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  1. Bridge City At Silsbee

    Thinking they maybe like baby Tigers , I mean baby Bulldogs in the making 
  2. Bridge City At Silsbee

    You're correct on that 99% of the time, and I agree with you but if you have 5 that can really play and at least 2 of the 5 has decent size AND they can beat the JV. I'd move them up to JV to let them get stiffer competition hoping 2 or 3 of them would be ready for varsity as sophomores.
  3. End of 3rd Memorial 67- HJ 25.  I'm out .
  4. 53-21 @ halftime.  The band takes over the blowout.
  5. Headed to Memorial's game, WOS out manned
  6. End of 1st: Ned 24-5. Hefner with at least 12 and 2 dunks 
  7. Ned 19-5, Hefner with another dunk now has 30 points      Quote   Edit
  8. Ned 14-3, Hefner with a dunk now has 26points 
  9. Sorry Hefner has 20 so far LOL
  10. Thanks for the welcome,  appreciate the Cougars warming the court up for the past 3 weeks.
  11. 1st. So those 4 kids are going to UT. 2nd. No he not just special because he is @ PNG. He's special so he's GOING  to UT. 
  12. Get your parkas out,  Bridge City beat Nederland,  Kountze got blown out by WOS, Silsbee lost by 19, strange results today.