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    August 31st can’t get here fast enough!
  2. I would love to see a Battle of the Champs matchup between Silsbee and Memorial next year! 
  3. Thoughts? Predictions? Im gonna say Silsbee 87 Somerset 65 maybe closer
  4. Silsbee 2018 Schedule

    Official Schedule is out. Looks like Silsbee will be traveling to Longview.
  5. Silsbee 2018 Schedule

    Not at all! 
  6. Silsbee 2018 Schedule

    I wonder where that Spring Hill game is gonna be played. If they decide to play at a neutral site maybe Lufkin or Nacogdoches on Saturday?
  7. Silsbee 2018 Schedule

    I honestly don't know anything about them.
  8. Silsbee 2018 Schedule

    ( Not in order ) Port Neches Groves Nederland Newton  Bridge City  Lumberton  Longview Spring Hill Hamshire Fannett Liberty Hardin Jefferson  West Orange Stark Overall looks like a pretty tough schedule  
  9. Tentative Non-District Schedules

    Stepp tweeted that Silsbee is playing Longview Spring Hill in Week 6. That should be interesting.
  10. Tentative Non-District Schedules

    As long as Silsbee finds a Week 6 opponent I’m cool with whoever we play. But I do like this Yoe-Silsbee matchup more than St.Pius-Silsbee.
  11. Tentative Non-District Schedules

    Well at this point Silsbee doesn’t have a lot of options left for Week 6 opponents. St. Pius was the only one I noticed who needed Week 6.
  12. Tentative Non-District Schedules

    I read on Twitter that St. Pius was in need of games for Weeks 5 and 6. This would complete Silsbee’s schedule if they scheduled for Week 6. 
  13. Tentative Non-District Schedules

    Aggie, do you have any ideas on who the last opponent might be?
  14. Tentative Non-District Schedules

    Yeah Jasper doesn’t want to play Silsbee because of the incident that occurred.