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  1. 1st Ec 2nd Buna 3rd and 4th dice roll.    
  2. Jay Daigle 25 Chris May 20 great team effort
  3. Bad night beat a good team night  the before I expect for this team to surprise a few teams  in district 
  4. Scrimmage results/Post here

    Port Arthur Hope 45  Houston School of  Discovery  37
  5. District 23-3A

    Can't  wait to see what EC looks like think there deep enough  to make a real  state run.
  6. District 23-3A

    How will the district rank out this season?
  7. District 23-3A

    East Chambers clearly 1st everyone else up for grabs 
  8. Beaumont Central Losses

    Any ideas on why the moves ?