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  1. BH vs. Dayton

    I’m thinking the bye week couldn’t have came at a better time. We had plenty of players who needed the break to get healthy again. If our offense comes out and plays the way they played friendswood the first half and porter the second half we will be okay. We have plenty of talent just been making mistakes. Can’t wait for Friday to be here. I think Dayton will surprise some people when they see what they can do when everyone is healthy. Win or lose keep ur headed up boys and play every game like it’s ur last.  #Bronconation
  2. SETXsports Pick 'ems - Week 4

    1. Wos  2. Liberty  3. Deweyville  4. Vidor 5. Splendora  6. Huffman Hargrave  7. Jasper 8. Lumberton  9. Hampshire Fannett 10. Silsbee  11. Danbury  12. Beckville  13. Mexia  14. Joaquin 15. Beaumont Kelly  16. Mt. Enterprise  17. Hull-Daisetta 18. Colmesneil  19. Lovelady  20. Tenaha  21. Timpson  22. Oakwood  23. Occ  24. Beaumont Legacy  25. Baytown Christian 
  3. Porter 48 Dayton 16/FINAL

    That’s what I was thinking I don’t recall anyone wanting Stewart gone. If they did then idk what the were thinking. 
  4. Porter 48 Dayton 16/FINAL

    So that is the reason you didn’t see it his back was to y’all. He had him by his jersey right below the chin on both penalties. 
  5. Porter 48 Dayton 16/FINAL

    What side you sitting on?
  6. Porter 48 Dayton 16/FINAL

    Gifts? The boy is pulling on lovely’s jersey all the way down the field every play. 
  7. SETXsports Pick'ems - Week 3

    1. Port Arthur memorial 2. West orange stark 3. Hemphill  4. West Brook 5. Vidor  6. Dayton 7. Barbers Hill 8. Nederland  9. Liberty  10. Diboll  11. Jasper 12. Anahuac  13. Orangefield  14. East Chambers  15. Woodville 16. Beaumont Kelly Catholic  17. Buna 18. Corrigan-Camden  19. PNG 20. Lumberton  21. Kountze  22. West Hardin  23. Hull-daisetta  24. Evadale  25. Hardin 
  8. Galena Park 13 Dayton 6/FINAL

    I gotta give Crosby some credit now. Good job against Manvel. And good luck the rest of the season except when we play y’all. Lol.  But honestly Dayton just has some work on the offense and they will be alright. That defense looks good just gotta make sure the offense gives the d some time to rest. 
  9. Galena Park 13 Dayton 6/FINAL

    I just now got to the png thread. I had no clue he was hurt. Prayers for that boy hope everything is okay. 
  10. Galena Park 13 Dayton 6/FINAL

    Galena Park knew to watch where RJ was lined up and knew not to attempt anything his way. The defense looked awesome. Offense needs some work. If they can pull it together they will do great. Just need to figure out a few things on offense. Hopefully they figure it out before we play Bh. 
  11. Galena Park 13 Dayton 6/FINAL

    Dayton’s defense played great. Now the offense looked like they weren’t playing as a team. Everyone doing their own things. Offensive line not blocking, multiple bad snaps, and quite a few passes dropped.  Coaches ur most consistent receiver is #9 Kane Rodgers so why not feed him the ball. When the inside run isn’t working then try to get to the outside and for goodness sake protect the quarterback. You have enough talent on defense to get at least one of your lineman’s back from the defense. 
  12. Galena Park 13 Dayton 6/FINAL

    Good luck to the Indians also. 
  13. SETXsports Pick'ems - Week 2

    1.  Nederland 2.   Newton 3.   Beaumont Kelly 4.   West Hardin 5.   West Brook 6.   Dayton 7.   Port Arthur Memorial 8.   Port Neches-Groves 9.   Manvel 10. New Caney 11. Montgomery 12. Orange Community Christian 13. Liberty 14. Jasper 15. Lumberton 16. Orangefield 17. Diboll 18. East Chambers 19. Hamshire-Fannett 20. Edna 21. Buna 22. New Waverly 23. Madisonville 24. Evadale 25. West Sabine    Like this
  14. Friendswood 33 Dayton 20/FINAL

    Thanks for sharing that. 
  15. Friendswood 33 Dayton 20/FINAL

    Broncos look much improved from last year. They held their own. #23 from friendswood was a beast at running back. I think a lot of teams will have trouble stopping him this year.