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  1. Happy........But Not For All

    No mention of Muslims.  You’re an incompetent poster.  If I said, “Imagine someone following  that team from Port Arthur”.  Almost everyone would assume I was referring to the Titans, not Bob Hope.  You have no future as a Journalist.  Well, maybe except for CNN, or MSNBC.  
  2. I’m sorry to post this.  Thought about not doing so, but we don’t want to stick our heads in the sand while our fellow Christians are being slaughtered in the name of Allah/Mohammed.  On our holiest of days, they’ve managed to kill more than 156 & wound 400.  How anyone can defend these savages is beyond me.  I’ve no doubt there are some good Muslims, but how many, and how good?  Will the Muslim community in America rise up in indignation, denouncing this attack?  I, for one, will not hold my breath.  What I anticipate is one of our Congresspersons, if ask about it saying, “Well, somebody did something”. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6944119/Hundreds-hurt-blasts-hit-Sri-Lanka-churches-hotels.html
  3. He is risen, which proves to me, his belivers will rise with him.  God Bless all of you folks, and your families.  And may you have a wonderful Easter.
  4. Notre Dame burning

    This is very frustrating.  It's bad enough the Media protects Muslims, but for the Church to attempt it is unconscionable.  https://apnews.com/92db19558da04f09b94cc31fb5ce16a5
  5. Wow VSEO, you need to be careful with answers like that.  There are liberals that will be calling you a racist, misogynist, inbred redneck for acknowledging truths that don't fit the Party line.  I'm beginning to think you're not only the king of pot stirrers, but only a halfa$$ democrat  
  6. The party of diversity

    Here’s an example of Democrat diversity.  Black Trump supporter attacked while wearing MAGA hat. https://hotair.com/archives/2019/04/17/maryland-men-charged-assault-beating-trump-supporter-maga-hat/
  7. What is it about liberals?  They’ve lived and breathe Russian Collusion and Mueller’s Report for the last two years.  It clears Trump, and they’re hollering rigged.  Once their brains get something implanted, they ignore everything unless it affirms their position. Btw, wonder if UTalum regrets getting off now?
  8. Can't help but wonder

    Let me throw out a fictitious scenario.  Lindsey Graham is the Independent Council to investigate Trump..  He’s going to have 16 lawyers helping.  How many do you think would be registered Republican voters? Mueller may have been a Republican, but I can’t believe he still is.  He had 16 lawyers helping him and none were registered Republicans.  To give the appearance of impartiality, I can’t believe he didn’t have a few.   https://www.dailywire.com/news/27442/report-how-many-lawyers-muellers-team-are-james-barrett
  9. Can't help but wonder

    Mueller and his team of Democratic guard dogs, were to busy indicting Ivan Russkie to give Dems something to drool over, and justify that $35 Million. 
  10. Oh wow, that sums up the libtards to a T.
  11. Nadler is demanding the Report without redactions.  Partisan politics?  He’s one of 17 Democrats who voted against the release of the investigation of Bill Clinton.
  12. Since Mueller busted their bubble, now they want his Tax Returns.  You knew they wouldn’t be happy.  The farther Left someone goes, the less happy they are. If the DNC offered a Clue game for sale, all the “people cards” would be Trump.
  13. Dadgum Nadler doesn’t have sense enough to know there are 3 branches of Govt.  Congress cannot tell the Attorney General (Head of the Justice Department) how to do his job. I know you know that LRF, but that dumba$$ Nadler doesn’t.  Really can’t stand the turd.
  14. I agree 100%.  The first 5 are great, and again, it’s virtually impossible to narrow it down to 5. Glad Braden’s getting a shot.  I heard he works his tale off.  Well deserved, and best of luck to him, and all the other great basketball players in our area getting to play at the next level. 
  15. Wasn’t sure whether to post this in the Locker Room or here.. Anyway, one of our toilets stopped up.  After acquiring the plunger and opening the toilet seat, imagine my surprise as I gazed down at Jerry Nadler.   On a serious note, where in the cornbreadhail do they get these people?  He’s a freaking hobbit at 5’4”.  Did weigh 338 pounds before surgery.  What surgery?  Were his lips sewed shut?  And if so, can we hang whoever un-sewed them?  Prior to showing him on TV, they should give some kind of warning, like, This telecast recommended for mature, deaf audiences only.  What a poster boy for birth control.