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  1. Media Bias

    Not sure the AI builders could make one look that old   Btw, it may have been a rumor, but you weren’t sure for 28 days lol.
  2. Is it just me or do articles like this make anyone else want to beat their head on a wall?
  3. Media Bias

    And the Big Dummy who posted this put the wrong link in.  Still, kudos to Lara Logan.  Here’s the correct link with the Big Dummies apology. https://www.mediaite.com/online/cbss-lara-logan-calls-media-mostly-liberal-in-scorched-earth-interview-im-committing-professional-suicide/
  4. Important Question for UT Alum

    I’d have to go with Ford.  She convinced 11 Senators that she’d been sexually abused by Kavanaugh, while all the time not remembering anything else.  And convincing them she was afraid to fly, even after it’s discovered she flies all over the world.   Btw, if any of those 11 Senators are reading this, I’d like to sell you a bridge over the Neches River.
  5. The point is Kountzer, there’s so little overt racism now, the Left manufactures it.  The really terrible thing about this, if there is an openly racist attack, who’ll believe it?
  6. Black, Gay actor faked the MAGA attack

    ABC trying to cover their initial reaction in interview of Smollett. https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/kristine-marsh/2019/02/18/smollett-story-unravels-abc-defends-robin-roberts-softball
  7. Media Bias

    Lara Logan unloads on the Liberal Media.  Since she works for CBS, she’s probably right with her last line saying,  “this interview is professional suicide for me”. https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/kristine-marsh/2019/02/18/smollett-story-unravels-abc-defends-robin-roberts-softball
  8. This Woman Is A Democrat, Right?

    Her total purpose is to undermine the US.  To divide, and destroy America.  How so many could be so blind to that, is a mystery to me. Ironic that the Dems, so quick to use the word racism, defends a known racist in our Congress.  
  9. Black, Gay actor faked the MAGA attack

    I agree.  The hypocrisy of both sides, & the inability of most to see it, or acknowledge it, is pathetic.  The 600# Gorilla in all this is the biased Media, overwhelmingly liberal.  They spew their propaganda out and it's absorbed like a sponge by those who fit the description of Obi Wan on those who can be controlled by the Force - "The Force (Media) can have a strong influence on the weak minded".  Apparently, America is inundated with the weak minded.  
  10. Black, Gay actor faked the MAGA attack

    Read a Shawn Spicer Tweet - You know 2020 will be a landslide when you have Nigerians running around saying Make America Great Again.  
  11. Same question I have with Woodville gym.  Ltown was 7:30, now it's 8. 
  12. The Green Deal

    The democratic infighting, and the relatively large number of liberals who won’t be able to buy into this radical socialism, plus the potential Howard Schultz candidacy, should make Trump a lock in 2020.  That is, if he can keep foot out of mouth.