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  1. Newton Eagles aka purple beast

    Clifton 27 Lexington 19

    Congrats! keep on keeping on!
  3. Pleasant Grove gives carthage scare

    And the 3 a team that beat PG lost to a former 3a d2 team  tonight......
  4. Pleasant Grove @ Carthage

    Didn't PG lose to a 3a school?
  5. WOS@Jasper

    Far from sold out, been here an hour, and yocan still sit where you want.
  6. WOS@Jasper

    Ok, I'm gonna make the trip and check y'all out.
  7. WOS@Jasper

    So is it official that the game is sold out?? 
  8. I know, it's just not fair that Newton wins out against schools with the same enrollment.
  9. Soulja, you getting Gunters Hope's up talking about our D like that, I know they on here looking
  10. I can respect this, but do I think Newton could score 30+ on y'all 1st half??? Absolutely!
  11. Vidor gave up a 3 score lead...a little suspect maybe???