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  1. PA Memorial Head Coach to Summer Creek

    Are the Beaumont fans satisfied with their coaches.
  2. Theylost the point guard who was their best player, a wing and all 4 post players. It's been a struggle for the kids being under sized and playing out of position. 
  3. You are correct in that he's the best 2A player in the area. As far as fouling out because he was helping out is incorrect. He fouled out after a cheap foul and  being assessed a technical foul for not letting #22 of Evadale  get away with calling him a racial slur. Until that point the score was 45-38 and Evadale looked like they had a fight on their hands. So after a  5 pt swing made it a 12pt game. Sabine Pass fell apart. Check the film.
  4. I  agree with this a 100%. When Port Arthur schools  merged participation went down. I can't count the number of times I have been in the gym and seen 5 or six kids 6'5 or better on the court at the same time  in open gym. In rec league you have 6 teams and everyone of them has a big.  Then when the season comes 1 maybe 2 play for the school. My comment in the other post about hiring the wrong coach wasn't a dig at a particular coach or coaches it's was about knowing the community and seeing the lack of participation / support that came from the hire.
  5. Silsbee-HF

    Spoiler alert close your eyes and cover your ears.
  6. Congratulations to Coach Grammer and The WARRIORS.  As I mentioned a while back, Legacy has a very good young coach who is a incredible person. He loves basketball and  cares tremendously about helping boys become responsible men. And basketball is the tool he uses. Through a rough start he and his team kept the faith, grew to know each other and it's paid off. Good luck in the playoffs.
  7. The kid has a very good skill set and a great feel for the game. Because of his potential for growth (physically ). When he gets to college if he's in the right situation and puts in the work he can be special. 
  8. Deweyville 43 SP 41 Final.
  9. Possibly to the first 50/50; no to the second.
  10. I'm a Memorial fan and what I've seen of Scarborough they can not beat Silsbee if Silsbee plays @ 70% of their capability. Moten is the only threat. The big man who starts for Scarborough has nice hands and decent footwork but is too slow and lumbering to be a factor. The PG will end up on the bench like he did against Memorial. The other  wing player is decent skill wise,  but foot slow also. And the other big man is an athlete BUT not a basketball player. That is not enough to beat Silsbee.