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  1. PNG @ Vidor prediction

    Good stuff
  2. 2017 Team Defensive Stats

    Always hatin!!!
  3. Enterprise Top 10 Rankings

    Why not... WOS is 4A...
  4. PNG @ Vidor prediction

    Does anyone in Vidor even have a recipe for Humble Pie? If so it has to have been passed down from a long time ago...
  5. Enterprise Top 10 Rankings

    It's not rocket science IMO... If you are not dividing classification and making a top 10. Who can beat who. Newton cannot beat the top 4..... So in my mind they are not in the top 4. We all agree WOS is #1.... 
  6. PNG Defense Needs Help

    One can only assume you have an interest in a senior by your posts. I only said #20 because he appears to be one one of the fastest players on the team. I am not a BF lover by any stretch. But I can assure you he is not playing lower level talent because of last names or money. His job depends on winning. Period......
  7. Enterprise Top 10 Rankings

    No way Newton beats PAM or West Brook......
  8. Awesome Grad....   Looking at the stats.... PNG and Crosby would be a shootout.....
  9. Friday Night aPAKalypse

    Power of the $$
  10. PNG @ Vidor prediction

    I guess I am on the other side of the spectrum... I see it very difficult for Vidor to stay in this game. However I do hope to see the Pirates make the playoffs. I actually pull for them every other week besides this one due to the fact they play with all heart...... You'll get your points... Trust me!!!
  11. PNG Defense Needs Help

    And that’s the truth!!!
  12. PNG Defense Needs Help

    So before I bash this post.. My comments are on wrapping up and making tackles and turning hips and looking for the ball. That’s fundamental football basics. I have never mentioned any kid by name, although #20 needs to be on the field because he has stupid speed. No we are not state contenders. However to be you gotta step it up on defense. I’ll let you respond to this post before I go any further on the rest of your comments.