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  1. We replace them every year. Small, undersized linebackers are easy to come by!!!!!!! Robinson was the best of the backers. Our so called best db was 5 foot 3. I think we will be the same.....
  2. I might be on the other end of the spectrum, but I think the goliath's are built with D.1. recruits. It seems if a school is loaded for a few seasons, a few kids move in... Example Manvel this year. But you are correct, these ole refinery jobs cannot support a 300K house and my fishing That is why you see these dynasties built quick. LT was a bottom feeder for years, but a few recruits and a nice area, and bam, its on...There are a few schools, like W.O.S. that can stay relevant, but even W.O.S. loses kids to other schools. La Marque is a great example, when it was good, man it was good. But when it is over, man it is over. I do think B.H. has a shot at coming up the ladder within the next 5 years, MAYBE... Although its a growing area, i am not quite sure it can compete with Austin, Dallas, or San Antonio, (Judson)....... But, I do think they are the best bet... I thought last year B.H. was much improved, but just lacked the athletes. I am rooting for someone, somewhere, down here to win one.... It seems the U.I.L. has loaded up the Dallas area for the big show. But back to my beginning statement. If you watch the SC games on TV it is not uncommon to see these D.1. kids that have transferred a few times in there career. Its just getting harder and harder to compete with the big BRAND schools... 
  3. Coaching may very well help Central. They Definitely need to change the losing mentality over that way. TF teams just did not appear to have the fire for some reason. But that being said, I did not see any standout athletes last year that made me cringe. But reguardless, I see Central anywhere from 2-4. Definately making the playoffs. It's hard to go against the team with the 2nd best athletes. I see PAM winning the district. IMO they will only get a few tight games in the race. My wild card is Nederland. MB will have to do a spectacular job with what he has to get in the race... But never say never with those guys...  In Alphabetical order these are your playoff teams Central Nederland PAM PNG As for coaching. Everyone is high on Mathews. But he is not the best coach in the district. He runs a vanilla, simple offense and defense. When it works it's ok, but percentages show it works a lot less than one would want. He gets everything out of his kids. But it's a crazy stretch to say he is the best....  PAM needs no motivation to play PNG. You will get all PAM has to offer during this game. I see PAM going into the Rez and making a statement. To many offensive weapons plus a dual threat spells doom for PNG. I hope PNG keeps it respectable... would take a perfect game and key PAM injuries for the Indians to pull this out. PNG Central is iMO a pick em. Both teams have the players to win it, so turnovers will be the key.... prevent them and more than likely you win... Central has home field, but I'm not sure the miracle season the Jag fans are hoping for will come true. But I still have it as a pick em. MCM is at Nederland, so it will be enjoyable to get one on their field. Nederland would need the perfect game to win it, but stranger things have happened. See how MB works when the pressures on..... Vidor is Vidor, maybe a wild card, but you don't have to be a genius to stack the box and stop the run. JV football never adds up on the Varsity level... Look for another outside looking in unless they can beat Nederland.... But never say never. Lumberton just does not have the benefit of many athletes, I'm not really sure what they are doing on offense, but it kinda reminds me of Coach Klein..... The kids do play hard, but I'm just not sure about the whole scenario. But I won't complain.... Because you all know, I only litter in Chumperton.... Ozen is the best of the rest, but lack depth for sure........    
  4. First day of Texas football practice.

    Word around the water cooler is that Nederland rented a gym in the Stonegate Edition at at local church. Its an indoor facility so no one is exposed to the elements. I also was told that the Nederland QB is a D1 prospect, 6 Star recruit. He was a 4th team JV QB at PAM, he transferred looking for playing time. The paper have been signed off by the new secretary on the transfer. Proof reading was done by Fairclothe..... Stay tuned for more details as they arise. Right now I do not have a score for the game, word is that there was 3 games. 2 a days ended 2 weeks ago and full practices started Last Monday.
  5. Most dangerous offensive backfield

    Thanks grad. Just wanted to help the fellow readers out in understanding this entertaining thread!!
  6. Most dangerous offensive backfield

    Just to chime in and stir the pot..... I highlighted a part. That must be the PAM hype? Because I am not quite sure when the last time a PA school won a Championship......... WOS Grad can you help me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Come on PAK. You need a group hug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Most dangerous offensive backfield

    Dang man, so no more sitting with me at a game? I thought Soulja, yourself, and Biaplayer, and myself, where friends!!!
  8. THSCA Preseason Rankings

    PAM needs no motivation against PNG..... Never has, never will.....
  9. Most dangerous offensive backfield

    PAK, you make it interesting for sure. If you and SFA85 decide to go out drinking one night, Definately call me and Biaplayer..... Just imagine the conversations we could have... I put my time in against Lincoln and TJ... So I know what your getting at..... But it's always fun to be the hated.... There is a reason why this was the main Rivalry back in the day. Definately no love loss.... I kinda like it compared to the Cush Cush Nederland Rivalry!!! At the end of the day, you still have X Box leading you... And with that, I will take my chances....    Any given Friday..... Anyone can be a Vidor against PAM... Although the level comes up a notch against PNG... Honestly, if I was from the other side of the 409.... I would hate us too!!!   But, I'm Not!!!!
  10. THSCA Preseason Rankings

    Yessir. PAM has more talent on their squad than the rest of the district combined. 
  11. Most dangerous offensive backfield

    Most dangerous backfield is PAM. The rest of this post is garbage..................
  12. Is he planning on early graduation so he can enroll after his senior season?
  13. New Uniforms??

    In my time, the most talent team and best coached we have seen..... 96 a close 2nd, then the 99 team. If we where not so banged up and didn't run into Cliff Groce, who ended up in the NFL, we had a shot. That's back in the days of only 2 teams get in and you play the gauntlet. No D1 or D2.......  zig Zags where cool back then, but kinda outdated now IMO.....