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  1. Newton

    That’s unfortunate, for him.  That said, the Newton Team I’ve read about each week is so good, the loss of any one individual shouldn’t keep them from winning State.  
  2. Newton

    And on the other site, they’re saying personal reasons.  Whichever reason, it must be (have been) serious.
  3. West Brook vs Longview 6A D2 title game

    Saturday, I’m a West Brook fan.  Come on Bruins, bring the SC back home!
  4. Rotflmbo.  Lololololololololol
  5. Antifa has become a force, and why not.  They assault anyone they perceive as conservatives with impunity in Liberal run Cities and States.  This is so obviously out of the Nazi playbook of the Brown Shirts.  Understand, I’m not saying the democrats are Nazis, merely pointing out that their using the same tactics to intimidate anyone with different political views.  Here’s an incident that happened recently.  Read it and get pi$$ed off.  I did. https://www.phillymag.com/news/2018/12/13/marines-assaulted-philadelphia-keenan-massey-antifa/
  6. More proof, as if there isn’t enough already, why we need the 2nd Amendment, and don’t need Socialism/Communism.  
  7. Your Surrounded, Mr. Mueller!

    My trust in all the news media is at an all time low.  That said, IF the allegations in this editorial are true, Mueller & his pack of attack dogs may very well be walking into a well orchestrated trap.  There’s no doubt Trump knows how to play hardball.  He has reams of, ostensibly, damaging information that hasn’t been released under the guise of Secrecy.  He has, what appears to me, irrefutable evidence that there was an organized effort by a small group in the Dept of Justice to usurp his candidacy.  And no doubt information on other questionable activities done by the Mueller gang.  I wouldn’t be all all surprised that somewhere in the time period of Mueller’s finalized release of his report, Trump will release his own bombshell which will blow Mueller, and many democrats, out of the water.  Just my own theory, but don’t dismiss it out of hand.
  8. Newton

    Got to believe EB was a wake up call.  I expect (hope) they come out Thursday with fire in their eyes. Go Eagles.
  9. Congrats Bruins.  This win is a great gift to the school, City, and area.  You guys believe.  Enough said!
  10. Congrats to Newton, and my apologies to East Bernard.  Newton won and I’m eating crow.  I’d lost my firstborn betting on this game. Now Eagles, go get that SC.
  11. And The Dragons struggle on  
  12. If it ever makes any sense to you, let me know.  It’ll be a freaking miracle.
  13. Amazing having Woden & Shelbyville in the same District.  Have a combined record of 27-1.  That’s pretty durn good.
  14. Palestine

    Yes, they’re in Reg 3, and are sitting at 11-0 against some pretty good competition.  Don’t see them as a giant killer (Silsbee), but they’ll put some L’s on quite a few teams.