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  1. PNG Defense Needs Help

    Might stir the pot a little here, but the better athletes most of the time are put on the offensive side of the ball.  Few play both ways at the 5A level.  
  2. What Exactly is a RAH RAH

    Stattrax, help yo man out, he can’t handle the truth!  So when I made the statement that I personally didn’t think Crosby could beat PAM or PNG this year, did you miss that one?  
  3. What Exactly is a RAH RAH

    You want 2-3 years?  3-5 or what you looking for?  Last 5 years would be zero losses in the first round to 22-5A, so I wouldn’t count that.  
  4. What Exactly is a RAH RAH

    How is stating the past 10 years and 1 loss in the first round living in the past?  When a lot of other fan bases go back to sayyyyyy 1999 or 1957?  
  5. What Exactly is a RAH RAH

    Now hold up about about living in the past playa!
  6. Pretty much the pick of the litter and tag, he’s it.
  7. What Exactly is a RAH RAH

    You have to remember who footballer06 was lol
  8. What Exactly is a RAH RAH

    Shouldn’t be talking about Stattrax that way
  9. What Exactly is a RAH RAH

    I do not believe he coined the phrase “MECCA”
  10. What Exactly is a RAH RAH

    14.2 proves can’t bring stats and give your opinion based on countless hours of research.  Honest/straight forward opinion.
  11. Manvel vs FB Marshall

    I can respect that, honestly 14.2 pointed out this team is a lot like the team in 2015, under the radar.  The only difference I think is the defense that year was pretty salty.  I watched the first half of the BH game and y’all had receivers wide open all over the field.  Good thing most of them should’ve been DB’s.  The issue with scoring so fast is the defense is on the field so much, but hey, at least their getting reps to get better right?  Should be interesting, if it is Vidor in the first round, you never know about that offense.  
  12. Manvel vs FB Marshall

    Why are these your thoughts?  Overall team speed, defense, O line play, kicking game or you just hate Crosby?
  13. Manvel vs FB Marshall

    I still got the video I share with my PNG folks of my kiddo galloping down the sidelines for a pick 6!
  14. Manvel vs FB Marshall

    It happened once with LilTex, BuddyG no longer here, #staywoke
  15. Manvel vs FB Marshall

    If I remember it was more to have to do with his son playing and he was going to chill for a while, I don’t want to speak for him though.  Threads do seem to be more active when 14.2 is commenting.  Just my opinion though.