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  1. Fun Tool to predict scores

    Only one that was played and had an actual outcome.
  2. Fun Tool to predict scores

    A little reality about the score predictor 2014 WOS vs Newton, score predictor WOS 28 Newton 14 outcome of actual game WOS 7 Newton 19 so much for it being right. Just to many intangibles in games for it to be trustworthy 
  3. I was wondering if you knew when the third round game would be played, Friday or Saturday? I am asking this because I have to work that weekend and I need to ask off this week. if you have any clue I would appreciate it.

    1. NewtonNation


      It won't be decided until Friday night or Saturday morning after the round 2 game. Both coaches have to agree on the day, the stadium, the kickoff time and who will be home team/ away team.

      Last year every game in the playoffs was on Fridays but this year the first round is already on a Thursday. lol I wish I could give a better answer but there are too many variables. 

      Also I have seen stadiums and days get changed mid week too!

  4. This is a tough game to call. The records don’t matter in this game. I’ve seen Nederland win this game as an underdog and then get handled by GCM. PNG should win this game but I wouldn’t be shocked to see Nederland win.
  5. Kirbyville

    Without conditioning as a part of their work out, y’all are in trouble 
  6. Orangefield 13 Hardin-Jefferson 12/FINAL

    Unless his replacement has the same mind set you will see the fall of WOS.
  7. Iola vs Evadale

    Iola has yet to be scored on in District play and played Bremond in a close contest. I would like for Evadale to win but I'm afraid the Iola defense is going to be to much for them. Iola takes this one. What does everybody else think.
  8. Nederland and Central


    Everybody can think what they want to about WOSGRAD (he has an opinion too), but he needs to be thanked for all the time he puts in here.
  10. Nederland and Central

    that's what a lot of people last year.
  11. Enterprise Top 10 Rankings: Week 9

    If y’all are so upset about this, you better stay away from calpreps score predictor.
  12. Enterprise Top 10 Rankings: Week 9

    My lord I have never seen so many butt hurt people in all my life, don’t even put them in the rankings as for as I am concerned. When rankings start bringing home state championships I might worry about it then. And as for as who would beat who at any point and time does not mean anything when the two shall never meet.