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  1. Confidence and momentum is  building for the players and coaches  at WOS. Moving forward!
  2. This is laughable, I guess Silsbee's boys were mute.
  3. Will this game be broadcast on Texan live.
  4. Jasper 34 West Orange-Stark 24/FINAL

    Yes some guys are playing both ways. I hear Jasper is the favorite to meet pleasant Grove, I would not sleep on the Globblers or any other team from here on out.
  5. Congratulations to WO-S for being the ALL TIME WINNING football program in Texas! 
  6. Jasper 34 West Orange-Stark 24/FINAL

    Thanks and sure a little friendly banter is cool.
  7. Jasper 34 West Orange-Stark 24/FINAL

    She... does not care what Jasper will do has done from here on out mister. Good luck.
  8. STiger85 you have some good statements in your post. Both teams have not played thus far to their potential. I agree it will be a battle to see who will win district, and maybe have a softer schedule in the playoffs. After last night I think teams will try to run up the middle on our defense. No excuses, I will support you Tigers after Friday night. Good Luck to both teams in the playoffs.
  9. Jasper 34 West Orange-Stark 24/FINAL

    Winking and giggling
  10. Jasper 34 West Orange-Stark 24/FINAL

    Gave them respect I can and will say last night they were a one man show Hunt had 350 yards, their passing game was low to none. I don't care about their over all schedule just what they did against us or how often they throw the ball last night they were a one man show. They won end of how they did it
  11. What... you are ok with me birdman I know I sometimes give you a hard time, I believe we will re-group and pull out a win. Next year, I will be a new Westbrook fan my nephew is on JV and will be moving up. Go Stangs and Bruins.
  12. Jasper 34 West Orange-Stark 24/FINAL

    Preach.. good post
  13. Jasper 34 West Orange-Stark 24/FINAL

    No Dj sometimes the wrong post gets quoted in the wrong box, I have done that before myself, lol. Hey we are Mustang Nation I love my city and my people it’s all good. I agree the QB needs fundamentals, sometimes summer camps are needed it gives the kids an outlet, parents a break, and the coaches are appreciative of players seeking to get better. My problem with putting the blame on the coaches is this: coaches do not cause fumbles, coaches do not throw interceptions, coaches do not hike the balls over the QB head, coaches do not miss tackles, players have to own it it’s on them ect. We win as a team and we lose as a team, it’s a learning experience for sure.
  14. Jasper 34 West Orange-Stark 24/FINAL

    I did not sigh at you. It was for someone who thinks they can read me. Nobody can do that except my husband of 26 years lol. I agree with some of your statements, however it's not all the coaches fault. Jasper did not have a safety in the backfield most of the night we should have had a field day on them. They (Dogs) have good runners and our OL has struggled all year, even last year. It's not all on the coaches.