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  1. Week 7 Pick'ems

  2. Does Size Matter?

    And if you think that I am being a little dishonest, go back to 2014 Newton vs Orangefield and you can find where I said Looks like Orangefield picked a good year to have Newton scheduled for Homecoming.
  3. Does Size Matter?

    I have never said Newton could beat anybody, anywhere and I definitely don't make excuses for their play, but I have said that getting off a bus after a six hour ride and playing a football game didn't help.
  4. Crosby Qb

    Hate to hear that. praying for a full and quick recovery.
  5. Does Size Matter?

    No, everybody doesn't look through rose colored glasses. They have 20 times more kids to find players from. you might as well combine all the 3A D2 schools in Region III and get a team from that group.
  6. Deweyville 24 Beaumont Kelly 21 FINAL

    Way to go Pirates
  7. I'll give you another example with the year  and scores so you can check for yourselves. 1998 WOS 10 Newton 0, Newton 55 Silsbee 0  WOS meets Silsbee in Bi-district Silsbee 27 WOS 25 Who would have thought that.
  8. Kirbyville @ Orangefield

    Say it ain't so.LOL I hope you're right ( except the part about beating Newton). I'm ready for Kirbyville to be competitive again. My granddaughter is a cheer leader for them.
  9. Year to Date Pick Em Results

    This is a conspiracy I say, there is no way I'm this bad. ( I'm terrible) LOL
  10. Yes, all this is just speculation and I hate speculation. I'm not going to say we can beat anybody if we don't play them. Even if somebody we played and beat , beat them. just look what GCM did to Nederland. It was awhile back.
  11. Could be true Newton not known for baseball.
  12. WOS likes Newton so much that they named the street their stadium is on, Newton Street. At least that is what Google maps says. Address for the stadium is 1400 Newton Street.
  13. Attack on freshman football player goes viral

    No room for that in football.