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  1. Well, if he doesn't that's one thing. On the other hand,  if he does then he should be the obvious choice.
  2. This should be a no brainer for BISD the most qualified Coach from a basketball and political stand point has ties to the 2 schools with the richest basketball traditions in the city. The board / advisors / overseers (whatever they are called) need to make this happen and if it doesn't happen it shouldn't be because they didn't try EVERYTHING  possible. JMO. #beenthereinPA.
  3. According to the PA News Coach Joubert won:  The Don Coleman  3A Outstanding Coach Award 
  4. JMO- In the end Silsbee by 15 maybe 20 Unless Carter coach has a helluva halftime speech.
  5. PA BASKETBALL IS BACK: Mission Accomplished- On to the next one. Things are back to the way it's supposed to be. PA vs Everybody.
  6. Silsbee vs Somerset

    JMO -  It makes sense to bring him. He's (family) part of the team. If he's suspended and not kicked off the team. You keep the kid close and you still have a chance to teach / reach him. I guess he messed up in some form or fashion. He's paying the price and learning a lesson. You leave him behind (he could feel thrown away ) you may lose him to outside factors. 
  7. My 47th straight state tourney

    Have you ever counted how many times (years) there has been at least one SE Texas team in your 47 trips ?
  8. I wouldn't say there's nothing to talk up,   because I can hear it in the kids voices and I see it in their eyes. But like Coach Coleman said: What the kids have done; and are trying to do is not a Memorial expectation its a Port Arthur expectation. When Coleman came back and put Port Arthur instead of Memorial on the front of the new uniforms he laid down the gauntlet.  The kids have a new (OLD) point of reference and the desire and pride to play for PA is back.