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  1. WOW... Big Props to BF then.... This dude shouldn't be allowed ever to walk in the REZ.......
  2. Lumberton vs Henderson

    To all the CHUMPEES!!!!!   I know its different still being on the board after the regular season. But hey its 4A football. So look, I'm not saying I'm pulling for Chumperton, because that will never happen. But I will do this.   If I go through Chumperton this week, I will not litter in the city limits....   That's the best I can do.
  3. Dustin Long is the all time wins leader as a PNG QB. In his 3 years he had 30 wins. Shug is at 29 right now, if we win Friday at NRG, he will be tied. But would be the all time leader if not for the IPAD game....   D Long was 7-3, 9-2, 14-2 Shug is 11-2, 10,2 and 8-3 as we speak.   So big brother give Shug this info, motivation to get us through that 3rd round!!!!!
  4. PNG vs Lindale @ NRG

    I think this will be a competitive ballgame. I think PNG will come out on top.
  5. Always funny to see some of the ways a thread turns out. I just want to know what the person said to get to him. The rest is irrelevant..
  6. Was the fan from PNG? or just a random heckler from another school? or possibly a mad parent that little Johnny wasn't in the game?
  7. What he is saying is that 21 rows up you could hear Fairclothe word for word. The person he was screaming at was on Row 1.
  8. Not sure what I was, but he was extremely upset.
  9. Gotcha, maybe my ears where playing games on me. I heard a total different version.
  10. Any idea what happened here? I have been to a many a high school football game, and have never seen a head coach act like that towards a fan. I mean on row 21, I could hear him word for word.
  11. Willowridge @ Nederland

    Living on the past? 
  12. Willowridge @ Nederland

    Well pooper scoopers.... here's the straight truth. Nederland rides our coat tails.. We are a make or break game for Nederland... Kinda like Crosby pick the years you need to in order to make yourselves feel better. We won this year, we own the overall, we have better facilities, just simply hate on us..... So let's all move on. game over another win in the storied PNG history.... on to the next game. Thanks to all that are inclined to post!! Peace....
  13. Willowridge @ Nederland

    Baddog thats a loser mentality....
  14. Lumberton vs Houston Wheatley

    Figured it was time to spew some hate on Chumperton... Ohh the irony of seeing a Chumperton playoff post on the top of the page. And even more ironic the chumpees might even win a playoff game. Say it aint so Joe....   I know nothing about either team but I do not really want too. The only thing I do know is I never litter, but when I do   I litter in Chumperton
  15. Houston Northside@PNG

      Glad to hear man!!!!!