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  1. That's why WOS wins. Little Johnny is gonna bust his butt or he wont play...
  2. Port Neches-Groves 2019.

    We don't have the talent to advance in the playoffs more than a round or so. And our area will never be a place people want to come. I think BF does a great job on the offensive side. I also think we could do better on the other side, but we are not coached well. With that being said, we will not become a title contender with that, just make our chances better of competing with the better schools. I think the biggest gripe in town is this. We had a shot for 3 years to go several rounds if we could have fielded a defense. But those chances are gone now, so we will be back to contending for a Dc and a round or so. This isn't the hardcore PNG of old. We are a much softer version...
  3. Port Neches-Groves 2019.

    If you watched the SC game, FBM had the same speed advantage. The difference was Aledo took better angles, and played in position. Basically a well coached defense was able to slow them down. We lack that, and have for years. So overall speed isn't gonna cut it, being in position and learning how to tackle would greatly help us defensively. I do agree, we need to be much improved on the O line as well. Injuries might have played a small part in that, but we need to get NASTY on the line. I think this will be a super interesting year to see what we have to offer without Shug. Without him last year we lost to a team that IMO looked like a JV squad. Should be interesting.
  4. Cuero 29 Silsbee 24/FINAL

    As I said, Silsbee is good enough to beat these guys. Football is football, you take all the good with the bad. Its not a friendly game. Playing the tough schedule Silsbee did prepared them and they almost pulled it out. Congrats on a good season...
  5. Silsbee vs. Cuero, 4A State Semifinal

    What I said was I think Silsbee has a shot. And I also said Cuero is not better than some of the teams Silsbee has played. And the difference in the speed of the games changes greatly between divisions. Once again, as I stated, Silsbee has a shot IMO. They where tested early on with tough teams, including Newton, who is the #1 ranked small school in the US. Nederland who seen round 2, and PNG who seen round 3. Not to mention a WOS team who had been to I think 4 straight SC games. Then they hit the cupcake schedule after that. Football isn't about almost, shoulda, coulda, and woulda.. Well maybe in Chumperton, but in football towns its about the now. Silsbee has faced better comp IMO. And this could be a reason they can beat Cuero....  
  6. Silsbee vs. Cuero, 4A State Semifinal

    Soulja, you are correct. Any comparison between 5A and 4A is a joke, its a totally different level. I will say this, Silsbee looked good against PNG, until they wore down. Playing a tough schedule against some really good teams will help prepare Silsbee. Not a single team on the Cuero schedule can compare to Nederland, WOS, and PNG, including Cuero. I think Silsbee can win this game if they play up to their capabilities. And the tough schedule you guys have faced might be the tell all. Hope the Tigers can pull the win out. CONGRATS on a great season.
  7. You get what you get. Hard to criticize the truth. We have had some of our best offenses with BF and some of our worst defenses.. But hey, it’s tough!!!
  8. One of those games where your outmatched everywhere... Good luck to Shug at UT. Hard to stop a talented team with a weak defense. I did think we could score with them, but we simply got embarrassed... It’s been a fun 3 yeArs though!! 
  9. FB Marshall (12-0) vs PNG (9-3)

    The key to that game was on field adjustments by D Long and Mike Long. Lamarque had been to 4 in a row, not sure if they had won any, but they where the team you had to beat to get to the dance. D Long threw behind the zone all night and it worked. And defensively Gholke put the nastiest hit on a receiver I have ever seen in high school football. That was the 2 differences, great on field adjustments, and a defense that laid the wood... Will take a special game this go around as well. If we go in with the same ole, our only hope is a shootout. Fort Bend will get 50++.... We need timely turnovers, great special teams play, the ability to stay within 2 scores, and momentum late in the 4th in order to pull it off.
  10. I'll take the Stangs.......High Stakes game. WOS has the pedigree, and a killer coach!!!!!!!!
  11. FB Marshall (12-0) vs PNG (9-3)

    He was eligible the week after. So they beat Manvel in OT without him. He is electric. As I stated before, I think we can beat them, but everything has to go our way. We need to score at will, we need to find a running game other than RJ, and we need a few turnovers. The defense will not stop MH. We just need a few timely turnovers. RJ will keep us in the game, if we can get some timely help we can SHOCK THE WORLD... I do think we are a little better than what folks are giving us credit for. The one area we need to be GOLDEN, is special teams. We cannot give them the opportunity to run kickoffs back, but we cannot afford to give them a short field every series. Look for a shootout. I think if we do win, we will be down the majority of the game, and get a timely turnover in the final 8 minutes and grab momentum, and pull it out with less then 25 seconds on the clock........   COOGTALK....   I like your style. Nothing wrong with stirring the pot.
  12. FB Marshall (12-0) vs PNG (9-3)

    I have not seen any team manhandle us like Huntsville did. They are superior at everything and are physical. They are a top 5 team in my mind. If we play the best game of the year we can hang, I think we will score points, we are just a poor tackling team, and I think we will allow a bunch of points. No prediction, but I think we have a shot if we play BEST we can..
  13. Henderson 41 Lumberton 0/FINAL

    Agreed, his system is Fisher-Price at best. I do believe Chumperton has some athletes. Just need a system that utilizes them. Being one of the largest in the Division should not make for a 2nd round exit...
  14. PNG vs Lindale @ NRG

    How is basketball?
  15. WOW... Big Props to BF then.... This dude shouldn't be allowed ever to walk in the REZ.......