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  1. New AD Jones takes over HC @ Kirbyville

    You have no clue what your talking about.
  2. New AD Jones takes over HC @ Kirbyville

    How can either of you speak on how something could or should have been handled when you admittedly don't know the ins and outs of the situation. You can speak on a subject in which you don't have all the facts.
  3. New AD Jones takes over HC @ Kirbyville

    That's the think y'all don't understand about the guy. Jones doesn't concern himself with what looks good or what people think about him. He concerns himself with what is best for the kids and this was best for the kids.
  4. New WOS Coach

    I understand that. I am just saying for the ppl that are wondering that it is a done deal. Coach Jones is the new baseball coach in West Orange.
  5. New WOS Coach

    Contact has been singed no if and or buts about it. It's a fact
  6. New WOS Coach

  7. Jasper, Kirbyville talking State

    Jasper and Kirbyville should both be better this year and should both be in the hunt. They both had very young teams and didn't lose much. Kirbyville lost in the regional finals game to the state champion Central Heights. Jasper was better than their record showed and were very young. They lost several close games to very good teams such as silsbee, WOS and Bridge City. With kids that are a year older Jasper will be a top competitor and could make that sate run. 
  8. Who is their guy???
  9. Area Baseball Coaches on the Move

    What gives u that feeling? 
  10. Jasper 2018

    Idk how that ended up in a quote box. I know he came to jasper from WOS. Where was he a head coach before?
  11. Jasper 2018

  12. Jasper 2018

    Despite the grammar I did not know coach Westbrook was still looking for his first winning season as a head coach.
  13. Jasper 2018

    Westbrook's first winning season as a head coach???
  14. Area Baseball Coaches on the Move

    What is the talent pool looking like for the coming year is WOS? Could that be a reason Landry picked this time to move on?