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  1. Could not have said it better.... Funny story about Malone.. He would come watch our practice for the last 10 minutes when I was a Freshman. Just in time for gassers. He would tell us we where gonna run gassers until someone puked. These are real gassers i am talking of, there back, there back, touch the line every time. Well he was not bullshiting, someone would have to puke. So every day before we started practice, we would load a friend of ours who was a backup lineman with cokes. After about 3 he would puke every practice.... But that is the only way we could end it. Reguardless, we would lay wood in the 4th quarter like no other team.... We thought he was crazy, but at home games he would be on the sidelines, I think we played on Tuesdays or something as freshman. We are getting beat pretty good by Lincoln at the half, he walks over to us and says, yall are about to go out there and beat some ...... in the second half because you have been prepared... Well, it happened, and that is when the buy in began... I am often amazed how for some reason, a guy like D.M. is given no credit, but the guy he took over from, which is by far the worst coach ever to walk the halls of PNG, is in the ring of honor on the other site... As I said, he turned us from losers, to winners.. 80's P.N.G. football was a joke until 89... So in conclusion, those mid 80s guy can try to run the school boards, booster clubs, and city stuff.... But until 89, well, Ill just leave it at, numbers don't lie.........
  2. I love RoJo... But it would be tough. If BF ran him 40 times, oh man, real tough.... No knock On RJ.. He wins  a Sc with any of those teams with him at helm other than 99. Different brand. That's why we get so upset at our defense. We have never been bigger faster stronger.. We just where taught to be better and physical... it's all fun and games though, can't play the game....
  3. RoJo is a beast... I love the kid.  But all the mentioned teams above best you down. Danny Malone is PNG football... He turned us from losers to winners... We loved him, parents hated him, but we would die for the guy....     PBF to answer my top game 1. 89 vs WOS 2. 92 vs WOS 3. 96 vs Nederland 4. 96 vs BC 5. 99 vs Lamarque 6. 99 vs WOS 7. 14 vs WOS 8. 09 Central 9. 10 Manvel 10. 17 Crosby, although I watched on Tv from work....i   Ironically, we where 6-4 in those games...
  4. Cliff Groce was a beast at RB. Played for the Colts for years. Carpenter banged him up and he didnt play in the semis... If he did, they go the distance....
  5. My top 5 in my time. Never seen the 70's teams..   1. 1999    You know that story 2. 1989    If we were not banged up so bad we go the distance 3. 1996    Best defense I've seen 4. 1998    Dakari Pearson by far the quickest dude i have ever seen 5. 1992    Well, you know, because we beat WOS, had a DC and destroyed Nederland. We just could not get past Silsbee...   What you think P.B.F.????  That is about as legit as you could get right there. And to think some folks thought I played a tuba.... Or was it free safety? Who cares at this point!!!!   And for the ones who will hate... The difference is all of those teams would have popped them wide receivers till they gave up. PAM times 4. I will say RoJo would make it tough on the 98 team. Not sure he has the blocking Dayton had for DP, but he has the quicks.
  6. Well. This is the truth and I would put money on this. 89 team wins easily. 17 team might not score. Droddy, Hart, Bost in the secondary. Robertson could throw, Ron would run for days. Whitehead would kill folks, and The Carpenter brother would give concussions. Gizzi would get twice the yardage as usual... Not even close. Ohh, and the coaching, would shut BF down... All you folk are guessing, I was there..... As well as PBF. Not a contest. BF still scratching hear a week later after DM slapped him.... MB on the defensive side, Crommet on the offensive side. DC was Fisher... Now lets hear some paddy cake. Any of you that played with me know what I am talking about..........
  7. Local 5A Div 2. Any guesses????

    My opinion is simple.Try to score 28 a game and put some athletes on the defensive side of the ball and give up 17. I hate to be THAT guy, but the last time we had the BEST QB around, we did that and went 16 weeks.... Its time to put up or shut up......
  8. Local 5A Div 2. Any guesses????

    I think as a whole, the district gets much better. Other than PAM leaving, we lose cupcakes, for teams that can win. It makes for an interesting district. If it goes like we think, Crosby will be your favorite IMO, due to the fact I think they have Nederlands number. Nederland has showed they will be a playoff team reguardless. Barbers Hill is on the rise, and Dayton has a history of winning. I think PNG will need to make some changes in the off season because it's not a cakewalk anymore. Crosby is obviously a toss up, BF has shown he can lose to Nederland even with RoJo.... We struggled with Barbers Hill the last few times we have played them, and have beaten Dayton all of once in the last umpteen years. Throw in A pesky Vidor and a talented Central. IMO, you have as good of a district as the old 20-4A... This also gives you the opportunity to pre season with a WOS or a PAM. Which I'm sure Monte will do. So if BF ever wanted to get folks off his back, this is the year to do it. Pre-district games will be the tell all.. I think this will be the most exciting district in a while. Because, honestly, it will come down to coaching, athletes, and scheme. Vidor better learn how to pass the ball, and PNG better learn how to play Defense. From a arm chair coaches standpoint, I'm just gonna sit back and eat my popcorn and polish my Tuba..... Gonna be some drama for sure.... Who shall I pick on now since the Chumpees or 4A? Could BF be the first PNG coach to lose to Nederland twice in 1 year? 
  9. You have to build a culture. That includes you. Expect to win, and accept nothing else. It makes everyone better and accountable. Its not arrogance. As long as Lumberton accepts moral victories and rebuilding, the culture will not change. Lumberton has the same opportunities as the rest, they just accept the culture and go with it. It starts with your S.T.J..F.L. squads and works is way up. I know you dont understand it but its the truth. Example, Nederland, Example Crosby now... Look up Nederland before LN, look up Crosby before the last 10 years.
  10. Putting Kenny and Babin in the same thread is not really a good thing. Kenny has loads of talent. Speed, skill, the works. Lumberton is short of all of that. But what Kenny has is a fan base that wants to win which is good and bad. Same thing with the Mid County teams. Settling for right direction is one of 2 things. lack of talent, or lack of coaching. You be the judge. That is why the Vidor folk are good with Mathews. My thinking is this. When Vidor wins and makes the Playoffs, any coach could have taken them there because they had some talent that year. Kenny on the other hand can make the playoffs with Me running the offense and Pak running the defense. That is how much talent they have. As a coach, I would much rather the fan base that wants to win and is threatening my job every year vs the upside fans. Because once you have a taste of winning, losing is no longer an option. Lumberton will never compete unless they change up the offensive scheme and play aggressive defense. So not to bust your balls, L Train, its either coaching or talent, take your choice. I promise the coulda, should, woulda stuff will happen every year, because almost every team you play will have more talent and better coaching IMO. PAM has far superior talent due too numbers, but you gotta change the Culture. I am not telling you to start putting for sale signs out, but at the end of the day, the culture you came up in just is not a good one. .500 is not acceptable. For PAM. Fairclothe, or Barrow, wreck shop with those kids in big or small 5A.... Just my opinion...
  11. Hard to win giving up 66. Honesty both sides of the ball looked out of sync all night. Defensively we are just not good at tackling. We needed to play mistake free and we just didn’t play a good game period. 
  12. PN-G vs College Station

    38-14 College Station at the half. CS moving the ball at will. I’m sure they have at least 300 yards the first half. They are man up single high safety on defense. Giving up the middle of the field. We need a miracle!!! Get the ball to start the half so we need to score. Then score some more. 2 point conversion if we do score. CS looks better on both sides than I have seen from any team other than PAM. Their QB is quick.
  13. PN-G vs College Station

    I feel like i am at LCM.... Not a lot of seating..
  14. Temple vs PAM... the revenge

    This game can Definately be a W for PAM. If Hines can have 150+ I think PAM pulls it out...
  15. PN-G vs College Station

    Pretty good assessment... I agree 100%...................