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  1. 12-5A D2 Predictions

    You have the right idea. R.J. will get his numbers, but the wins will be a different story as you said. Defenses have done nothing but get worse since the arrival of B.F.
  2. 12-5A D2 Predictions

    Crosby is Definately the favorite. Best coaching and best athletes. I think Nederland gives them a run for the D.C. ... BH will be interesting with the spread offense which will make teams struggle. PNG will contend for a playoff spot. Vidor is in trouble, one tends to forget, once your in the district, you prepare for that offense. Nederland and PNG has not had much trouble with it over the years, so look for the rest of the district to adapt. We all know Vidor struggles when playing from behind.. Darkhorse is Dayton, who has PNGs number. No trash talking from me, I think it's going to be a struggle for everyone.
  3. I get so lost on these RJ threads... Half the experts say he stinks and is overrated. The other half says he's the whole team and everyone else stinks... ..  One half says the best talent is on the other teams, one half says PNG has no talent other than RJ.   How in the world is PNG actually winning games and advancing further than most of these players..... Please help me understand.   14.2 please grace us with your thoughts.......   No other kid gets thrown to the wolves as much as RJ.... I repeat no one. Responses welcome. Because all the negativity is turning into positives at PNG... Keep doubting the kid....   Popcorn in hand......    

    Say it ain't so...... open mouth, insert foot......    In the words of the great Billy Bob.....   That DC is a.    10..............
  5. Dear P.N.G. Coaching staff.....

    I surely can't say I have the knowledge or the pedigree to be a coach. After all, that's why I comment so much on this board. Hiding behind a name, eating cherrios, watching MASH reruns..... I did visit your link, and after debate, decided a large paycut is not what is in store for the future. As I stated, get with Cornell... He knows a thing or two about it. Thanks for trolling on my thread, sure hate I struck a nerve, as I do greatly apologize. When old school reads up on new school, well, things usually tend to come to a boiling point. Once again, my apologies... I love attempts at sarcasm. But back to the subject. That bachelors degree, that so may of us Americans have.. ( with today's online system it's rather easy)... you know, the inner web.... Does not teach you how to tackle.... At least i know I didn't take a tackling course 101, or even a tackling for dummies class. I'm almost pretty sure, the Dr's of education, you know Superintendents and so on, where not even required to take a tackling 101 class.. But my knowledge sure doesn't go that far, you know, back to the pay scale thing. I appreciate your concerns, and even the snide remarks.... Now I'll get back to my Mr. Rodgers and MASH reruns... 

    I think Chumperton will get a boost from moving down in classification. Should be a district title contender every year. Might even go a round or so....
  7. Please don't tell anyone you heard this here first........... BUT......   With the inability to beat Nederland, the Hill on the rise, and of course the MECCA speaks for itself.....   You might want to start practicing tackling drills......... TODAY....................   Any question on how to........ Call Cornell............................
  8. The problem with the Texas QB situation is as usual. They are high on Rising, however, he has not shown the ability to stay healthy in high school. This usually translates to be the same in college. Ehlinger IMO, is more of a RAH RAH, type QB. Unless he learns to read a defense and become an accurate passer, he is in no terms, a franchise guy. SB cannot seem to stay on the field as well, so that is why you have the QB mess between the 2 of them. Heard was a pure athlete, that played at a talent rich school. I think Tisdale will be about the same type of QB Heard was at the next level. One thing, that i think helps R.J. is that he can make plays with his legs. But for him to be able to perform at the next level, he will need to put on some size, and work on his accuracy. IMO, he can compete for the job. I think Ehlinger will be the guy this year, but i also feel like he will have nothing more than a mediocre career at Texas. Although Rattler was a top prospect, I do not feel that a Pro Style guy can succeed at UT unless they shore up some serious offensive line issues. Also the wide receiver position has been brutal at best. Texas needs more than a QB to become a legit team IMO. Herman is on the right path. I hope it all works out, because in the end, I am a UT fan as well as a R.J. fan. I think this senior season will be a good tell all on R.J. People tend to forget he has a season of high school ball left. The P.N.G. receiving core will be very fast, yet undersized this year. I think his accuracy will improve because the deep ball will not be his go to.... 
  9. I will give a little insight for the board. It might help, or it might blur your vision. But its just the basic facts. I will start with a key word. CULTURE...  So my thoughts are this. Without using anyones names or screenames..... After watching the SC games on TV. One thing popped in my head. Defense. Everyone was playing it, even the 5A game where the Jones kid took over. Its a different style of football. We see it at W.O.S., and Newton, but its not around at most of the other schools. I had a convo with an individual talking about what it took to become a team like that, and the question was, without great athletes, how are some of these teams doing it. That key word came out... Back when P.N.G. had that key word, not only would you see kids practicing year round on the offensive side, but you would see kids in the parking lots pushing cars, trucks, running stands, form tackling, weight lifting, running, eating healthy. As Danny Malone would say, it was, that key word.... Alot of things get overhyped sometimes. Head coaches, D Coordinators, etc.. But players win games under coaching direction. So it takes both. Notice I said players. It does not have to be the best talent around.. Its a mixture of both. So anyone on here can make the assumption if your team is doing the above things now, or if they are on break until next football season. I think we all know the work ethic of some, now is that passed down to the rest? Final statement. It does not matter if your married to a local famous last name, or if you ran a football league, if your a local dentist, a former football coach, a former administrator, or a long time member.... If you get a bad rap for an ordeal like this, well guess what.... Its back to the grind.... And for the record, give me RoJo over anyone I seen in those SC games. As I stated to a individual, you can have Tisdale....  I wish RoJo the best of luck wherever he plays the game of football throughout his entire career. And since I know his family well, I know they will make the right decision on his future.
  10. Could not have said it better.... Funny story about Malone.. He would come watch our practice for the last 10 minutes when I was a Freshman. Just in time for gassers. He would tell us we where gonna run gassers until someone puked. These are real gassers i am talking of, there back, there back, touch the line every time. Well he was not bullshiting, someone would have to puke. So every day before we started practice, we would load a friend of ours who was a backup lineman with cokes. After about 3 he would puke every practice.... But that is the only way we could end it. Reguardless, we would lay wood in the 4th quarter like no other team.... We thought he was crazy, but at home games he would be on the sidelines, I think we played on Tuesdays or something as freshman. We are getting beat pretty good by Lincoln at the half, he walks over to us and says, yall are about to go out there and beat some ...... in the second half because you have been prepared... Well, it happened, and that is when the buy in began... I am often amazed how for some reason, a guy like D.M. is given no credit, but the guy he took over from, which is by far the worst coach ever to walk the halls of PNG, is in the ring of honor on the other site... As I said, he turned us from losers, to winners.. 80's P.N.G. football was a joke until 89... So in conclusion, those mid 80s guy can try to run the school boards, booster clubs, and city stuff.... But until 89, well, Ill just leave it at, numbers don't lie.........