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  1. Bridge City At Silsbee

    Thinking they maybe like baby Tigers , I mean baby Bulldogs in the making 
  2. Bridge City At Silsbee

    You're correct on that 99% of the time, and I agree with you but if you have 5 that can really play and at least 2 of the 5 has decent size AND they can beat the JV. I'd move them up to JV to let them get stiffer competition hoping 2 or 3 of them would be ready for varsity as sophomores.
  3. End of 3rd Memorial 67- HJ 25.  I'm out .
  4. 53-21 @ halftime.  The band takes over the blowout.
  5. Headed to Memorial's game, WOS out manned
  6. End of 1st: Ned 24-5. Hefner with at least 12 and 2 dunks 
  7. Ned 19-5, Hefner with another dunk now has 30 points      Quote   Edit
  8. Ned 14-3, Hefner with a dunk now has 26points 
  9. Sorry Hefner has 20 so far LOL
  10. Thanks for the welcome,  appreciate the Cougars warming the court up for the past 3 weeks.
  11. 1st. So those 4 kids are going to UT. 2nd. No he not just special because he is @ PNG. He's special so he's GOING  to UT. 
  12. Get your parkas out,  Bridge City beat Nederland,  Kountze got blown out by WOS, Silsbee lost by 19, strange results today.
  13. I have to give props to Coach Sig for playing the game the fans (PA) for sure wanted to see. Much respect to the Silsbee program, I have to give them their due. They have been the premier program in the area and carried the mantle for the Golden Triangle the last few years. Being from PA it's always been easier to give the Beaumont schools (Hebert, French,BCP, Ozen and Central) respect because we played them on the regular. Silsbee was a district and playoff foe for only a short while,  but never really a yearly early season opponent that you looked forward to. Hopefully moving forward everyone (PA, Silsbee,WB, BU and HJ can get everybody on their schedule. Give the fans and the players what they want.