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  1. Kountze looked good last night.Bob Hope just way out man with only a 6 player team and only 2 player's that can get a bucket makes it real difficult no matter how talented the two are.BH has Warren tonight at home hope they pull it off
  2. East Chambers vs Kountze

    That press will get Kountze in the end EC wins by 15
  3. Buna vs Hardin

    I agree but Hardin will give Buna a game
  4. Chris May 14pts 12 rebs  Jay Daigle 14pts  K. Diaz 16pts In a losing effort. Guys play hard score  got out of hand in the fourth.
  5. Buna @ East Chambers

    It would surprise me if it was 15-20. But you never know it's  High School  basketball. East Chamber's clearly way better in all aspects.
  6. EAst Chambers Bench

    Great good luck this year.I think you guys have a great program and real chance and a state run
  7. EAst Chambers Bench

    Last year Silsbee team deep.Won title  without McCain. Don't  think this year Silsbee team is as deep.
  8. EAst Chambers Bench

    Good job  on the win did they play all 13 player's how deep did they go down the bench?
  9. EAst Chambers Bench

    Yep saw them play against  Bridge  City and I will watch them again  tonight.Look EC has a good team not taking anything away from them but when I think of deep on a High School level the second 5 should just as GOOD? Just my opinion.
  10. EAst Chambers Bench

    EC team is not deep.Their deep compare to Sabine or Bob Hope who has no bench those team literally  have 6 player's and one maybe two out of the six can play.Ec has a starting 5 they all can play and maybe 2 off the bench.
  11. Score on Hardin Deweyville?