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    Baytown lee game is on oct. 25 not oct. 26. It was changed the new schedule just hasn’t been posted. 
  2. 12-5A D2 Predictions

    is it football season yet. Gosh it needs to hurry up.
  3. Nederland at Dayton

    He definitely was. Sucks i can't be there. Keep me updated 94. 
  4. Change in Scrimmage Times/Venues

    Dayton at willis scrimmage cancelled

    What is that supposed to mean?
  6. Top RB's in 21-5 A

    Santee gonna be a beast for Dayton. Can't wait to see what he does. 

    Bronco94. You ready for some bronco football. I know I am ready to see what this group of Broncos can do. Gonna be a great year can't wait to see the disappointment on the cougars and the eagles faces. 
  8. Porter vs PAM

    When and where is this game?
  9. Crosby 33 Vidor 24/FINAL

    i don't think it would have made a difference. But I seen a lot of missed penalties after the play against Crosby. I saw atleast 3 late hit on one drive and hell one time the ref watched it happen and then just stood there like he wasn't sure if it was legal or not. Horrible job by the refs. And I'm by far not a vidor fan I was rooting for Crosby but dang. That was horrible. 
  10. District 21-5A FUTURE

    Just wait and see oldman
  11. District 21-5A FUTURE

    I'm gonna agree with 94. Next year Dayton will have a totally different atmosphere. I see them finishing in the top 3 and making a good run. Some differences next year is a qb that doesn't stare down his receiver of choice on every play, a qb that knows how to spread the field, a few great running backs, a great receiving core, and you will see a good job all over the field.    Honestly i feel like the biggest difference maker is the rb. Santee that was on varsity and I not saying anything bad about styner because he did a great job. But if santee would have been healthy then you would have seen a way better running game. "Power back" right there. Dayton will be okay for the next few years and wouldn't be surprised if we didn't see a district championship next year. This sophomore class is loaded and y'all will see that next year. 
  12. 21-5A

    They are gonna let our jv take crosbys spot.
  13. Porter 44 Dayton 42/FINAL

    We will see but idk. I don't think this Crosby team is as legit as y'all think. If Dayton finally puts 4 quarters together I think they could walk away with a 14 point win against the so called "Mecca" of football. 
  14. Porter 44 Dayton 42/FINAL

    Just for the record anything can happen not saying it will but if Dayton wins out and Crosby loses the rest of their games or only wins 1 Dayton still makes the playoffs. Anything can happen. 
  15. Sub Varsity 10-6

    My cousin texted me and said jv won 23-7.