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  1. Vidor 28 Dayton 7/FINAL

    Hey stuff happens. You can’t stay on top forever. Someone will eventually knock you down. Unfortunately we got knock way down. But I’m confident that Dayton will be back and better than ever. We have some great athletes coming up and I can’t wait to see what happens in the future. 
  2. Dayton at Vidor

    Good luck tonight to all the seniors on both teams that will be playing their last high school  football game and possibly their last football game. Wish y’all all the best in whatever y’all decide to do.    Im hoping for a hard fought game by both teams and an injury free game. Again good luck to both teams and GO BRONCOS!!!!!!
  3. Mid County Madness Ned v PNG

    Png definitely has the most explosive offense. But Nederland as the more disciplined and physical defense. I think it’s gonna come down to which qb can control the time of possession better.    With that being said. I’m going with Nederland by 14. 
  4. SETXsports Pick 'ems - Week 11

    1.    Nederland 2.    Lumberton 3.    San Augustine 4.    Deer Park 5.    New Caney 6.    Port Arthur Memorial 7.    Santa Fe 8.    Baytown Lee 9.    Dayton 10.  Splendora 11.  Huffman Hargrave 12.  Coldspring-Oakhurst 13.  Shepherd 14.  Center 15.  Liberty 16.  West Orange-Stark 17.  Franklin 18.  Buna 19.  Woodville 20.  Anahuac 21.  East Chambers 22.  Newton 23. Groveton 24.  Lovelady 25.  Beaumont Legacy Christian
  5. Baytown Lee 38 Dayton 14/FINAL

    And don’t forget he did all of that with little to no protection each week. 
  6. Baytown Lee 38 Dayton 14/FINAL

    I could name a few reasons why Dayton has given up so many points but I don’t feel like going back and forth especially with another bronco fan. I will keep my opinions to myself and just wait until next Friday for some more bronco football.    GO BRONCOS. We support y’all no matter what keep ur heads up and keep fighting. 
  7. Baytown Lee 38 Dayton 14/FINAL

    I know what you are saying but then again tank has 2 years left and nail has 2 games left in high school and this broncos football team means everything to him. It would be wrong to not let him get every snap he can the last 2 weeks.
  8. Baytown Lee 38 Dayton 14/FINAL

    And before anyone says something about me trying to be a coach from the stands that is not the case everyone has been yelling it in the stands all season. For some reason our coaching staff has gotten soft. A bunch of great men on the sideline but somethings gotta give. 
  9. Baytown Lee 38 Dayton 14/FINAL

    It makes a difference when you have 2 extra blockers. Without pike and orebo out there for tank it would have been different. Not knocking on tank because I can’t wait to see what he does next year. But nail is a heck of a qb and has been having to run for his life all season because as soon as the ball is snapped he has 2 defenders on him because he doesn’t have the blocking we had back in the day. But everyone has their own opinions and I respect urs. But wanted to make my opinion known also. Besides that something has to give with the coaching yes. Tank put 7 more on the board but when ur down 31-7 you don’t put ur running game on display you gotta do something to catch up even if that means taking a receiver out to give ur q.b some protection. 
  10. Baytown Lee 38 Dayton 14/FINAL

    Yeah he is a great athlete. But notice something he had that nail didn’t? Protection. 
  11. Toilet Bowl

    Okay keyboard warrior. 
  12. Toilet Bowl

    I can promise you he is a fan of his son but also a true bronco fan. He has been a bronco fan long before his son ever suited up for the broncos. Yes he is proud of his son and will shout it from the mountain tops because aj has done a hell of a job despite all the people talking bad about him. But bronco94 is a true bronco fan and he has made every game he could for years. A football dad ur right. But you are wrong when you say he isn’t a bronco fan. Because he loves the broncos and supports them no matter what.
  13. BH Vs. Crosby

    Bh wins by 10
  14. Port Neches-Groves 44 Dayton 37/FINAL

    Great game. Idk why every week our offense draws the defense offsides multiple times and it never gets called but our defense does the same exact thing it’s  offsides. I don’t understand
  15. Port Neches-Groves 44 Dayton 37/FINAL

    Our coaches need to quit having the d play so far back.