did nothing when Kapertwit kneeled during the National Anthem.  It may be his right as a citizen, but not as a representative of the NFL.   Okay, that said, I found the article funny because even though the Patriot organization may be A-holes in many folks opinion, including Tomlin's, the fact that the gist of Tomlin's talk was to not give the Patiots any ammunition on Social Media, and reiterated by Roethlisberger, with background agreement from some Steelers, and All-Pro Wide Receiver Antonio Brown was recording it all on Facebook live, deserved a laugh.  From the article, Brown was focused on the large number of viewers he had, and not on the speech by Coach Tomlin, and Roethlisberger.  I bet Coach T tore Brown's buttocks up.  And you can bet that clip will be played to the Patriots, in the locker room prior to the game.  Ammunition?  Brown gave them ammo and the gun - funny stuff.
  8. That's right.  Girl took a shot at buzzard just inside mid court and made it.  Big Bummer. Old age is a trickster.  I remember that, but not what I did 3 days ago lol.
  9. The main thing about rankings, a good conversation piece.   If you've followed a basketball very long, how many times in those years did you see your team lose to a team they should've beat?  Them folks doing them polls don't know that.  They just know you lost.  They don't know if you played them 3 more games, you'd win all 3.  All they know - you lost.  And then they have their perennial good teams, that'll stay in just on virtually name alone.  Then your 18-0 teams that schedule the easy ones.  Yep, them old polls are fun to talk about.  But it is nice for your team to be named.  Gotta admit that, lol.
  10. The Countdown!

  11. The Countdown!

    Problem with this, it's increasing tension with Russia.  He'd never done this if he wasn't getting out.  You know Putin would B-slap him.
  12. The "Tolerant" Left!

    Typical.  When they've used all their cards (racist, bigot, homophobe, etc), you get the real Leftist Elitist.
  13. The Countdown!

    But Obama is foxing things up as much as he can.  Ordinarily, I wouldn't have a problem with this, but right before the half wit leaves office?  Somethings rotten in Denmark, err, make that Washington DC.
  14. Idiot WR recording live on Facebook while Tomlin talking to team & telling them not to put anything on Social Media. Lol
  15. The "Tolerant" Left!

    One of the best commentaries I've ever heard.  Told my wife a few years ago, they don't want to make Cavuto mad, that guy will zing them.  Well, they did, and he did.