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  1. Yates HS has finally got their tallest player in uniform.  Mark Anthony Batts 6'8 jr had to sit out most of the season after transferring into Yates last year.  He made his debut the other day and produced 13p 8r in their win over North Forest HS.    
  2. My bad . That was intended for a different post 
  3. WRONG!!! None of the kids were from PA . Beaumont/ Silsbee 
  4. Lol.... you guys were run blitzing & hitting the RB just after getting the handoff ..... I promise, we wasn’t trying to run up the score. 
  5. It was the starting QB , but all backup receivers & RB...... Our QB need all the reps he can get . We went damn near a full game against BU with snaps rolling on the ground . We also went the entire second half of the next game with the same problem. You guys were loaded up & smacking our 3rd RB.... What was we supposed to do .... just keep handing it to him & let y’all have target practice ? 
  6. & also numerous of snaps were rolled to the QB. Galena Park just pinned their ears back & run blitzed. They knew we weren’t gonna pass until we got our snaps gleaned up ..... the RBs were getting hit as soon as the QB was handing the ball off..... but like I said earlier, I like our chances of we get the snaps cleaned up 
  7. I don’t know if you guys noticed but , the starting center got hurt & we had problems. High snaps, low snaps & some were so slow getting there , it threw off the timing of the plays . Thats something I can’t understand. All these players & only one kid is capable of snapping the ball ? You had 2 weeks to clean that up , because it happened ALL game against BMT United .IMO , if we clean that up , we’ll be ok 
  8. Radio Broadcasts

    I TOTALLY agree , but so many fellows I know work shift work & that’s all they have at the moment. 
  9. Radio Broadcasts

    Maybe, but it’s better than NO broadcast at all .
  10. Midlothian & Lancaster beat the teams you mentioned, so I would have to keep an eye out on them.... ESPECIALLY Lancaster 
  11. Scrimmage results/Post here

    I agree...we really won’t see the REAL team until football season is over 
  12. Scrimmage results/Post here

    PAM 31  — Silsbee 13 PAM 19 — North Shore 22 PAM 29  — North Shore 15  

    tried to post PA MEMORIAL schedule