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  1. Newton Football - 2018 Schedule

     Yep and they will shake hands after the game .
  2. Newton Football - 2018 Schedule

    How do i even read post at i cant find the fourms.
  3. Newton Football - 2018 Schedule

    CardinalBacker, the refs were indeed blind and lived in Countryside courts, Parkland Cir.
  4. Newton Football - 2018 Schedule

    Now for a week 4 game, 
  5. Newton Football - 2018 Schedule

    KIPP, Houston, Northeast or sunnyside? 
  6. Newton Football - 2018 Schedule

    Those that are basis for whatever reason that "all" recruited big school athletes are superior to small schools, go catch yourself a football camp this summer    
  7. Newton Football - 2018 Schedule

    if that's the case, then why not take the ANGER out on a little 3a school
  8. Good run mustangs!! Reload!
  9. wow, congrats on a semifinal season SA top 4 in the state not bad at all congrats!!
  10. Anyone have a link to a broadcast?
  11. Newton 21 West Rusk 7/FINAL

    # 4 Barlow just got a hit from Baylor! Congrats! He is just getting started. 
  12. Newton 21 West Rusk 7/FINAL

    WR defense was stout for sure! But even with all the mistakes the eagles still brought it home bout that Newton  D!..........held WR to 74 total yards and a whopping 2 first downs!
  13. Carthage 64 Silsbee 36/FINAL

    Good season silsbee, 36 points on the #1 that's what's up!