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  1. Yes.  Just saw the chances of rain for Wed thru Fri  90%, 60%, 60% Of course, things change.  Hope not for the worse.
  2. Aggie at Bama

    Out of likes, but I like this one to much to go silently in the night.  
  3. Mid Term Elections

    I suspect the results of that race had the Dem leaders in Tx (& a few nationally) breaking out in hives.  God help me, I do love it so  
  4. Just looked at projected forecast for Bmt, Wed thru Fri - 70%, 60%, 60%.  If the game stays in the Boneyard, it’ll be the mud bowl.  On the plus side for Crosby, if they beat Vidor, they’ll win the coveted “Best in Orange County Award” lol.  Sounds like turnovers will make ya or break ya, and Vidor had quite a few tonight (in the mud at LCM).  They do that against Crosby, it’ll be a long night for the Pirate faithful.  On a good day, on a good field, I think this would be a great ballgame.  Only because Crosby has had a little trouble with the Slot T.  
  5. If the weather cooperates, it’ll be a good game.  If not, turnovers could tip the scales either way.  Hoping for no rain after Tuesday.
  6. Cruz Whacks Beto!

    I’m not surprised.  Ted has much more experience.  
  7. Brett Kavanaugh

    Whoa, I was just over there again.  I’m not sure what’s worse, the language or the English (and the English has to be bad for me to see it - proper English ain’t never been my strong suit lol).  Got to stay away.  Frightening.
  8. Brett Kavanaugh

    Heck, I had no idea.  I thought it got rough here on Politics.  We is pussycats.    
  9. Hope starting QB is back, although backup doing a good job.
  10. No argument on pre-district games, and Crosy’s Win over Manvel was outstanding.  It’s just seems Crosby does have trouble defending Vidor.  If I had to bet on anyone in District 5A-2 beating Crosby, I’d pick Vidor.  Odds are, Crosby will not lose to anyone.
  11. We’re not talking about Vidor & BH.  Your comment was made in reference to Vidor beating Crosby.  Vidor can, but may not, beat Crosby.  BH can’t beat Crosby.  Crosby’s D has trouble with the Slot T.  Stay on subject if you are serious about responding.
  12. Excuse me BHFAN, Since 2011 how many times has Crosby lost to Nederland or PNG?  I know Vidor beat them in 2011.  Crosby has a good program.  Not many beat them often.  BH played them every year, and you have to go back to 2010 to see an Eagle victory.  WTF.
  13. It’s not just fatigue from playing time, but bumping heads with the hugh Crosby line will take it out of you also.
  14. Me neither.  Glad we were wrong!
  15. And I was thinking he wasn’t kicking good.  Dumb me!