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  1. Some local district predictions

    I was just trying to stir the pot a little
  2. For grins and giggles

    Never say never
  3. For grins and giggles

    Here is Newton's record since 1994 against: Bridgecity  7-2, Orangefield  11-1,  Silsbee 7-2, Jasper 4-4, Wos 2-4. In '98 lost to Wos won state championship. In 2014 got" rolled" by Orangefield 26-20, lost championship game. Looking at the records I wonder where all these molly-whoopins are?
  4. Ed Taylor

    Prayers and condolences.
  5. 11 4A DISTRICT

    I think the Eagles would be good for you. You could give them a test run at Lumberton during that three way scrimmage. LOL
  6. For grins and giggles

    Didn't do this to argue with anyone, just trying to get a discussion going. I'm bored. I have no idea what kind of team they will be until I see them play. They could be great  or just so-so, time will tell. A lot of talent graduated  and we have new coaches. Anxious to see them play.
  7. For grins and giggles

    It's nothing against Silsbee, they start slow and get better as the year goes on.
  8. For grins and giggles

    I got interrupted. the only thing is Silsbee is a slow starter. The Silsbee that went four rounds deep last year was not the same team we played earlier in the year.
  9. For grins and giggles

    definitely, don't get me wrong I figure the streak will end with Silsbee.
  10. Scrimmage Schedule

    Dates and times please.
  11. For grins and giggles

    yes, but the year you are talking about is the same year we went on to the state finals. It took the coach a while to settle the kids and parents down.
  12. For grins and giggles

    Let’s hear who ends the streak.
  13. Some local district predictions

    I am not saying PNG will fall apart or not win any games, but for true success your defense needs to get better.
  14. For grins and giggles

    Come on people I know more of you must have some thought on this. Check out your crystal ball.
  15. Some local district predictions

    What's the basis for PNG not winning district?  Their lack of defense.