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  1. Sorry I didn't get mine in. Actually forgot all about them. Maybe I was sulking. I will say they look better this week. PNG might be a tad high at 8, but it's a lot better. Gonna be along season....
  2. Open Challenge

    No... I was just asking for everyone to vote accordingly through the year. By looking at the poll IMO, some folks must be favoring their home team. This is a great site, lets make it a great poll!!
  3. Open Challenge

    This is a open challenge!!!    No homer picks on the poll. And for anyone thinking I do.... I have PNG 5th this week.....
  4. Silsbee@PNG

    Man oh man.. And I come back to 9 pages of garbage. PakPakPakPakPak.... Here's the straight scoop. So for all of you that seen a highlight on your neighbors, cousins, boyfriends, dogs flip phone of a SCRIMMAGE?..  Shut up and listen.    Our defense will stop the run  much better. Our secondary will still run around in circles. Our O line will be fine, RJ will have to put up big numbers. The RB will need to step up, he has shown the ability a few times. But his inability to stay on the field has hurt. Hell yes we are going to miss Riggs. For all the crying about RJ this or that. Look for his numbers to increase from the past 2 years. We will start out slow, and hopefully our defense can figure it out. Will we go undefeated? No.. DC? Doubtful. Playoffs? Yes. SC? No... so.... The truth has been spoken. No more cupcakes like Chumperton. Grab your lunch kit, tighten your belt. And get ready to work... Thanks for the 9 pages of propaganda... Can I get a hell yeah!!!   All of you know who I'm taking!!    
  5. 12-5A D2 Predictions

    You have the right idea. R.J. will get his numbers, but the wins will be a different story as you said. Defenses have done nothing but get worse since the arrival of B.F.
  6. 12-5A D2 Predictions

    Crosby is Definately the favorite. Best coaching and best athletes. I think Nederland gives them a run for the D.C. ... BH will be interesting with the spread offense which will make teams struggle. PNG will contend for a playoff spot. Vidor is in trouble, one tends to forget, once your in the district, you prepare for that offense. Nederland and PNG has not had much trouble with it over the years, so look for the rest of the district to adapt. We all know Vidor struggles when playing from behind.. Darkhorse is Dayton, who has PNGs number. No trash talking from me, I think it's going to be a struggle for everyone.
  7. I get so lost on these RJ threads... Half the experts say he stinks and is overrated. The other half says he's the whole team and everyone else stinks... ..  One half says the best talent is on the other teams, one half says PNG has no talent other than RJ.   How in the world is PNG actually winning games and advancing further than most of these players..... Please help me understand.   14.2 please grace us with your thoughts.......   No other kid gets thrown to the wolves as much as RJ.... I repeat no one. Responses welcome. Because all the negativity is turning into positives at PNG... Keep doubting the kid....   Popcorn in hand......    

    Say it ain't so...... open mouth, insert foot......    In the words of the great Billy Bob.....   That DC is a.    10..............
  9. Dear P.N.G. Coaching staff.....

    I surely can't say I have the knowledge or the pedigree to be a coach. After all, that's why I comment so much on this board. Hiding behind a name, eating cherrios, watching MASH reruns..... I did visit your link, and after debate, decided a large paycut is not what is in store for the future. As I stated, get with Cornell... He knows a thing or two about it. Thanks for trolling on my thread, sure hate I struck a nerve, as I do greatly apologize. When old school reads up on new school, well, things usually tend to come to a boiling point. Once again, my apologies... I love attempts at sarcasm. But back to the subject. That bachelors degree, that so may of us Americans have.. ( with today's online system it's rather easy)... you know, the inner web.... Does not teach you how to tackle.... At least i know I didn't take a tackling course 101, or even a tackling for dummies class. I'm almost pretty sure, the Dr's of education, you know Superintendents and so on, where not even required to take a tackling 101 class.. But my knowledge sure doesn't go that far, you know, back to the pay scale thing. I appreciate your concerns, and even the snide remarks.... Now I'll get back to my Mr. Rodgers and MASH reruns... 

    I think Chumperton will get a boost from moving down in classification. Should be a district title contender every year. Might even go a round or so....